My Hero Academia: School Briefs V (僕のヒーローアカデミア 祝 V Boku no Hīrō Academia Yūei Iwai?) is the fifth School Briefs light novel spinoff, based in the My Hero Academia universe and the sequel to My Hero Academia: School Briefs IV. It is illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi and written by Anri Yoshi.


It’s time for Class 1-A to start getting ready for the end-of-the-year holidays, and that means undertaking a big winter cleaning. The unsuspecting students get a big surprise when their cleaning leads to a crazy discovery. What's this mysterious entrance?! They have no choice but to rustle up some Plus Ultra spirit and venture inside!


Part 1: U.A.'s Underground Labyrinth

During the wintertime, Class 1-A does the typical end-of-year cleaning for each of their dorm rooms. Izuku spends his time wiping down his All Might figurines and taking care of his collection; Shoto peers in to return a pencil and thinks to himself about possibly collecting a figurine. Koji is doing the usual of cleaning up after his pet rabbit, while Eijiro is throwing out his punching bag he accidentally broke, passing by Tenya. He comments that he still has some tiny corners to clean up, and that Katsuki's already completely done his. Mezo Shoji is taking his own box of junk to throw away, with Fumikage noticing a decoration of the character “Bat Boy” that he immediately draws attention to. As the five of them head to the middle of the forest for the temporary trash site, they notice Power Loader hanging around there, just eating outside as a change of pace. Fumikage asks the others if they’ve noticed the earthquakes happening at night lately, Koji also heard it but Tenya, Eijiro, and Mezo haven't due to sleeping in early.

While throwing away his trash, Fumikage’s “dark night crystal”, which he held onto so as not to dispose of, bounced off him leading him to follow it into the woods, with the four other boys accompanying him. Just as they all meet up, suddenly the ground under them caves in as they fall down and get stuck underneath. After recovering, they noticed a mysterious red light from a light bulb and realize they must be in some underground maze, with Fumikage theorizing the tremors came from the construction of this place. As they try to make their way through the labyrinth to find an escape, they suddenly discover a monkey doll with two cymbals moving on the ground. Eijiro, while using his Hardening Quirk, picks it up to question what it’s doing there, only for it to start clashing the cymbals together, causing Eijiro to freak out and drop it. The others laugh about getting scared at that, until the monkey starts going berserk and shoots a laser beam out of his mouth. Running away, Fumikage tries to use Dark Shadow to attack it but isn’t able to reach it in time. Eijiro tries next, using Hardening to withstand the laser, but the monkey dodges his attacks. Mezo uses his Dupli-Arms to throw boulders at the monkey, successfully knocking it out, as the damaged doll creepily keeps saying “curse”. The monkey proceeds to start flying and chases the boys, causing Tenya and Eijiro in particular to shout at what exactly it even is. As they make their way into a corridor, more monkeys shooting lasers start showing up and attacking them, as they look for Tenya for advice on how to fight them. He tells Eijiro to be a distraction, using his Hardening to withstand the monkey beams, while the others take down the dolls, even though they are worried about whatever the “curse” might be. As they finish up checking if anyone’s hurt, they realize Koji has gone missing, and considering they are lost and have nowhere else to go, they head off to look for him.

Meanwhile, back in the dorms, Katsuki shows up to Eijiro’s room looking for his lint roller only to find him missing. As he enters the room and picks up the lint roller, he notices a bunch of dust located under his bed, annoyingly muttering to himself if he even cleaned his room, taking out the vacuum to clean the dust. After that’s done, he notices the wallpaper next to Eijiro’s posters starting peeling, so went to work trying to fix it. Hanta Sero walked by as this was going on, peering in to wonder what Katsuki’s doing in Eijiro’s room. He figured that due to Katsuki’s perfectionism, he was irritated at Eijiro’s half-assed cleaning and wanted it fixed. Hanta proceeded to tease him, saying if the hero gig doesn’t work he’ll be a great handyman, leaving Katsuki to yell back at him.

