"Garbage like you... who ruins people's dreams... I'll make sure you get what's coming to you!"
Number 6 in "Dreams"

Number 6 (No. 6 Nanbā Shikkusu?),[1] also known as Rokuro Nomura ( () (むら) (ろく) (ろう) Nomura Rokurō)[2] or the Scarred Man (傷顔の男 Kizugao no Okoto?),[3] is a member of the Villain Factory and the primary antagonist of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. He is also a Pro Hero under the alias Rock (ロック Rokku)[4] or High-Speed Hero: O'Clock II (超速ヒーロー オクロックII (ツー) Chōsoku Hīrō Okurokku Tsū?).[5]


Number 6 is a young man with a fairly athletic physique, long black hair gathered in a ponytail, and a perpetual smirk on his face. His most distinctive feature is a long scar that goes diagonally across his face and over his nose, which he gave to himself as a homage to O'Clock.[6]

When allowing Bomber cells to merge with his arms, or using Overclock to regrow an arm out of Bomber cells, the respective arm became the same color as that of the Bombers' bodies, with growths appearing on them as well as miniature Bomber faces.[7]

Number 6 has a great ability to disguise, being able to pass himself off as another person. His facial features change to become indistinguishable from his normal ones, being able to even hide his characteristic scar perfectly. When his deception is discovered or just when he decides to stop his charade, he immediately reverts to normal.[8][9]

In his hero costume, under his identity as the Hero "Rock", he wears a full-body suit similar to O'Clock but blue and yellow, with a trench-coat similar to Knuckleduster and a black fedora hat. When he takes on the identity of O'Clock II, he ditches his trench coat and the hat and puts on a domino mask. He appears to have the Roman numeral II on his shoulders as symbols.



In general, Number 6 has a confident and self-assured attitude, keeping calm in any situation, even when he is confronted with a gun. He prefers to avoid confrontation at all times, choosing to flee rather than fight, but he has no problem with using violence when the situation calls for it. He also has no qualms with endangering the lives of innocent people as a distraction or for his investigations with the Next-Level Villains.

Number 6's spiteful personality.

He can be quite vengeful, as seen when the police wound him with rubber bullets. Instead of running away, he chooses to use his Quirk to take their pistols and shoot them with their own rubber bullets. He doesn’t aim to kill, rather he decides to shoot them only to seriously injure them, although he doesn’t worry about the possibility that some of them could die afterwards due to injuries. This could mean that he doesn’t like to get blood on his hands directly, but otherwise doesn’t care much about collateral damage.

Number 6 also proves to have a certain level of self-centeredness and narcissism, having things that get him to lose his composure and cool. One of them is when he is injured in the face, even receiving the slightest scratch from a foe is enough to drive him into a murderous rage. He holds the scar on his face with extreme pride, and thinks that another wound may ruin his looks and distract from his self-inflicted "cool, character-defining scar".[10] Number 6's obsession with O'Clock seems to be linked to a desperate desire for an identity of his own, as he felt like a nameless, hollow shell upon being "created" by the Villain Factory.[11][12]

The other thing that makes him very angry is seeing his plans fail. This could be verified when the heroes repel his Bombers in the attack on the Tokyo Sky Egg. Being unable to tolerate seeing his enemies triumphing, he has one of his creatures self-destruct, destroying the supporting tower to cause the Sky Egg to collapse, which would kill thousands of people. In other words, he would kill a lot of people with no remorse on a temper tantrum.[13]

Despite this, when Number 6 uses his skills for disguise and infiltration, he is perfectly capable of acting as a totally different person, hiding his true colors and intentions, and deceiving others. For example, when he is "Rokuro Nomura", he acts as the clumsy but well-meaning and polite Marukane Performers's manager, without anyone suspecting that there is anything weird about him.[14]


Number 6 bulks up the muscles in his right arm.

Body Modifications: Number 6 has been modified by the Villain Factory to possess enhanced physical and mental capabilities.

