My Hero Academia: School Briefs II (僕のヒーローアカデミア 雄英白書 II Boku no Hīrō Akademia Yūei Hakusho Ni?) is the second School Briefs light novel spinoff, based in the My Hero Academia universe and the sequel to My Hero Academia: School Briefs I. It is illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi and written by Anri Yoshi.


At U.A. High School, it’s tradition for students to attend a training camp in the woods. Though the kids are mostly there to improve their Quirks, it’s also an opportunity for these aspiring heroes to cut loose in a way they can’t during regular classes.

Author Notes

A Note from the Creator
Chock full of everyday scenes from these characters' lives that didn't make it into the manga! Fun! I'd love to draw them at some point!

Kohei Horikoshi

A Note from the Author
I always get kind of emotional and excited while reading the manga, but volume 11 really blew me away. When the crowd in the streets joined as one to cheer on All Might, I gave in and let the tears flow. All Might is just so amazing. Incidentally, this book is a glimpse behind the scenes of the training camp in the woods, so All Might doesn't make an appearance... I'm sorry about that. The ever-chatty class A takes center stage, and class B shows up too. Sit back and enjoy!

—Anri Yoshi


Part 1: A Learning Experience

On the final Sunday of June, each of the students are hard at work studying for their upcoming final exams. Izuku Midoriya keeps himself busy reading through his textbooks (and also lightly training with his exercise grip), thinking about how the others were holding up.

Denki Kaminari, Kyoka Jiro, Hanta Sero, Mashirao Ojiro, and Mina Ashido arrive at Momo Yaoyorozu’s mansion for their upcoming study session, gawking at the size of her abode. The family’s butler, Uchimura, appears to welcome and invite them all in. They enter the front, still shocked at the surroundings not even resembling Japan anymore, where they’re greeted by a host of maids alongside Mrs. Yaoyorozu, who introduces herself. She cuts herself off when she notices Kyoka, staring at her for a bit and causing the girl to worry if there is something wrong with her outfit. While showing everyone around the house, Mina mentions “Momoyao”, leading Kyoka to explain to the woman it is their nickname for Momo; delighted by this she requests everyone give her a nickname too, which Mina decides “Mamayao”. Despite her energetic-ness, Kyoka still feels slightly distressed over the previous reaction towards her; Denki notices this and tries to check in on her. As they make it to their main study room, Momo shows up where everyone gets ready to start their reading.

Katsuki attempts to tutor Eijiro.

Meanwhile, Katsuki Bakugo and Eijiro Kirishima were hanging out at a nearby library, with the former attempting to help the latter study for the upcoming exams. Katsuki’s natural loud speaking tone caught the attention of the other patrons, to Eijiro’s slight embarrassment. Showing him some of the math problems he has issues with, Katsuki laughs off at how easy they are and proceeds to answer the questions with ease, unable to explain clearly how to reach the correct response, to Eijiro’s increased confusion; he comments to himself just how smart Katsuki naturally is he’s never had to worry about studying. As their back-and-forths continued to cause a commotion, leading Eijiro to give several more apologies, a little boy shows up and approaches them. He points out Katsuki, recognizing him from winning, and getting tied up at, the U.A. Sports Festival, and asks if people get tied up if they’re too loud. Katsuki, reminded of what happened again, blows up at the boy in anger, causing him to loudly cry in fear; Eijiro quickly grabs ahold of Katsuki as they rush out the library.

The Yaoyorozu study group continued their work, with Kyoka commenting on her appreciation for how much work Momo put into to create the best possible study plans for each of them. Despite this, Denki still finds himself unable to focus on anything, so Momo requests a short break. Uchimura and the maids come in and hand everyone tea and snacks. When they all decide to try the cookies, appearing to resemble high-class pastries, they’re surprised when they’re hit by a barrage of sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty flavours all at once, keeping their mouth shut so as not to insult what they believe to be “rich food”. Recognizing something up, Momo tries them, causing her to be shocked and head out the room. They tried to start studying again, but after a while with Momo not returning, Kyoka and Mina head out to look for a bathroom. After being escorted by a maid and finishing their business, they find themselves unable to remember how to get back to the study room, having already relieved the maid from waiting with them. 

