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My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission (僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE ワールドヒーローズミッション Boku no Hīrō Akademia Za Mūbī Wārudo Hīrōzu Misshon?) is a 2021 animated film and the third movie in the My Hero Academia series.

The movie was officially announced on March 27, 2021 and premiered on August 6th, 2021 in Japan. It was released in North America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, on October 29, 2021.


When a terrorist organization threatens to wipe out the superhuman society, the fate of the world hangs in the balance of the future heroes. Within hours until the collapse of civilization, Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki must work as a team, but there is one problem: Deku's on the run for murder.[2]



Flect Turn sets in motion his plan to save humanity.

In the main sanctuary of the Humarise sect, the leader Flect Turn gives a speech to all his followers gathered there about how ever since the appearance of Quirks, they will eventually become so powerful they will lead to the extinction of humanity, as the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory assures. To ensure the salvation of the pure humans, those who are Quirkless, Flect says Humarise must take action, even if that means the deaths of millions of people. While this sermon is taking place, deep in a secret underground cavern facility, a lone defector, Alan Kay, flees from the terrorist organization.

Flect Turn demonstrates their resolve by detonating one of the Trigger Bombs in a major city, releasing a large amount of green gas that quickly covers the entire city, while the terrified citizens try to escape. Such gas is made from a chemically enhanced substance known as Ideo Trigger, which causes the Quirks of anyone who breathes and inhales it to go berserk and lose control of their super-empowered Quirks that are highly toxic to the users themselves and destructive due to the enhancing properties of the chemicals.

The city is destroyed by the uncontrolled Quirks.

Both civilians and heroes are unable to control their chemically-enhanced powers, being consumed by their overpowered Quirks and causing great destruction throughout the city, increasing the death toll. The only ones who survive this tragedy are a few Quirkless individuals, completely shocked by the death and devastation they had just witnessed. The Humarise agents approach these terrified survivors to congratulate them for being granted by salvation.

Sometime after the devastation, Humarise broadcast to the world as the ones responsible for the bombing.

Act 1: Heroes Assembled

Heroes from all over the world get ready for the mission.

In response to the act of terrorism, the All-Star World Heroes Association mobilizes the largest anti-terror joint task force made up of the top Heroes all over the globe, with All Might as the advisor. While each team of heroes goes to their designated targets, the director of the association explains the situation as well as the main goals of the operation. Their mission is to simultaneously raid the twenty-five known branches of Humarise in the world, aprehend all its members including the leaders, and seize the Trigger Bombs. Since the nature of the entire operation is strictly off-books clandestine, they must refrain from asking for help from local law enforcement.

Various members from Class 1-A and Class 1-B from the U.A. Heroes Course were recruited to boost the number of the Heroes being deployed both at home and overseas. The Lurkers recruited their trainees Minoru Mineta, Hanta Sero, Denki Kaminari, and Ibara Shiozaki to join Salaam in raiding the Humarise branch in Cairo, Egypt. Ochaco Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, and Nejire Hado were selected by Ryukyu to raid the Humarise base in Paris, France. Gang Orca assembled a joint operation with Present Mic and Cementoss in Tokyo, Japan to raid a Humarise forward operating base with the trainees, Kyoka Jiro and Mezo Shoji. Fat Gum and his trainees, Eijiro Kirishima, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, and Tamaki Amajiki will assist with the Japanese operations. Momo Yaoyorozu and Setsuna Tokage were chosen by Majestic to assist Singapore's top hero, Big Red Dot. Hawks and Fumikage Tokoyami are sent to New York City, United States with Shishido and his trainees, Mashirao Ojiro, Rikido Sato, Nirengeki Shoda, and Jurota Shishida to apprehend the American branch.

Humarise members can't stand up against the Heroes.

The Heroes of the Endeavor Agency, including Work-Study trainees Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki, join a secret covert black-ops mission to the capital city of Otheon, where the main headquarters is presumably located and apprehend the leader, Flect Turn. Once the operation begins, the heroes attack Humarises' forward operating bases in Otheon, as the heroes led by Endeavor raid the headquarters via HALO jump.

