My Hero Academia: School Briefs I (僕のヒーローアカデミア 雄英白書 Boku no Hīrō Akademia Yūei Hakusho?) is the first School Briefs light novel based in the My Hero Academia universe illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi and written by Anri Yoshi. Its sequel was released on February 3, 2017.


The U.A. High School Hero Course teaches young hopefuls everything they need to become heroes. Between killer events like the Sports Festival and internships, there’s even Parents’ Day! That’s when all the kids get the chance to show their parents what they’re made of!

Author Notes

A Note from the Creator
The novels are here! You'll get to read about the characters going about their everyday lives-something I haven't been able to squeeze much of into the manga, as I've been too focused on moving the plot forward. I really want to add more content like this intro the manga itself. Maybe at some point!

Kohei Horikoshi

A Note from the Author
I absolutely love My Hero Academia. I love it so much that I worried whether or not people would enjoy this novelization. Despite that unease, I had a ton of fun writing it, so nothing would make me happier than knowing that readers are enjoying it.

—Anri Yoshi


Part 1: Prologue

A man in a black cape stands on a platform in the middle of a pit, tossing a match into the chasm, causing a blast of fire to appear between him and the students of Class 1-A. They all react in terror, as they see the scared faces of their parents trapped behind the villain in a cage. Inko Midoriya calls out to Izuku, as he reaches out instinctively, wondering what he is going to do next.

Part 2: Notice from School

Shota Aizawa is giving Class 1-A a lesson on mass evacuations on the third floor of a building that is on the verge of collapse. Each of the students are instructed to slide down an emergency chute as if they were taking part in a real evacuation. After the basic hero class is done, Shota says the school will be having Parent's Day next week, and for a homework assignment, all students must write a letter of appreciation to their parents. The students complain, but Shota reminds them as heroes they will receive much thanks and appreciation, and thanks from those they rescue. Tenya Ida comes to the conclusion it's so they can have the correct frame of mind when receiving praise, and that as heroes they must always remain modest and humble.

After school is done for the day, Izuku, Tenya, and Shoto Todoroki are walking home together. Tenya mentions he has received theme park tickets from Native as thanks for saving him during the Hosu incident against Hero Killer: Stain. Izuku mentions he cannot go as he is going to a hero exhibit, and Shoto is going to visit his mother. During the conversation they ask each other who in their household is coming until Izuku accidentally asks Shoto, forgetting for a split second about his family situation. This has Shoto calling his father a bastard, and Tenya, who does not understand the situation, begins berating Shoto about calling his father a proper title. This causes Shoto to grow furious, and begins closing off. Shoto leaves the two saying he has to go somewhere.

Shoto arrives at the hospital to talk with his mom, Rei, nearing the end of visitor hours. Shoto gets nervous as he goes up the elevator, but not as much as the first time he came. On the way to the room, the nurse mentions its a surprise to see him at this time of day. He brushes it off the comment and enters the room. Rei stares at Shoto for a few moments, prompting him to ask why. Rei mentions it been a long time since she saw him on a school day. This makes Shoto realize what the nurse meant earlier, he doesn't come on school days, due to his busy schedule.

Shoto and his mother in the hospital.

Him and his mother talk, but there is some awkwardness between the two due to how much time was spent apart. Rei tries to flow conversation by asking how school has been going. Shoto mentions hero training, All Might being a teacher, as well as telling his mom about Izuku. While talking, Fuyumi Todoroki comes into the room, bringing their mom washed clothes. She mentions as well that she is surprised to Shoto is there and asks why he is here. Shoto stands up to throw away garbage, when the handout about parent's day falls out of his pocket. Fuyumi picks the paper up and reads it aloud. Rei apologizes that she can't come, which makes him regret even visiting her. Fuyumi reading the tension, steps in, and says she will attend parent's day instead.

