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The My Hero Academia Wiki has certain users that can perform different tasks on the wiki to improve and protect the it. Administrators on the wiki are users that have additional tools to do this.


Content Moderator Abilities

  • They can delete and move protected pages.
  • They can delete and move files.
  • They can undelete pages and files.
  • They can rollback edits.
  • They can re-upload files.
  • They can protect and unprotect pages.
  • They can delete blogs and blog comments.
  • They can lock comments on blogs
  • They can rename blogs.

Discussions Moderator Abilities

  • They can delete posts, wall messages, and any additional replies they may have.
  • They can lock posts and wall messages.
  • They can view and organize reported posts.

Administrator Abilities

  • They have all the user rights as Content Moderators and Discussions Moderators.
  • They can ban/block users who are vandalizing the wiki from editing.
  • They can edit the wiki's Javascript and CSS.
  • They can grant and remove Discussions Moderator rights.

Bureaucrat Abilities

  • They have all the user rights as Administrators.
  • They can grant and remove Administrator and Content Moderator rights.
  • They can grant other people Bureaucrat rights, but they cannot revoke them. Only the promoted Bureaucrat themselves or a member of Fandom's staff team can do this.

"Do"s and "Don't"s

What should the Administration Team do?

  • Give warnings and ban vandalizers/griefers.
  • Keep order on the wiki and settle disputes on the wiki.
  • Clear spam and useless articles from wiki.
  • Update the wiki and keep it modernized.

What shouldn't the Administration Team do?

There is no clear-cut guideline for what those with additional rights should and shouldn't do, but, per what is common sense, if one is found to be abusing their powers and/or status, acting inappropriately (both on this wiki and on other wikis/affiliated sites), or going inactive without notice for an extended period of time, they will be demoted on the spot.

Rights holders should be aware of the status they hold, and should only ever use their additional permissions to clean up vandalism, organize, moderate and clear spam from the wiki. They are still expected to follow the same rules and policies as everyone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Admins and Moderators should there be?

There is currently no limit on the amount of administrators and moderators the wiki can have at a time, but the number is intentionally kept small (a loose guideline being under 10 rights holders in total) to ensure that only the users who continue to frequently contribute to and assist the wiki are the ones with additional powers.

How do I become an Administrator?

The wiki operates on a promotion by merit system: before you become an Administrator or a Bureaucrat, you will first have to become a Content Moderator and perform your duties well in order to be promoted further at a later date.

Becoming a Content Moderator

Most of the time, staff will scout new Content Moderators at their own group discretion when they see fit.

However, during busier periods, an application process may be carried out in order for the staff and the wiki's active editors to come to a consensus. Active users will be alerted when this happens and are free to apply if they fit the requirements.

Becoming a Discussions Moderator

Due to the large size of the Discussions community, Discussions Moderators are always promoted through applications unless they are already an existing rights holder for the editing side of the wiki.

Current Administration Team


User Status Gained Right Local Time
Damage3245 Active November 11, 2020 13:33, July 7, 2022
FirePsychic Active January 18, 2022 05:33, July 7, 2022
WitheredFreddy1993 Active January 18, 2022 05:33, July 7, 2022


User Status Gained Right Local Time
Arzene Active November 11, 2020 13:33, July 7, 2022
TheNinjaOnTheTop Active January 18, 2022 07:33, July 7, 2022

Content Moderators

User Status Gained Right Local Time
Megistos86 Active February 7, 2021 12:33, July 7, 2022
InversePrime Active January 18, 2022 09:33, July 7, 2022
Spawnermike Active January 18, 2022 05:33, July 7, 2022

Discussions Moderators

User Status Gained Right Local Time
KingExplosionMurderer12345 Active March 25, 2020 06:33, July 7, 2022
TheNinjaOnTheTop Active July 26, 2021 07:33, July 7, 2022


User Status Gained Right Local Time
Staw-Hat Luffy Inactive June 26, 2014 N/A

Former Administrators and Moderators

User Status Revoked Right
Linerie Inactive February 16, 2018
TearsDissolved Inactive February 16, 2018
Meshack Inactive February 20, 2018
DarkErigor Inactive April 20, 2018
Staw-Hat Luffy Inactive April 20, 2018
Ragingblaze592 Inactive November 9, 2018
TheHaloVeteran Inactive May 7, 2019
Besty17 Inactive January 6, 2020
TyLee Inactive February 9, 2020
Cjpena Inactive November 11, 2020
Roranoa Drake II Inactive November 18, 2020
Young Mako Inactive January 30, 2021
Malachichi Smash Inactive February 9, 2021
Panakes and Prattles Inactive July 23, 2021
GamerTimeUS Inactive January 12, 2022
KingCannon Inactive January 18, 2022

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