Mashirao and Hanta wonder about what may be taking the girls so long, while Denki continues and fails to try and jam the information into his head. The other two try to offer up their encouragement to keep at it, while he’s all but accepted certain defeat, until he remembers some words Minoru Mineta had gave to him earlier, that he could try and cheat. Mashirao and Hanta tell him how dangerous that would be if they were to get caught, leading to nervous chuckles from the three of them, when Denki takes a look at Hanta’s tape as an idea comes to mind, to Mashirao and Hanta’s interest.

After fleeing the library, Katsuki and Eijiro take refuge at a busy diner outside the station, the perfect place to handle their loudness. As Eijiro gets up to get their drinks, Katsuki is approached by two other guys. Eijiro returns to see the two being friendly with Katsuki, to his annoyance, learning that they all hung out together in middle school. Katsuki tries to shoo them away, but Eijiro insists they stay to catch up with each other. He asks the two how Katsuki was in middle school, which they respond by saying he’s pretty much the same as he was before, arrogant with a very loud mouth; Katsuki tells them off and pushes them away to get a refill. With him gone, the two mention to Eijiro how he appears to have chilled out a lot, pointing out that before he would have actually hit them for their transgression, and never would even attempt to help tutor someone. Eijiro tells them that despite his bad attitude and nasty mouth, him being a strong man that sticks to his convictions is what he respects about him most, and why he likes hanging out with him. Realizing the two must’ve also been in the same class as Izuku, he asks them about him too, causing them to react sheepishly. They mention how they used to always bully Izuku due to believing he didn’t have a Quirk, so when they heard he was accepted to U.A., and saw him in action at the Sports Festival, it completely shocked them. Eijiro noticed the regret and un-comfortableness in their voice and expressions talking about him, so tells them that they should tell Izuku himself because he would love to hear that, giving the two a sense of relief. They then start to gush about Izuku’s battle against Shoto Todoroki, and how they would’ve loved to see him be able to duke it out against Katsuki, when the man himself shows up yelling at them for even thinking about him. The two jokingly point out how he always reverts back to his worst instincts when it comes to Izuku, causing him to fight back even more, leading to a ruckus that results in the other patrons of the diner catching their attention, recognizing him from the Sports Festival, and once again inciting his anger toward everyone. The manager shows up and promptly kicks the four out for causing a scene, with Katsuki proclaiming it’s actually all Deku’s fault. The two other guys leave, while Eijiro comments on how Katsuki may have chilled out a bit, he still has a long way to go to taming his short fuse.

Still wandering around the mansion, Kyoka and Mina try to make their way through the labyrinth, with the latter wanting to explore more with her giddy smile. Thinking about how Momo had gotten used to living there, and reminded of Mamayao’s awkward look she gave her, Kyoka asks Mina if something’s might be wrong with her clothes, which she says looks great. Kyoka thinks to herself how despite her and Momo being from two different worlds (rock versus classical), they still managed to become very good friends, so the thought of being judged by her family felt painful to her. They are finally found by Uchimura, who decides to escort them to where Momo is. They approach the kitchen as they eavesdrop on Momo and her mother, learning the latter was the one who made the cookies with the intention of making brain food for the students. Momo tries to convince her mother to stop, but she refuses as she wants to do her part to help, to Kyoka’s surprise, reflecting upon Mamayao’s aloofness, just like any relatable mom. Entering in, Momo apologies to the two about the cookies, but now relieved, the two say not to worry as they head back to the study room. Mamayao once again takes a look at Kyoka’s outfit, causing her to be uncomfortable again, until she comments that she loves her fashion sense, shocking Kyoka. She tells her how it reminded her of someone in a band she used to go to school with, how she always appreciated that look but could never pull it off herself, Kyoka sighed in relief at the response. 

Returning back to the study room, the girls decide to peek in to surprise the guys, only to catch them mid-conversation. They overhear them concocting a plan that will allow them to silently shoot out Hanta’s tape with the answers written on them, that they can see without anyone noticing, while also destroying the evidence, pitching the possibility of using Mina’s acid. Finally realizing the plan to cheat, the girls bust in to scold the boys, with Mashirao and Hanta feeling ashamed and Denki still reacting in defeat. Momo reminds him that he managed to get into U.A. without cheating, so if he could handle that, you can handle this no problem, helping to return his confidence, to Kyoka’s slight irritation. All pumped up, the group return to their studying, with Kyoka stuffing one of Mamayao’s cookies down Denki’s throat. 