Back in the maze, as the boys continue to look for Koji, they come across a wall with a mysterious button on it, increasing the urge to push it. The boys start to question the button, and the whole labyrinth’s true purpose, with Fumikage suggesting it could be an emergency switch, while Tenya and Mezo seem convinced it may not be U.A. property due to how unfinished it is, and could possibly be a Villains underground base. Not paying attention, Dark Shadow emerges from Fumikage, noticing the button and pushing it, causing everyone to freak out. A crack in the ground starts to appear making a hole, which Eijiro says he recognizes from a movie, and just as they try to evade, a giant boulder drops from the ceiling heading right toward everyone as they try to get away. Fumikage uses Dark Shadow to fly through the corridor, while Tenya grabs ahold of Eijiro and Mezo to boost out of there. They notice a monitor on the ceiling counting down, causing them to panic and again try to escape, as the ground gives way for them to fall into another hole. They land in a slime pit, and Dark Shadow is able to make use of a big metal bird cage that lifts them to safety into a new corridor. Continuing down it, suddenly another giant boulder starts heading their way forcing them to run again. Eijiro activates his Hardening to split the boulder in half, as one half is about to hit Fumikage, Tenya quickly jumps in the way to cover for him, hitting his shoulder causing him to bleed. While Tenya doesn’t feel too bad about it, Fumikage becomes distressed with himself letting him get hurt like that, causing Dark Shadow to overpower him and go berserk. Tenya tries to use cell phone to shine a light and calm him down, but Dark Shadow grabs ahold of it and continues thrashing about. Just then, a swarm of bats show up and overwhelm Dark Shadow causing him to cool down; they realize Koji is controlling the bats, as a more controlled Fumikage thinks to himself, “Bat Boy…”

The other boys ask Koji where he was, saying he also got lost, but was able to find his way by talking to the bugs and bats, Fumikage thanks him and greatly compliments his Quirk, causing him to blush. A giant hose then appears out of nowhere sending a huge rush of water straight towards the boys, as they grab ahold of Mezo who helps save them. Making their way further down the path, they mysteriously come across an underground hot springs, with several towels and shirts set aside. Confused, but still pretty tired from everything they went through, they decide to relax in the hot spring for a bit, before eventually getting dried and dressed in the extra clothes. Mezo then tells them that he hears voices in the wall, supposedly sounding like villains preparing to destroy the place. They get ready to fight as Dark Shadow busts the door down, only to end up in a small movie theatre, with a film currently being played. They proceed to enter several other rooms that include a line-up of nice cars, another full of weapons in development, and one of lasers that start shooting at time. As they try to evade them all, they suddenly run into Principal Nezu, who tells them not to worry. He explains that the whole area was an old U.A. training ground that was left unused due to being too dangerous. When Tenya asks about the hot springs and other rooms, Nezu claims they are for his personal use when he wants to relax, telling them to head back to the dormitories not to worry about anything else. Making it outside and realizing that it is evening, the boys breathe a sigh of relief at their little adventure as they head back to prepare for dinner.

Back in the labyrinth, it turns out that the area was not actually for Nezu’s own personal use, but was in fact Power Loader, who had been tinkering around with all the traps and added the hot spring and cinema to utilize while he worked on weapons and other inventions. Nezu tells him that he understands his need for personal space since he’s not a people person, but also reminds him to make the place safer if he wants to keep using it. He also teases him saying that he’d want to be able to use the hot springs every now and then too.

Bonus Track 1-A Returning Home #1: The Jiro Family

Kyoka is at a livehouse on New Year's watching her parents perform. Her dad plays the drums while her mom plays guitar and sings. She watches the events from the side of the stage with Ectoplasm, acting as her escort. He asks her why their parents chose to spend New Years Eve at such a small livehouse when they could easily be performing at a much larger location, and Kyoka responds that since this was the place where her parents first met, so there’s sentimental value for them. She then starts to think about her New Years assignment that Eraser Head had assigned to them over the break, and what she wants her aspirations to be, and decides to just go Plus Ultra on it. As the countdown concludes, ushering in the New Year, Mr. Jiro shouts for Kyoka to join them on stage and sing a song for everyone; she is flustered but reluctantly gives in as everyone cheers her on. She ends up singing Hero Too, the song she preformed at the Cultural Festival. Ectoplasm, being a huge fan of karaoke, watches on glad that he is finally able to see her live, having been disappointed at missing the performance last time, and commenting that she has a great voice. Finishing the song, she blushes at the response, but seeing her happy parents leads her to decide her New Years resolution will be “to resonate”, hoping to break through barriers, with her own pure sound ringing through (though also thinks to herself that Denki and Minoru will probably make fun of her for using her own name’s kanji as motivation). Her parents, Ectoplasm, and the rest of the audience call for an encore, as she gives them one more performance for the night.