Endeavor himself leads the first team with Clair Voyance to locate the bombs, while a second team, in which the trainees are in, is charged with apprehending the members and their leader. Clair uses her Voyance Quirk in order to find the bombs, but she informs Endeavor that there are none in the building. The secondary team are also unsuccessful in locating Flect Turn. They quickly search the entire building but fail to find any of their targets.

Hawks reports his suspicions about the absence of the main targets.

The other Hero Teams from around the world have also successfully raided the other branches but, much like Otheon's, none were able to discover any trace of the Trigger Bombs. Hawks informs the association's director that none of the captured cultists they interrogated know anything about the whereabouts of the devices, so he assumes that only members of Flect Turn's inner circle know of their existence. All Might suggest there may be another Humarise facility that they don't know about, so the director orders all the hero teams to be on standby and requests for more help.

While all this is happening, Alan Kay is still on the run, carrying a wrapped package with him, obsessed with delivering it to prevent the destruction of the world.

Katsuki annoyed at being treated like an errand boy.

Sometime later, in Otheon capital city's shantytown, a street urchin named Rody Soul says goodbye to his younger siblings, Roro and Lala, to go to work, accompanied by his little bird companion, Pino. He goes to a local bar where he asks the owner, Stanleyk, if he's got a job for him, and after giving him a small bribe, Stanleyk replies that he has to be a courier man for a robbery of uncut, untraceable jewelry, and do it for the asking fee. Pino protests this, but Rody accepts the job.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto walk down the streets carrying grocery bags. As the lowest ranking members of the Otheon Hero team, they are making some errands for the heroes, much to Katsuki's annoyance and frustration. As they walk back to the hotel where the heroes are residing for the duration of the mission, they discuss about Humarise and their fanatical paranoia about the Quirk Singularity Theory.

Shoto prevents the escape of one of the jewel thieves.

Suddenly, a jewel robbery is being commenced nearby. Izuku, Shoto, and Katsuki spot the robbery and respond quickly. The two villains see them and decide to split up, with Katsuki chasing one of the robbers while Shoto and Izuku chase the other, who is the one carrying the briefcase with the stolen jewelry. Due to this villain attacking bystanders during the escape, Izuku stays behind helping the civilians while Shoto continues the chase.

Katsuki defeats and captures the criminal he is chasing, while Shoto chases the other down an alley. Rody is there to receive the briefcase and take it to the agreed place, as the villain quickly passes it on to him before continuing to flee, only to be immediately captured when Shoto sets a trap for him. Shoto finds out the defeated villain no longer has the briefcase and tells Izuku about it when he arrives.

Rody easily evades Izuku's Blackwhip.

Izuku then spots Rody running away with the briefcase and makes a break into a chase after him across the city, through the streets and on the rooftops. Izuku even tries to apprehend him with his Blackwhip, but Rody, who is exceptionally skilled in thievery and parkour, the knowledge of the city streets, and also the timely help of Pino, easily evades all of his attempts to capture him. Izuku eventually loses track of Rody.

While all this is happening, on the highway, Alan Kay is driving a car, with a briefcase in his possession planning to alert the authorities, but he is ambushed by a Humarise agent, Beros, who uses her Longbow Quirk to shoot armor-piercing arrows, leading to a car crash on a bridge just as Rody was passing under it. The young thief is nearly crushed by falling debris and loses his briefcase during the scruffle.

Izuku and Rody discover there are no jewels in the briefcase.

Izuku, who is still looking for Rody not far from there, sees the accident, though Shoto tells him to keep chasing after him while he deals with the car crash. After verifying that he is alright, Rody grabs the briefcase supposedly meant to contain the jewelry, and runs towards the subway station when he sees Izuku again, who goes after him. They are spotted by Beros, who picks up Alan's alleged briefcase.

Rody rushes into a train just as it is leaving, and thinks that he has finally managed to give Izuku the slip, but he ends totally surprised when he sees the young hero reach the train after catching up to it on foot. At the next subway stop, Izuku questions Rody about why he was running, and orders him to show what's inside the briefcase. Rody doesn't want to do it, arguing that he is a foreign hero who has no jurisdiction in Otheon, which triggers a fight over the briefcase before the two, dropping it where they realize it only contains documents, books, and notepads, confusing the two, especially Rody.

An unusually large number of police officers arrive to capture Rody.

