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Welcome! This is the main page for all Wiki Departments.

Wiki Departments is a program suggested by User:Linerie in November of 2015 to create new pages, update information, expanding stubs, improve images and improve the overall wiki experience. Here we will run different projects to help the wiki stay update to date and organized.

About Departments

Departments are projects that consist of a group of users dedicated to gathering and assisting articles circled around a single concept or topic.

Please note that Department members do not - and should not - have to focus all their efforts into the single concept their team works it, nor can, for example, users that are not part of the Image Department never edit images or add them. The same applies for every department.

How to join

To join a department, simply bring it up on the comment section and your name will be added to the list of members. However, you cannot join as an anonymous member. In order to be part of a team, you must create an account. 

Keep in mind you may only join two departments at the same time.

To stay in a department, you must follow the wiki policies, make good intentioned, quality edits and not go inactive for long periods of time. Otherwise, you will be expelled.

Current Departments

  • Referencing Department: Dedicated to making sure all information on articles are accurate and that all information is properly referenced.
  • Grammar Department: Dedicated to making sure all articles have correct and proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Image Department: Dedicated to assuring all images on the site are of high quality, proper format, and have no English scanlated text on them.
  • Stub Department: Dedicated to adding information to small and inadequate articles and expanding them.

Department Navigation

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