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Number 6 vs. Ikajiro Takobe is a fight between the Villain Factory's agent known as Number 6 and the Next-Level Villain Octoid.


The struggle allows Octoid to escape.

After a tough fight against KoichiEraser Head, the Hotta Brothers and Kirihito managed to capture Octoid. However, a struggle between Kirihito and Octoid allows the Next-Level Villain get free and runs away, fleeing into an alley, being pursued by the others.

However, they are not the only ones that go after the Next-Level Villain, because the speedster villain also looks for Octoid to get a sample from him.[1]


Number 6 defeats Octoid without breaking a sweat.

Following the trail of blood left by the Next-Level Villain in his escape, Number 6 encounters Octoid in an alley, who charges against him. However, Number 6 defeats him easily with his Overclock Quirk. With Octoid knocked down on the ground, the villain takes out a syringe and extracts a blood sample from his body, while commenting to himself that he loves easy jobs

When he was about to leave the alley, Octoid regains consciousness, and uses his few remaining forces to throw a stone at the speedster villain. The projectile only causes a slight scratch on his face, but that greatly angers Number 6. After stepping on his hand, Number 6 tells Octoid that he did himself the scar on his face as an homage to someone he admires, and he will not tolerate any other wound on his face might distract from his "cool, character-defining scar".

His Quirk nearly kills Octoid, delivering eight instant blows.

Number 6 lifts Octoid into the air with one arm and uses his Ultimate Move Instant Eight to give Octoid a brutal beating, but he can not kill him due to the limit of his Overclock Quirk. Irritated by this, he tells Octoid that he stops for ten seconds to cool down before using his quirk again, and when he does, he will stomp his head again and again, like jack-hammer, until it is reduced into a pulp.

The villain begins the countdown, and just when he is about to fulfill his threat, Koichi and co. arrive at the place, which forces him to leave.[1]


The timely arrival of Koichi, Eraser Head and co. saves Octoid's life, who are surprised to see the Next-Level Villain badly wounded and wonder who was responsible. Koichi is sure he has saw someone.[1]


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