Back on the bridge, Shoto is able to spot the crash and freeze the car to prevent it from exploding. There, he notices the large holes on the car. Nearby, unknown to the police, Beros checks the briefcase, only to find it containing the untraceable, uncut diamonds. She informs her leader, Flect Turn, about the situation, and he orders her to continue tracking Alan's case while he also takes some measures to get it back.

At the subway stop, Izuku exaggeratedly apologizes to Rody for taking him for a thief, to which Rody tries to brush off, though inwardly he is completely freaked out that he doesn't have the briefcase with the stolen jewelry. He then realizes that he must have mixed it up with another case during the earlier accident.

Beros attacks Izuku and Rody with her arrows.

Barely hiding his anxiety, Rody leaves the place, taking the wrong briefcase with him. Seeing his nervousness, Izuku follows him to make sure everything is alright, but shortly after leaving the subway, the Otheon police arrive. All the officers point their guns at the frightened Rody and order him to surrender. Izuku tries to defuse the situation, but suddenly Rody runs away clutching the briefcase strongly. The police respond with a shoot-to-kill order and begin to fire at Izuku and Rody.

Izuku grabs Rody and escapes with him by swinging throughout the city with Blackwhip, avoiding the police, and landing on the roof of a train. Rody is totally stunned by the experience, while Izuku wonders why the police attacked them. When the train passes through a bridge, they are suddenly attacked by Beros with her arrows from the other shore.

Endeavor reprimands Shoto and Katsuki for their actions.

Izuku swings across the bridge dodging the projectiles, but the dangerous experience is too much for Rody, who passes out from the shock. When the police reappear to chase them, Izuku is forced to escape into the ocean to avoid civilians getting hit in the crossfire. Unable to continue attacking them, Beros leaves the place to inform her boss of what has happened.

Back at the hotel where the Otheon team is staying, Endeavor reprimands both Shoto and Katsuki for disobeying direct orders to standby and for stopping a petty thievery instead, and demands to know where Izuku is. Shoto claims that Izuku was chasing after the third person suspected of helping the jewelry villains, but he hasn't called back or answered his phone. Right on cue, Izuku gets in contact with Shoto, explaining the situation with him being shot of by the police and a villain.

Izuku and Rody manage to elude the police.

As Izuku continues on to explain his encounter, Shoto and the rest of the team are notified by Clair showing them to the television screen where the Otheon international news agency announces that Izuku is publicly accused of a mass murder of twelve people, notifying the entire nation that he is considered to be extremely armed and dangerous, resulting in putting him on the most wanted list. The entire team are shocked of Izuku's accusation as Shoto tells him to stay off the grid, and remove the GPS chip on his phone once he is done talking.

Act 2: On the Run

Rody mad at being declared a criminal.

The news of Izuku's accusation spreads to the entire world, including All Might and the members of Class 1-A who are all shocked by the supposed evidence. Class 1-A voice their opinions of Izuku's innocence in protest over the false claims by the Otheon government.

In Otheon, Izuku and Rody are now wanted fugitives by the authorities. Rody is completely mad because he has been declared Izuku's accomplice, and demands him to explain how his life went south like this. He cannot give him a clear answer, much to Rody's discouragement. Izuku figures out that the reason for the police to be shooting at them was because of the briefcase that Rody stole, but after checking it, nothing that seems important is found.

Izuku and Rody try to go unnoticed.

Rody suggests to hand the briefcase over to the police to clear their names, but Izuku advises against it because those who want it would kill them anyway. Rody then suggests other options to get rid of the briefcase, but Izuku dismisses all of them as it wouldn't change their situation. In short, Izuku and Rody decide to make their way over to another place where the Otheon police won't have jurisdiction. They change out their clothes and disguise themselves as native tourists to avoid being spotted by anyone and the police. The two begin their journey by climbing onto the roof of a bus.

At the Otheon Police HQ, Endeavor complains to the Otheon Chief of Police to demand for the charges against Izuku to be dropped, but the chief of police refuses, filing the evidence that are against Izuku to be under Otheon's jurisdiction much to Endeavor's frustration. However, unknown to Endeavor, the chief of police is revealed to be a member of Humarise and was able to file false claims of Izuku's accusation of being a mass murderer in order for Humarise to retrieve the briefcase and eliminate them.

