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One-Eyed Green Dragon (?) is a villain, and is one of the roughly seventy villains recruited by the League of Villains for the U.S.J. Incident, making him a minor antagonist of the U.S.J. Arc.


One-Eyed Green Dragon is muscular man with fairly long brown hair and patches of green skin on his torso. The upper right side of his face is black with a white spot where his eye would be. He also has a strong jaw with a wide zigzag mouth.




U.S.J. Arc

One-Eyed Green Dragon is one of the horde villains who invaded the U.S.J. led by Tomura Shigaraki. He was apart of the horde that attacked Shota Aizawa, being one of the few still standing when Tomura joined the fray. Despite his efforts, One-Eyed Green Dragon would be be knocked down after Shota caused him to accidentally knock out ally, Sickle Claw. One-Eyed Green Dragon would later recover and witness Toshinori Yagi entrance alongside several other villains. While the others were intimidated, he tried insulted one by calling him an idiot and tried to get them to focus on this being their opportunity to kill All Might. However, he would quickly be knocked out by the Symbol of Peace soon after he finished speaking. One-Eyed Green Dragon could then be seen apart of the crowd of villains that tried to rush at the UA Teachers when they arrive, but would be defeated and arrested alongside the majority of the invading villains.



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