Part 2: Mismatching Santas

Principal Nezu meets with several of the U.A. staff, including Eraser Head, Present Mic, Midnight, Thirteen, Vlad King, Hound Dog, and Ectoplasm. He informs them that despite no suspicious activity from the students, indicating none of them are probably spies for the League of Villains, they decide to have each of the teachers escort one of the students back home over winter break for their safety. As the meeting concludes, Eraser Head lets them know he’ll be bringing Eri to Class 1-A’s Christmas Party in the dormitory, bringing joy to the other teachers, while Nezu notes that he’ll tighten security around the dorms and around Eri’s room just in case.

After the Christmas party, Eraser Head and Eri head back to the teacher’s dormitory and to her room. Eraser Head wonders what to do with Fumikage’s giant sword that Eri won from the gift grab, but Eri insists on keeping it since it was her Christmas present. Eri mentions how surprised Mirio might be to see her with the sword, while Eraser Head thinks about just how big an impression Izuku and Mirio have left on her. She thinks about all the good food she had at the party and gets hungry again; Eraser Head asks what her favorite food was, and she said the chocolate covered apple slices. She then asks him if Santa will visit her and Izuku, having learned about Santa Claus from the 1-A kids, as Eraser Head reassures her he will come.

Later that night, Eraser Head waits outside Eri’s room for Present Mic, with the intention of acting as Santa and leaving her a gift to find in the morning. Mic arrives completely dressed in a Santa getup, to Eraser Head’s bewilderment, which he claims is in case Eri accidentally wakes up. Due to the last disastrous time when Eraser Head tried to get clothes for Eri, he had Mic choose to present, which turned out to be a DJ set for kids, reluctantly accepting. As they are about to quietly enter the room, they’re suddenly surprised by two figures already in the room dressed up as Santa as well; Thirteen wearing a suit over their space suit, and Midnight in a sexy Santa girl outfit. They’re both there to give Eri presents as well, wanting to help make her smile, Thirteen got her a teddy bear, and Midnight a picture book; Mic laughs at this assuming Midnight to get her something more adult-oriented, which she defends herself saying it’s not until she’s much older. As they are about to leave the presents by her bedside, they notice an angel doll above her bed not having seen it before, but are distracted by the presence of the sleeping Eri.

Just then, they hear tapping at the window, leading the four to act on guard, only for it to be Vlad King, also dressed as Santa, accompanied by Hound Dog, dressed like a reindeer and pulling a sled, who also wanted to give Eri presents. Another figure suddenly shows up in the darkness, freaking the teachers out, revealing it to be Ectoplasm (dressed as Santa as well) with a present too. Vlad and Hound Dog, with assistance from the 1-B girls, get her a cute hair piece and hand mirror, while Ectoplasm gives her a CD (which she can play in Mic’s DJ set). Right as the teachers decide to place the gifts around the bed, they notice the eyes of the angel doll suddenly turn red. A shield barrier surrounds Eri and her bed, as the doll starts shouting “intruder alert!” while shooting lasers at the teachers. They recall Nezu mentioning tightening security, and realizing this is what he meant, are forced to spend the rest of the night fighting the angel doll.

The following morning, Eri wakes up to see all of presents at her bedside. She runs into the lounge to see Aizawa and is surprised to also see the rest of the teachers all sleeping on the sofas, having been too exhausted to get back to their rooms. As they start to awaken, Eri tells them about Santa leaving her a ton of presents, as her beaming smile infects the rest of the teachers, making them feel all happy too.

Bonus Track 1-A Returning Home #2: The Asui Family

Tsuyu returns home for the New Years, ready to see her family for the first time in a while. She wonders to herself how her brother and sister, Samidare and Satsuki, have been doing, since she was so used to taking care of them most of the time while her parents were on business trips. She decides she should try and help clean the house before their parents get home with the food, however when she enters the house, after being greeted by her siblings, she notices they have already started cleaning up themselves. She recalls how at most they would only ever assist her with cleaning dishes, so it comes off as a shock to her. While Tsuyu wants to help with something, Samidare insists she just go to her room to relax, where she notices just how much they’ve prepared, with hot tea and sweets laid out, thinking how much the kids have grown. It all leaves a bittersweet feeling for Tsuyu, as she was worried for her siblings when she was moving into her dormitories, however seeing them being able to pick up everything just fine does make her happy. She then receives a phone call from her friend, Habuko Mongoose, saying she learned she returned home from her brother. After talking for a bit, Tsuyu hears a bang in the other room, so goes to check it out. In the kitchen she finds a large pot fallen on the floor, with Samidare and Satsuki looking surprised. They say the pot was heavier than expected and accidentally dropped it. Tsuyu picks it up and says she wants to help make soba with them, patting them on the head, which they happily accept. As they work on the soba, she thinks about her winter break assignment and what word to represent her new year, deciding on “Peace”, hoping that she will be able to spend more peaceful days with her siblings from here on out. At just about this moment, her parents return home, as the family happily reunites together.

