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When I saw him struggling, with the odds stacked against him... it got me thinking... Who protects the heroes when they need protecting?
Ochaco Uraraka about Izuku Midoriya in "That Which Is Inherited, Part 2"

Ochaco Uraraka ( (うらら) () (ちゃ) () Uraraka Ochako?), also known as Uravity (ウラビティ Urabiti?), is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. She is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia.


Ochaco is a short girl with a slender yet curvy figure, fair skin, and auburn hair with eyes that match in color. She has perpetual pink blush marks on her cheeks, and her eyes are large and round with thick upper lashes, two more extended and more prominent ones on either side and fewer but more individually pronounced lower lashes. Her hair is shoulder-length with short bangs, and the style is bobbed with two long strands framing her face. She has small, thick pads on her fingertips similar to the digits of an animal's paws; she uses these when activating and deactivating her Quirk.

During her time in Rozaryu Middle School, she wore a plain white long sleeved seifuku with a dark blue Kansai collar, cuffs, and skirt, a double white trim on the cuffs and Kansai collar, paired with a red scarf that is tied below, and sporting black leggings and brown outdoor school shoes. She also wore a brown duffel coat and a pink scarf before entering the U.A. Entrance Exam building.

At U.A, she wears the regular U.A. uniform for female students. It is topped with a gray dress jacket, two teal stripes, two pockets with folds, and two golden buttons. Underneath, she wears a white dress shirt, a red tie with a small, golden button, and a teal pleated skirt. She also wears brown dress shoes and black leggings instead of the usual knee-high socks worn by most other female students.

Her initial hero costume consists of a black, full-body suit with a pale pink design down the middle of her torso, topped with two black semi-spheres on her chest, two pink stripes starting at her midsection, a deep pink choker, and two-toned pink sleeves with cuffs. It also has matching pale and deep pink-colored accessories, including round gauntlets with handles, which are used to increase and decrease her blood pressure, chunky, knee-high boots with deep pink shock-absorbent soles and grey heels that have stiff springs in them to soften landings, and a two-piece belt with a round buckle. She sometimes wears matching headgear with a tinted visor as well, which is used to lessen stress on her ear canals. Her accessories are designed to press her acupuncture points, but the tightness of her costume was an error due to her not being specific enough in her request for its design (though it's implied that she has grown into it as she still hasn't gotten it replaced).[3]

Her costume is upgraded during the Hero Work-Studies. There is only one pink stripe starting at her midsection and the belt around her waist has been minimized, no longer having a center. Her arm gauntlets have been altered to include four raised openings capable of shooting grappling hooks, along with the handles now protruding, and her boots now have small holes on both sides. Her headgear is raised higher and no longer has a visor.[4]



Ochaco Almost Laughing

Ochaco trying not to laugh.

Other students have described Ochaco as "the most laid-back girl" in her class, being very bubbly and kind of an airhead sometimes. She is often incredibly blunt without being aware of it. Similar to Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco's reactions tend to be exaggerated and humorous: She often becomes amused at certain personality traits and quirks others exhibit, bursting into laughter at times, which she tries to suppress.

Ochaco is a warm, cute, lively individual who thinks about everything positively, though she is objective enough to see flaws and virtues. She is generally empathetic and friendly to those she meets, and she will try to help or defend anyone who is kind to her or needs assistance. Ochaco is very good at reading people, understanding the reasons for Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo's rivalry, and being the first to notice when the usually collected Tsuyu Asui was upset. Her empathy and kindness are also seen in how well she gets along with her classmates. She is on good terms with everyone and is particularly close friends with several class members, including Izuku, Tenya Ida, Tsuyu, etc.

Ochaco's game face

Ochaco's fierce side.

Despite her cheery and sometimes ditzy demeanor, Ochaco can take on an extremely determined, focused, and somewhat intimidating attitude when the situation demands it. This side of her personality can surprise those who are used to her generally bubbly nature, and it tends to appear during competitive situations like the U.A. Sports Festival. While she is shown to be surprisingly strategic, she isn't above making some impulsive or reckless decisions. When it comes to her chosen path as a Hero, Ochaco is unwavering and dislikes being underestimated, even in the face of an overwhelming force.

Coming from a poor household, Ochaco tends to become quickly excited or surprised over little things, even losing her composure when faced with luxury, to the point of comical fainting. Bonus materials have depicted her as frugal and occasionally stingy since she goes to extreme lengths to save money, including sleeping, so she doesn't waste oxygen or skip meals to preserve food. Ochaco's parents are her main drive to becoming a hero, and she desires, above all else, to earn money to give them a comfortable life. She is brazenly honest about her priorities and doesn't hide her pursuit of heroism being in large part due to money, despite her embarrassment over admitting so. While money was a factor in her decision to become a hero, Ochaco dreamed of becoming one before realizing the extent of her parent's monetary struggles, as she admired their capacity to bring smiles to people's faces.

