My Hero Academia: School Briefs III (僕のヒーローアカデミア 雄英白書 III Boku no Hīrō Academia Yūei Hakusho San?) is the third School Briefs light novel spinoff, based in the My Hero Academia universe and the sequel to My Hero Academia: School Briefs II. It is illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi and written by Anri Yoshi.


Midoriya and the rest of Class 1-A will be cohabiting once they move into their new dormitory, Heights Alliance. Class president Tenya Ida, who hopes to become as spectacular a hero as his brother, will have to lead his classmates and enforce law and order during their dorm days.

Author Notes

A Note from the Creator
I never thought we'd reach a third novel! This is another rip-roaring fun one! I seriously feel blessed.

Kohei Horikoshi

A Note from the Author
I'm pumped and hyped and psyched up for the third season of the anime and the MHA movie! I just hope that between the manga, the anime, and the movie, you guys find time to enjoy the lighthearted fun of these novels.

—Anri Yoshi


Part 1: Cheers

After the events of the Hideout Raid, the battle against All For One, and All Might’s retirement, U.A. High decided to implement a dormitory system for their students to watch over them, so All Might and Shota Aizawa spend the day visiting all the students’ parents in order to receive permission. After the successful home visits, Aizawa takes All Might to a local bar he frequents, known as Sanzaru, to celebrate and relax. While All Might couldn’t drink any of the hard stuff, Aizawa was more than pleased to keep chugging along, to All Might’s surprise, even after drinking over three whole glasses of beer he doesn’t seem to get drunk, which Aizawa states he never remembers getting drunk before. Realizing this is the first time the two of them are alone, All Might decides to use this opportunity to become friendlier with Aizawa and tries to bring up topics to communicate with him about. He tries to start some small talk, but is unable to keep up with any semblance of conversation with him, causing him to crumble up under the awkwardness. However, thinking about Izuku Midoriya’s declaration to his mother earlier about never giving up on his dream to be a hero gives him the motivation to keep trying to get closer to him. All Might asks if he has any tips for teaching, but Aizawa comments that there aren’t really any easy answers, and that he’s still trying to figure it all out. Then, after hearing All Might mention about how proud he is seeing all the students’ quick growth, and how one particular student of his has starting setting his own course, Aizawa asks him about Izuku, saying that just because he has a similar Quirk to him that he shouldn’t be playing favorites, which All Might sullenly reacts to. 

The U.A. Staff out drinking.

Just at this moment, Aizawa receives a call from Present Mic, and after learning the two of them are hanging at the bar, shows up almost immediately and starts to order drinks for himself, to Aizawa’s dismay. Mic’s energy greatly livens up the place, to All Might’s relief, though Mic himself comments on the awkwardness of the two paired together. All Might notices that, even despite Mic’s rowdiness, Aizawa appears to be more relaxed from before, leading him to want to observe and see what he can learn. He asks how they became friends back in high school at U.A., with Mic mentioning how quiet and sleepy Aizawa always was so he’d be the one to always jump in and start the conversations. He brings up several insulting nicknames people used to give him, which Aizawa retaliates saying most of them Mic came up with, putting him into a choke hold to shut him up. A nervous All Might tries to wonder what to do in this situation, when suddenly Midnight and Thirteen walk into the establishment to witness it all going down; Midnight reacts with apathy while Thirteen reacts nervously. Sitting down with the three, Thirteen decides to order a lemon sour; Midnight’s surprised since they usually never drink, but they want to indulge since All Might is with them today. He asks Thirteen, who is still in her space suit, if she's uncomfortable in it, but she says she feels the best this way, taking off her helmet as they prepare to drink. All Might is fascinated by tequila being Midnight’s usual, becoming even more curious when Mic calls her an obnoxious drunk. The two of them and Aizawa get into another fight, as All Might backs off not sure how to intervene, instead turning towards Thirteen beside him. She asks him about his fondness for Yakushima cedar trees, and how much of a fan of nature documentaries she is, to All Might’s delight. The two get deep into conversation about their love for nature, with All Might glad all the awkwardness was finally behind him. However, he soon starts to realize the drink was getting to Thirteen’s head, as she started to trip over her words and get overly flustered at everything. The now nervous All Might turns back to Midnight, who he finds making a bunch of cocktails out of the available booze and trying to force Aizawa, and then Mic to drink it. The drink manages to temporarily knock Mic out, as Midnight starts up her next concoction, which Thirteen becomes fascinated about trying when she hears it has miso in it; Midnight refers to the drink as tasting like a “one-night stand.”

All Might sits back watching his colleagues let it all out with their drunk selves, feeling out of place that his sober self might be hindering the mood. He is about to get up to leave, but Aizawa grabs his hand telling him to stay a little longer. He then turns and sincerely thanks him for fighting in Kamino, and saving his students. All Might feels happy about this response, however he then notices Aizawa was speaking to a daruma doll this whole time, which he refuses to believe. Mic pipes in that not only is Aizawa drunk, but he’s been drunk for a while, and that he usually never remembers anything after he wakes up, surprising All Might. Wanting to keep the party going, the drunk Thirteen calls up Cementoss to join them, who is accompanied by Ectoplasm, Vlad King, and Hound Dog, with All Might being slightly frustrated that he’ll be stuck there for the unseeable future. Hound Dog acts as the chaperone, saying everyone should be setting examples to the kids, to All Might’s relief. Vlad King, after downing three whiskey-and-soda highballs, starts weeping about how proud he is at his students in Class 1-B and their parents. All Might brings up the Class 1-A parents, leading to Vlad and Aizawa getting into another argument about which class has the best students. Ectoplasm tries to convince everyone to go to karaoke, but no one hears him. Thirteen starts to cling to All Might to try to continue their conversation about nature, but Cementoss saves him and takes the attention away, only to also in his drunken state start caressing Thirteen’s helmet. Ectoplasm gets up yelling about to leave, only to fall backwards right into Midnight, laying him in her lap as he’s passed out sleeping. All Might, exasperated at the craziness going on, turns to Hound Dog for some help to calm them down, only to find he’s been completely distracted by everyone’s bone-shaped chopsticks. Ectoplasm suddenly busts awake and bursts out into song, as everyone joins in to rile him up.