Part 3: Awkward New Years Soba

Shoto arrives home for New Year’s Eve where he finds his sister, Fuyumi, hard at work cooking. She is surprised he was able to come home and asks if he is hungry, but he mentions he already ate earlier while visiting their mom, Rei, at the hospital cafeteria. While cleaning himself up, he reflects to himself on how long its been since he last ate with her like that, thinking about how she chose beef stew and he chose katsudon, reminding himself of Izuku and Tenya who always order that, and how he finally got his hero license. He thinks about while it took awhile, he’s finally got himself on the right track on following his dreams and becoming the hero he wants to be. Back in the kitchen, Fuyumi mentions that both Natsuo and their father will be coming back later, while Shoto assists her in getting stuff set up.

Natsuo soon arrives at the house, where Fuyumi teases him about his girlfriend not being with him, which he says she’s spending New Year’s Eve with her family, and that they’ll be visiting the shrine together the following day. Wondering where Shoto is, Natsuo heads inside to go check in on him. Fuyumi tells Natsuo that Endeavor will be coming by later, but Natsuo insists that he’ll be leaving before he arrives, apologizing to her. She tries to tempt him with handmade soba, as Natsuo chuckles that she could be a pro at this point. He heads into their Butsudan room(Memorial room) for their brother, Toya, and prepares to light incense only to notice there’s fresh incense still burning, realising Shoto had come in earlier. He thinks to himself about how “not normal” their family is, before speaking to the picture of Toya that he’s home. Natsuo goes to Shoto’s room to find him sleeping on the futon, as seeing his facial scar leads him to remember all the screaming and crying the night the incident happened and how much it must have hurt him. He thinks about how he was still in elementary school when it all happened, feeling angry and pathetic, and how before Shoto was born, always wanting his dad’s attention and never could get it, but still had his mom. But once Shoto was born, it felt like he had took their mom from him since she focused so much time trying to protect him, but after the incident, he felt embarrassed of himself.

Natsuo heads back into the kitchen to help Fuyumi with their meal, he starts to reflect on why they were born as Endeavor’s children, before quickly changing the subject not wanting to talk about him. After praising some more of Fuyumi’s cooking, who says it’s their mom’s recipe, Natsuo brings up how he still feels bad being unable to do anything to help Shoto while he was being abused, and that the pain they dealt with was nothing compared to him, as Fuyumi tries to comfort him, saying he doesn’t have to compare his suffering to others. Just then, a sleepy Shoto arrives in the room, saying they should’ve woken him up. They both try to ask Fuyumi to help, but she just kicks them out of the house to feed the koi pond. Natsuo tries to find a way to have a “normal” conversation with Shoto, since they were never able to talk much, remembering hearing Rei mention about Shoto’s friends but unaware how to bring it up. While looking in the shed, Natsuo finds an old ball they used to play with and, bringing back memories, decides to throw it at him to surprise him. Expecting him to easily catch it, instead Shoto is shocked and swats it out of the way, before realizing what he did and run to go pick it up, only to fall into the koi pond, causing Natsuo to laugh as he helps him up.

Fuyumi scolds them for getting wet as the two boys go to take a bath together, as they both apologize to each other. Natsuo thinks about how he can’t remember ever taking a bath with him, while Shoto tells him it is their first time taking a bath together. Looking at his muscles, Natsuo thinks about just how hard Shoto is working to accomplish his dream, despite everything that happened to him, and reflects on his own dream to help people like his mother. They start up some small talk with each other, asking about how their times at their respective schools have been. Shoto reveals he knows about Natsuo’s girlfriend from Fuyumi, causing him to get embarrassed and hide his face. He asks if Shoto has any girl that he likes, but he says no. He talks about his friends, particularly Izuku and Tenya, who he has lunch and studies with nearly everyday, and Katsuki who he took the remedial course with and thought was his friend, slightly confusing Natsuo. Shoto tells him he was surprised when he threw the ball, recognizing from watching his siblings play and always wishing he could join them, causing Natsuo to start to tear up. He invites him to go play soccer right after this.