Part 2: Bumpy Ride

Tenya Ida directs Class 1-A onto the bus that will take them to their Summer Training Camp. Izuku reacts in excitement for the upcoming trip, Mina & Denki once again thank Momo for her help studying, and Tsuyu Asui comments to Ochaco Uraraka about her light traveling bag. At this same time, Itsuka Kendo was directing her classmates in Class 1-B to their bus. Tenya tries to get everyone to get on the bus in a specific seating arrangement, but is outvoted by Shota Aizawa who doesn’t want to waste time.

As the bus makes it way down the road, each of the groups of students take part in their own chaotic conversations that erupt all throughout the vehicle; Aizawa tries to quiet everyone down, but realizes it’d be fruitless, so decides to take a nap and let them have this moment of freedom before the training commences. In the front rows, Eijiro and Denki argue about what music to listen to, and Mina and Toru Hagakure play “I Spy”. In the next row, Tenya tries to get the students to quiet down, while Izuku nervously tries to calm him down. To their right, Tsuyu offers Ochaco some Pocky, leading Yuga Aoyama, sitting right in front of them, to request some as well. He goes back to staring at himself in his mirror, slightly annoying Shoto Todoroki right next to him. Behind Tsuyu and Ochaco were Katsuki and Fumikage Tokoyami, the former already fast asleep and the latter busy meditating to himself. In the final row Mashirao, Hanta, Minoru, and Rikido Sato vibrantly discuss their excitement for the test of courage, with Minoru once again showing his pervy side. Above them is Mezo Shoji and Koji Koda, who remain quiet most of the time, with Mezo breaking the silence to offer Koji the window seat. In front of them are Kyoka and Momo, sharing earbuds while they listen to music.

Yuga is carsick.

Tsuyu and Ochaco talk about their school trips back in middle school, with Tsuyu mentioning a funny story involving her friend Habuko, when they notice Yuga starting to act weirder then usual. They figure out that he got motion sickness from staring at his mirror the whole time, and despite his objections, appears to start to barf, causing the other students around them to stop what they’re doing and pay attention. He proceeds to lie down on the seats to rest up while Shoto moves to sit on the pop-up aisle seat; Izuku and Tenya both argue amongst themselves to take his place, but Shoto insists. On his phone, Eijiro looks up a pressure point that can help when you’re carsick, Shoto is about to do it, but stops himself because of his self-proclaimed role as the “hand crusher”, referencing what happened to Izuku at the Sports Festival and Tenya during the fight with Stain; the two of them burst out laughing in response. Eijiro also mentions that distracting the person also helps so Mina recommends everyone play the world chain game, which Tenya manages to convince everyone to take part in. They go through nearly everyone, while also forcing a completely uninterested and annoyed Katsuki into it, with Shoto ending the game saying the wrong word. Realizing the game isn’t doing much to help Yuga, they decide to go for a quiz game. Tenya at first attempts a math question, then looks to Izuku for some trivia, who proceeds to ask an extremely obscure question about All Might, causing Ochaco and some of the other students to poke fun at him for his “fanboyness”; Izuku blushes because he believes “fanboy” means someone following their dreams, but Katsuki pipes in to yell at him that it’s not supposed to be a compliment.

Minoru steps up and pushes himself forward, claiming that telling a story is the best way to keep him distracted, the girls are annoyed expecting something pervy but he continues nonetheless. He tells them about the time in elementary school when he stumbled upon pages, while running from a homeless man, from what turns about to be an erotica book about a woman who sells her body to pay back her dead husband’s debts. He mentions how the story progresses from the widow working at a club, rising in her field, and becoming the club owner’s mistress, with the relationship eventually blossoming into true love, which suddenly catches all the girls attention; Minoru, realizing he’s got them intrigued, continues. He goes on to say how the club owner tries to get the widow to escape her life, but then the manager finds out and shoots the owner dead, making the widow his mistress as she gives into the lust to forget the death of her true love. Eventually, the boss himself ends up developing true feelings of love for the widow, and how she, unaware of his feelings, starts seducing every man she sees as payback. Throughout all this, the boys and girls are completely enraptured, offering up their commentary and responses. As he gets to a cliffhanger in the story, Minoru mentions that was when he ran out of pages, with everyone hanging on his every word, to his delight. He continues explaining that when he went back to the riverbank to look for more pages, he realizes that the homeless man that he had encountered earlier was in fact the author of the novel, how he left his home when his family disapproved of his dream of becoming an erotica novelist, and how Minoru gave him confidence to keep going after talking about how much he loved the story. A year later, the man manages to make his big debut as an up-and-coming erotica author, and even having one of his books turned into a direct-to-video movie. The whole class reacts feeling somewhat warm and fuzzy with how the story turned out, with Eijiro and Izuku mentioning how it wasn’t really pervy at all, and in fact kinda wholesome in its own way. Toru jumps in asking about how the story with the widow ended, causing Minoru to smugly reply back that he’ll tell and show them his copy if they stop by his place. All the girls proceed to boo in disgust, while Minoru sits back and sneers in satisfaction.

