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Edgelord Hero: Odd-Eye ( (ちゅう) () ヒーロー: オッドアイ Chūni Hīrō: Oddoai?) is a Pro Hero in My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions.


Odd-Eye is a young man with neck-length hair, which is a bit messy. He is somewhat scrawny, having little muscle in his body.

Odd-Eye's hero costume is a reflection of his interests and personality. All of his clothing is dark in color, wearing a jacket with enlarged collars and skirts, pants, gloves with magical symbols, and several belts on his waist, arms, and neck. He also wears a patch on his right eye, although his eye is fine. Odd-Eye takes off the eye-patch when he want to unleash his "true" power, though it doesn't do anything.



Odd-Eye office filled with arcane and exoteric décor.

Much like Fumikage Tokoyami and Shihai Kuroiro, Odd-Eye also has a fondness for everything related to darkness and a penchant for dramatic speeches on darkness, fate, the abyss, and the like. He is also attracted to the arcane and the magical, which is reflected both in his hero costume, if not also in his hero office and in the clothing of his sidekicks.

Odd-Eye enjoys acting too overly melodramatic, always trying to come across as very important and mysterious. He also has the tic of laughing uncontrollably when he is in a pinch or when faced a threat against which he does not know what to do, although for those who do not know him well it can give the feeling of being the opposite.




Mind Reaper (無意識開放 (アウト・オブ・リミッター) Auto Obu Rimittā?): Odd-Eye's Quirk allows him to force people to expose their deepest secrets, embarrassing moments, and uncertainties. He needs to be touching the victim in order to make this power work.


  • Odd-Eye's hero title, "Chuni" ( (ちゅう) () Chūni?), is a phrase that refers to the second year of junior high school in Japan. It may be a shortened version of the word "Chūnibyō" ( (ちゅう) () (びょう) chūnibyō?), a slang term that is often used to mean "someone who is going through a phase" or "someone who believes they have special powers unlike others". It's alternately referred to as "eighth-grader syndrome" and is most commonly found in teenagers.


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