Regarding heroism, Ochaco has shown more preference towards rescue, being a fan of Thirteen for her expertise in the area. She is aware of her physical limitations and chooses the combat-oriented hero Gunhead for her internship to increase her fighting repertoire. Consequently, Ochaco developed a new sense of battle awareness and has become a more instinctive fighter.

Ochaco catches sight of Izuku

Ochaco having developed feelings for Izuku.

Ochaco is also greatly inspired by her classmates, especially Izuku, whom she finds incredibly admirable for his strength and compassion. Ochaco has developed a crush on him due to this and their close friendship, resulting in her attempts to follow his example, for better or for worse. While he inspires her, Ochaco also acknowledges that heroism takes priority over her romantic feelings and does her best to continue to grow while keeping them in check. Izuku has also caused her to consider who protects heroes when in need since he continually throws himself into dangerous situations; this prominently shows how deeply Ochaco cares about him and others.

Additionally, Ochaco's feelings for Izuku also result in her occasional and subtle jealous side, which tends to be present when other girls get close to Izuku or converse highly with him. This jealousy is best displayed during his meetings and interactions with Mei Hatsume and Melissa Shield (with the former triggering rather upsetting memories for her), as well as being unsettled by his encounter with "Camie". Despite this, Ochaco is not spiteful and often tries to hide or dismiss this feeling whenever it appears.

Ochaco's empathy can even extend to Villains, as while she remained apprehensive towards Himiko Toga for having tried to kill her and Tsuyu, as well as for taunting her over her feelings for Izuku, she noticed that Himiko was visibly upset and crying when Ochaco refused to identify with her. This memory later comes back to her, and she realizes that Himiko is still a human despite all the horrible things she's done and acknowledges that she doesn't know her or what led her to become a villain. While she initially perceived this way of thinking to be wrong, it turns out that Izuku relates to her, with him having sensed the pain in Tomura Shigaraki's heart and desire to find a way to help him, even though he knows that conflict is unavoidable. Ochaco notes that it's strange that they both can feel such things toward their enemies.

During the Final War, Ochaco further shows her compassion by wanting to talk to Himiko about romance like she wanted, instead of trying to capture or kill her, making an attempt to reach out to the villain despite everything she's done. While she acknowledges that she can't erase Himiko's crimes, she swears that this time she will listen to her, going as far as to say that she would give Himiko her blood for the rest of her life, and saying that she was jealous of her "perfect smile". Ochaco's efforts eventually come to be successful as the villain agrees to talk with her, getting Himiko to stand down and ending her rampage for good.


Ochaco surprises Katsuki

Ochaco is formidable enough to catch someone as powerful as Katsuki by surprise.

Overall Abilities: At first glance, Ochaco doesn't seem like one of the strongest combatants, but over her time at U.A. High School, she has drastically improved her combat prowess to become a more competent combatant. Her abilities earned her 3rd place in the U.A. Entrance Exam and 10th place in the Quirk Apprehension Test. Ochaco's main battle tactic consists of getting close to her opponent and using her Quirk, Zero Gravity, to directly affect them, causing her targets to continuously float up and lose their footing, drastically inhibiting their fighting capabilities. Ochaco also utilizes floating rubble as projectile attacks, or remove the weight of heavy structures, holding onto them to be used as improvised melee weapons. Ochaco can use Zero Gravity to remove her weight, increase her agility, and create decoys by making objects levitate above the ground. Ochaco's overall abilities make her one of the strongest female students in her class.

Ochaco takes out Reiko and Yui

Ochaco showcases her improvement at the Joint Training.

During the U.S.J. Incident, Ochaco was able to temporarily immobilize Kurogiri, thereby giving Hanta Sero and Rikido Sato an opening to subdue the villain even further. Ochaco has also proven her mettle at the U.A. Sports Festival, wherein she was pitted against Katsuki, one of the most powerful students in Class 1-A. Despite having a disadvantage at close range and knowing Katsuki's abilities far exceeded her own, Ochaco managed to catch him by surprise a few times during their battle and pressure him into using his full power. Following the Sports Festival, she trained under the Battle Hero: Gunhead to improve her hand-to-hand combat skills, becoming an even more formidable individual. Ochaco also developed keen senses and quick reflexes, as she could discern when Himiko Toga was attempting to attack her and reacted quickly enough to dodge and pin the villain to the ground.