All Might, still unsure of how to properly get out of the party, steps away to the restroom when he bumps into Mic. He asks him how they manage to always party this hard all the time, but Mic responds saying it’s never like this, and everyone’s drinking extra because it’s a special day; All Might, the greatest hero, is with them. Looking back on the chaotic group through a new perspective, All Might chuckles to himself, looking at the smiles on everyone’s faces. The party erupts into cheers once he returns, almost believing him to have left, as the clingy drunks all crowd around him as they each try to get him involved in their various drunken escapades. All Might sat back, thinking about how a place like this allowed these educators to let their desires out, unwind, and just be human rather than heroes, though the intensity of it all still leads him to swear to himself it would be his last drinking party.

Part 2: Dramatic Makeover!

At the Yaoyorozu household, Momo is with her mother and her butler, Uchimura, as they all try to help her pack up for the move to the U.A. dorms. Despite the amount of boxes included, her mother asks if she will be okay with “so little”, asking about bringing things that may not be necessary. Momo manages to talk the two of them not to going so overboard, as her mother tearfully tells her she can’t help but worry. Uchimura then brings in some more cardboard boxes containing encyclopaedias and reference books, which Momo is very happy to see. On Class 1-A’s first day of the move-in, Aizawa shows them around the building, where each of their rooms will be, and gives them the rest of the day to move all their boxes and unpack in each of their dorms. Before leaving, he turns to Momo’s pyramid of boxes saying she’ll only be able to fit 5-6 boxes and the rest she’ll have to return, shocking Momo. 

Shoto meets Mei.

Moving into his room, Shoto Todoroki was disappointed there were no tatami mats, or shoji window panels, due to being so used to his family’s traditional Japanese housing set-up. Trying to not let it all bother him too much, he gets changed into a more casual get-up, unpacked his belongings, and then tried to rest to the best of his abilities. He started to think about how he never expected he’d be able to move out of the same house as his father so soon, and remembering how Endeavor himself had grumbled learning about the dorm system, but due to being annoyed at All Might’s recent retirement, was in no mood to argue. Shoto briefly started to think about what kind of student his father was at U.A., but instead opened the window to get some fresh air. He takes a photo out of the album he brought with him, one with his mother holding him as a child, smiling. Just then, a sudden gust of wind snatches the photo and sends it flying, leaving Shoto to rush after it. He started looking around the forest for it, when a metallic device suddenly appears and runs into an ice wall he quickly put up for defense. Mei Hatsume comes running in, who Shoto recognized from the Sports Festival, looking for her “babies” that are going off all over the forest. As she requests his help in rounding up the rest before heading off again, Shoto was unsure what to do, not wanting his photo to get lost even more. He then starts to think of Tenya Ida, how against he was in their plan to rescue Katsuki Bakugo, yet still accompanied them to help out, and realizing that he would drop everything to help a person in need no matter what, Shoto stepped up and headed towards the clanging metal going around. Meanwhile, Tenya himself was figuring out the best way to organize the books on his shelf, but stopped himself from fretting on it too much, so that he could spend more time assisting his classmates with their moves later.

Shoto and Mei properly introduce themselves after rounding up most of the machines, which had accidentally all turned on while she was transporting them. After gushing about several of her inventions, including showing off a special crane meant to tie-up villains, she tells him there’s just one more missing, which they head off to find, while Shoto also asks her to be on the lookout for his photo too. At this moment, Recovery Girl appears, taking a walk around the school for exercise, and agrees to assist in looking for the “cherry-looking device” with them. She starts to talk with Shoto about Endeavor’s time at U.A., and all the times she had to treat him due to how hard he put himself to work, triggering painful memories within Shoto; he tells her to stop and she apologizes. After Shoto heads off and manages to find the device, he hears more mechanical destruction, which it turns out to be the mobile crane going haywire targeting Recovery Girl. Shoto tries to jump in front in time to save her, but instead the both of them end up trapped in its net. His rescue attempt reminded him of Eijiro Kirishima, and how his gutsy-ness to not sit by while his friend was kidnapped was what inspired Shoto to join along in the rescue mission, and how he’s since reflected his passion and courage when facing trouble. At the same time, Eijiro was assisting Katsuki in unpacking his boxes in his room, despite the latter not wanting his help, though not making the effort to kick him out either.

Trying to find a way out of the bind, that just keeps tighter the more they squirm, Shoto started to think about Momo, and how she would keep a level head and use her brainpower to come up with a plan to get out of the situation; Momo herself currently was busy going through her pile of boxes deciding what was most necessary to keep for her in her dorm. Still in thought, he realized using either ice or fire would hurt Recovery Girl so it was out of the question, however just then, the crane started to move forward down the road. Mei tried to grab it from behind, but the crane just dragged her behind with it. They noticed they were heading towards a massive pit that the second years were using for training, and knew it would be disastrous if they were to fall in it. Knowing there was no time to waste and he needed to act fast, Shoto thought about Izuku, thinking about how he never gives up and always comes up with a plan for success. Izuku himself at this moment was deep in thought trying to organize all of his All Might merchandise in the best way in his dorm room. 

