Onomura Pharmaceuticals Kanto R&D Center (オノムラ薬品工業 Onomura yakuhin kōgyō?), or Onomura Pharma Corp. for short, is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the production of substances for medical use.


The Onomura Pharmaceuticals Kanto R&D Center is a midsize pharmaceutical company located in the city of Tokyo. They are a manufacturer and wholesaler of drugs to the medical industry. The company is not big and important enough to be a household name, though, and there are people who are unaware of its existence.[1]

The company seems to be a cover for the Villain Factory, or is at least related to it, as one research wing in one corner of the property barely interacts with other departments in the building. This isolated area is the Villain Factory’s base of operations, with laboratories where the criminal organization carries out their illegal experiments with Trigger and other substances to produce Next-Level Villains with the people they kidnap.[2]


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