  • Healing Power: Number 6 has been modified to possess healing power, the likes of which allow him to heal from shotgun wounds in mere moments.[7]
  • Muscle Enhancement: Thanks to being modified, Number 6 is able to bulk up his muscles at will to gain a high degree of physical strength,[1] being able to lift Octoid into the air with one arm and completely shred his own outfit's long sleeves from the force of his muscles.
  • Pain Endurance: Thanks to being modified, Number 6 possesses greater than normal pain endurance, allowing him to shrug off being shot through the shoulder.[1]

Disguise: Number 6 appears to be able to disguise himself to easily infiltrate any situation he desires, whether that's pretending to work as a part-timer for Kanidoge, as the new manager for the Marukane Performers, or even as an archivist at the police station.[15][16]

Enhanced Durability: Number 6 was able to withstand falling three floors while unable to land safely due to his legs having been shot, having his face mauled by Knuckleduster, and then a point-blank detonation which blew off one of his arms.[7]


His Quirk nearly kills Octoid, delivering ten instant blows.

Overclock (オーバークロック Ōbākurokku?): Given to him by All For One, Number 6's Quirk gives him the power to accelerate his perception of time to extreme speeds to the point that, to him, it looks like everything is standing still, allowing him to see, hear, and think at hyper-speed. It also increases his physical speed as a result.

His speed allows him to deliver as many as eight blows in an instant, though by pushing himself past his limit, he is fast enough to deliver more punches, though hurting himself in the process.

He can also utilize Overclock to accelerate cell growth, allowing him to regrow his arms and the Bomber parasites which inhabit his body.[7]

In order to be used without "brain drain", the Quirk must be given a cool-down time of ten seconds.[1]

  • Heightened Focus: Thanks to his Quirk, Number 6 has been shown to be able to clearly hear words that have been sped up by three-hundred times.[1]

Self-Detonation (爆発 Bakuhatsu?): Thanks to having Bomber cells parasitically inhabiting him, Number 6's second Quirk allows him to make the parts of his body self-destruct. Using this Quirk destroys the body part, but thanks to his body-modifications, he is able to regenerate.[7]

Electromagnetic Waves (電磁波 Denjiha?): This Quirk allows Number 6 the ability to generate electromagnetic pulses, which are able to shut down the power and communications within an area. This is another Quirk originally possessed by the Bombers.[17]

Super Moves

  • Instant Eight (瞬間8撃?): Number 6 delivers eight punches in an instant using his acceleration. This is the most he can accomplish without hurting himself.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Character Appearances

Vs. Queen Bee Arc
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13. Makoto/Truth Absent
14. Major Absent
15. Playboy Absent
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20. Event Announcement! Absent
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25. Goodbye to Dad Absent
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Osaka Incident Arc
29. Equipment Issues Absent
30. Cooperation Request Appears
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33. Stumbling into Nasty Business! Appears
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Sky Egg Arc
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44. One Outrageous Traveler Flashback
45. The Man Returns Flashback
46. Christmas Eve Hero Appears
47. Farewell Party! Flashback
48. Investigation Start! Steamy Romance Spotted?! Absent
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55. This Is a Hero!! Appears
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82. High-Speed Hero II Appears
83. Criminal in the Midst Appears
84. Hero's Dreams Appears
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Underground Masquerade Arc
86. Masked Fighting Tournament Absent
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90. Team-Up in the Underground Absent
91. Running Plan B Absent
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94.5. Tanuma Report Pictured
Naruhata Lockdown Arc
95. Moon Flashback
96. Negotiations Absent
97. Pursuers Mentioned
98. A Rational Persuasion Method Appears
99. Phases Appears


  • Number 6's alias "Rokuro Nomura" contains the word "Roku" meaning six in Japanese, and "Nomu".
  • Number 6's "O-Clock II" color scheme is based on Batman's former sidekick, Nightwing.
  • As Rokuro Nomura, Number 6 is shown to have a Hero License. It is currently unknown how or when he managed to obtain this.
  • His glowing knuckles as he activates Self-Detonation in his hand could be referencing the Infinity Gauntlet, famously held by the Marvel Comics villain, Thanos.


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