Shoto does not think she should due to her own responsibilities. She says she can simply take half a day off and even record it for her, her brother dislikes the idea but she thinks it is a great one. Rei wonders why Shoto does not want that, and seeing her expression, he gives in and tells them he would have to check with UA. It is nearly dinnertime, so the two have to leave. The idea of inviting Endeavor is suggested, but since Shoto quickly shoots it down, Fuyumi decides to accept his decision. She asks him if there is anything to convince him to let himself be recorded, but Shoto says there is more to it, he regrets asking her if she could come even though he already knew it would be impossible. For that statement, he receives a bop on the head from his sister.

He gets advised, as Fuyumi tells him that there is not a parent out there who would not be thrilled to see what their child thinks of them, and even though Rei might feel terrible about being unable to attend, she knows that she was glad to hear it from him anyway. It is not just his first Parents' Day, but hers too. He realizes that there might be truth to what she says and remarks that she ought to be a teacher. They both get into the hospital's elevator, and Shoto decides to endure his embarrassment, because it is a small price to pay to make his mother happy.

Part 3: Staff Room Uproar

Shota Aizawa is calling the parents of Class 1-A, to discuss their participation in Parents' Day. Meanwhile, the teachers are engaging in their own activities while in the staff room. As he finishes his call with Fumikage Tokoyami's parents, he moves on to Todoroki's family. Unfortunately, nobody is responding to his calls after multiple attempts. At that moment, All Might, in his true form, greets him asking if something is wrong. Shota answers "no" saying that he was unable to get into contact with anybody in the Todoroki household. All Might asks if he tried their emergency contact number, but Shota replies that he has not, because Endeavor might be working.

All Might asks, if he can talk to him himself, as he has not been able to since their tense encounter at the Sports Festival. He bulks up, and starts to dial the number. However, his form giving him much larger fingers makes it hard for him to type in Endeavor's number, and after a few failed attempts, Shota dials the number himself, though he is annoyed. All Might thanks him for this, saying he is nicer than people give him credit for.

He then begins to talk to Endeavor, interrupting Shota from calling the Bakugo's next, only for him to realize that the message is an automated voice mail message. He tries to do a voice mail, but runs out of time due to his tangents. When Shota asks what the point was All Might remembers that he was meant to call for Parents' Day. He decides to send a fax to Endeavor's agency instead. All Might apologizes, but just as quickly reverts back to his true form, spurting blood as usual. Present Mic arrives in the room just after, commenting that there is already blood after he just came back from the toilet. Mic asks if All Might is fine, saying he definitely needs more liver in his diet, but then tells him that Principal Nezu wants to see him in his office. While All Might hopes that it is not about one of Nezu's theories, Midnight cheers him on with a half-hearted "good luck" and he leaves.

Present Mic sees Shota faxing and asks when that is going to become out of fashion. He asks Shota about how the “hostage situation thing” is going, but before he can answer, Mic starts shouting to the other teachers to hear his own idea, to a mixed reception from the group. He starts pitching himself as the villain, using his loud voice to ward of the heroes and to keep hold of the hostages. Shota tries to stop him, but he’s cut off by Midnight, who counters the plan, saying he is too loud. She says the best way is to easily knock the hostages unconscious with her Quirk, so that nobody gets hurt. Ectoplasm jumps in saying that since you’re already taking hostages, you shouldn’t worry about not harming them, and that he would use his clones to guard each individual hostage. Midnight rebukes that putting them to sleep would still be the strongest option, but Cementoss chimes in saying that you can’t throw in the word “strongest” unless you’re talking about All Might. They first fantasize over how effortlessly All Might would handle a hostage situation, and then recoiling in fear over the idea of how bad All Might’s turn to the dark side would be. Meanwhile, Shota tries to ignore their rambling, knowing there’s no easy way to stop them, and continues on with his calls to the parents.

Cementoss pitches his own idea for how to round up hostages, saying he’d cover them up with a cement dome, as well as any heroes who try to intervene, even if it means them suffocating. A nervous Thirteen interjects saying that might be going too far, but Mic tells him to lighten up and ask what he would do; he mentions using his black hole, but the rest of the teachers quickly point out how that would defeat the purpose of hostages if they immediately die. At this moment, Shota gets a call from Fuyumi, saying that she will be attending Parents’ Day, as well as asking if she can bring a camcorder to record it, which he responds saying recording devices aren’t allowed, to her disappointment, but then understanding. 

