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Nobu (ノブ Nobu?) is one of Wolfram's minions in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Nobu is a skinny, strange-looking man with pale yellow skin and a face shaped similar to that of a goat, possessing two small triangular ears and a flat nose consisting only of nostrils. He has thin, dark eyes that are slanted sharply inwards and visibly sharp teeth. His dark green hair is mohawk-shaped and connects around his ears along his cheekbones, and he also has a small goatee.

Like the rest of Wolfram’s minions, Nobu dresses in a black combat suit, complete with a full-face mask with a paler X-shaped design patterning it over his face.



Nobu appears to be a loyal henchman dedicated to Wolfram's cause. He has little patience and enjoys conflict, even against children.[1]


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Nobu is present alongside all of Wolfram's men when they sneak into I-Island. After setting their plan into motion, Nobu and the others restrain the security guards and take over the Central Tower control room. They follow Wolfram's orders and turn I-Island's security on its citizens, tourists, and Pro Heroes.

Nobu and Daigo don't believe Eijiro.

When U.A. High School students start ascending the tower in an attempt to rescue the hostages, Wolfram sends Daigo and Nobu after them. The duo reaches the 80th floor and notices Katsuki Bakugo and Eijiro Kirishima there. The latter tries to explain they got lost, but the villains don't believe them. Nobu attacks, but the villains are quickly frozen by a surprise attack from Shoto Todoroki.

Nobu frees the duo from their icy prison and Daigo transforms into a hulking purple beast. Nobu attacks Katsuki after Daigo sends Eijiro flying. Shoto warns Katsuki in time and covers him with a freezing attack. Nobu makes all the ice disappear and forces the students back to back.

Nobu engages in battle with Shoto, using pure footspeed to keep pace with Shoto who uses his ice to propel himself around. Shoto uses another ice wave but Nobu withers it away. Shoto realizes that Nobu's Quirk allows him to displace matter rather than make it disappear. Katsuki defeats Daigo, much to Nobu's disappointment. He tries to take Katsuki by surprise but misses and gets sweat all over his hand. Katsuki reveals his sweat works like nitroglycerin and Shoto immediately capitalizes, sending a wave of fire that detonates the sweat and defeats Nobu.[1]


Overall Abilities: Not much is known about Nobu’s abilities, it seems he has been paired with Daigo to support the latter’s close range style of combat and acts as apart of the muscle for Wolframs Crew.

  • Immense Speed: Nobu possesses such immense speed his legs visually become a whirling blur as he runs, he engages his opponents purely with the use of his running speed. He is even able to displace Shoto’s ice with his Quirk so quickly that it seemingly disappeared from the battle in seconds, it’s only later that Shoto even realized that Nobu’s Quirk displaced matter.
  • Immense Stamina: Nobu is able to sustainably run at immense speed’s while simultaneously engaging in combat without tiring or straining his body, staying physically active for considerably longer than the average person attempting the same feat.


Nobu displacing Shoto's ice.

Unnamed Displacement Quirk: Nobu's Quirk grants him the ability to enlarge his hands into large, webbed claws. Anything he strikes with his enlarged hands will be displaced.[1]

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