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Naruhata ( (なる) () () Naruhata?) is a ward located in Tokyo, Japan. It is the main setting of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes


Naruhata is a city district located in Tokyo. It's a fairly busy urban area, although the neighborhood where Koichi lives is pretty deserted, and there's a lot of old buildings and remnants of complex roads that are hardly used. Ever since about ten years ago when the expressway opened, the amount of cars that would go out of their way to take the local roads decreased drastically, so especially early in the morning, no vehicles come through here except for the convenience store delivery trucks.[1]

Most of the incidents related with the spontaneous villains have occurred in exceedingly confined areas, such as the NR Naruhata Station shopping district, as well as old Higashi Naruhata town.[2]



  • Like many settings of the main series, Naruhata is a reference to Nal Hutta, a planet from the Star Wars universe.


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