Nyikang (ニイカング Nīkangu?)[1] is a Pro Hero in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Nyikang wears metal armor with gauntlets on both wrists and a red and yellow shift around his waist. He has what appear to be black branches coming out of his head and wears a riveted mask covering his face.


Not much is known about his personality at the time.


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Nyikang is seen walking amongst the crowd at the I-Expo preview.



Spirit Possession ( (ひょう) () Hyōi?): Nyikang's Quirk allows him to convert his consciousness into spiritual energy which he can send towards a target to possess them.[citation needed]


Sword: Nyikang is seen carrying a large sword, presumably for combat purposes.


  • Nyikang's name and character is derived from the divine kingship of the Shilluk People of South Sudan. Nyikang is believed to be the representative of 'the divine kingship'. As each new King ascends to the throne, he must be possessed by Nyikang in ritual conflict. Once possessed, the spirit of Nyikang is thought to rule over the territory of Shillukland as both King and God.[2]


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