The My Hero Academia 2018 Original Soundtrack is a 2-disc album covering music from the first movie and third season of My Hero Academia. Like the previous two albums, music for this OST was composed and arranged by Yuki Hayashi.[1]

Song List

Disc One [2]

  1. New York
  2. The Villain
  3. Y.A.M. -Young All Might-
  4. From Japan
  5. Be a Hero
  6. The Pavilion
  7. One For All
  8. Bright and Cheerful
  9. Each Way
  10. Expo
  11. "Looks Like Fun" x 2
  12. Mineta & Kaminari
  13. The Villain Attack
  14. 1-A
  15. Secret
  16. Mind
  17. Lack Individuality
  18. Dress
  19. A Villain's Mind
  20. Hard Time
  21. My Hero Is Our Hero
  22. A Dead-End
  23. Search
  24. Seesaw Battle
  25. Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Mineta!
  26. Rebar Battle
  27. Lure
  28. Full Gauntlet -30%-
  29. Runaway Battle
  30. Ochaco
  31. Full Gauntlet -Smash-
  32. I'm Coming for You
  33. Isolation
  34. Back-Stab
  35. Battle of Deku
  36. Clutch
  37. I Am Here!
  38. Overwhelming Force
  39. Trinity
  40. The Force of All For One
  41. 2 Heroes
  42. Friends
  43. From Me to You

Disc Two [2]

  1. Wild, Wild Pussycats (ワイルド・ワイルド・プッシーキャッツ Wairudo Wairudo Pusshīkyattsu?)
  2. Loneliness (孤独 Kodoku?)
  3. Vanguard Action Squad -Darkness- (開闢行動隊 -闇- Aibyaku Kōdō Tai -Yami-?)
  4. Vanguard Action Squad -All-out Attack- (開闢行動隊 -総攻撃- Aibyaku Kōdō Tai -Sō Kōgeki-?)
  5. Combat License! (戦闘許可 Sentō Kyoka!?)
  6. All Might with U.A. Students
  7. All For One (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan?)
  8. The Power of All For One (オール・フォー・ワンの力 Ōru Fō Wan no Chikara?)
  9. One For All vs. All For One (ワン・フォー・オールVSオール・フォー・ワン Wan Fō Ōru Bāsasu Ōru Fō Wan?)
  10. Feeling of Parting (別れの予感 Wakare no Yokan?)
  11. Light of Hope (希望の光 Kibō no Hikari?)
  12. Heights Alliance (ハイツアライアンス Haitsu Araiansu?)
  13. U.A. High School Support Department (雄英高校サポート科 Yūei Kōkō Sapōto Ka?)
  14. Inasa Yoarashi (夜嵐イナサ Yoarashi Inasa?)
  15. Shiketsu and U.A. (士傑と雄英 Shiketsu to Yūei?)
  16. Momo Yaoyorozu (八百万百 Yaoyorozu Momo?)
  17. Yuga Aoyama (青山優雅 Aoyama Yūga?)
  18. Deku and All Might's Secret (デクとオールマイトの秘密 Deku to Ōru Maito no Himitsu?)
  19. Katsuki and Izuku (勝己と出久 Katsuki to Izuku?)
  20. Three Secrets (3人の秘密 San'nin no Himitsu?)
  21. Tartarus (タルタロス Tarutarosu?)
  22. Overhaul (オーバーホール Ōbāhōru?)
  23. Mirio (ミリオ Mirio?)
  24. The Theme of All Might on the Shakuhachi


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