Clair tells Shoto about the investigation.

Meanwhile, at the Otheon team hotel, Shoto is informed by Clair Voyance that she had a detective friend look into the car that had the holes, and it was revealed to be caused by a Quirk, and the driver, Alan Kay, is a defective member of Humarise who has survived the crash, but was left in a comatose state. Furthermore, she also informs Shoto that the briefcase that contains the uncut, untraceable jewelry were left near at the scene of the crime. Shoto later receives a coded message from Izuku, which he figures out as revealing his intended new destination to Klayd.

After more or less deducing what is going on, Shoto decides to travel to Klayd as well, with Clair telling him that she will report Endeavor of everything. As he leaves the room, he takes Katsuki with him. They notice that the police are also trailing them, so they manage to evade them as well.

Katsuki and Shoto head to the border.

While heading to the rendezvous point, Izuku hopes that his teammates have managed to figure out his message, while Rody can't stop looking at a photo of his younger siblings, worried about them. During a stop, Rody takes the opportunity to phone Stanleyk and ask him to come to his house to give a message to his siblings, but the barman is furious that the jewelry delivery has not been carried out, so he refuses to do the favor, much to Rody's frustration.

Meanwhile, on a train bound for the Otheon-Klayd border, Katsuki and Shoto recap Izuku's experience and how he ended up possessing a briefcase that they believe is related to Humarise. Likewise, since the police are after him and Rody for the briefcase, they deduce that Humarise have already infiltrated some of the police units in Otheon, which explains their heavy mobilization, the false claims, and Izuku making a run to Klayd, so they decide to take precautions.

Rody remembering a happy moment with his father.

After several hours traveling, Izuku and Rody take a break inside of an old farmhouse to get some rest for the night before they can move again. Rody becomes distressed over leaving his siblings alone, remembering the unbearable childhood of his past. He remembers when he and his siblings lived with their father, Eddie Soul, a famous engineer who felt great affection for his children who were reciprocated. One day, his father gave him a puzzle box to solve, and when he did, inside there was a locket necklace, a gift for taking care of his siblings.

However, after some time, Eddie for some reason abandoned them to join the anti-Quirk cult of Humarise, resulting in him and his siblings being kicked out of every house and losing their friends, being able to live only in the shantytown. The hate that he felt towards his father that day made Rody break the necklace he gave him.

Rody tries to quietly carry the briefcase away.

Rody can't bear the idea of his siblings suffering even more for not being with them for those moments, so overnight, while Izuku sleeps, he takes the briefcase. Pino vigorously shows her distaste for his action, but Rody chooses to ignore his bird companion's protests and goes off to secretly report to the police. Pino manages to wake up Izuku and take him to where Rody is.

Outside, Rody spots a search helicopter arriving, thinking it's the police, and hands the briefcase over to them. However, the man, who turns out to be a Humarise agent, Rogone, transforms, preparing to kill him for supposedly knowing the briefcase's secrets, despite Rody's insistence of just wanting to go back to his siblings. Just then, Izuku arrives to save Rody, deflecting Rogone's attacks and knocking him back into the helicopter.

Izuku is wounded protecting Rody from Beros.

However, it turns out he was accompanied by Beros, who prepares to shoot an arrow at Rody, until Izuku jumps in the way to save him. Despite his injury, Izuku fights back, managing enough of a distraction for him and Rody to escape with the briefcase, much to Beros' frustration.

Once safe, Izuku's wound is treated, although fortunately it is not very serious since his phone reduced the arrow's strength, although it ended up destroyed, leaving him and Rody without any communications to contact the Otheon team. Rody apologizes for his actions while helping stitch him up, and Izuku forgives him, and after Rody asks why he saved him, Izuku announces his intentions to become a hero like All Might, someone Rody has respect for, even despite having mixed feelings for heroes overall, due to many not residing or choosing to help in Otheon's shantytown. Finally, they both decide to formally introduce themselves to each other.

Izuku and Rody head to Klayd with all the means at their disposal.

The next morning, Rody gets ahold of a nearby van and as they travel, the two get closer to each other, with Rody explaining how he and his siblings were abandoned by everyone after his father suddenly left to join Humarise, stating that they are the most important things in life for him now. The trip continues for several days with little incidents, and one night, Izuku asks Rody what his Quirk is. He refuses to tell him out of embarrassment, but after making Izuku promise that he won't laugh, he tells him.