Ochaco's abilities garnered the attention of Nejire Hado, the third strongest student of U.A. High School's Big 3, who recommended both Ochaco and Tsuyu to intern alongside her under the tutelage of Ryukyu, the No. 10 (formerly No. 9) Pro Hero. At the beginning of the Shie Hassaikai Raid, the Ryukyu Squad acted as the first line of defense against Rikiya Katsukame of the Eight Bullets and were able to subdue him successfully. In the final round of the Joint Training Battle, Ochaco incapacitated the unpredictable Neito Monoma, having capitalized on the latter's attempt to replicate Izuku's Quirk. When an immobilized Neito attempted to use a copied Poltergeist to launch a metal pipe at Ochaco, her quick reflexes allowed her to dodge the surprise attack effortlessly. Afterward, Ochaco swiftly defeated both Reiko Yanagi and Yui Kodai with a single strike each.

During the pivotal Final War, Ochaco, alongside Tsuyu, was personally selected to confront and defeat Himiko Toga due to the past experiences with her. During the height of the war, Ochaco undergoes a Quirk Awakening after getting stabbed by Himiko, resulting in her range greatly increasing, allowing her to make objects float simply by touching one of them and spreading to all the nearby objects.[5]

Ochaco uses Gunhead Martial Arts

Ochaco uses Gunhead Martial Arts on Himiko.

  • Gunhead Martial Arts (ガンヘッド マーシャル アーツ Gan Heddo Māsharu Ātsu?): When she worked under Gunhead, Ochaco was trained in martial arts to attack at close range more effectively, benefiting her Quirk in combat. She has mastered several forms of grappling, take-downs, and throws using force, including her opponents' force against themselves. Her skill is enough to easily dispatch an opponent who surprisingly tries to stab her and incapacitate them, as shown with Thirteen and Himiko Toga, a dangerous villain. Ochaco has developed a few moves that she can use with her Quirk.
  • Enhanced Strength: Ochaco Uraraka’s strength is a blend of her physical conditioning, the powerful applications of her Quirk, and her mental resilience. While she may not have the raw physical power of some of her peers, her strategic use of Zero Gravity, combined with her combat training and determination, make her a strong and capable hero. Her ability to lift and manipulate heavy objects, coupled with her tactical intelligence, ensures she can effectively handle various combat scenarios and support her allies. During the Final War Arc, with her Quirk Awakening she is now able to effortlessly lift and suspend hundred of thousands of twice clones in the air in one fell swoop which are capable of flooding a entire city and is as big as a mountain.
  • Enhanced Speed: In terms of raw speed, her agility, quick reflexes, and creative use of her Quirk make her a swift and agile combatant. Her ability to move quickly and strategically in battle situations, coupled with her enhanced reflexes from combat training, ensures that she can hold her own against powerful opponents. In the Final War Arc, she was able to swiftly dodge a pillar of clones with the intent to kill her with Gunhead Martial Arts and even float some in the air while being severely wounded.
  • Enhanced Durability: Ochaco Uraraka's durability, while not as prominent as her other abilities, is noteworthy given the rigorous challenges she faces in "My Hero Academia." Her durability can be analyzed in terms of physical endurance, mental resilience, and adaptability in combat situations. Ochaco undergoes extensive combat training, including hand-to-hand combat under the pro hero Gunhead. This training enhances her physical endurance and combat skills, enabling her to withstand and counter powerful attacks. Her fight against Katsuki Bakugo during the U.A. Sports Festival showcases her ability to endure intense physical strain despite the overwhelming power of her opponent. Ochaco finds herself in perilous situations that test her physical limits. During the Provisional Hero License Exam, she maneuvers through challenging environments and faces multiple opponents, demonstrating her ability to endure prolonged periods of physical exertion.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Ochaco obtained an impressive amount of stamina through intense training. After having her stamina siphoned by a Trigger-enhanced Rikiya, Ochaco was still able to hold her own against the Yakuza member for 20 minutes until the Trigger drug wore off, allowing the Ryukyu Squad to defeat him once and for all. During the Final War, even after being fatally stabbed in the stomach by Himiko and incurring major blood loss, Ochaco was still able to hold out until the end before eventually passing out.

Tactical Intellect: While Ochaco isn't the most academically efficient of her class, she makes up for it with her strategic mind and ability to deduce an enemy's weaknesses and combat style soon after the battle begins. Ochaco likely developed this to help cover for her initial lack of direct combat abilities. When she isn't facing opponents in close-quarters combat, Ochaco takes advantage of ravaged areas by using her Quirk to gather wreckage without an opponent noticing, exploiting the collateral damage of ensued destruction.

As Kurogiri attempted to subdue Tenya Ida, Ochaco took notice of the villain's neck armor, realized it was a weak point, and exploited it, allowing Hanta and Rikido to briefly subdue the shrouded villain and giving Tenya a chance to seek reinforcements from U.A. High. Her strategic skill is sometimes doubted by or accredited to others, and this is hinted at by Katsuki, who remembered her being friends with Izuku from her attempted Meteor Storm and assumed he was the one responsible for advising her. On the contrary, Ochaco had demonstrated great strategic ability on her merit, as seen by declining Izuku's offer for help during the Sports Festival. Katsuki himself noted that it was a close call for him when he had to use his full power to neutralize Ochaco's strategy, implying that if he hadn't noticed her Meteor Storm technique, Ochaco would've defeated him. She also discerned that the watches on Neito's Hero costume are how the latter keeps track of the time limits of the Quirks he has copied.

