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My Hero Academia: Smash Rising was a 3D action RPG mobile game developed and published by Bandai Namco. It was the successor to 2017's My Hero Academia: Smash Tap.



Unlike its predecessor, Smash Rising's gameplay is an action RPG. Using a team of up to three characters, players will engage in combat with an opposing team also composed of up to three characters. The opposing team must be defeated in order to win or further progress if a mission has multiple rounds (up to 3).

Also deviating from its predecessor, the combat between the characters is completely automatic, and the characters' behavior in regards to how they attack and evade normally is uncontrollable by the player. With the use of fixed commands or skill cards, players are able to modify the offense and defense of their characters, allowing them to progress.

Character Units

Each playable character is represented by a unit. All units have a base set of stats that can be manipulated by placing cards on to it. The default stats of each unit can be raised by increasing its ranking through the use of badges.

Their AI behavior in-game can be affected using these preset commands:

  • Normal: Units focus and attack the nearest enemy. If they're hit by another enemy, their focus shifts to them.
  • Focus on the Boss: Units attack the boss of an enemy team.
  • Clear Out Mobs: Units attack the weakest enemy of the group, going in order of increasing strength after each one is defeated.
  • Preserve HP: Units avoid direct confrontation with enemies to preserve their HP. They are more likely to dodge enemy attacks, and rarely initiate attacks themselves.
  • Element Advantage: Units attack enemies that possess an element weaker to theirs. If there aren't any on the field, they default to Normal behavior.
  • Save Allies: Units attack enemies that are currently engaged in combat with their teammates.

Summoning Banners

Cards are summoned with the use of Hero Souls, which are spent on various summoning banners. It costs five Hero souls to summon one character on a banner, or 50 in order to make a full summon of ten characters at once. In rare cases, a full summon on a banner can cost 40 Hero Souls. The rarest units advertised on each banner correspond with a certain theme (i.e. Class 1-A, story arcs currently airing in the anime, etc.), a certain group of characters, or to advertise a new card. Some banners also have special conditions, such as receiving a guaranteed five-star card when performing a full summon.

Mission Types


X-Crisis (pronounced Cross-Crisis) are three round missions with a strong-than-average final round featuring the final boss featured on the banner. They can only be played with one character rather than up to three. During the battle, up to two other NPCs based on other players will appear to assist you in battle. These NPCs include the preset stats, AI behavior, and abilities their respective users applied to them. The X-Crisis missions have multiple tiers of increasing difficulty, which each increasing tier providing more lucrative rewards.


Help Quests

Help Quests are presented in two types. The first type (marked by blue text) is automatic. A character can be automatically selected and sent to handle the situation, with varying wait times. Each of these Help Quests also list three characters with varying percentages next to their icon, representing a higher chance of receiving extra rewards after the quest by using this character.

The second type (marked by red text) are completed by sending characters to a mission. Similar to the first type, using certain characters on the team will wield a higher chance of receiving extra rewards.

New Help Quests appear after old ones are completed.

Sports Festivals



  • Regular Cards: Used to boost a unit's stats by small percentages. Certain cards can also cause special effects, such as lowering an opponent's stats when they take damage. Duplicate cards can be merged up to nine times to increase the Skill Level, which boosts the percentages related to each effect.
  • Skill Cards: Used to boost a unit's stats and gives them access to special attacks. Up to three attacks can be used with one unit, and the attacks are only accessible to the character pictured on the card. Duplicate cards can be merged up to nine times to increase the Skill Level, which boosts the percentages related to the effects. Skill activation is normally controlled by the player, but if the 'Auto' mode is selected during gameplay, the player characters will activate them on their own.
    • Normal Skills: Executes an attack with a unique effect, ranging from moves with increased damage and a specific range, immobilizing opponents, health replenishing, among others. Some effects are unique to certain characters (e.g. Ochaco making enemies float, Denki inflicting paralysis, Shoto freezing enemies, etc.).They are often based on Ultimate Moves originating from the main series.
    • Ultimate Skills: Mirrors the effects of Normal Skills, with an added sequence where the card flashes on-screen, followed by a short in-game cinematic for the attack being used.
    • Dramatic Skills: Mirrors the effects of Ultimate Skills, with the added effect of stunning and slightly damaging all opponents on screen before the attack is executed.


