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Orcinus (シャチ Shachi?) is the Quirk used by Kugo Sakamata.


Hypersonic waves powerful enough to shatter solid ice.

Orcinus is the summation of the user's many Killer Orca-related abilities. They can do anything a regular orca can do, even on land.

Coupled with a large size, Orcinus grants the user enhanced strength and speed, especially in water. It also comes with the power to produce hypersonic waves that can paralyze targets instantly. The waves are powerful enough to break apart large waves of ice.[1]


The effectiveness of the hypersonic waves decrease with range.[2]

Due to his marine animal-like body, Gang Orca is vulnerable to extreme heat and dehydration. However, should this weakness ever become exposed, he can rehydrate himself to regain strength, such as having a bottle of water on hand.


Gang Orca paralyzing his prey.

Gang Orca is a top-ranked Pro Hero who uses his physiology to rout opponents. His fighting style is generally focused around utilizing his hypersonic waves to paralyze his prey. These waves can defend him from oncoming attacks, as well as act as a deterrent at both close and long range.

Gang Orca's enhanced strength and speed are enough to easily overwhelm mid-class Nomu and top-class U.A. students, even on land. By restaining someone using his brute strength, Gang Orca can paralyze them while they're immobilized to finish them off. His defensive prowess is impressive as well, as he was able to easily block a kick from Izuku's One For All: Full Cowl - Shoot Style.

Despite his weakness to profound heat, Gang Orca is very durable and is always prepared with a bottle of water. The aforementioned hydration is enough regeneration for Gang Orca to destroy a prison of spiraling flames using only his hypersonic waves.[3]


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