A typical day of the U.A. Staff.

The teachers continue their discussions on how they would use their Quirks to commit various crimes, including Mic using his loud noises to steal jewelry, or Midnight figuring out a person’s weaknesses for blackmail. Thirteen brings up the question about why they’re all thinking about this to begin with, with Cementoss theorizing that since they desired to be heroes from a young age, their immoral thoughts had suppressed themselves within each other all this time, with Midnight adding that everyone needs a good release every now and then, and Ectoplasm saying it can help them better understand the mind of a villain. 

The topic then jumps to asking what pranks each of them pulled using their Quirks as kids, with Thirteen quickly responding he’s never done so, causing Mic, and even Shota, to react in disbelief. Mic talked about how he would constantly interrupt his friends naps with songs and stories, with Shota piping in to say he was that friend. Midnight chimes in about one time when she played doctor with her first crush, she keeps it vague to intrigue the rest of the teachers, but states that it escalated until they went from “playing doctor to playing surgeon”, and that the boy went on to “bat for the other team.” Ectoplasm, while not using his Quirk to commit any actual pranks, does mention one time when he acted in error, but refuses to speak up until the rest of the teachers goad him on. He reveals that one time in grade school he had overslept, so had sent one of his clones up ahead to go to class before him so as not to deter his perfect attendance; the revelation greatly disappoints the rest of the teachers, expecting something grander. Thirteen adds onto this, reminded of the time he had wet the bed and used one of his black holes to destroy the evidence, but still got in trouble anyway. Cementoss mentions a time when he used his Quirk to avoid getting found in hide-and-seek, also refusing not to share any more juicy secrets to the others’ agony, only to rescind and saying he's just joking. Shota manages to finally finish all of his calls to the parents, as Mic shouts about how the U.A. teachers would be the most unstoppable villain team.

Principal Nezu shows up at this moment, right alongside All Might, questioning Mic and the teachers what they are talking about. Mic corrects himself saying they are brainstorming for the upcoming event, and Midnight asks Nezu how he would handle a hostage situation. He states he would put them in the center of a giant maze, all as part of an experiment, using electric fences, pitfalls, shifting walls, and puzzles to deter any heroes that try to pass through it, and closing off the paths after each challenge is completed. He cackles to himself in delight thinking about this, causing the other teachers to become slightly disturbed. 

Shota starts to head off, leaving Mic and the others to ask what he believes the best way to handle the hostage situation is, only for him to finally speak up and say that it had already been dealt with and confirmed, and that they wouldn’t listen to him when he tried to say it earlier. As the teachers continue their arguments amongst themselves as he heads out, he is reminded of his kids right before his class, and ponders about his beliefs and the nature of rationality, about laying down his law during class, but allowing them to think and speak how they want in their free time. He thinks about how they are all so young and foolish, so full of potential with wasted effort, but people worth teaching, as Shota smiles to himself, standing that he will do his part to stay rational.

Part 4: Theme Park Panic

Inko Midoriya tries on different shirts in preparation for Parents’ Day, while Izuku heads off to his hero exhibition. On the way to the train station, he bumps into Katsuki Bakugo, annoyingly heading in the same direction. To distract from his anger, Izuku opens up a conversation regarding what he’s going to write for the Parents’ Day letter, which he responds by giving a half-assed answer, confusing Izuku and further enraging him.

Tenya and friends at the theme park.