The story doesn’t seem to help Yuga at all, so Tsuyu takes charge and tells her own story. She talks about the time she went to the countryside with her sister where she meets another girl who asks to play with them, her sister leaves but she keeps playing. By the time it was sunset, the girl didn’t want to leave, so Tsuyu reluctantly agreed to stay, and the girl took her to her secret spot up the mountain filled with fireflies; the kids were fascinated by the tale with even Yuga interested thanks to the mentions of shining and lights. After leaving the spot, Tsuyu’s cousin and sister showed up and found her, but when Tsuyu tried to introduce her new friend, she was suddenly gone, leading to shocked faces from everyone listening to the story, even moreso after learning that her sister had no memory of the girl at all. As it turns out, there’d been cases of children getting spirited away by the ghosts of children who died on the mountain, and that when they went to check up on the secret spot later, it was all gone. The girls all respond with exasperated reactions, while some of the boys even had all the color drained from their face, especially thinking about how they were about to camp out near the mountains; Tsuyu didn’t seem to think the story was that scary.

Aizawa quiets the class up as the bus pulls over, with most of the class assuming it to be just a pit stop. As Yuga prepares to get up, Tsuyu checks in to see if the story helps, but it didn’t appear to be that effective, as Yuga starts to look at his mirror again. Suddenly, Yuga jumps right back to his completely energetic self, Tsuyu theorizes it’s because the bus stopped, but Yuga claimed its because he saw his beautiful image, leading to complaints from all the students irritated at his miraculous recovery. Tsuyu looks on and laughs, telling Ochaco about how sweet everyone is, and how close everyone has come together since the beginning of the year. The rest of the class get out to stretch their legs, unaware that their summer training would be starting sooner than expected.

Part 3: Peeping Fool

On the second night of the summer camp, Minoru returns to the boy’s hot spring, now equipped with a drill, to use on the wall of the girl’s side. He reminisces on the first night when he attempted to climb up on the wall and peer over the side, only to be stopped by Kota and knocked off. This time he picked the lock to the in-between of the boys’ and girls’ walls, and drilled the hole to peak in on them. Due to his peeping attempt, the Class 1-A and 1-B boys and girls’ times were separated, but he secretly stayed behind, and prepared for the others to show up.

Minoru's fantasy.

Suddenly, the steam starts up as Minoru tries to look through it to see who is there. He recognizes the voices of Itsuka Kendo, Ibara Shiozaki, and Yui Kodai of Class 1-B; he specifically chose to target the 1-B girls, knowing the 1-A girls were to be on guard. Minoru fantasizes the overheard conversations as girl-on-girl exchanges, briefly thinking about wanting to become a girl himself to get involved, before continuing his peaking, blowing into the hole to push away the steam. Just as people were starting to come into focus, he heard a familiar voice, as Kyoka’s ear jack jams itself into his eye. He desperately tries to escape, but Mina uses her acid to quickly melt away the wall and pounce him, where he finds all the girls of Class 1-A and 1-B there waiting for him; the 1-B girls’ conversation being just a ruse to throw him off with the steam caused by dry ice created by Momo. As the girls berate Minoru for his actions, he stands his ground, yelling at them for being clothed in a bathing area, and offering to strip himself, before Itsuka uses her Big Fist Quirk to knock him unconscious.

