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Nabu Island ( () () (とう) Nabu-tō?) is an isolated and peaceful small island with a population of about 1,000 that lives in a tightly-knit community. It is the main setting of My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.



Nabu Island is a subtropical island located in southern Japan, being quite far from the Japanese archipelago. Due to its geographical position (approximately at 29°24'N 125°54'E), the climate is quite warm even if it is winter, which allows its inhabitants and tourists to enjoy the beach.

The main town is located in the south, with some rural settlements scattered along the island. To the east and northwest there are fields that provide food for its little more than a thousand inhabitants. The rest of the island is occupied by subtropical forests. To the northwest of the island there is another one of smaller size. In it is Mount Shiroyama, where there are the ruins of an ancient fortress.

Because Nabu is quite isolated from the rest of the country – and therefore far from any villain activity – life on the island is peaceful and idyllic, having been thirty years without any incident. For this reason, there are few assigned heroes there, and the few there are mainly dedicated to doing minor duties such as finding lost items or helping the local population with odd jobs that suit their Quirks.[1]

Major Locations


Most of the inhabitants of Nabu reside in the village located in the south of the island. Due to the low number of inhabitants, it is mostly made up of detached and cottage houses, as well as some buildings with few floors. The town has a commercial area where people hang out, a hospital and a school.

Hero Office

It's a large two-story building that U.A Class 1-A students use both as Hero Agency as well as place of residence for the duration of the "Hero Work Recommendation Project" program. The office is well furnished and have numerous computers and telecommunication devices to answer the inhabitants' requests.


Given its island status, Nabu has several beaches for the enjoyment of local people and tourists, although the most popular is the one near the main settlement. The beach has several beach bars and rest areas. On the beach there is a rocky area where swiming is banned due to its dangerousness.

Near this beach there is a small wind farm with seven wind turbines


The only way to enter Nabu Island is by ship to its harbour. It is also the place where residents leave their fishing boats.


Near the fields that provide food for the islanders there is a factory. After the first attack Nine and his team, this is where the majority of the inhabitants take refuge, being are attended by students and volunteers.

Mount Shiroyama

Mount Shiroyama is located on a smaller island northwest of Nabu. Both islands are connected by a narrow path that crosses the sea, the beginning of which is flanked by two statues of beasts.

Much of Mount Shiroyama is almost covered by the ruins of an ancient castle, built by the inhabitants of the island long ago. Much of this structure was built by seizing the large natural caves under Mount Shiroyama, which are so extensive that they can house the entire population of Nabu Island.


Nabu Island Inhabitants



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