Indomitable Will: Ochaco's willpower is one of her greatest strengths. It is characterized by her persistent pursuit of her goals, her ability to confront and overcome fears, and her steadfast commitment to her ideals as a hero. From the beginning, Ochaco demonstrates a strong sense of resolve and purpose. Her initial motivation to become a hero stem from a desire to provide financial support for her family, but this evolves as she gains experience and faces challenges.

Throughout her journey at U.A. High School, Ochaco faces numerous obstacles, both physical and emotional. Despite moments of self-doubt and fear, she consistently pushes herself to improve. For example, Ochaco's fight against Katsuki Bakugo is a pivotal moment that showcases her determination. Despite the overwhelming power difference, she refuses to back down, demonstrating her strategic thinking and fighting spirit. Later on, training under the Pro Hero Gunhead shows Ochaco's willingness to step out of her comfort zone to become a more capable fighter. Her performance during the Provisional License Exam, where she prioritizes saving others and working as a team, highlights her growth and commitment to her hero ideals.

Ochaco's indomitable will is truly tested in the Final War Arc. Her journey, a testament to the power of determination and the impact of a hero's spirit, reaches its peak. Despite being fatally stabbed by Himiko and overwhelmed by her clones, her sheer will and determination to save her friends and stand up to evil prevail. This moment solidifies her role as a pivotal character in the fight against evil.


Skill Release

Ochaco using her Quirk against the Villain Bots.

Zero Gravity (無重力 (ゼログラビティ) Zero Gurabiti?): Ochaco's Quirk gives her the power to nullify the effects of gravity on solid targets (living and nonliving) by touching them with the pads on her fingertips, causing them to become weightless and float. She is able to cancel the effect of her Quirk by touching her finger pads together.

Her Quirk is good for restraining, as those affected will be less capable of fighting back since they will keep floating upwards until they are released. Ochaco takes advantage of ravaged areas to gather wreckage while also exploiting the consequences of a destructive Quirk. She can easily clean up disaster zones while simultaneously figuring out the timing of her movements so as not to damage others.

The main drawback of Ochaco's Quirk is that if the upper weight limit (around three tons) is exceeded, or if Ochaco floats herself, she will suffer from severe nausea. As part of her training, Ochaco considerably reduced resultant nausea and increased her weight limit, as well as developed her ability to float herself for short periods of time without becoming nauseous.

During the Final War in her battle against Himiko, Ochaco's Quirk undergoes an Awakening, allowing the effects of her Zero Gravity to spread among different targets touching each other, without Ochaco having to touch them all herself.[5] This Awakening also removed Ochaco's weight limit of three tons and allowed her to set down her weightless targets in a slower fashion, and without pressing her fingertips together.[6][7]

Ultimate Moves[]

  • Skill Release ( (かい) (じょ) Kaijo?): Ochaco can press her fingertips together and make whatever she has touched stop floating. This move is first used on Villain Bots, and when she saved Izuku from falling to his death, at the U.A. Entrance Exam.
Ochaco releases the Meteor Storm

Ochaco using Skill Release to unleash a Meteor Storm.

  • Meteor Storm (メテオストーム Meteosutōmu?): After floating a large quantity of rubble surrounding her, Ochaco can collect the collaterally damaged structures, forming a giant meteor of debris above her opponents, which she then causes to fall. She first used this move during her match against Katsuki.
  • Meteor Fafrotskies (メテオファフロッキーズ Meteo Fafurokkīzu?): In conjunction with Tsuyu, the two rise and throw several pieces of debris at the targets. It is a stronger, multi-ranged version of Meteor Storm. This move was first used against two villains with Gigantification Quirks during the two heroes' internship.
  • Zero Satellites (ゼロ・サテライツ Zero Sateraitsu?): Being knocked towards some nearby debris, Ochaco floats it and with the addition of her grappling hooks, attacking her opponent by slamming the debris straight at them.[8] It is close-range version of Meteor Storm. This was first used against Himiko after being lured into an abandoned house.
  • Comet Home Run (彗星 (すいせい) ホームラン Suisei Hōmuran?): After touching some rubble and a pillar to make them weightless, Ochaco uses the pillar to forcefully hit the rubble at her enemy. This move is first used to distract Tenya during the Battle Trial.
  • Gravity Plus (グラビティ プラス Gurabiti Purasu?): Using Gunhead Martial Arts, after touching her opponent to make them float, Ochaco then grabs them by the arm and throws them over her shoulder to the ground. This move is first used to defeat a smuggler during the second Hero Work-Studies.
  • Spacewalk (スペースウォーク Supēsuwōku?): Using her grappling hooks, Ochaco hooks onto an opponent and reels herself in, closing the distance between herself and her opponent, all while under the effects of Zero Gravity.[9]


2/5 D
1/5 E
5/5 A
3/5 C
5/5 A
Ochaco's stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book

4/6 B-
4/6 B+
5/6 A
4/6 B
6/6 S
Ochaco's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book


Ochaco grappling hook

Ochaco's upgraded Wrists.