Minoru awakens to find himself tied up in a room, face-to-face with the Wild, Wild Pussycats. The three women tease Minoru as they prepare to head into the bath themselves, locking him in for good measure. After they leave, Minoru very easily slips through the ropes hold on him, and uses a nearby paper clip to unlock the door. He makes his way back outside and returns to the now empty woman’s bathing area. Waiting there, he begins to imagine an exaggerated version in which the Pussycats’ teasing is sincere, making him believe to be the truth, preparing himself for a harem of older women wanting to bathe with him. He even starts to imagine visions of him transforming into a giant, sentient boob.

Noticing a silhouette in the washing station, Minoru quickly strips himself and slips right into the bath. Seeing the figure all covered in bubbles, his urges make him lunge forward and grab a hold of the body. However, instead he ends up feeling an incredibly muscled back instead, as it turns out to be Tiger, the fourth Wild, Wild Pussycat, washing off, while the other three went to take their bath in the men’s side for extra precaution. Tiger pins Minoru down to the ground, asking for his last words, replying he just wanted to grope some boobs, as Tiger responds that maybe “Datsue-be” will let him have a shot at hers (referencing the demon in Buddhist afterlife who strips the clothes of the damned unable to pay for passage across the Sanzu River). Minoru screams in terror as it echoes across the sky.

Part 4: A+B Slumber Party

Back in the Class 1-A girls’ sleeping room, they overhear what they believe to be Minoru’s screaming, with them all reflecting on how terrible he acts towards them and hoping his punishment is severe. At this moment, Itsuka, Yui, Ibara, and Reiko Yanagi, hand them on behalf of all the girls in 1-B a bag of sweets as thanks for helping them with and warning about Minoru. Toru recommends the girls stay so they all have the snacks together and have a slumber party at the same time.

As everyone gets casual sitting together, Momo, having never had a slumber party before, asks what they should do. Mina says to chat about whatever, but Toru pipes in saying they need to talk about love, receiving mixed reactions from everyone. Toru asks if anyone has a boy friend, receiving a muted response from the room; due to all the hard work prepping for exams in middle school and then attending U.A. itself, they never had time to even think about starting relationships. Refusing to shut the talk down, Mina jumps in asking if anyone has any crushes, causing Ochaco’s face to suddenly blush beet red thinking about Yuga’s comment to her about Izuku. Mina and Toru catch onto this and try to interrogate her, but Ochaco manages to defend herself and make up an excuse. 

The girls' boy talk.

Toru instead brings up the idea to fantasize about which boys in 1-A and 1-B they would want to date the most, which the others reluctantly agree to. They thought about who would be best relationship material (with Ochaco continuing to blush to herself), unable to think of them as anymore than just fellow classmates or rivals. Momo, lightly blushing, mentions to Kyoka that she gets along with Denki well and asks how she feels about him, leading her to react in slight disgust. She claims he’s the type to cheat on a girl, but Tsuyu defends him saying he’s always been a gentlemen to women, only for Kyoka to puff back calling him a womanizer. At this exact moment, almost in unison, they respond by saying anyone’s better than Minoru. Asking if 1-B has any boys like him, Itsuka replies the closest would be Neito Monoma, which the other girls have a hard time figuring out how to describe him; Toru jumps in saying he’s not bad looking despite being a wacko. Thinking about hot dudes, Mina brings up Shoto, causing all the girls to agree and believe him to be the best choice, until Itsuka remembered that he’s Endeavor’s kid, grinding any potential chance of a relationship with him in the dust. Ibara mentions about wanting to help heal his fiercest temperaments, leading the girls to almost believe she would want to get with him, until she clarifies her intentions. Tenya gets brought up next, discussing about how overly stiff and serious he can be, to the point that he wouldn’t even want to hold hands until he got married, crossing that off the list. Izuku comes next, causing Ochaco’s heart to start beating hard once again, with Itsuka asking what is up with him due to just how different he was at the Sports Festival compared to at school. Tsuyu mentions just how hard of a worker he really is, with Ochaco jumping in saying how much he inspires her to try her best. Mina then brings up how much of an All Might fanboy he is, knowing how much he’d take preference of that in a relationship, so he’s striked off as well; Ochaco is relieved to move on, but also slightly annoyed at their dismissal. She brings up Katsuki next, but is almost immediately shut down thanks to his loud personality. They continue through the rest of the guys, every one of them getting eliminated for one reason or another. 

