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Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training (生き残れ! 決死のサバイバル訓練 Ikinokore! Kesshi no sabaibaru kunren?) is a special two-part original episode and the fourth OVA for the My Hero Academia series.


Part 1

In preparation for Class 1-A's Provisional Hero License Exam, Eraser Head decides to give the class a training exercise on disaster rescue, due to previous license exams having a disaster rescue test in most cases. The class is split into two teams of ten students. Team A consists of Izuku, Katsuki, Shoto, Tenya, Ochaco, Tsuyu, Denki, Eijiro, Fumikage, and Momo. Team B consists of Yuga, Mina, Mashirao, Toru, Koji, Rikido, Mezo, Kyoka, Minoru, and Hanta.

Team A is tasked with rescuing a training dummy from a six-floor shopping mall constructed in Ground Beta. Two hours prior, a fire broke out at the bottom floor, and all the other civilians barring the dummy were evacuated. The fire caused the building's power was knocked out, but the emergency power is still functional. The building's mobile relay station is also down, preventing the student's from contacting each other through their cell phones.

Team A decides to split up into smaller groups search each floor one-by-one for the training dummy. Katsuki goes off to search on his own, impatiently wanting to save the dummy before anybody else. Denki and Eijiro deciding to follow him. Momo decides to split the remaining members based on how everyone's Quirks complimented each other. The first group being Izuku, Ochaco, and Tsuyu, the second group being Shoto and Fumikage, leaving Momo and Tenya to make up the last one. While the group is planning, Recovery Girl and Eraser Head watch from a distance. During Team A's search efforts, the building starts to shake, causing the floor to crumble and the students to fall to the lower floors of the mall.

Izuku, Ochaco, and Tsuyu land on a hill of rubble on the third floor, with the opening they fell through being sealed up by more debris. Ochaco suggests that Izuku should break the rubble to form an escape path, but Tsuyu advises against it, noting that the building hasn't settled from the tremors. The team decides to move each piece of rubble individually using Ochaco's Zero Gravity. Momo calls out to the group from above, stating she's trapped and that Tenya was knocked out and injured after saving her from falling debris. Izuku instructs her to stay put and to create glue to hold the debris together and prevent it from falling on top of them.

Shoto and Fumikage managed to escape unscathed due to the former freezing the falling rubble above them. As most of the area is sealed off, Fumikage is unable to use Dark Shadow out of fear of it going berserk, and Shoto can't use his flames at the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Fumikage suggests to stay put and wait for the teachers to rescue them, but Shoto assumes the second disaster to be part of the exercise. Both decide to look for their other classmates to make sure they are uninjured.

On the sixth floor, Eijiro and Denki break through a pile of rubble, commenting on how Katsuki blasted most of the rubble into smaller pieces, and Eijiro shielding Denki by hardening himself. As Eijiro and Denki discuss an escape plan, Katsuki decides to look for the dummy. Denki points out that this is just training and that they should focus on finding away out. Katsuki retorts by saying if someone like All Might would save someone regardless if it was training or not, then he should be able to do it too. Agreeing with Katsuki, Eijiro decides to follow him, with Denki reluctantly trailing behind the two.

Izuku, Ochaco, and Tsuyu manage to reach Momo and Tenya and prioritize getting the injured student to safety. Momo notes that removing each piece of debris to get to the surface would take hours, Izuku decides that they should dig towards to the elevator hall, theorizing that it didn't collapse in the accident, allowing them a safe passageway to the first floor. Katsuki's group manages to reach the other end of the sixth floor, and heads to the room that controls the building's emergency power. Katsuki instructs Denki to charge the building's spare batteries.

In an attempt to move some debris, the ground caves beneath Shoto causing him to fall. Fumikage sends out Dark Shadow to grab him, but due to the lack of light, Dark Shadow goes out of control, risking further collapses of the building. Suddenly, the emergency lights come on, causing Dark Shadow to calm down, and signaling Katsuki's group's efforts to be successful. Izuku reaches the elevator shaft, and the groups continue on with their tasks.