Shoto finally figures out a plan, he gets Mei to throw the “cherry” device towards his mouth, catching it in his jaw. Using the added weight it gave him, he pushed the crane’s momentum to the side, causing it to topple over, spinning himself around to break the fall on the ground, just before they end up in the pit. Mei runs off to get tools to clip the wires, along with her mentor Power Loader, who proceeded to scold her for her recklessness. Right as she’s about to head off again, Mei gives Shoto his photo she found caught in a tree branch, bringing a relieved smile to his face, as well as also thanking him for all his help, giving him a gift of a toy barrel she made. After healing a scrape on his cheek, Recovery Girl thanks him for his help, which he responds that any of his friends would’ve done the same, leading him to think about just how much has changed in his life that he’s started to think of these people as friends and inspirations. Recovery Girl says that all the boys and girls have always been the type to do their hardest no matter what, leading Shoto to think she’s trying to say that even his father did his best when he was here, but he drove off that fleeting thought. When she starts to ask about how moving into the dorms have been, he brings up his dilemma regarding the furniture and set-up. She takes him to a warehouse where the school keeps its old junk, where they find a collection of tatami mats, shoji window panels, and a light fixture, which she says he’s free to use. Shoto thanks her, as he prepares to get to work, ready for what’s to come next.

Part 3: Playtime Is Over!

Toru Hagakure screams out as she spots someone peeping inside their dorm from outside. The boys first believe it to be Minoru Mineta, but realize he’s in the bath. Thinking it might be a villain, the students prepare themselves as they open the door, only to be greeted by Class 1-B’s Neito Monoma, taunting them as usual. He makes his way inside uninvited, examining the building’s set-ups to compare to his class’ dorm, all the while deflecting everyone’s questions. Claiming that they couldn’t declare each building was “exactly the same” without checking first, he forces his way in to check out everyone’s rooms.

While making his tour, being mostly unimpressed, Neito says that one’s room is the ultimate representation of personal taste and that the room reveals your true nature; Yuga Aoyama considered the comment of his room being “too bright” a compliment, while Izuku thinks to himself if it means he’s just a fanboy deep down since that’s what he called his room, which everyone else agreed to. Denki Kaminari proudly shows off his room, with Neito calling it too unsightly with no cohesive theme, refers to Tenya’s as too stuffy and serious, and Mashirao Ojiro’s as “so plain to almost becomes impressive”. When they get to Eijiro’s room, Neito pulls out a picture of Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu’s room, showing it to be nearly identical, with the difference being the latter having heavy metal curtains. Just as he starts to insult the class again for being undisciplined in comparison to his, he receives a swift chop to the back of his neck that completely knocks him out; 1-B’s Itsuka Kendo, Tetsutetsu, and Pony Tsunotori were there to retrieve their troublemaker. Itsuka apologizes again for Neito’s behaviour, whom continues to play difficult with everyone, first claiming to be scouting for weaknesses, then to just simply hanging out; Izuku comments on his “will of steel.” Meanwhile, Eijiro and Tetsutetsu were bonding over their shared interests and appreictation of each others’ rooms.

Momo and Rikido Sato treat the 1-B students to their blend of tea and sweets, which they all delightfully enjoy, with even Neito unable to find anything to legitimately criticize about it. Denki uses this opportunity to taunt him, but Neito quickly fires back to insult his room again. Wanting to know what his room looks like, Neito shows off a picture, revealing pastel walls complemented by white antique furniture, all coordinated for a sense of unity, providing a very French atmosphere to it. Toru, Momo, and the rest of 1-A present, including Denki reluctantly, agreed the room was pretty stylish. They then ask about what Itsuka and Pony’s rooms looked like, Pony calls Itsuka’s room very cool, containing an old wooden table, black steel furniture, and a picture of a motorcycle, with Tetsutetsu calling it manlier than his; Itsuka reacts slightly embarrassed to this. Pony shows off a picture of her room, completely filled with anime posters and figures, because of her love for anime and Japanese culture; Toru starts to gush with her about their love for Cutie Ninja Shinobi, while Izuku obsesses over a rare American All Might figure she owns, which she says he can take pictures of, to his delight.

Neito's shocking discovery.

Neito, bitter about the groups getting along so well, prepares to head out, but Denki and Mashiaro, still annoyed at all of his insults toward them, refuse to let him leave so easily. Taking the bait, Neito called for another competition between them, however with every suggestion shot down by him for one reason or another, and the arguments between the three getting nowhere, Shoto pops in having an idea. He arrives with the barrel-shaped toy he received from Mei earlier, with everyone recognizing it as “Pirate Panic”, the game where the players take turns sticking swords into the slots, in which one of them will trigger the pirate popping out, indicating the loser. Everyone, including Neito, got all pumped up and prepared to play. 1-A’s team consisted of Denki and Mashiaro, alongside Toru and Mina Ashido, against 1-B’s Neito, Tetsutetsu, Itsuka, and Pony. Neito wins the rock-paper-scissors round to go first, however just as he puts the sword in the first slot, he was hit with a sudden jolt of electricity that ran right through his body, knocking him out. Everyone was immensely confused, with Neito at first blaming Denki for the sneak attack, until they realized it came from the barrel, as well as noticing the pirate hadn’t popped out either. Shoto tells them he got it from Mei, causing Izuku and Tenya to react in horror, knowing how unpredictable her and her inventions are, requesting it might be better to call off the game not to risk it. Neito, despite the internal injuries, stands his ground and goads the rest of the group to continue on with the game, with the rest of the students eventually getting their enthusiasm back, despite the slight reluctance. Denki’s turn was next, believing it to be another electric shock that he could easily rebuff, but instead the barrel locked his arms into place, as robotic fingers extended and smacked him across the wrists. Rikido recognizes it as “shippe”, with Izuku theorizing that every slot triggers a different painful response resembling some torture method, softening some of their enthusiasm, but yet they still pushed forward. Tetsutetsu jumped in next, as a long rubber band is pulled out right in front of his face, and released to smack right on his forehead, though he’s able to deflect it with his “Steel” Quirk. For Mashiaro’s turn, a strip of duct tape appeared and stuck it on his tail right in front of him, before ripping it away, taking off a chunk of fur with it. Itsuka got inflicted by an awful stench, which she instinctively made worse using her “Big Fist” Quirk as a fan to try and blow it away. Toru was attacked by two arms that began tickling her aggressively, Pony had a piece of wasabi shoved into her mouth (though she was still excited to get a taste of more Japanese culture), and Mina gets a block of ice dropped down the back of her shirt. Izuku, doing his usual muttering analysis, pondered about if these were all the “safe” slots, what happened to the loser, inciting dread from everyone else, though the contestants refused to budge. 