Still desperate for some love talk, Toru brings up thinking about if the boys and girls swapped, and if any of the boys would be good girl friends. It doesn’t seem to help, but Reiko mentions that Itsuka would make a good boy friend, causing the 1-B girls and Momo to heap praise onto her. The rest of the girls join in, getting extremely giddy at the idea of a male Itsuka defending their woman from gropers; Mina slightly objects to them all getting lovey-dovey over a girl, but Itsuka just blushes in gratitude. She then asks which of the boys would they want to be for a day, which Ochaco quickly responds with Katsuki, saying she’d love to try out his Quirk and strength for herself after facing off against him in the Sports Festival and just be able to go nuts. Mina chooses Hanta to try out using his tape, Momo and Yui pick Koji to control animals, Kyoka’s choice is Denki to try out how it feels to be in his dummy mode, Tsuyu’s Fumikage to fight and live alongside Dark Shadow, and Toru is Rikido to eat all the sweets she wants. Itsuka laughs to herself that once they finally moved away from the love talk things livened up, with Mina sighing in defeat. Tsuyu comments that because you can’t help when you fall in love, it’s something that naturally happens, and when that time comes they can open up the romance talk back up.

Right before she’s forced to return to her supplementary lessons, Mina quickly talks about the type of guy she’s into, saying it’s someone strong, with a childish side, who plays by their own rules but always sticks by your side; Tsuyu says that reminds her of Dark Shadow, with how powerful and cute it can be at the same time. The girls start to fantasize about how Dark Shadow as a partner would be, leaving Mina exasperated not wanting a Quirk (or Fumikage himself) in a relationship. Eventually, the romance talk moved on as the girls continued hanging and chatting amongst themselves for the rest of the night.

Part 5: Over the Top

Back during dinnertime, the Pussycats’ Mandalay tells the classes they’ll be having nikujaga the following day, and that one class will be getting beef and the other pork. None of the students seem to matter who got what, and were satisfied with settling it over a simple rock-paper-scissors game, however, Neito Monoma, desperate to incite some competition between Class 1-A and 1-B, goads Katsuki into a fight, claiming pork to be the superior choice and that his class can “settle for beef”. Katsuki takes the bait, and erupts in front of 1-B, with Aizawa allowing them to do whatever with their free time. Tenya jumps in proposing an arm wrestling contest, which they all agree.

The 1-B boys meet up at the 1-A boy’s sleeping room, with some of them like Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu completely fired up to start, while others like Izuku and Shoto just exasperated by it all. Tenya takes charge as referee while the teams are created; 1-A with Mashirao, Mezo, Koji, Eijiro, and Katsuki, and 1-B with Nirengeki Shoda, Juzo Honenuki, Jurota Shishida, Yosetsu Awase, and Tetsutetsu. Katsuki comments on Neito not even joining the fight, but he easily rebuffs him, to Izuku’s surprise. Just as they’re about to start, Tenya reminds them about the supplementary lessons some of the boys have to go to, where they leave distressed, including Eijiro who says he’ll try to find some way to sneak out later. Neito proceeds to use this opportunity to laugh and insult the class again, only to himself head off for his supplementary lessons; Izuku comments just how impressive Neito’s confidence is, with Shoto countering he might just be a loser. 

Mashirao and Nirengeki are the first fight, both of which were victims of Hitoshi Shinso’s brainwashing during the Sports Festival and forfeited themselves because of this. Despite Mashirao being a strong martial artist, he’s almost instantly defeated by Nirengeki, to their shock. Izuku mumbles to himself about Nireneki’s possible strategy and how it could be used against villains, but he debunks him saying he just wrestled normally. Mezo and Juzo are the next match, as Mezo manages to take the win thanks to his bulky arm, inciting cheers from 1-A. Koji and Jurota go up next, with the two fairly evenly matched in strength. Koji appears to slowly start overwhelming Jurota, but then someone calls out about a bug nearby, causing him to flinch and Jurota to take the win. They realize it was Neito, who had just shown up quickly to cause trouble and leaves before Katsuki can chew into him more. He then yells at Koji for being scared of bugs, but Fumikage reassures him that everyone has their demons. The fourth round is about to start, but Eijiro is still away, Tetsutetsu proposes doing his match next, but Katsuki is insistent their title match has to be last; Izuku says to himself how scary it is he’s used to all this. Eijiro finally makes it, facing against Yosetsu, with the latter having the upper hand for most of the fight, until Katsuki yells at him “lose this thing and you’re dead!”, giving him the motivation to push through and win, thanking Katsuki for being so supportive, confusing everyone else in the room. 