After days of traveling, Izuku and Rody finally reached to the Otheon-Klayd border in the canyon, only to find out that the only way to get across is heavily guarded by the police, forcing them to climb up on the canyon to escape. Rody offers the briefcase to get Izuku out of the country safely and easier, but then they are found by another Humarise helicopter and are once again attacked by Beros and another Humarise agent, Sidero.

Katsuki fights against Beros through the air.

She shoots arrows at Izuku and Rody, but Izuku is able to evade quickly despite his wound. Sidero uses his Quirk to detach Iron Balls from his knuckles and gives them to Beros, increasing in size and mass when fired, making things difficult for the two boys. Izuku latches onto the helicopter with his Blackwhip and nearly crashes it by attacking it with a Delaware Smash Air Force. During the scuffle, Rody loses the briefcase and when he goes to pick it up, he is attacked by Sidero causing him and the briefcase to almost fall off a cliff.

Humarise's agent prepares to finish him off, but luckily he is rescued by Shoto, freezing Sidero as well, while Katsuki chases after Beros. Sidero surrenders and promises to tell them all about Humarise, but Beros shoots arrows at him to prevent him from talking, before continuing her confrontation with Katsuki until she runs out of arrows. Finding herself cornered, Beros chooses to jump out of the helicopter into the chasm, right before it crashes.

The boys find in the puzzle the key to defeat Humarise.

In the aftermath, when Izuku asks Shoto how they found them, he explains that they were at the border when they saw the fight. Rody thanks them for saving his life and Katsuki explains that the briefcase belongs to Humarise, something that Izuku and Rody were still unaware of. Then, Izuku discovers during the fight, a hidden compartment in the briefcase was revealed, containing a puzzle box. Rody sees that it is exactly the same as the one his father had years ago, so he offers to solve it, and after doing so, the four discover that inside there is a microSD and some kind of device. The four head to the nearest town in Klayd to investigate it.

Act 3: The Race Against Time

Humarise publicly broadcasts that they will detonate several Trigger Bombs in less than two hours.

Flect Turn is informed of Rody's escape with the briefcase into Klayd's borders. However, he is not worried about it, considering that they are too far away to stop him, and begins the final phase of his plan to save humanity. Humarise publicly broadcasts to the world that they will detonate their bombs in two hours at over twenty-five different cities around the world. Even so, Flect Turn decides to give his opponents a chance to stop the detonations, indicating in which cities the Trigger Bombs are located.

As expected, this causes a massive widespread hysteria and panic throughout all the cities, and even in areas outside the danger zone. The All-Star World Heroes Association gives the Heroes the green light to scramble in defense to the major cities that are being targeted by Humarise in attempt to quill the society and locate the bombs.

The boys listening to Alan Kay's recording.

Meanwhile, at a hotel in Klayd, Izuku and his companions investigate the MicroSD, finding an audio file from Alan Kay. He introduces himself as a scientist forced to work for Humarise to create the Trigger Bombs. There, he explains Flect Turn's true goal: to use the first terrorist bombing as a decoy to lure as many of the top Heroes around the world to the designated targets acting as their forward operating bases where he can detonate the bombs worldwide, killing the majority of the Heroes, and then proceed to exterminate the rest of the people with Quirks once civilization is destroyed from within by the chaotic anarchy and societal collapse.

Alan reveals that that the strange device is actually a key to shut down the bombs for good. It was created by Eddie Soul, a fellow scientist who, like him, was also kidnapped and forced to work in exchange for the lives of his children. He was executed shortly after his treachery was discovered by Humarise. Although he doesn't show it, this revelation has a profound effect on Rody, realizing that his father had never stopped caring for him and his siblings.

Rody takes a plane to go to Humarise's main base.

Drawn by a scream, the four see the news talking about the threat of Humarise's Trigger Bombs. Rody realizes that his siblings are within the blast radius of the bomb. They also know that the Otheon team is being deployed to the Otheon capital to locate the bombs, leaving them without support. With no backup and running out of time, the four of them decide to take the disarming device to disable the bombs themselves. Decoding through the data, Katsuki is able to figure out the exact location of Humarise's true home base, and with Rody flying them there on a plane, they head out to shut down the bombs.