As Izuku states that their real training is about to begin, a wall cracks open and water starts to pour into the mall.

Part 2

Izuku looks up the elevator shaft and notices that sunlight is pouring in from the top. Momo notes that the elevators only lead to the inside of the first floor, leading Tsuyu to theorize the surface has collapsed and created an opening for light to leak through. Izuku decides to stay and look for the rest of his classmates, while his team floats to the top using Zero Gravity. Before he leaves, Izuku asks Momo to create a rope ladder for him, as well as to alert the teachers of the current situation.

On the sixth floor, Eijiro finds the rescue dummy pinned underneath the debris. Bakugo wants to blow away the debris, but Denki objects out of fear that more debris will collapse onto them. The three decide to come up with a proper plan, not noticing a nearby crack in the wall that's leaking water.

The group carrying Tenya manages to pry open the elevator door and starts floating to the surface. Momo instructs Uraraka to bring Tenya to Recovery Girl, and for Tsuyu to report to Eraser Head. To the group's surprise, Eraser Head and Recovery Girl are standing below them, with the former asking them if they're the only people that escaped.

Katsuki's group manages to rescue the dummy by having Katsuki and Denki blast away the debris using light attacks, and Eijiro grabbing the dummy just before more debris crashes down on it. Katsuki releases stronger explosions to protect the group, at a cost of making the building more unstable. As a result, water quickly starts rushing in on the sixth and fifth floors.

With the group managing the training dummy starting to succumb to the rising water, Fumikage breaks a hole in the ceiling using Dark Shadow and Shoto creates a formation made of ice for the group to climb on to. Shoto decides to stay behind and stall the water by freezing it, while the other work their way to the surface. Bakugo decides to stay behind, so he doesn't have to owe Shoto for saving him. At the surface, while Tenya is being tended to by Recovery Girl, the escape group asks Eraser Head if the tremors were planned. The teacher says it was an accident within its expectations and states that if the group can't work through something like this, they are unlikely to pass their exam. As Momo, Tsuyu, and Ochaco rush back to help the rest of their team, Recovery Girl asks Aizawa if he's going overboard. The man states he's made arrangements in the case of a dire emergency.

Izuku notes that the temperature dropped due to Shoto's ice, and soon meets up with Eijiro's group. Eijiro informs Izuku of Shoto and his plan, and Izuku directs the group to the elevator with the rope ladder. As Izuku heads to the lower floors, he expresses concern about Shoto's plan. While Shoto freezing the water will stall it, the ice would only reach the top layer, causing the water pressure to build up underneath, and forcing the water to burst through the walls. Katsuki, telling Shoto the same problem, devises a plan that allows all three students to escape.

Katsuki plans to blow a hole into the ice, creating a water geyser that can be ridden to the top. At the same time, Shoto will create an ice platform for the group to the stand on, while Katsuki blasted holes in the wall to tunnel their way through the floors of the mall. Shoto questions Katuski's accuracy in creating a large enough hole to form a geyser. Izuku, thinking of the same plan, decides to break the hole open himself using his Shoot Style. When Izuku meets up with the other two students, they put their plan into motion. At the same time, the rest of the students make it to the surface with the training dummy. Tenya wakes up shortly after and decides to form a rescue team with the remainder of his teammates to find Izuku, Shoto, and Katsuki. The newly-formed team decides to head to the second floor.

The remaining three students managed to get to the third floor. Due to the impact of getting the ice platform lodged in the ground, Katsuki's leg was crushed by debris. Despite this, the three manage to meet up with the second rescue group, and Ochaco uses her Quirk to float them to the surface, completing the training exercise. Eraser Head proudly looks at Team A, planning to build more challenges for them to overcome in preparation for their license exam.




  • The OVA chronologically takes place between the Hideout Raid Arc and the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc.
  • The OVA is based on a drama skit performed by the Japanese voice cast at MHA Hero Fes 2018.[1]
  • This is the first OVA to be officially released outside of Japan, as well as the first to be dubbed into English.

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