Katsuki and Tetsutetsu's final showdown.

With the score tied, Katsuki and Tetsutetsu take the stand for the final deciding round. The two each pour all of their strength as it pushed back-and-forth between who was on top, as all the students watching were completely invested in the outcome of the war. Eventually, Katsuki gets the upperhand, catching onto Tetsutetsu’s breathing as he goes off balance. He tries to recover, but Katsuki keeps his hold just about to claim victory, when suddenly the tatami mat under his feet rocks him off-balance, giving Tetsutetsu the chance to recover and knocks Katsuki’s arm onto the table. Furious, he demands to know what happened, which Izuku realizes the mat was softened by Juzo’s Quirk. Juzo defends himself of the accusation, until everyone realizes who it was. Katsuki jumps Neito, who had snuck in and used his Copy Quirk on Juzo and the mat, all the while feigning ignorance of being responsible for anything, abruptly leaving to Katsuki’s disgust. 

Refusing to start everything all over, the group goes back to squabbling, while Izuku comes up with a new solution. He proposes a pillow fight instead, using the pile stacked in the corner of the room on their futons, so they can fight and compete without anyone actually getting hurt. Everyone, and eventually Tenya, agrees and they start up the match. 1-A’s team consists of Izuku, Shoto, Katsuki, Fumikage, Mezo, Yuga, Mashiaro, and Koji, and 1-B’s with Tetsutetsu, Juzo, Yosetsu, Nirengeki, Juroda, Kosei Tsuburaba, Sen Kaibara, and Kojiro Bondo, with Tenya as the referee again. They came up with rules, essentially playing dodgeball with pillows, and no Quirks allowed. The game commences as the pillows whiz past everyone at great speeds, as they all proceed to dodge or catch amongst each other. Izuku mumbles to himself about all the different strategies and combination possibilities there are, with Shoto and Katsuki piping in to stop him. The time limit runs out with a tie game, where the classes realize due to their intensive hero training and natural agility skills, it was nearly impossible for any of them to actually get hit. After over five rounds and still no winners, an argument between Katsuki and Tetsutetsu about their choices of names leads to Katsuki accidentally shooting out a small explosion burst from his throw. After Tenya lets it slide for being an accident, the other boys realize that accidental Quirk use would be allowed, so they start to go crazy “inadvertently” using their abilities to spice up their pillow throws and attacks. The battle erupts into pure chaos as they stop trying to be subtle and unleash their Quirks to satisfy their needs, to Tenya’s increased exhaustion. Izuku once again analyzes to himself about how everyone’s abilities and tactics would be useful in hero situations, until Katsuki attacks him to shut him up. As 1-B starts to get overwhelmed, Yosetsu comes up with a plan, using all of the pillows they caught to create a mountain to protect them. At this moment, Neito had also popped in, and using Aizawa’s Quirk which he had copied, erases all of 1-A’s Quirks, allowing Yosetsu to use his Quirk, Weld, to fuse all the pillows together to create one giant monster pillow that none could be able to stop or catch. They send the jumbo pillow flying, as the room’s sliding screen door opens up, smacking right into Aizawa and Vlad King, who had grown suspicious of the boys’ activities. Enraged, they berate them for using their Quirks for such a silly game, leaving them all extremely pale in the face unable to even attempt an apology. As punishment, they decide to give them double the amount of training for the following morning (three times after they attempt to speak out) and also decide that they won’t be getting any meat at all for tomorrow’s dinner. All the boys react in self-defeat, realizing that nobody won.

Part 6: After the Hubbub

Sometime in the middle of the night, Tenya suddenly awakens from his slumber. He thinks about the disappointment he feels about potentially not getting proper sleep, and tries to get back, only for the snoring of the boys around him to keep him awake. He reminisces on what happened that day, including their Quirk strengthening training, making curry for dinner, and the fight against 1-B which led to the scolding from Aizawa; Tenya blames himself for not being a better leader. He also remembers Aizawa’s scolding for Minoru’s peeping attempt, leading to the boys wrapping him up in a futon so as not to escape. Once the snoring stopped, Tenya believed something might be wrong, so jumped up to find out, only to find that his eyeglasses case was missing. He first learns the snoring came from Rikido, who went right back to snoring, reassuring Tenya; he also replaced the blanket that Rikido had kicked off in his sleep. He then noticed that his other classmates were all over the place, with their arms and legs both in and out of their futons. He made it a priority to himself to help all his sleeping classmates so as they don’t catch a cold, as well as finding his missing glasses case, before later going to the bathroom. 