During the flight, they take the opportunity to inform the World Heroes Association of everything they had discovered and their intentions to stop it. At the Otheon Team, Burnin suggests going to assist Shoto, but Endeavor tells her they don't have time and have to stay behind to deal with the bomb, putting their trust in his trainees. Eventually, the Hero teams around the world manage to track down the Bombs, however are then attacked by Humarise sleeper agents defending the bombs that they must all fight against.

Izuku strikes back at the base's defenders.

Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto gear up and arrive at their destination with less than 30 minutes left before detonation. Because of the danger, they ask Rody to return before they launch a direct assault at the Humarise base, heavily guarded by armed terrorists and Quirk users. They oppose a strong resistance, but the three future heroes are able to defeat them all little by little. Izuku and Shoto manage to enter the base, while Katsuki stays behind to take down the last of the cultists. Rody, meanwhile, ignores the students' warnings and carelessly lands in a nearby forest. He also wants to help, but is quickly captured by Humarise's soldiers.

After Katsuki takes down the last members, he deals with a group of killer twins known as the Serpenters, who when questioned by Katsuki why they're with Humarise when they're Quirk users, they simply state it is because they will be sparred in the upcoming Quirk cull. He fights against them using combined moves such as AP Shot: Auto-Cannon, Explosive Speed, and AP Shot, only to be completely outclassed by their incredible speed and agility, constantly getting sliced and stabbed by their Sword Kill Quirk, which can cut through even the biggest of his explosions. Knowing that he cannot outmatch them altogether, Katsuki decides to outsmart them by planting some of his grenades in a column to collapse it onto them.

Katsuki makes the Serpenters Twins bite the dust.

Unfortunately, the Serpenters use Trigger to break out of the rubble, gaining more speed, agility, and blades. They start to slice and dice Katsuki mercilessly while dodging his Explosions. Katsuki starts to struggle against the Serpenters but keeps on pushing until he manages to trick them by grabbing both of their blades and then slamming them against the cavern wall to immobilize their movement. Now that the Serpenters are trapped, Katsuki fires both his Grenadier Bracers to blast them and then goes all out to defeat the Serpenters with his Super Move: Howitzer Impact before he collapses from the blood loss.

Meanwhile, Izuku and Shoto have successfully broken through Humarise's defenses, and Shoto stays behind to hold off the incoming reinforcements. Once Shoto defeats them, he comes to face against a giant behemoth Quirk user known as Leviathan. He uses his Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk to stop him, but the villain is impervious to any of his attacks because his Quirk, Helical Scythe. Leviathan overpowers Shoto and smashes him into the underground river where he uses his Quirk to control the flow of the water in attempt to drown Shoto, leaving him no room to escape.

Shoto defeats Leviathan.

Fortunately for Shoto, he notices that the underground river leads him to the waterfall outside, giving him the opportunity to escape Leviathan's grasp and freeze the waterfall , trapping the villain before strikes him with Flashfreeze Heatwave. Despite such powerful attack, Leviathan breaks free by controlling the flow of fire too, burning Shoto under the extreme heat of fire. While being trapped by Leviathan, Shoto concentrates his left side and uses the flow of the fire to defeat Leviathan using his Super Move: Jet Kindling before he and the villain fall down the waterfall.

Now as the lone hero left inside the Humarise base, Izuku reaches the main hub and encounters Flect Turn himself. Izuku reasons that the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory it's just a mere unproven belief, and accuses his actions based on his fear and paranoia. Flect Turn answers that Quirks will evolve to the point where they become destructive and incapable of control, creating a mass extinction level event that will bring the end of humanity.

Izuku vainly attacks Flect Turn.

Realizing that he can't do anything to change his mind, Izuku retaliates by attacking Flect Turn with St. Louis Smash, but he discovers that Flect Turn's Quirk, Reflect, forces him to reflect anyone and anything that comes in contact with him with the same power level as the one reflected against. Flect Turn reasons that the Quirk he has resulted in everyone abandoning him, leading to him believing Quirks are a disease. Izuku attacks Flect Turn with Delaware Smash Air Force, but it's reflected back to him again, and every one of his punches and kicks are thrown right back at him, which followed by an onslaught of laser attacks that shot him multiple times, severely wound him.