Round 2 consisted of a forehead flick, a frying pan to the head, a cream pie to the face, an exploding balloon, and more. With only two slots remaining in the end, Mina took her turn, as an arm grabbed her and swung her about, though Mina enjoyed it since it felt like break-dancing. With Neito having the last turn, and the pirate still in place, 1-A’s victory was secured, as Denki and Mashiaro taunted him. However, he refused to take his turn, scared to see what the final torture would be, using their comments as deflection to claim them as being too cruel, with even Itsuka and Tetsutetsu telling him just to do it. Tetsutetsu decides to take the turn himself, with Eijiro saying what a man’s man he is, as everyone prepares for the worst. However, instead, a dry pop occurs as the toy pirate shoots out of the barrel, followed by a “Congratulations” in Mei’s voice. Izuku finally realized that Mei designed it so the one who popped the pirate out was the winner, like how the game originally used to be played, leading everyone to react in annoyance. Neito stood up declaring that they won, but Denki countered they had decided whoever made it pop would lose. However, with everyone too tired from all the punishments, they all conceded and the students of 1-B stumbled their way out the door. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as they left, with Denki commenting that block parties can be hell, with Mashiaro replying only Neito, the rest aren’t so bad.

Part 4: The Hundred Tales of U.A.

On a Sunday, Hanta Sero, Mina, Denki, Mezo Shoji, Tsuyu Asui, and Minoru get together to tell some scary stories. Hanta was telling his to good effect, only to be ruined by Minoru’s screams of terror, to the other students’ annoyance. Asking why he was even there, they realize it was so he could attempt to grope the other girls in the dark. Mina and Tsuyu reflected on how the girls would finally be able to bathe in peace after seeking assistance from Mei to build an anti-peeping security system. Fumikage Tokoyami, whose room they were using to tell their stories due to its dark, gloomy atmosphere, was annoyed at everyone’s antics, but they still continued forward.

Meanwhile on this day around the campus, Momo, Ochaco Uraraka, Toru, and Kyoka Jiro were hanging out in Kyoka’s room, as she was showing her guests her musical instruments. They asked for a demonstration, so she reluctantly played a piece on her guitar, to their excitement and her slight embarrassment. On the front lawn, Izuku was training with Tenya about how to best add kicking to his fighting moves, keeping a diligent watch and taking notes in his notebook; Shoto passes by, greeting them as he heads off to visit his mother. Izuku apologizes for Tenya helping him on his day off, but Tenya rebuffs it saying he’d do anything to help his friend, as they get back to their work. In Eijiro’s room, Mashirao was there checking out his punching bag, giving it a good workout with his tail. He accidentally smacks it a bit too hard to the ground, causing an enraged Katsuki to storm in and tell them to quiet down.

Fumikage tells a tale of terror.

Back in Fumikage’s room, Mina finishes off her story, with Minoru once again freaked out, clinging onto Mezo’s arms, however everyone else is unfazed, saying her performance didn’t sell it enough. Mina turned to Fumikage, pressuring him to tell a story next, believing him to be a master of horror, and Denki adding that his voice is already scary enough for this sort of thing. Reluctantly, Fumikage sighed and gave in, telling a story his grandfather once told him. He mentions about the Hundred Tales, where people would tell a hundred scary stories amongst candles, with the final story summoning a ghost, and how in this village, they would always stop at the ninety-ninth. One day, a blond woman traveler joined in on the fun, finding herself not being frightened, but instead amused at everyone’s stories, to the villagers’ discomfort. After the ninety-ninth, she jumped in and told the hundredth story, despite everyone else’s pleas to stop; when it finished, the final candle blew out on its own. While no ghost had appeared, they noticed the woman disappeared. They tried to figure out what happened, but eventually forgot about it, until one of the youths claimed to have spotted the woman again, with no one believing them, until the next day when his body was discovered, with his face twisted in an expression of sheer terror, and a single blond hair wrapped around his neck. Mina reacted in fear to the story, wrapping herself around Tsuyu and hiding behind one of Mezo’s arms. Fumikage continues, telling how eventually everyone present for the telling of the woman’s story wound up dead, with the village believing her to be a soul-sucking demon, due to a legend that stated a couple had given birth to a daughter with blond hair, with the black-haired husband abandoning them, and the wife sacrificing the baby to a demon to lay a powerful curse upon her husband. He adds that the person who initially told his grandfather the story had moved away from the village at a young age, but when he returned much later in life, found it all completely deserted and in ruins, and that a terrible plague had supposedly killed off everyone, though rumours state that blond hair was found near the bodies. The man soon came across the blond woman himself, worried he had cursed himself, and despite the grandfather’s belief he was just imagining things, he died several days later, with a blond hair wrapped around his neck. With the story’s conclusion, the students’ reacted in complete shock, unable to process it all. Denki asked if the story was made up, with Fumikage saying that it really was a tale that his grandfather told him, but he is unsure whether he made it up or not. Just as everyone is about to head out to leave, he ends things by telling them that stories contain lessons, and his is that stories themselves should be treated as more than just amusements to pass the time, and that you never know when spirits could be closer than you imagine.