  • Skill Up Ticket: Used to increase a card's Skill Level without the use of card merging. The amount of tickets required for each level increase varies with each card.
  • X-Ticket: Used to replenish the X-Crisis stamina meter.
  • Skip Ticket: Used to skip certain battles, allowing a player to instantly gain any rewards and experience.
  • 5 Star Gacha Ticket: Used in a special banner that guarantees the drawing a five-star card upon being used.
  • 4 Star Gacha Ticket: Used in a special banner that guarantees the drawing of a four-star card or higher upon being used. These tickets are also awarded to the player after in-game maintenance.
  • Normal Gacha Ticket: Used in a special banner that uses this ticket in place of Hero Souls.

Other Items

  • Hero Coins: The main currency of the game. Used to fund card modifications. They can be obtained through gameplay, rewards or selling cards.
  • Hero Souls: The main gacha currency of the game, and are mainly used to summon characters. They can also function in substitute of other items if there aren't any available to the player (e.g. recovery drops to replenish stamina, tickets for special in-game events, etc), or as a continue in the event that all players in a game are defeated. Hero Souls can be obtained through daily rewards, in-game quests, story mode, special events, or purchased in-game with real money. They are given as gifts for character birthdays, rewards, after in-game maintenance or updates, or when a new episode of the anime was premiering.
  • Badges: Used to level up a character's ranking, which increases their overall stats when changed. They are obtained through gameplay, rewards or through a special item gacha banner that only uses Assemble Points.
  • Plus Drinks: Used to add experience points to a card's R-Factor, and increase the level and stats of the card. They replace the Gummis from the previous game. The drinks are colored and named based what type of card they work best on. When applied to the best card, small ones add 250 experience points, medium by 500, and large by 1000. Multiple Drinks work the best on any kind of card. They are obtained through gameplay, rewards or through a special item gacha banner that only uses Assemble Points.
  • Unlimited Drinks: Used to upgrade a card's rarity, and replaces the Gummis from the previous game. Unlike Plus Drinks, they only work on the card that corresponds to their color. Each card needs a certain amount of each size (small, medium, large, extra-large) based on their rarity, in order to be upgraded. They are obtained through gameplay, rewards, or through a special item gacha banner that only uses Assemble Points.
  • Recovery Drops: Used to replenish a player's stamina meter. Small drops recover 20 points, and medium drops recover 50 points. It replaces the taiyaki from the previous game. They are obtained through gameplay, rewards, or through a special item gacha banner that only uses Assemble Points.
  • Factor Fragments: Used in a special shop to purchase rare cards and other items. They can only be obtained through selling cards.
  • Assemble Points: Used in an exclusive gacha banner that rewards the player with items. They can only be obtained through completing Help Quests.
  • Hero Points: Points only gained through ladder events. The points can be used in shops that open for the duration of each Sports Festival.
  • Police Radios: Makes Help Quests appear immediately.


On May 11, 2020, it was announced that the game will be shutting down its servers by midnight of July 13.[1]


Playable Characters

Character Variants

  • Izuku Midoriya (Costume Gamma)
  • Izuku Midoriya (White Day Version)
  • Katsuki Bakugo (Mask Version)
  • Shoto Todoroki (Hero Costume Version 2)
  • Shoto Todoroki (Sports Festival Version)
  • Ochaco Uraraka (Rain Version)
  • Ochaco Uraraka (Summer Festival Version)
  • Momo Yaoyorozu (Valentine's Day Version)
  • Yuga Aoyama (Star Festival Version)
  • All Might ()
  • Shota Aizawa (School Festival Version)

Additional Support Characters

Non Playable Characters

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