After getting out of the shower, they notice Fuyumi had left the house to go get more food, so they were left alone. Seeing all the ingredients for soba, which excited Shoto, they decided to go ahead make the soba themselves to surprise their sister. Not having any experience, they look up videos online, with the two unsure of what exact soba they should try to be making. Fuyumi arrives to find a mess of soba colored dough on the table. They apologize, and she says she’s fine with it, but also notes that they’ll have to eat what they made and won’t be able to have real soba since they used up all the ingredients, to Shoto’s disappointment. They set the food out in front of the TV getting ready to eat, but point out that Endeavor hasn’t arrived yet. Natsuo comments that he’s probably just working and reminds her he’ll be leaving when he gets there anyway. They start eating, with Natuso excited about the sashimi and Shoto reluctantly biting into his messy sobagaki. Suddenly, a news broadcast appears on the TV of a giant gorilla villain climbing the Shizoka Tower, grabbing ahold of Endeavor. The kids are confused wondering why he isn’t fighting back, only to notice he has a bag of food in his hands. After struggling a bit, Endeavor uses a Prominence Burn to instantly defeat the villain, but while also destroying all the bag in his hands, containing food he was meant to bring to New Years. Endeavor is pissed at the resolution, while the siblings are glad he’s okay, with Natsuo agreeing to stay a while longer realizing he’ll be late. Fuyumi breaks out the alcohol with some of Endeavor’s daiginjo sake, with Fuyumi excited about being able to drink with Natsuo next year, and Natsuo excited about eventually being able to drink with Shoto. Fuyumi tells Shoto that the sake goes well with soba, instantly grabbing his attention, while Natsuo tells him they should also make really good soba for when their mom finally gets out too.

Bonus Track 1-A Returning Home #3: The Uraraka Family

Ochaco goes to spend New Years with her family, and as part of the local tradition, she participates in mochitsuki, or mochi pounding. She gets a lot of praise from her neighbors for her physical strength. While eating, a kid goes up and asks her if she got bullied by Katsuki. She’s confused by this, and the kid says that’s what it looked like during the Sports Festival. She explains to him that wasn’t bullying, but that he was fighting her seriously, saying that even though it’s frustrating to lose, it’s better than having an opponent that holds back, adding that Katsuki has a good side, even when he talks harshly, and that Katsuki isn’t Katsuki without saying the bad words. The rest of the neighbors praise how delicious the mocha is, which Ochaco attributes to her muscle strength, which her mother touches to confirm, causing her to laugh with happiness. Ochaco then starts to think about what she wants to write for her winter break homework, and what her New Year’s aspiration is. While the adults discuss amongst themselves, Ochaco thinks about what Izuku would write, thinking something about working hard or All Might related, until her mother butts in asking if she likes anyone, causing her face to turn red in embarrassment. Her father, meanwhile, turns pale and starts to ramble to himself about how much Ochaco has grown, jumping in to say its too early for her to think about marriage, causing a ruckus as the other neighbors start to get involved, and Ochaco tries to deny everything. Once everyone’s calmed down, Ochaco thinks to herself how she probably will get married someday, but now’s not the time to think about that, and that there is more to do first if she wants to become a hero who can bring smiles to others. After looking at her mocha, she decides to write “mochi” as her aspiration because she aims to persistently do her best, just like a strong/persistent mochi that doesn’t easily break. Happily munching on her food, full of satisfaction, Ochaco gets even more motivated for the future.

Part 4: Childhood Friend's New Year

Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto continue their internship at the Endeavor Agency. The three chase after a villain, using a smoke screen to escape, as they prepare to corner him down the street, but Endeavor shows up and stops him before they can. Izuku is impressed at just how fast he was able to get ahead of them, while Katsuki and Shoto are mad they couldn’t beat him to it. Endeavor leaves with Shoto to deal with news coverage, which he reluctantly agrees to, while Izuku and Katsuki are left to go on lunch break. As Katsuki angrily walks away, Izuku thinks about how their relationship has developed from childhood friends, to oppressor and oppressed, and now in U.A. how they’ve slowly started getting to an equal ground. He goes to the connivance store and, remembering that it’s New Years week and he hasn’t gotten his New Years blessing yet, heads to the temple to get one. Just then, he bumps into Katsuki, who had the exact same idea as him, yelling at him for supposedly stalking. Izuku tells him not to yell or as to disrupt the peace, but Katsuki points out it’s someone else causing a ruckus, which they notice to be two young boys fighting. Izuku steps in to try and mediate, but one of the kids turns to him calling him “Green Head”; Katsuki laughs at this until the kid calls him “Villain Face” before running off. Izuku introduces himself and Katsuki (to his annoyance), to the crying kid left behind, Ma-kun, and asks what’s wrong. Ma-kun says that he learned he was gonna be transferring schools soon, and his friend, Ta-kun, got upset which led to their fight. He also says how the two of them were supposed to take part in a Heroes Card game tournament the next day, but now since they’re on bad terms, he’s unsure if he would join him anymore. Izuku wants to help him, but realizing his break his over, leaves the kid alone as they head back.