Hero Costume: All aspects of Ochaco's Hero Costume were made for the sole purpose of helping Ochaco minimize the negative effects of her Quirk.

  • Uraraka Helmet (うららかメット Uraraka Metto?): This equipment reduces the stimulation of the semicircular canals located inside each ear.[10]
  • Uraraka Wrists (うららかリスト Uraraka Risuto?): This equipment's interior contains a device that clamps down and releases like a blood pressure gauge, stimulating the pressure points around the wrist area that suppress nausea.[10] They have recently been upgraded to include a number of grappling hooks, inspired by Blackwhip.[11]
  • Uraraka Neck (うららかネック Uraraka Nekku?): This equipment stimulates the pressure points around the neck area, thereby reducing headaches.[10]
  • Uraraka Leg (うららかレッグ Uraraka Reggu?): This equipment's design was to break her fall from elevation. The sole at her toes is equipped with a shock-absorbing cushion and her heel contains a reinforced spring to soften the shock.[10]

Battles & Events[]

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198. Know Where You Stand when It Counts!! Appears
199. Operation New Improv Moves! Absent
200. Clever Commander! Absent
201. Foresight Absent
202. Match 3 Appears
203. Flexible! Juzo Honenuki! Appears
204. Tuning Up Appears
205. Detour Absent
206. Match 3 Conclusion Appears
207. Early Bird! Absent
208. Match 4 Conclusion Appears
209. Match 5 Start Appears
210. The One For All Dream Appears
211. That Which Is Inherited Appears
212. That Which Is Inherited, Part 2 Appears
213. Realm of Souls Appears
214. Our Brawl Appears
215. Final Face-Off! Midoriya vs. Shinso! Appears
216. Class A vs. Class B: Conclusion! Appears
217. The New Power and All For One Appears
Meta Liberation Army Arc
218. The Meta Liberation Army Appears
219. Go, Slidin' Go! Absent
220. My Villain Academia Absent
221. Memento from All For One Absent
222. Tomura Shigaraki: Distortion Appears
223. Cockroaches Mentioned
224. Revival Party Absent
225. Interview with a Vampire Absent
226. Bloody Love Disguise
227. Sleepy Absent
228. Wounded Soul Absent
229. All It Takes Is One Bad Day Absent
230. Sad Man's Parade Absent
231. Path Absent
232. Meta Abilities and Quirks Absent
233. Bright Future Flashback
234. Destruction Sense Absent
235. Tenko Shimura: Origin Absent
236. Tenko Shimura: Origin, Part 2 Absent
237. Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Absent
238. Liberation Absent
239. Successor Absent
240. Power Absent
Endeavor Agency Arc
241. Do That Interview! Appears
242. Have a Merry Christmas! Appears
243. Off to Endeavor's Agency! Mentioned
244. Recommended Reading Absent
245. Rise to Action Absent
246. Message Appears
247. Status Report! Absent
248. One Thing at a Time Absent
249. The Hellish Todoroki Family Absent
250. Ending Mentioned
251. Just One Week Absent
252. The Unforgiven Absent
Paranormal Liberation War Arc
253. Shirakumo Appears
254. More of a Hero than Anyone Absent
255. Hero Hopeful Absent
256. The High, Deep Blue Sky Appears
257. Pass It Forward, to Whomever Appears
258. Friends Appears
259. A Quiet Beginning Appears
260. Life's Work Absent
261. High-Ends Absent
262. Mirko, the No. 5 Hero Absent
263. I Wanna Be with You Guys!! Absent
264. One's Justice Absent
265. Villains and Heroes Absent
266. Happy Life Absent
267. Flames Absent
268. Scramble! Absent
269. The Three of Us Absent
270. Inheritance Appears
271. Dark Cloud Absent
272. Good Morning! Appears
273. The Thrill of Destruction Appears
274. Search Appears
275. Encounter, Part 2 Absent
276. You Cheated...! Pictured
277. Who...? Absent
278. Disaster Walker Absent
279. League of Villains vs. U.A. Students Absent
280. Red Riot, Part 3 Absent
281. Plus Ultra Absent
282. Footfall of Destruction Appears
283. 75 Absent
284. Deep Blue Battle Flashback
285. Katsuki Bakugo Rising Absent
286. The Ones Within Us Appears
287. Mistake Appears
288. Save Takeo!! Appears
289. Miss Candid and Miss Shut-Away Appears
290. Dabi's Dance Absent
291. Thanks For Going Strong Absent
292. Threads of Hope Absent
293. Hero-Saturated Society Flashback
294. Final Performance Absent
295. Tenacious Absent
296. Hellish Hell Appears
297. Tartarus Absent
298. Sounds of Collapse Absent
299. Like Those Tragic Tales Absent
300. The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2 Absent
301. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 1 Absent
302. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 2 Absent
303. Top Three Appears
304. Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi Absent
305. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki Absent
306. The Final Act Begins Appears
Dark Hero Arc
307. Been a While!! Absent
308. Full Power!! Absent
309. Can't Be a Child Anymore Absent
310. Masters and Pupil Absent
311. Here We Go!! Absent
312. Hired Gun Absent
313. High-Speed Long-Range Mobile Cannon Absent
314. The Lovely Lady Nagant Absent
315. Platitudes Absent
316. Your Turn Absent
317. Scars, Blood, Filth Absent
318. Reckless Fantasy
319. Friend Appears
320. Deku vs. Class A Appears
321. From Class A to One For All Appears
322. Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight Appears
323. That Single Step Appears
324. A Young Woman's Declaration Appears
325. The Bonds of One For All Appears
326. Who Are You Really? Pictured
327. Rest!! Appears
328. No Man Is an Island Absent
Star and Stripe Arc
329. In the Nick of Time, a Big-Time Maverick from the West! Absent
330. Me and Myself Absent
331. United States of America Absent
332. State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise... Absent
333. Specter Absent
334. Parting Gift Appears
U.A. Traitor Arc
335. Zygotes Appears
336. Villain Appears
337. A Disposable Life Appears
338. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 1 Appears
339. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 2 Absent
340. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 3 Absent
341. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part -1 Flashback
342. The Extreme Quiet Before the Storm Appears
Final War Arc
343. Let You Down Absent
344. Stars Appears
345. Division Appears
346. Super Hyper Unfair Broken Stage Absent
347. Inflation Appears
348. Unrequited Appears
349. Battle Flame Appears
350. Bound to a Fiery Fate Absent
351. Two Flashfires Absent
352. Ultimate Moves Flashback
353. Endeavor Absent
354. Oopsie Daisy!! Absent
355. Extras Absent
356. Regarding the Enemy Absent
357. Wounded Hero, Burning Bright and True!! Fantasy
358. The Guy Who's Made Some Progress Absent
359. Place of Learning Absent
360. Despite It All... Absent
361. Abnormal Happenings Absent
362. Light Fades to Rain Absent
363. Those Who Defend, Those Who Violate Absent
364. Why We Wield Power Absent
365. No. 4 and No. 5 Flashback
366. Full Moon Absent
367. Deku vs. All For One Absent
368. Rev Up, One For All Absent
369. A Chain of Events, Across the Ages Absent
370. HIStory Absent
371. Together with Shoji Flashback
372. Naked Absent
373. Friends Absent
374. Butterfly Effect Absent
375. Chaotic Confusion Appears
376. On Knife's Edge Appears
377. The Chain Thus Far Absent
378. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 4 Absent
379. Hopes Absent
380. A Skosh Absent
381. Dark Appears
382. Don't Let Him Go Appears
383. Meek Spirits Flashback
384. It's a Small World Absent
385. The Impulses of Youth Absent
386. I AM HERE Absent
387. Congealing Absent
388. Toya Absent
389. Assurance and Prayers Appears
390. Shoto Todoroki Rising Appears
391. Rejecting the World Appears
392. Villain Name Appears
393. A Girl's Ego Appears
394. Ochaco Uraraka vs. Himiko Toga Appears
395. Built Upon the Joy of Others Appears
396. Battle Without A Quirk Absent
397. Trash Cleanup Absent
398. Toshinori Yagi: Rising/Origin Absent
399. Organic, Mingling Clusters of Light Absent
400. Beyond Limits Absent
401. The Lunatic Absent
402. The Tearful Days Appears
403. The End of an Era, and... the Beginning Absent
404. We Love You, All Might!! Absent
405. The Final Boss!! Absent
406. Get a Grip on Your Quirk!! Absent
407. An Exceptional Child Absent
408. The Eyes Tell All!! Absent
409. Quirk: Explosion!! Absent
410. Farewell, All For One!! Absent
411. History's Greatest Villain Flashback
412. History's Maddest Hero Absent
413. Leaden Mass Absent
414. Overlay Absent
415. Rejection Absent
416. Wrench It Open, Izuku Midoriya!! Appears
417. Shimura Absent
418. Meek Spirits Absent
419. Design Absent
420. From Aizawa Absent
421. We Are Here Absent
422. Izuku Midoriya Rising Appears
423. One For All vs. All For One Absent
424. Epilogue Appears

