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This is a list of My Hero Academia Omakes featured in Weekly Shonen Jump.

December 2015

Master and Pupil (クン () (てい) Kun Shitei?) is an omake featured in WSJ Issue 3-4 2016. Izuku and All Might are Christmas shopping. All Might asks what Izuku wants, figuring it'll probably be merchandise of himself. Izuku says he wants a PS Vita, which shocks All Might.

April 2017

Messages on Carp Streamers ( (こい) のぼりにメッセージを () めろ Koinobori ni Messēji o Komero?) is an omake featured in WSJ Issue 21-22 2017

December 2018

"Snowball Fight" is an omake featured in WSJ Issue 4-5 2019. Members of Class 1-A participate in a snowball fight. Izuku states he will not lose, but Katsuki lets him know that snowballs have a chance to kill leaving him worried.

August 2019

Todoroki-kun’s Scriptures of Fire and Ice! ( (とどろき) くんの (えん) (ひょう) (せい) (てん) ! Todoroki-kun no Enhyō Seiten!?) is an omake featured in WSJ Issue 36-37 2019.

January 2020

Year End (年末番外編 Nenmatsu bangai-hen?) is an omake featured in WSJ Issue 6-7 2020. Katsuki is making mochi in a usu when Ochaco prepares to help. Ochaco then causes a huge explosion causing Shoto, Izuku and Momo to run away.

August 2020

SOMEONE ELSE (SOMEONE (サムワン) ELSE (エルス) Samuwan'erusu?) is an omake featured in WSJ Issue 36-37 2020. Members of Class 1-A are at a beach when Izuku spots an Orca approaching him. Thinking it is Gang Orca remains calms until it's revealed to be an actual orca.

January 2021

"One Piece" is an omake featured in WSJ Issue 5-6 2021 to celebrate One Piece Chapter 1000. The Class 1-A: Pirate Crew, lead by Izuku sail off to help people only to be captured by Impel Down warden Hannyabal.

August 2021

"Fireworks" ( (はな) () Hanabi?) is an omake featured in WSJ Issue 36-37 2021.

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