Tenya helps his classmates.

He figures that one of the classmates might have kicked it across the room, so begins searching around. He passes by Koji, fixing the part of his bedding exposed to the outside. He checks up on Izuku, noticing him in a pleasant dream smiling and chuckling to himself, as Tenya fixes his blanket. He sees Shoto next, who somehow has completely flipped himself over, with his feet on his pillow, to Tenya’s surprise. Changing his blanket, Tenya noticed Shoto grumble in his sleep, telling someone to choke on kuzumochi, completely unaware that kuzumochi was food his father, Endeavor, liked. He stumbles upon someone sleeping facedown, propped up on his knees, and head buried in a pile of pillows, which turns out to be Denki; he and the other supplementary lessons guys took part in their own mini pillow fight after returning and that was the aftermath of it. Moving about, he’s surprised by a sudden sharp-bladed arm that comes thrusting right toward him. It was Eijiro’s Hardening Quirk that activated, causing Tenya to just barely roll away. He replaces his blanket, as well as putting Hanta back onto his futon he fell off of, and then to fix Katsuki’s blanket. However, he finds no matter how hard he tries, Katsuki instinctively kicks the blanket off each time, until a small explosion fires off from one hand, leading Tenya to recoil and finally stop, and just simply tug his tank top down at least. At that moment, he had briefly noticed what appeared to be his glasses case around Mashirao and Mezo, so went to get it, but accidentally stepped on Mashirao’s tail, causing it react violently, throwing Tenya, landing in Mezo’s arms, which grabs him in a full bound choke hold. Unable to be freed, Tenya uses the nearby Denki to temporarily jolt him awake, using the discharge to flinch Mezo’s arms allowing him to escape. He proceeds to pass by Yuga, fixing his blanket while he sleeps in a dramatic pose, and Fumikage who was the only one perfectly sound asleep within his futon. He stumbles upon the rolled up Minoru, where he finally finds his glasses case lodged within one of Minoru’s head balls. Knowing they wouldn’t lose their stickiness for a whole day, and not wanting to wake him up, Tenya tries to open the case to get the glasses up, but Minoru dreaming about boobs causes him to start rolling around, with Tenya giving chase. He bumps into Eijiro, causing the glasses to go flying, they are about to hit Fumikage, but on instinct the sleeping bird swings his arms open, catching them with ease before placing them on his face. Shocked, but not wanting to wake anyone up, Tenya proceeded to reclaim his glasses, and head out the room to use the bathroom.

After doing his business, he overhears some noise and follows it until he stumbles across the lodge’s office, hearing the voices of Mandalay, Pixiebob, Aizawa, and Vlad King. Aizawa and Vlad King once again apologize for the boys’ ruckus, which Tenya also again blames himself for, but the Pussycats’ say not to worry about it, because high schoolers always want some time to be able to cut loose. Tenya points out that despite their failings, Aizawa and the teachers still believed in their potential, and how the high bar at U.A. was because they all knew the students could reach those heights. Satisfied with how things are, Tenya heads back to go to sleep. At this time, the four adults were playing a game of mahjong, with Ragdoll and Tiger also there watching. Pixiebob wanted to keep playing because the others said they would introduce her to some men if she won, but had already lost twice to Aizawa, who was tired of playing by now. As they head back to their sleeping quarters, the teachers reflect upon their students, with Vlad jabbing that if they hadn’t of stopped the fight, his class would’ve won, which Aizawa gives a sigh in response, not wanting to take the bait. They comment how their students need to be at the top of their game to get their hero licenses, knowing about all the dangers and threats that have been appearing lately. They mention about the Hero Killer: Stain’s recovery, and how even with him locked up, his ideology and influence on society are still something to be worried about, especially with groups like the League of Villains out there, with Aizawa wanting his students to have legal permission to defend themselves in the instance they’ll have to face against them again someday. Aizawa looks up into the stars, ominous enough to fill him with an unknowing sense of dread.



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