Nana Shimura vs. All For One is the final battle fought between the 7th holder of One For All: Nana Shimura against All For One.


The details from the beginning of this battle are unknown.

In order to destroy One For All and its legacy, All For One tracks down the 7th torchbearer, Nana Shimura and her pupil Toshinori Yagi.

All For One finishes off Nana.

In his prime All For One is able to easily overwhelm the heroes and manages to corner Nana and Toshinori, standing over them on a harm's mutated land.

Fearing the end of hope, Nana pushes Toshinori out of harms way. Gran Torino flies using his Jet Quirk and grabs Toshinori before soaring away. Nana tells Toshinori to live on and take her place, and she asks Sorahiko to make his dreams come true. Toshinori can only cry as he's dragged away from the battle.

All For One thanks Nana for providing quality comedy and finishes her off in a large flash of black lightning.[1]


Toshinori mourns the death of his master.

Gran Torino takes Toshinori back to U.A., where he promised to train him in Nana's place. Toshinori desires to fight All For One and avenge his master. However, Gran Torino knows the king of evil is too strong and his reach will eventually lead him to One For All once again.

Gran Torino reminds Toshinori of why Nana sacrificed herself and tells him to train overseas after he graduates in the spring. Toshinori follows his master's wishes and travels to America, but not before promising to return to Japan where he will save everyone once and for all.[1]


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