That night, Minoru was struggling to fall asleep due to thinking about Fumikage’s story, when he suddenly starts to hear a low buzzing noise out in the hallway. As it keeps getting louder, he reluctantly gets up to investigate. Realizing the hallway was empty, he rushed his way back to his bed terrified, thinking its just his imagination, when he hears a knock at his door, followed by a woman’s voice saying his name, causing him to scream in fear. The following day, he realizes that it was only the people present for Fumikage’s story that heard the buzzing and name calling, with Minoru’s neighbour, Izuku, not hearing anything. Hanta jokingly wonders if they were really cursed, Rikido wonders just how scary the story really was, and Denki starts to explain to the others around them about the tale. Katsuki and Shoto were also in earshot, with Katsuki storming out of the room yelling at them not to tell weird stories near him; Izuku thought to himself that he might scare easily. Kyoka jumps in saying that she heard the buzzing too, validating them in their supposed delusions, but also worrying them about the potential of an actual curse being real. Seeing his fellow classmates worried, Tenya steps in to help investigate what’s going on.

Tenya stayed up overnight in the hallway, struggling to stay awake to catch a glimpse of anything, when he starts to hear the buzzing. Denki, Mashiaro, and Koji Koda soon popped out of their rooms to join him, also hearing the noise and freaked out about the story. Soon they hear a scream on the bottom floor, which they realize is Minoru and rush to check it out. Minoru had grabbed ahold of Izuku’s leg in fear, with the latter, alongside other neighbours Yuga and Fumikage, also hearing the knock and the voice calling out Minoru’s name. Now with everyone in the dorm hearing the buzzing, Tenya begins to ponder what’s happening.

The following day, as the winds outside got stronger and stronger, preparing for the storm later that night, the entire class was uneasy due to being unable to sleep and nervous regarding the potential curse, so Aizawa finally addressed the issue. While he questions them believing in something so irrational as the paranormal, the students address certain oddities like the buzzing with no real conclusion to give them reason to worry. Aizawa proceeds to remember about something paranormal related to U.A., causing the entire class to pay attention. He talks about one of the “Seven Mysteries of U.A.”, how a ghost of an alum who couldn’t become a hero haunts the campus, cursing anyone who spots it, specifically around the area right where the campus was build, causing an eruption of chaos from the students as they have another thing to worry about. Aizawa manages to calm them down, and says he will check out the disturbance and determine the issue, to the students’ relief. That night the rain started coming down incredibly hard, as the wind violently brushed against the trees. Preparing for the potential of a blackout, and not wanting the kids to freak out even more, Aizawa makes his way into the building and starts to look around for all the resources. Recognizing that writing off the noise as “mass hallucination” would be irrational, he finally caught wind of the buzzing and checked around the first floor for it, realizing it was on the move. He manages to spot the source of the noise in the dining hall.

Class 1-A haunted by a ghost.

Tenya, alongside Shoto, Rikido, and Hanta go to visit Minoru, wondering why Aizawa hasn’t shown up to check on everyone yet, with Izuku also appearing to ask the same thing. They go down to the first floor, where they find Aizawa unconscious on the floor near the dining table. Laying him down on the sofa, soon the entire class was on the common floor, believing he was taken out by either the ghost or potentially a villain somehow. Tsuyu and Tenya bring up that they should go alert one of the other teachers for assistance, but before they can do that, a crashing thunder knocks out the lights in the building, causing the students to panic once again. Momo quickly tries to make a flashlight, but is spooked by something crawling underneath her foot, which the others start to feel too. Denki and Katsuki used their Quirks to temporarily light up the room, to which they see a flash of white jumping through the air and disappearing, leading the class to pause and freak out. Now fully believing there to be a ghost nearby, the class wonders what they can do to combat it. A nervous Shoto asks Izuku if ice or fire would be most effective, with him responding that neither probably would work since they’re spirits with no bodies. At this point, the front door swung open hard, as a tall blond figure makes their way into the building. Fully freaking out, the entire class throw a barrage of Quirks right at their target, destroying the entrance and knocking the figure to the ground. As the lights come back on, and the smoke settles, they approach the non-dispersed body, only to realize it to be Present Mic, not having recognized him with his hair down. Just then, Aizawa finally wakes up, and after moving the unconscious Mic to safety, he tells them what’s going on. He instructs Tsuyu to grab a floating black orb hiding in the corner, which turns out to be the source of the buzzing. He also reveals he was knocked out because he slipped on a kitchen rag someone left out trying to grab it, which turned out to be from Toru. Wondering where it came from, Aizawa realizes it came from Mei’s anti-peeping security, as the device easily slots back into the hole and recharges. Calling up Mei, she reveals she added the device was a bonus she added to fly around and keep an eye on Minoru to make sure he remained in his room at night. Lastly, wondering about the white ghost they saw, it turned out to just be Koji’s rabbit that had escaped his room in the chaos. Everybody sighed in relief, but were treated to a lecture by an intensely furious Aizawa, seeing the damage they caused the front door by their attack, and how they let a little ghost story get to them so badly. He orders them to write apology essays, giving them a curfew and putting a ban on ghost stories. As they all head back to bed, they realize the truly rational fear is Aizawa in one of his bad moods.