The three interns return to the Agency building for the evening as they prepare to eat dinner alongside the rest of the sidekicks. Burnin’ recommends the pork cutlet curry, which they all choose, with Shoto having the pork cutlet soba. Shoto asks if they checked out the “Meta Liberation War” book Hawks gave to them, with him and Izuku saying they fell asleep halfway through, and Katsuki not even bothering. Izuku notes Shoto’s love for soba, also noticing that there is soba version of everything on the menu, as one of the sidekicks mentions that Endeavor had requested the menu add soba to everything after learning that Shoto was coming to intern, annoying Shoto. Izuku starts to share an anecdote about Katsuki’s experience with curry back when they were kids, causing him to explode back in his face and leading to another scuffle amongst the two. Shoto questions this and wonders why they are on such bad terms if they’re childhood friends, Katsuki responds that time is not proportional to friendship and shouldn’t be the criteria to how people get along, with Shoto adding back that he considers Izuku his friend, bringing a smile to him. After the three finishing eating, cleaning up, and studying, Izuku thinks about the kid from earlier hoping he’s okay. He then starts to think about Shoto’s question and what changed between him and Katsuki which led to them being on bad terms. He notes he can’t remember exactly what the reason was, although also thinks about how he is at least on speaking terms with him now. He’d always referred to their relationship as “childhood friends”, but thinking about what Shoto said, it doesn’t exactly even mean they’re friends in the first place. As he gets up to get a drink, Katsuki is there at the same time to get one too, once again calling him a stalker. Izuku thinks aloud if the two kids will be alright, with Katsuki responding he doesn’t care; he says the crying kid reminded him of some loser he knows, which Izuku knew meant him, with him replying back that the foul mouthed kid reminded him of Katsuki. He tells Izuku that he shouldn’t be wasting time worrying about some fight amongst kids, which is one of the traits that’s always disgusted him as a kid. They both head leave and head back to bed.

Continuing on their patrol, Endeavor receives a call from Mirko to deal with an emergency villain, so heads off and tells the three students to keep patrolling with the sidekicks. By lunchtime, Izuku returns to the temple again only to find Katsuki also there, he asks if he was worried about the kids too, but he claims he was just looking for more pop-up stores. They both then stumble across Ma-kun and Ta-kun, with the former asking to still take part in the tournament, and the latter laughing at him. Izuku approaches them, knowing they both want to take part in the tournament and just need to talk it out, before Ma-kun grabs his arm saying he’ll join him in the tournament instead. Katsuki taunts Izuku about this, saying a hero is supposed to help save people, until Ta-kun grabs his arm saying he’ll join him, leading Izuku to throw the line back at him. Ta-kun goads Katsuki in joining through his sense of competition, as the two interns enter alongside the two kids. Izuku and Katsuki each get very invested into the battle, with the kids following suit. At one point, Ma-kun starts to slow down, annoying Ta-kun that he’s holding back; Katsuki is also annoyed but before he can say anything, Izuku jumps in to remind Ma-kun not to hold back, as he jumps back in all fired up, to Katsuki’s surprise. While neither teams managed to win the tournament, Ma-kun laughed in relief seeing Ta-kun more relaxed. The two kids reconcile with each other as they promise to play the game again together sometime in the future, with Izuku smiling and Katsuki scoffing. Before their lunch break ends, Izuku informs Katsuki he’s going to get his New Years blessing so he doesn’t accidentally follow him back, but Katsuki insists on getting his blessing first, so the two end up going together anyway. After receiving their blessing, Izuku asks what Katsuki wishes for, which he tells him to shut up; Izuku thinks that he probably wished for the same thing he did, to be the best hero who can win and save, and save and win. He thinks about even through the worst times and the bad experiences, he can’t imagine a world without Katsuki, and how it’s all lead him to the path he’s on now. Shoto arrives to see the two of them together, asking if they’d reconciled, causing Katsuki to blow up at him and Izuku to laugh it off. They then get a call from a sidekick asking to regroup with them, as they head off from the temple, down on their path to become heroes.

