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My Hero Academia: School Briefs VI (僕のヒーローアカデミア 雄英白書 桜?) is the sixth School Briefs light novel spinoff, based in the My Hero Academia universe. It is illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi and written by Anri Yoshi. The events take place prior to the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.


Setsubun—a holiday to mark the coming of spring. Between Setsubun, a Valentine’s Day celebration, a springtime mountain trip, and even a meeting under the cherry blossoms, both U.A. students and faculty are ready to celebrate! First, the students of class 1-A prepare for a wild bean-throwing showdown and aim to bring Bakugo the oni and Eri the hostage a little bit closer. But will they inspire the mean-spirited Bakugo to bring his very best Plus Ultra?

Author Notes


Part 1: The Red Demon Who Doesn't Cry

Part 2: Who's the One Who Gets the Chocolate?

Part 3: The Snowy Mountain Camp Spring Festival

Part 4: Eri's Coming of Age

Part 5: The U.A. Studio PV Trailer Filming

Part 6: The Teacher's Cherry Blossom Picnic



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