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Oki Mariner Crew vs. Innsmouth is the battle fought between Oki Mariner Crew and Selkie's intern Tsuyu Asui against the Villains Innsmouth and siblings.


The Oki Mariner crew.

Members of Innsmouth's crew stowed away on another ship and stole its cargo. Despite being noticed by, the criminals managed to flee the scene of the crime and evade pursuit from a Hero Agency patrol vehicle.

The Oki Mariner is dispatched via a request from the Coast Guard. They search for several hours until they receive a message that the criminals are headed towards them. The Oki Mariner blocks their course and Selkie boards their vessel.

Selkie falls into a trap and he dispatches Sirius and Froppy to pursue the villains. The heroes find the villain's ship docked between two large rocks. Sirius captures the lookout and the heroes board Innsmouth's ship.[1]


Innsmouth captures Sirius.

Innsmouth takes Mick by blinding him with his ink and slamming him into the rock. Innsmouth wraps his tentacles around Sirius and restrains her. Sirius takes out a baton, but the villain quickly disarms her and squeezes her torso. Sirius gets a message from another crewmate. Innsmouth takes her radio and gives it to Tsuyu. He tells her to lie and say they didn't find the stowaways or else Sirius will die. Tsuyu does the heroic thing radios that the criminals are at the double rocks.

Innsmouth releases Sirius and attacks Tsuyu. She evades a powerful tentacle swipe and climbs up the rock's side. Innsmouth continues to pursue her and misses his attacks. Tsuyu tries to use her tongue to secure Sirius, but Innsmouth grabs it and slams the young hero in training.

Selkie defeats Innsmouth.

Innsmouth threatens to suffocate the young girl and Selkie arrives to save the day. Selkie throws two of Innsmouth's men at him and makes his dramatic entry. Innsmouth blinds him with ink and attacks. Selkie uses his Quirk to echolocate Innsmouth and jump over him. Selkie counters a flurry of tentacle punches and Sirius trips Innsmouth. The Spotted Seal Hero capitalizes by landing a powerful dropkick on Innsmouth's head. The villain falls unconscious and is captured by the hero team[1]


Tsuyu returns to the ship and checks on Sirius. Selkie thanks them both for helping and flashes his cute face. Tsuyu tells Sirius that she learned a lot, including what it means to become a hero. The criminals are all arrested and illegal drugs were taken. The Coast Guard thanks Selkie and he credits Froppy with being a great hero.[1]

Anime and Manga Differences

The manga only briefly mentions that Tsuyu participated in an operation to catch some smugglers, without specifying who were the combatants except for Tsuyu.[2] The anime shows this by expanding it considerably.


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