Bonus Track 1-A Returning Home #4: The Yaoyorozu Family

The Yaoyorozu Family holds a huge New Years party every year where they invite hundreds of people from the elite society to their home to celebrate together, with everyone dressed up in suits and gowns, and with Momo standing at front to greet everyone as they enter. The guests each ask her about her time in U.A., which she politely answers. During the party itself, Momo is expecting to see the usual artists or entertainers that hold a live performance there, but instead she sees her father under the spotlight, introducing a special movie highlighting all of Momo’s moments from birth to now. As the video starts playing on the big screen, Momo becomes incredibly embarrassed and asks her family why they did this, with her father mentioning they put it together hastily when they learned she was coming home for New Years. They then go on to answer that they wanted the guests to learn more about how wonderful they feel she is. They then talk about how surprisingly small her dormitory room is, and mention the possibly of building a spa in U.A. for all the students to use to help relax tensions; this escalates to also building private baths and a shopping mall for her to use as well. Momo interrupts them, saying that while she is happy they are trying to accommodate for her, what matters most is being able to live with her other classmates. She talks about everything she’s learned from them by being with them and talking with them on a daily basis. She also mentions how she’s started listening to metal music, thanks to Kyoka’s recommendation, and she respectively has started looking into classic music thanks to her. She tells them how important communication is and not only how much experience she’s gained, but also how happy it makes her. Her parents listen and understand, saying how just hearing her coming home for the break made them go a bit overboard. Their butler, Uchimura, mentions how much her parents have missed her since moving, including how their parents will sometimes look at the first ever matroshka doll Momo ever made to remind them of her and cry. They feel embarrassed, but Momo, watching the screen, thinks about how much they truly love her and know it’s natural why they would be worried. Thinking on her winter break assignment, she decides to choose “Ability” for her New Year’s resolution, determined to make her parents no longer worry about her, and wishing to have the ability to have them rely on her as well. She then mentions to her parents since they were talking for most of the time that she’d like to watch the movie with them again later, which they happily agree. Momo then looks at the screen again as she sees herself as a child and her parents in awe as she makes her first matroshka doll with a bright smile on her face.

Part 5: The One Hit Fighting Spirit Devil Hot Pot

After finishing up their week of work studies, Classes 1-A and 1-B get together to enjoy a hot pot with everyone and share their experiences. The 1-B girls show up first, assisting 1-A in setting up the common room best; Yui uses her Quirk to help move things around. Denki and Minoru fantasize over all the girls being around them, with Kyoka snapping them out of it. Neito appears soon after, heading directly to analyze the classes selection of hot pots, including soy milk, kimchi, mixed, and creamy sesame. He considers them as being “too samey”, which Rikido calls offense too, just as the rest of the 1-B boys show up with their own set of hot pot, which Neito claims to be far superior. Tenya comments that they didn’t need to since 1-A had made more than enough for everyone, but Neito uses this as an opportunity to incite another competition to judge who’s hot pots are the best. He tries to taunt Katsuki into accepting, but he calmly rebuffs his comments, enjoying his kimchi hot pot. Neito then chooses to insult the kimchi instead, which Katsuki takes offense to since he helped make it. Rikido defends Katsuki saying how he added his own set of spicy seasonings and ingredients to make a unique flavor and that he should try it out; Eijiro stands up moved at Katsuki’s actions and happily accepts the challenge, which soon the rest of 1-A and 1-B do too.

1-B starts with trying 1-A’s hot pots, which they all respond incredibly warmly too, to Rikido and Katsuki’s satisfaction especially. Neito then brings in 1-B’s hot pots, including one that is a sukiyaki hot pot full of high grade meat, which Ochaco becomes immediately attracted to. 1-A tries it out, with Izuku heading into one of his deep analyses about how the ingredients all mesh together so well; Katsuki gets annoyed at this and throws a water bottle at his head to shut him up. They next bring out a hot pot including fish and vegetables, which the class find to taste phenomenal. Momo recognizes the fish as rockfish, a delicious but expensive ingredient, and that their rich classmate, Jurota Shishida, had it sent from his hometown and got it as a year-end gift; Ochaco winces at the thought of their family’s idea of “year end gifts.” After tasting them all, they have to decide the best, with Neito instructing everyone to stand in front of which one they liked the most. Majority of students stand in front of either the sukiyaki or rockfish hot pots; Eijiro stands in front of the kimchi hot pot, but is shocked to see Katsuki chose the rockfish which he liked the most, especially adding his ichimi seasoning. Neito laughs triumphantly that 1-B was decided the winner, with the rest of the class turning to 1-A and apologizing for his behavior, as he then declares 1-A must take part in a loser’s dare, which Katsuki is annoyed at since they never agreed to it; the rest of the class reluctantly give in and agree.