Part 5: A Day in the Life of a Class President

On a seemingly average school day, Tenya wakes himself up and starts up his daily routine getting prepared for what’s to come. Heading to the changing room, he's exasperated over seeing the mess the other boys made, with clothes and a toothbrush all over the place, and proceeded to clean it up, annoyed that his lectures never stuck in their heads. Mezo and Koji arrive into the room, also pretty early risers, chatting for a bit before Tenya heads out back to his room. Getting dressed in his uniform, he checks up on Denki to make sure he’s not slacking and to let him know about his toothbrush, and then heads to the main floor to get breakfast; Mezo, Koji, Fumikage, Momo, and Kyoka were all there eating too. He notices the girls more tired than usual, so asks them what happened last night, causing them to stutter a response, before he’s distracted by Fumikage. Finished eating, Tenya heads out toward the classroom, thinking about how grateful he was for the dorm system shortening his commute greatly, allowing more time for other activities.

Arriving in the classroom, he proceeded to readjust everyone’s sloppy chairs and seats, as well as wiping down everything in the room to its cleanliest, followed by reviewing his material before class starts. He found it odd that none of his other classmates were there by now, and even odder a bit later as they all barged their way into the classroom right at the last second. He asks what took them so long, with Ochaco claiming they had an infestation of cockroaches in the kitchen they had to deal with. He noticed Izuku and Shoto appeared to be more tired than usual, as well as Ochaco having cowlicks in her head due to long nights, causing him to be suspicious something is up.

By lunchtime, Tenya, Izuku, and Shoto head to Lunch Rush’s Cafeteria to get their food, as per usual. The three of them talked about how much busier Lunch Rush has been since the implementation of the dorms, and the possibility of him changing his hero name because of it. In front of them in line, the U.A.’s Big Three, Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado were having their own conversation. Tamaki was nervous about how crowded the cafeteria was, Nejire playfully teased him about it, and Mirio mentions how he’s getting ramen with pork, recommending Tamaki get clams to eat. As they headed off, the three 1-A boys proceeded to order their favorite dishes, Tenya the beef stew with glass of orange juice on the side, Izuku a katsudon pork bowl, and Shoto soba noodles on a wickerwork tray; they are joined by Rikido once they get to their seat. Tenya asks the boys for a way to get the other students to keep the changing room cleaner, with each recommending various options, as Rikido then asks Tenya if there are any foods he dislikes or can’t eat. He responds, but when asked why they asked the question, Izuku and Rikido freeze up; Shoto starts to give an answer, but Izuku quickly puts his hands over his mouth to shut him up. They manage to cover themselves, but Tenya still finds all the occurrences and interactions between everyone that day to not add up, believing the possibility that he may have offended them somehow. He started to think of all the times he lectured, berated, scolded, or nagged them about various offenses, and believed that to be the reason they’ve all decided to lie and shun him. 

Seeing Izuku’s genuine concern over his deep inner reflection, he thought to himself that he shouldn’t doubt his friends so easily, however, with everyone continuing to give him the cold shoulder for the rest of the day, it still didn’t escape the back of his mind that something was wrong. Later that day, he overhears some of the boys’ conversation in the bath, mentioning about a task they need to accomplish, and name-dropping Tenya personally. Realizing that he is listening, the boys panic and proceed to quickly charge out of the bathroom, leaving him all alone, feeling distressed about everything. After the bath, Tenya brings Izuku to his room for a conversation, asking him to be honest if he did anything to make him and the others dislike him. Izuku insisted that was not the case at all, though while also looking at the clock, he pushed Tenya onto his bed to get some rest, before quickly running out.

"Happy Birthday Ida!"

Trying and failing to fall asleep, Tenya found himself conflicted regarding the nature of his fellow students’ actions, wanting to seemingly get rid of him, and Izuku’s genuine insistence of friendship. He got out of bed, thinking that even if his classmates would shun him, he could never resent them, and prepared to confront them head on. However, once he makes it to the first floor in the elevator, he’s met face to face with Katsuki, standing in front and refusing to budge to let him pass. He overheard a few of the students apparently about to enjoy one of Rikido’s cakes, drowning his resolve to action. Katsuki then steps into the elevator and pushes the button for Tenya’s room, telling him to stay in his room and not to go back down and interfere. Heading back in his room upset, he receives a call from his mother, who asks him how getting adjusted to dorm life has been. He tries to hide his uneasiness from his mother and brother, Tensei, but before the conversation can continue, he notices the light in his room suddenly flick off, causing him to cut the call short to investigate. Wondering about why there could be another blackout so soon after the last, he hears the screams from Ochaco on the first floor calling for his help, leading him to dash off after her. Making it to the main room, as the lights all turn on, he’s greeted by the entirety of Class 1-A, minus Katsuki and Rikido, as colourful balloons and paper flowers decorated the area along with a banner that read, “Happy Birthday Ida!” As confetti filled the air, Tenya finally remembers that today was his birthday, and the reason why his mother had just called him. The students talk about how much effort it took them to plan everything behind his back to keep it all a secret, apologizing for making things weird for him throughout the day, and how this’ll be the only time they really go all out, as thanks for everything he’s done for them as class president. Eijiro mentions how Katsuki couldn’t make it due to supposedly feeling sleepy, leading Tenya to realize that in their interaction he was being, at least partially, considerate to help preserve the surprise. Izuku and Shoto proceeded to apologize themselves for their actions, with Izuku once again reiterating that everyone really does like him, making him happy. Rikido finally shows up, carrying a big orange juice cake, as the class starts to sing Happy Birthday. He wishes to be a worthy president for his classmates before blowing out the candles, as everyone grinned and celebrated right alongside him, as he reflects how while life in dormitory had its ups and downs, every wonderful day spent with his friends was well worth it.