While he is lying on the ground bleeding profusely, Flect Turn shows several screens to Izuku where he sees the heroes, among whom are his classmates, doing their best to defeat Humarise, as well as a countdown that shows there are only five minutes left before the detonation. Izuku tries to get up to continue fighting, but his injuries are too serious, so he is about to fall to the ground again. Rody suddenly appears and holds him up, which surprises Izuku.

Rody tricks Flect Turn into letting his guard down.

Rody ensures that everything is fine and takes away the deactivation key from him, seemingly preparing to betray Izuku, having already made a deal with Humarise not to detonate the Otheon bomb in exchange for saving his siblings. Izuku tries to convince him they can still win, but Rody says it's fruitless and just wants to make sure his family is safe. Flect Turn proceeds to compare Rody to his father, both seeing the "bigger picture" to help their cause in order to protect their family.

Rody is about to give the disarming key to Flect Turn, however, Izuku sees Pino peeking out from behind his sweater. He then recalls the conversation they had a few days ago, in which Rody revealed that Pino is actually his Quirk, Soul, an extension of himself that shows his true intentions, and that even though he considers the Quirk embarrassing, Izuku says it is a great Quirk. Realizing it is a feint, on Pino's command, Rody flicks the deactivation key into the air, catching Flect Turn off guard, allowing Izuku to attack him, as Rody runs to the control room to defuse the bombs.

Izuku willing to fight until his last breath.

Enraged for being fooled, Flect Turn reactivates the room's laser defenses to shoot at both of them. Rody manages to dodge some of the shots but in the end, he is fatally wounded by one of the lasers. Still, he continues to make his way to deactivate the bombs while Izuku keeps Flect Turn at bay. He increases the power of One For All and attacks Flect Turn with volumes of kicks and punches to keep him at bay. Rody manages to get to the computer, but ends up passing out from blood loss before inserting the key.

Flect Turn mocks him for failing just like his father, which is replied by attacks from a raging Izuku, but this time, to the villain's surprise, he begins to budge with each blow, realizing a fact he thought was impossible: his Quirk actually has limits. This is pointed out by Izuku, who rubs salt into the wound by telling him that the only reason his life was full of sadness is because he gave up instead of believing in his own Quirk. Unable to accept he was wrong all this time, Flect Turn resorts to continue fighting him.

Izuku defeats Flect Turn.

Now both Izuku and Flect Turn are evenly matched, until Izuku eventually realizes that Flect Turn's reflecting Quirk cannot sustain too much damage, and every time it reflects an attack, Flect Turn loses stamina and the Reflect gets weaker. Pushing through with another barrage of kick attacks and powerful punches, Flect Turn starts to fall back even further.

Inspired by everyone else all around the world still fighting their hardest even when things seem at its bleakest, Izuku vows to defeat Flect Turn and pushes himself beyond his limitation by activating One For All: Full Cowl - 100%, overloading the Reflect Quirk with a bombardment of super-fast punches that causes the Quirk to be stretched further beyond its limits until the Quirk releases its pent-up energy. Izuku finally knocks the villain out for good using the built-up energy to power his Super Move: United States of World Smash.

Izuku and Rody celebrate having saved the world.

After defeating the villain, Izuku runs downstairs to help Rody. He arrives at the control room to find that Rody is still alive, and that Pino had managed to insert the key in time, defusing all the bombs and saving the world. In the World Hero Association and in all the cities where the bombs were found, the heroes celebrate that the tragedy has been stopped. A semi-conscious Rody asks him if he has managed to protect his family, and Izuku replies he did, saying he is amazing. Rody then says that make him looks real cool, and both laughs.


Endeavor's trainees recovering in hospital.

With the terrorist plot foiled and imminent destruction averted, it was a decisive victory for the heroes worldwide. All the surviving Humarise members have been arrested, including the police officers, the bombs are safely removed, and the injured Heroes are treated with medical care. Recovery Girl arrives to heal heal Izuku, Katsuki, Shoto, and Rody, who reunites with his younger siblings.