He states the penalty is to endure the “hot pot of darkness”, which Izuku explains you have to eat the hot pot in the dark, meaning you have no idea what was put in each. The students each take their turns trying the hot pots, which include random ingredients like cucumbers, candy, meat, something stick, and spinach; Eijiro gets excited about the spinach because it was something Tetsutetsu added. Fumikage bites into an apple, which he is happy about since it’s his favorite food (and reminds him of when he and Eri both ate some at Christmas). Shoto bites into something hard, to Izuku and Tenya’s concern, which turns out to be the shell of escargot. Itsuka is mad at Neito for putting something inedible, but he refutes it saying it’s “edible on the inside.” After they finish, 1-B tries the remaining concoction left over, which they all gag at the terrible taste and smell of it all; Neito says he added tofu, ice cream, chocolate, cake, meatloaf, chips, strawberry milk, bananas, pineapples, and anything else that wouldn’t fit together. Just then several of the other students, including Denki and Mina, return from their bathroom break, where they find the hot pot has been finished. Neito still tries to taunt them for running from their punishment, but Itsuka grabs ahold of him. He declares they should have a rematch, which piques the boys’ interest; Katsuki proposes a sauna challenge where they have to withstand the heat the longest. The boys all agree and head into the bathroom to take part in it, while the girls all stay back to have a chill time with tea and snacks.

Sticking with the girls, Momo prepares her special picked tea for everyone, as they all discuss amongst each other about everyday things. Itsuka mentions she enjoys going to the sauna and drinking ice coffee, with Setsuna making fun of her for it. Mina also mentions she enjoys them, but Kyoka says she doesn’t like them. She asks Momo if she likes saunas, with her mentioning about the one she has in her home that her father ordered from Finland; 1-B react in awe hearing about Momo’s extravagant lifestyle, which she gets a little self conscious about. She mentions that it can fit about 50 people, causing everyone to react again at just how big it is. She invites everyone to come and use her sauna sometime, which they all get really excited about; she shyly turns to Kyoka to ask if she’d still want to join, which she blushes and responds she’d still like to go to her house even if she doesn’t use the sauna, causing Momo to smile brightly.

Meanwhile, the boys are preparing for their sauna challenge, using the 1-A shower room as a makeshift sauna, with the heat provided by Shoto’s flames. Neito taunts Katsuki, saying that due to the nature of his Quirk and how he uses sweat that he’s used to the heat and that he chose an activity in which he has an advantage, which Katsuki scoffs at, though Neito then adds they also have Tetsutetsu who can also withstand the heat (same with Eijiro). Yuga and Minoru very quickly forfeit themselves leaving to go to the cooler bath tub, to Katsuki’s annoyance. They tell Denki to join them, but he remains vigilant. 1-B’s Kojiro and Nirengeki reach their limits and forfeit themselves, with Neito getting worried and asking if they’re okay. Tenya arrives with a cooler of drinks to help everyone rehydrate, to their pleasure. Eventually he and several other people drop out, to Katsuki’s frustration as he tells Shoto to make it hotter. Despite looking like he’s in pain, Neito gets Manga to use his Quirk to make it even hotter, using the word “meramera” to “burst into flames”. Katsuki then gets Mezo to take all the 1-A boy’s towels to whirl them all together to create even hotter air. While Eijiro and Tetsutetsu continue their war of attrition, Izuku finally gives in and starts to retreat to the bath tub. Katsuki yells at him to show his guts, throwing the shower bowl to the floor, causing it to bounce and accidentally hit Izuku in the balls. He faints as Tenya quickly runs up to take care of him, Shoto creates a ball of ice which Tenya uses to help cool down and applies to his pelvic region. The rest of the boys look on and empathize with the pain he’s feeling. A bit later, Hanta is ready to leave and tries to get Denki to join him, but he stands firm to try and beat Neito, even though the allure of the cold bath starts to attract him. Shoto then starts to add ice cooling down the heat, leading to more enraged comments from Katsuki and more taunts from Neito. He starts to add ice into the other bath, but then finds himself unable to stop it from coming out. Katsuki gets up to growl but suddenly finds himself passing out, Eijiro goes to see what’s wrong only to pass out himself. Denki rushes over to them, only to soon notice every single one of the other boys starting to drop out like flies, with Neito and Sen the last to finally give in, as Denki looks on confused at everyone around him frozen due to the sudden cold. Eventually, Tenya and Mashiaro manage to rescue everyone, and Neito has to copy the unconscious Shoto’s Quirk in order to reverse the effects and fix the temperature levels. In the end, the distressed boys once again lament over getting themselves into another situation like this.



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