Anime Appearances[]

Season 1
1. Izuku Midoriya: Origin Absent
2. What It Takes to Be a Hero Absent
3. Roaring Muscles Debut
4. Start Line Appears
5. What I Can Do for Now Appears
6. Rage, You Damn Nerd Appears
7. Deku vs. Kacchan Appears
8. Bakugo's Start Line Appears
9. Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Ida! Appears
10. Encounter with the Unknown Appears
11. Game Over Appears
12. All Might Appears
13. In Each of Our Hearts Appears
Season 2
14. That's the Idea, Ochaco Appears
15. Roaring Sports Festival Appears
16. In Their Own Quirky Ways Appears
17. Strategy, Strategy, Strategy Appears
18. Cavalry Battle Finale Appears
19. The Boy Born with Everything Appears
20. Victory or Defeat Appears
21. Battle on, Challengers! Appears
22. Bakugo vs. Uraraka Appears
23. Shoto Todoroki: Origin Appears
24. Fight on, Ida Appears
25. Todoroki vs. Bakugo Appears
26. Time to Pick Some Names Appears
27. Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears Appears
28. Midoriya and Shigaraki Appears
29. Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students Flashback
30. Climax Absent
31. The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain Appears
32. Everyone's Internships Appears
33. Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past Appears
34. Gear up for Final Exams Appears
35. Yaoyorozu: Rising Appears
36. Stripping the Varnish Appears
37. Katsuki Bakugo: Origin Appears
38. Encounter Appears
Season 3
39. Game Start Appears
40. Wild, Wild Pussycats Appears
41. Kota Appears
42. My Hero Absent
43. Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Appears
44. Roaring Upheaval Appears
45. What a Twist! Appears
46. From Ida to Midoriya Appears
47. All For One Absent
48. Symbol of Peace Appears
49. One For All Appears
50. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Absent
51. Moving into Dorms Appears
52. Create Those Ultimate Moves Appears
53. The Test Appears
54. Shiketsu High Lurking Appears
55. Class 1-A Appears
56. RUSH! Appears
57. Rescue Exercises Appears
58. Special Episode: Save the World with Love! Appears
59. What's the Big Idea? Appears
60. A Talk about Your Quirk Appears
61. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Appears
62. A Season for Encounters Appears
63. Unrivaled Appears
Season 4
64. The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A Appears
65. Overhaul Appears
66. Boy Meets... Appears
67. Fighting Fate Mentioned
68. Let's Go, Gutsy Red Riot Appears
69. An Unpleasant Talk Appears
70. GO!! Appears
71. Suneater of the Big Three Appears
72. Red Riot Absent
73. Temp Squad Flashback
74. Lemillion Fantasy
75. Unforeseen Hope Appears
76. Infinite 100% Appears
77. Bright Future Appears
78. Smoldering Flames Appears
79. Win Those Kids' Hearts Absent
80. Relief for License Trainees Appears
81. School Festival Appears
82. Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest Part Appears
83. Gold Tips Imperial Appears
84. Deku vs. Gentle Criminal Appears
85. School Festival Start!! Absent
86. Let It Flow! School Festival! Appears
87. Japanese Hero Billboard Chart Appears
88. His Start Appears
Season 5
89. All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A Appears
90. Vestiges Absent
91. Clash! Class A vs. Class B! Appears
92. Make It Happen, Shinso! Appears
93. Operation New Improv Moves Appears
94. Foresight Appears
95. Match 3 Appears
96. Match 3 Conclusion Appears
97. Early Bird! Appears
98. That Which Is Inherited Appears
99. Our Brawl Appears
100. The New Power and All For One Appears
101. Have a Merry Christmas! Appears
102. Off to Endeavor's Agency! Mentioned
103. One Thing at a Time Appears
104. Long Time No See, Selkie Appears
105. The Hellish Todoroki Family Absent
106. The Unforgiven Mentioned
107. More of a Hero Than Anyone Appears
108. My Villain Academia Mentioned
109. Revival Party Disguise
110. Sad Man's Parade Absent
111. Tenko Shimura: Origin Absent
112. Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Absent
113. The High, Deep Blue Sky Appears
Season 6
114. A Quiet Beginning Appears
115. Mirko, the No. 5 Hero Appears
116. One's Justice Absent
117. Inheritance Absent
118. The Thrill of Destruction Appears
119. Encounter, Part 2 Appears
120. Disaster Walker Absent
121. League of Villains Vs. U.A. Students Appears
122. Katsuki Bakugo Rising Appears
123. The Ones Within Us Appears
124. Dabi's Dance Appears
125. Threads of Hope Flashback
126. Final Performance Absent
127. Hellish Hell Appears
128. Tartarus Absent
129. The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2 Absent
130. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire Appears
131. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki Appears
132. Full Power!! Absent
133. Hired Gun Absent
134. The Lovely Lady Nagant Absent
135. Friend Appears
136. Deku vs. Class A Appears
137. A Young Woman's Declaration Appears
138. No Man Is an Island Appears
Season 7
139. In the Nick of Time! A Big-Time Maverick from the West! Appears
140. Specter Appears
141. Villain Appears
142. The Story of How We All Became Heroes Appears
143. Let You Down Appears
144. Division Appears
145. Inflation Appears
146. Two Flashfires Flashback
147. Extras Absent
148. Wounded Hero, Burning Bright and True!! Absent


Prototype Ochaco Uraraka Designs

Early design concepts for Ochaco and her costume.

