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The My Hero Academia One-Shot called My Hero (僕のヒーロー Boku no Hīrō?) was created as the first step of the series and to get people interested in it. It was released in the 2008 Winter Issue of Akamaru Jump. It is also released in Shonen Jump+ on August 13, 2018.


Jack Midoriya works in a company that sells hero items and dreams of becoming a real hero himself.



  • Jack Midoriya
  • The Healthies
    • Spud Brown
    • Radish White
    • Eggplant Black
    • Tomato Red
    • Cabbage Green
  • Positive/Snipe
  • Director Akahashi
  • Aoi
  • Shiroyama
  • Kibuchi
  • Aberrants

Changes from My Hero to My Hero Academia

  • Jack Midoriya is changed to Izuku Midoriya and made younger.
  • Jack Midoriya is no longer a salaryman, but a high schooler now.
  • The sickliness of Jack Midoriya is given to All Might, instead of Izuku having it.
  • Akahashi Hero Support is (mostly) turned into U.A. High School.
  • Jack's Hero costume is similar to Tenya Ida's.
  • Positive is no longer the main superhero support for the main character.
  • Instead of Villains, the main antagonists were monsters called Aberrants.