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Ochaco Uraraka & Tsuyu Asui vs. Himiko Toga: Rematch is the battle between Pro Hero Ryukyu's trainees Uravity and Froppy against the Paranormal Liberation Front lieutenant Himiko Toga.


Himiko solemnly watches Gigantomachia tear down multiple cities.

After having escaped from the ambush of the U.A. students, the lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front continue heading towards where Tomura Shigaraki is, mounted on Gigantomachia who destroys everything in his path. Despite this, Himiko Toga remains impassive Gigantomachia's devastation, still affected by Twice's death.

When they approach Jaku City, Skeptic uses his laptop to spy on the movements of the heroes there. Mr. Compress saw something and tells Skeptic to zoom in. They find out that it is Uravity and Froppy moving through the city evacuating citizens. Himiko sees them too, and immediately ask for her gear. Himiko explains she want talk to them because she needs answers to the confusion and doubts generated by Twice's death. Mr. Compress tries to persuade her otherwise without success. Spinner briefly comforts her over the loss of their friend and lets her know that her comrades will be waiting for her to come back. Himiko smiles at him in gratitude.

Himiko lures Ochaco into an abandoned house.

Shortly after Gigantomachia arrives in Jaku City, Himiko separates from the group, and uses her Quirk to pretend to be an old woman and changes into one. Then she goes in search of Uravity and Froppy, who are evacuating all possible citizens to the threat and destruction that Gigantomachia supposes. In her disguise as an old woman, she yells out to the two Heroes to rescue her "husband Takeo". Uravity orders Froppy to get the civilians to safety while she follows the “old woman” into an alleyway.

Uravity is surprised to see how fast she is, and the “old woman” says it’s because her love for her husband. Seeing the determination of the old woman, Uravity is moved and cheers her up, promising she will save her husband. Right after Uravity said that, when she turns a corner Toga suddenly drops her disguise, being completely naked. Uravity is so shocked at this that she doesn't react until Toga slips into an abandoned house. After recovering from the shock, she follows her.[1]


Ochaco throws Himiko off of her.

Uravity enters the house cautiously, ready to any possible sneak attack. Once Uravity entered, Himiko starts talking without showing her whereabouts. She reveals that she had hoped to talk with Froppy since she considers her a cute and precious friend, as well as Deku since she loves him because he looks when he is all beaten up. Finally, she confesses to Uravity that she loves her too, because she is beautiful and wants to be like her.

Suddenly, Himiko jumps on her with her knife and pins her down with Uravity holding her back. Then, Himiko asks what she wants to do with her. Uravity incredulously asks if she stole the blood of an old woman, whom she surely killed, and ambushed her only to ask he that kind of question. Himiko is caught a little off guard by Uravity's asking about her question as the young Hero angry tells her that she wants to save as many people as she can, and if she gets in her way, she will arrest Himiko on the spot. Himiko merely glares at her in response.[1]

Ochako demands Himiko to give her keychain back.

Uravity throws Himiko Toga off of her to another room, saying that her strength has improved since the last time they fought. Himiko recovers while Uravity tries to figure out how she can touch her without getting her blood sucked or wasting too much time. She charges at her, and while Himiko dodges all her attempts to touch her, the villain begins to talk about how her feelings about the people she loves makes her want to be them, and how her desire to bleed them and suck their blood becomes so strong it makes her impossible to bear.

Himiko confesses that she gets all emotional when she thinks about it, yet she accepts herself as she is. The problem is that other people are unable to understand her and therefore they reject her for it, which she cites is the reason she has a hard time living in the current society. Himiko briefly stops her speech to try to slash Uravity, who jumps to another room to avoid the attack.

Himiko resumes her talking about when she was faced by a nasty woman who tried to kill her. So to kill her first, she drank the blood of Ochaco that she stored, transforming into her and being able to use her Zero Gravity. It ended up killing said lady by dropping her from high altitude. Hearing that makes Uravity left horrified. Himiko ends by saying that when she found out she can use the Quirks of the people she loves made her extremely happy.

Uravity ready to use her new Ultimate Move.

Mad for her confession, Uravity attacks her with her wires, but Himiko dodges and counterattack by throwing her needles, knocking Uravity back into another room, breaking some of the stuff there. Uravity gets up as she yells that she would never feel happy about dropping someone to their death with her Quirk and demands Himiko explain her reason for talking to her. Himiko doesn't answer her, picking up something from the ground that fell out from Uravity's belt: the All Might keychain Deku gave her on Christmas.

Uravity charges at Himiko demanding it back but she runs off with it asking if it is precious to her, which Uravity confirms. As she runs, Himiko cites how important Twice was to her as she tells Uravity she considers the two of them the same, as she knows she likes Deku, who she correctly deduces gave Uravity the keychain. Before answering, Uravity thinks of another way to stop Toga as soon as possible, as go at her head-on isn't working. First she hooks her many wires with the objects that she touched when she got knocked down. Then Uravity she uses her new Ultimate Move Zero Satellites to levitate the objects and use them to slam straight at Himiko, while retorting that she has chosen to shut those feelings away as.

Froppy arrives to help Uravity.

Her response seems to cheer up the villain, as she dodges Uravity's attacks she tells her that she felt the same way about suppressing her feelings of draining blood since she was told to not do that in her youth, and when you shut your inner feelings inside, it only makes it grow. Uravity ultimately replies to her opponents declaration that that if she is going to live as she pleases and threaten people, then she has to live the consequences for the way she has chosen to live her life.

Himiko gets tears in her eyes and says that she thought so. The tears welling up in Himiko's eyes catch Ochaco in her tracks.

Himiko prepares to throw her knives at Uravity, but before she she can do it, Froppy enters the battle and strikes her with her tongue. Himiko greets her by calling her name, just for Froppy to remind her that she has never allowed her to call her that. Suddenly the house shakes from the destruction generated by Gigantomachia, which Himiko takes advantage to retreat.[2]


Ochaco noticed that Himiko was crying.

When things calm down, Uravity and Froppy check that Himiko is no longer in the room. Froppy said they should stand back-to-back in case if she attacks their blind spot. Uravity, however, confidently tells her that Himiko just ran off. She picks up her keychain while commenting that Himiko was crying while retreating.

Himiko runs into an alleyway, with an heartbroken expression in her face at her conversation with Uravity, having received the answer she was looking for.[2]


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