After recovering from his injuries, the members of the Endeavor Agency prepare to head back to Japan. When they are about to board the plane, Rody appears at the airport to say goodbye to Izuku. Although he pretends that he is glad to be rid of Izuku, Pino's reactions show that he will miss him. Izuku and Rody bid a tearful goodbye to each other.

Rody bids farewell to Izuku.

After the end of the mission, the students who participated reunite back with all their classmates at U.A., who welcome them, congratulate them for their success, and are happy to see that they all are all right.

Meanwhile, Rody decides to stop being a crook and gets a real job to help his siblings. He goes to Stanleyk's to ask if he has any respectable work for him, which he tells him that one of his employees quit and needs someone to replace him, something that Rody accepts without hesitation. Rody starts working as a bartender and continues to care for his siblings, as well as looking to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot.

Manga Adaptation

Volume World Heroes is a special tie-in volume that was released alongside the premiere to audiences in Japan and America. Just as was the case with the previous two movies, this includes concept sketches, interviews, and a new chapter, all by Kohei Horikoshi. The chapter, Hawks: Soothe, acts as a prequel directly before the events of the film, and was later adapted as an OVA included in the Blu-Ray release. This is the first time a special tie-in volume was released outside of Japan.

A bonus chapter was also released in Weekly Shonen Jump to coincide with the movie, written by Yoco Akiyama, who created similar spotlight chapters for the previous two films. Titled "Endeavor's Mission", the chapter acts as a prequel as well, with the trainees being tested by Endeavor to join in on the mission.



The movie's theme song is titled "Empathy", performed by Japanese alternative Rock band ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION. In addition, they also performed an insert song called "Flowers".


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Izuku Midoriya Daiki Yamashita Justin Briner
Katsuki Bakugo Nobuhiko Okamoto Clifford Chapin
Shoto Todoroki Yuki Kaji David Matranga
All Might Kenta Miyake Christopher R. Sabat
Endeavor Tetsu Inada Patrick Seitz
Hawks Yuichi Nakamura Zeno Robinson
Ochaco Uraraka Ayane Sakura Luci Christian
Momo Yaoyorozu Marina Inoue Colleen Clinkenbeard
Minoru Mineta Ryo Hirohashi Brina Palencia
Tsuyu Asui Aoi Yūki Monica Rial
Kyoka Jiro Kei Shindō Trina Nishimura
Eijiro Kirishima Toshiki Masuda Justin Cook
Denki Kaminari Tasuku Hatanaka Kyle Phillips
Fumikage Tokoyami Yoshimasa Hosoya Josh Grelle
Mezo Shoji Masakazu Nishida Ian Sinclair
Hanta Sero Kiyotaka Furushima Christopher Bevins
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Koji Okino David Wald
Tamaki Amajiki Yuto Uemura Aaron Dismuke
Nejire Hado Kiyono Yasuno Lindsay Seidel
Present Mic Hiroyuki Yoshino David Trosko
Clair Voyance Yoko Honna Sarah Roach
Mt. Lady Kaori Nazuka Jamie Marchi
Ryukyu Kaori Yagi Katelyn Barr
Kamui Woods Masamichi Kitada Aaron Roberts
Fat Gum Kazuyuki Okitsu Kyle Hebert
Cementoss Kenta Ōkuma Chris Rager
Gang Orca Shuhei Matsuda Tyler Walker
Burnin Misato Kawauchi Lisa Ortiz
Salaam Takumu Miyazano Frank Todaro
WHA Director Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi Jeremy Schwartz
Alan Kay Hirofumi Nojima Brent Mukai
Beros Mariya Ise Michelle Rojas
Serpenters Junya Enoki Mike Haimoto
Sidero Yuichiro Umehara D.C. Douglas
Leviathan Shogo Sakata Marcus D. Stimae
Rogone Yuki Hayashi Jason Douglas
Roro Soul Naomi Ohzora Michelle Rojas
Lala Soul Hina Natsume Emi Lo
Young Rody Asisa Sekine Cristina Vee
Eddie Soul Toshitsugu Takashhina Ivan Jasso
Pino Megumi Hayashibara Cristina Vee
Flect Turn Kazuya Nakai Robbie Daymond
Rody Soul Ryo Yoshizawa Ryan Colt Levy

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