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Otheon (オセオン Oseon?) is a fictional country in Europe and a primary location for events in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. Otheon neighbors another fictional country called Klayd.


Otheon and Klayd are located on an island at the southwestern rim of the Celtic Sea. The island is roughly egg-shaped and slightly larger than Ireland.

Otheon is the smaller of the two nations and has a coastline towards the Bay of Biscay. The culture seems to be heavily influenced by France, Spain, and Portugal, while the official language appears to be English. Otheon is a member of the European Union and has a Euro-like money as its currency.

Geographically, Otheon is a mountainous country, with grasslands, and forests, although the closer someone gets to the border with Klayd, the more barren the landscape becomes.[1]


The capital of Otheon is a large city bisected by a river, and connected by a suspension bridge.

Capital of Otheon.png

Main City

It is the most prosperous and touristy area of the city, with boulevards, squares, pedestrian streets, etc. The buildings are European-style, and include the administrative buildings, government institutions, etc., as well as the most emblematic landmarks of the city, such as the Otheon Towers, four skyscrapers with wavy shapes. The city is large enough to have a public transportation systems such as subways and trams.[1]

Shanty Town

On the other side of the river are the slums of the city, consisting of densely packed housing units of weak build quality, shacks, old camping trailers, etc. Poverty and crime in this area is high, as the heroes of the country hardly appear there due to it being a not very profitable place to work. Close to this area is also the Otheon Airport.[1]


Otheon Residents