Part 6: I Am a Rabbit

Koji Koda’s pet rabbit, Yuwai, reflects to itself how they purposefully made it so Koji would forget to lock up their cage as he dashed off to class in a hurry. They refer to themselves as likening to thirty human years, so slightly annoyed at the baby treatment Koji gives them, but ultimately deals with as that is part of a pet’s life. They think back to the time when they first met, when Yuwai was just one of many pets at a pet shop, watching everyone else around them be sold, until Koji eventually showed up and purchased them. They think about how much they respect Koji as the perfect owner, not only thanks to his natural actions not to force himself onto them, but even learning about his Quirk, Anivoice, allowing him to control non-humans, he never tried to manipulate Yuwai, only using it in extreme circumstances, forming a solid trust between the two. They mention how, due to the move in changing to the dormitories, Yuwai’s surprise and welcome move-in alongside Koji, and their concern for their owner who they also view as a little brother, lead them to want to explore and examine around their new environment.

With all the students left for class, Yuwai remains cautious as they make their way through the corridor, staring in awe at the lush courtyard below outside. Making their way into the elevator, they manage to press the buttons that send them down towards the bottom floors, only to be met with a mysterious noise once the door opens. The intensely loud noise turns out to be from two vacuum cleaners, which Yuwai realizes are from two humans the others call Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo. They recall a conversation that occurred the night before between Koji, Denki, Tenya, and Mashiaro, talking about if the two of them would be able to handle staying inside by themselves. Yuwai remembers that they had been confined to the building as punishment due to sneaking out at night to have a big fight. They think about how male rabbits are naturally prone to rough housing and fighting, and worries that Koji would not be able to handle that kind of conflict. 

Katsuki tries to catch Yuwai.

Katsuki and Izuku spot Yuwai in the hallway, Izuku tries to calmly pick them up, with Yuwai keeping their distance, while Katsuki mocks Koji for letting them escape in the first place, causing Yuwai to stamp their legs in anger. After Izuku convinces him to try and capture them in case Aizawa gets angry, Katsuki quickly jumps right after them, caught off guard by just how quick Yuwai is as they speed off in the other direction. Using his explosions to blast himself toward the rabbit, Yuwai instinctively freezes due to the fear of the loud noise, causing Katsuki to blast over them as they continue running off. Izuku tries to warn Katsuki not to stress the rabbit out too much or else it could die. In its fleeing effort, Yuwai bumps into the two’s garbage causing it knock over, leading to another brief spat between them allowing Yuwai to hide.

Taking the elevator, unable to find Koji’s room, Yuwai comes across another room that was slightly left open, one with stacks of magazines and posters all over, which they choose to hide in. Yuwai starts to think about Katsuki, calling him a predator, likening him as someone who would hoist up a rabbit by its ears like a hunter, and also thinks about how they would protect Koji from an encounter with Katsuki if one would occur. Very shortly after, Katsuki makes his way into the room, verbally stating his absolute disgust for the room and its owner, one filled with posters and magazines filled with nearly or completely naked women. Using this moment, Yuwai manages to jump out and escape, just barely missing Katsuki’s grasping attempt as he slips on the pile of magazines in front of him. Izuku arrives to see Katsuki storming out of Minoru Mineta’s room, with the two of them realizing they need some way to catch the rabbit, with Katsuki having an idea. Yuwai continues to hide on the first floor, planning to hide at least until Koji comes back, to achieve some sort of success against Katsuki, until they are distracted from the scent of a banana. Now with all thoughts thinking about nothing but the fruit, Yuwai propels themselves toward it, munching deliriously, only to be caught off guard, and caught literally, by Katsuki, with Izuku right beside him. Just then Yuwai seemed to pass out in exhaustion, with Izuku worried and Katsuki annoyed.

Waking up several hours later, Yuwai is welcomed by the face of Koji, jumping into their owner’s arms in delight, as Koji inspects them to see everything alright. Katsuki lectures him to take better care about his pet, while Izuku comments on just how clever they are, managing to figure out how to use the elevator. Denki and Mashiaro arrive to see Koji, thinking about how funny it must have been to see Izuku and Katsuki chasing Yuwai around, with Koji slightly distressed believing it was his fault they escaped. Yuwai turns to Koji and tries to speak to him, telling him about how despite Katsuki’s foul mouth, he showed them a degree of kindness and care when they believed them to be sick. How animals have a sixth sense for first impressions, and could tell that Katsuki wasn’t someone who’d they consider wicked. They also mention how Izuku would check up on them throughout the day, and even Katsuki checking in once himself, saying that the two boys get along much better than most would expect, and that it is a safe environment that Koji could take part in without worry. However, Koji and the other boys are unable to understand Yuwai’s speech, to their disappointment, but are sparked up as Koji picks them up to take them to the courtyard outside. On the way, they go past Minoru taunting Katsuki about cleaning, and Mina & Ochaco arriving to give Yuwai a series of pets. Finally, they make their way outside as Yuwai takes in the scent of their surrounding, thinking about the space with their new family they have deemed their new home.

Bonus: U.A. Quest

Long ago, the demon lord conquered the world, leading to the good people unable to fight back forced to be exploited by its wicked ruler, until a group of brave people, known as heroes, led by the greatest of them all, All Might, drove the demon lord back, restoring peace to the land. A boy from the countryside named Izuku, with a heavy admiration for All Might, bids farewell to his mother as he heads off to become his apprentice. The day before Izuku had discovered an All Might doll, and then had a dream where the man himself told him that he can become a hero, leading him to believe it to be a prophecy as he head out. Being the first time out of his village, he was unsure of where to go, but received some assistance from two other travelers, a mercenary mage-for-hire named Ochaco and a proud knight named Tenya. He learns from them that All Might has supposedly gone missing, alongside many other heroes within the Realm of Sumwhere, and with the two of them out on the quest to discover what happened, Izuku accompanies them. 