  • In a prototype concept, Ochaco was originally "Yu Takeyama", possessing both the identity "Mt. Lady" and the Gigantification Quirk. This was scrapped because the author thought that a main character having such a Quirk would be too troublesome for her.[12] Her original name, Quirk (along with its abilities), and superhero identity were later instead given to another character who also filled her role in Chapter 1 and her old appearance had been given to Yui Kodai, who has a similar name and Quirk as well.
  • While her name was spelled as 'Ochako' in a character illustration on the official manga website, it is spelled as Ochaco on both the anime website and PVs.
  • According to Ochaco's Volume 1 profile:
    • Ochaco's bob hair and dialect are parts of her schoolgirl charm.
    • Ochaco's favorite thing is the starry sky.
    • Ochaco loves Japanese food, especially mochi.
    • Kohei Horikoshi describes Ochaco as "honest".
    • Horikoshi is proud of the name he came up for her.
  • Ochaco's rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • Ranked 4th in the first Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 10th in the second and eighth Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 9th in the third and ninth Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 12th in the fourth and seventh Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 8th in the fifth Popularity Poll.
    • Ranked 16th in the sixth Popularity Poll.
  • Ochaco's hero name, Uravity (ウラビティ Urabiti?), comes from Gravity (グラビティ Gurabiti?) without the "g", and can be derived from her full name by combining Ura ( urara?), bi (?) (which can also be read as ka), and "tea" (茶, read as cha in her name).
  • Ochaco's surname contains the kanji for "beautiful, lovely" ( urara?) and "day" ( ka?), and her first name contains "o" in hiragana (お o), which has no special meaning, however, the chinese translation lists it as "imperial" (御 o) "tea" ( cha?) and "child" ( ko?).
  • As pointed out by Mina, "uraraka" means "carefree" in Japanese, which usually depicts Ochaco's personality.
  • Ochaco's known U.A. data is as follows:
    • Student No. 5 in Class 1-A.
    • Ranked 3rd in the U.A. Entrance Exam.
    • Ranked 10th at Shota's Quirk Apprehension Test.
      • Her fifty-meter dash record is 7.15 seconds. Her previous record was 7.28 in middle school.
      • Her softball throw record is infinite.
    • Ranked 13th in Class 1-A's mid-term grades.[13]
    • Ranked in the Top 16 of the U.A. Sports Festival First-Year Stage.
      • Ochaco received a total of twenty nominations from Pro Heroes for her U.A. Sports Festival performance, making her the 8th most nominated Class 1-A student.
  • She shares her birthday with Hinata Hyuga from Naruto, another Weekly Shonen Jump series.
    • Interestingly, both characters are known to have a crush on their series' respective main characters of their respective universes.
  • Ochaco still owns a flip-phone, while all of her classmates own smartphones.[14]
  • Ochaco and Katsuki share the same costume designer.[15]
  • Ochaco shares her Japanese and English voice actresses with other characters.


  • (To Izuku and Tenya) "So I'm gonna be a hero. I'll make that money… so that my mom and dad can have easier lives."[16]
  • (To Izuku and Tenya) "I said it would be easier to team up with friends, but now that I think about it, I might've been trying to rely on you again. That's why when Ida said he was challenging you, I grew a little ashamed of myself... Everyone is giving all they can, which only makes it fair for me to do the same... So, we will meet in the finals!"[17]
  • (To Katsuki) "It is almost like... You are scared, so you want to keep distance from him, and for that, you act so menacing..."[2]
  • (To her classmates) "Let's all work hard together and laugh again!"[18]
  • (To Himiko) "I know I pushed you away that one time... and maybe this world isn't a place you can be yourself... I know all that!! Yet even so... I've observed... so many... happy faces in my time. But being able to declare what you love... and do it with your whole face... Well, that smile of yours is so perfect... that I'm honestly jealous! You hear me? And I... don't wanna pretend I never saw your amazing smile!!"[5]
    • "Look, I can't erase all your crimes or approve of everything you've done!! But!! If any part of you still feels like talking to me... you can have a lifetime's worth of my blood! So let's have that chat about romance, Himiko Toga!!"[5]


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