The trio soon realized they were low on food rations, mostly due to Ochaco being extra hungry thanks to her magic, until they came across a tree bearing incredibly delicious fruit. They chowed down until they were stopped by guards, accusing them of stealing from Lord Endeavor’s kuzumochi fruit tree. They try to flee, but are saved by Shoto, Lord Endeavor’s son, who saved the three as a way of getting back at his rotten father, who had grown obsessed over growing the trees and fruit to the point of breaking his family apart. Izuku invites him to join in their quest, as a way to break off from his father’s shadow, which he agrees. They eventually make their way to a volcano, following Ochaco who supposedly knows the way, only to be stopped by a barbarian emerging from the volcano riding a red fire-breathing dragon, known as Lord Katsuki. He orders them to battle him if they want to pass, using his dragon to block their attempts to escape. At that moment, Izuku recognizes him as being his old neighbour, with Katsuki also recognizing him, wanting to use this opportunity to finally fight and crush him once and for all. They engage in combat, with Katsuki becoming the victor, ordering the four to now be his servants. However when they tell him about their quest to search for All Might and the vanished heroes, Katsuki decides to join them so he can find and fight the being who did all that. The red dragon also turns itself human, going by the name Eijiro, becoming Katsuki’s servant after losing to him in a duel, and accompanies the rest on the journey.

Finally making their way to the Realm of Sumwhere, they were greeted to a dusty town with barely anyone around. They head to the local tavern, called the Dancing Tadpole, where the owner, Tsuyu, ushers them in, noticing only two other patrons, a sharp-eyed girl and a shifty man in a black hood. Tenya asks Tsuyu about the missing heroes, with her mentioning they had shown up, but has no idea who or why they would’ve disappeared. After devouring the meal, Tenya realizes he has no money as his satchel had torn open at some point on their journey, and with nobody else having any money on them, leaving them stuck. Katsuki goes into Izuku’s satchel and tries to give them the All Might doll to trade, but Izuku grabs it back, insistent on using it to accomplish his dreams, leading to a back and forth between the two. Just then, as the shifty man leaves the building, the rest of the party finds a hoard of demons suddenly arrive in the town about to attack. The six managed to take out all of the demons with ease, also assisted by the shifty-eyed girl, a mercenary named Kyoka. As thanks for saving the tavern, Tsuyu insists on no payment for the meal and gives them a night’s stay at the tavern free of charge. Conversing with her, Ochaco figured out that Kyoka was a spy hired by the kingdom, to check in and observe any impending danger. Kyoka believes that it was the demon lord, supposedly back from the dead, that made all of the heroes disappear. Discussing with the rest of the party, they are greeted by the man in the black hood, which Izuku recognizes as Aizawa the Hero. Recognizing them from defeating the demons earlier, he reveals he might have found the demon lord’s secret lair and is about to challenge him, asking them to go out and spread the news throughout the land. Before leaving, Aizawa asks Izuku to see the All Might doll in search of a clue, and due to Izuku’s insistence on wanting to find the clue himself, tells him to come with him as they head into the forest. 

The heroes united!

Izuku looked at the doll, unable to determine anything weird about it, as Aizawa asked to see it for himself. However, just as he’s about to give it to him, Izuku hears a voice in his head telling him not to give it. As Aizawa gets more intense the longer he hesitated, Izuku tries to flee only to be bound by his bandages. He proceeds to take the All Might doll from him, and starts to squeeze the life out of Izuku, only to be saved by a burst of fire thanks to dragon Eijiro accompanied by the rest of the party. Kyoka realized that something seemed fishy since Aizawa was one of the heroes that vanished, revealing himself to be Aizawa, only now reborn as a demon, summoning a hoard of demons and beasts to his aid. He transformed into an even larger demon, one bigger than dragon Eijiro, as everyone prepared for battle. Tenya, Shoto, Izuku, and Katsuki each brandished their blades to take out various foes, Eijiro took out huge portions with his flames, Kyoka using her agility to fight with daggers, Tsuyu using her unnaturally long tongue, and Ochaco continuing with her magic. With all the demons defeated, Aizawa himself remained, impressed by their power asking them to join him, with them all almost immediately rejecting. They tried to attack, but none of their blows seemed to pierce his hide, as he easily knocks them all down, unable to fight anymore. Right as he is about to crush Izuku, he tells him that the All Might doll is actually All Might himself, cursed by the demon lord. At this moment, Izuku realizes the voice in his head was All Might, as the man imbues his power onto Izuku, dodging the attack while possessing a great aura in the shape of All Might. Striking Aizawa down with a mighty blow of his blade, the demon body started to shrink as the power went back into the doll. The group goes to see Aizawa, now no longer under the demonic control, and with no memories of what happened before. He and All Might reveal that the demon lord has been cursing heroes and transforming them into demons, and that defeating it would free everyone. Everyone energetically agrees to join together to take down the threat, prepared for any other battles they’ll have to face, with Aizawa agreeing to accompany them as their leader, remarking that he’s starting to feel like a schoolteacher. Izuku turns to the All Might doll, asking him to be his apprentice, as he states that he’s already his apprentice and not to let him down. Izuku smiles and also asks for his autograph in the future, as the fellowship of ten brave forth unaware of what dangers await them next.


  • Just like the Season 2 ending, the Bonus chapter takes influence from the results of the 2nd Popularity Poll, depicting the characters in a fantasy setting, with the winners of the Top 10 being the only ones who appear in the story. It also confirms the fan theory that the dragon Katsuki rides in the ending is a transformed Eijiro.


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