Tenya arrives at the amusement park, Zoo Dreamland, bringing along Denki Kaminari, Minoru Mineta, & Fumikage Tokoyami as his guests. While Fumikage questions the logic behind wearing fake animal ears, Denki & Minoru start fantasizing over bunny girls, arguing with Tenya about the logistics behind them. Denki & Minoru convince Tenya to split up, supposedly to go check out a “hero performance”, with him and Fumikage going to look for the exclusive apple pie the latter came to try in the first place. While eating, Fumikage talks about his love for apples (the perfect combination of sweet and tart), and Tenya mentions how due to orange juice being like gasoline for his Engine, it is why he drinks it all the time. The two start to check out some of the rides, first stopping at a Tea Cup ride, which Fumikage misunderstands the purpose of, spinning it way too much than necessary. After passing by a merry-go-round, he also comments on why there is so many spinning rides in the park.

Meanwhile, Denki & Minoru sneakily start ogling all the girls around the park with the intention to try and pick some of them up. The two of them target one good-looking girl, uncomfortably asking her to hang out with them, when her boyfriend, Ken, shows up to scare them off; he hands her a birthday gift and a ring proposal at this same moment, further confusing the two. They decide to try going after “average” looking women, and then eventually anyone, consistently getting rejected every time. They fantasize about the idea of a “reverse pickup”, when they suddenly hear someone trying to talk to them, which turns out to be a little girl.

Returning back to Tenya & Fumikage with the child, Yuka, Denki & Minoru explain that she lost her mother when wandering off around the park, and doesn’t want to be brought to the lost-child center because she’s “not lost.” Yuka also reacts nervously around Fumikage, due to being scared of birds, which Denki & Minoru laugh at. They decide to try and look around to find where the girl’s meet-up spot is, supposedly in front of a large red apple. On the way there, Minoru accidentally mentions the “reverse pickup”, leading Tenya to question what it means, and after Yuka responds with what she overheard, forces the two of them to try and dance around the true definition. Eventually, Yuka mentioning their failed pickup attempts leads Tenya to finally understanding what they meant, berating them for lying and trying to trick him; he proceeds to explain Yuka in great detail what “pickup” and “reverse pickup” really mean. 

They arrive at the pie shop, only to realize it is the wrong apple. Yuka starts to tear up, so they go to take the Ferris Wheel to see from up high which apple she could be referring to. While there, they each talk about what their Quirks are, with Yuka mentioning she does not have one yet. They’re unable to find anything, and soon realize that it isn’t simply a big red apple they’re looking for, but a big red and round object. Fumikage remembers where one could be, and speeds off to head for it, with the others following. They arrive at the red sphere in the forest zone where Yuka’s mom is waiting for her. After thanking them and saying their goodbyes, Yuka apologizes to Fumikage for being scared of him, with Tokoyami reassuring her with a smile.

At dinnertime, the four start talking about their letters in preparation for Parents’ Day the following day. Tenya mentions how he’s written 40 pages, but figures he should try condensing his paper so as not to eat into the other students’ times. At this moment, suddenly a ruckus starts occurring around the haunted house, which the boys go to check out. They run into Yuka’s mother, and learn her daughter disappeared in the haunted house, as the puppets inside and the building start to crash and go haywire. With no other heroes around, Tenya steps up and heads inside, using a hidden passage his brother had discovered as a kid, with the other three following suit. 

Exploring in the dark, they are attacked by a group of animatronics, which Dark Shadow appears and easily takes out. It starts to go out of control, destroying everything in its way, until Denki’s electricity slightly subdues it. Dark Shadow manages to track down Yuka hiding down a well, though no one else can see her. They theorize that her Quirk manifested, and that she can meld with the dark and control objects in the darkness. Fumikage manages to get through to her as she grabs ahold of him, pulling her out. Yuka starts to cry about scaring her mom and being scared of the dark, but Fumikage and Dark Shadow reassure her the dark is her friend and its nothing to be scared of, cheering her up. 

Returning back outside, Tenya refers the authorities to what happened, and Yuka and her mother reunite, once again thanking the boys for saving her. Before leaving, Yuka runs up to Fumikage, blushing and telling him she loves him, leaving everyone shocked. Denki & Minoru react in jealously, Tenya tells Yuka she’s too young to be thinking about romance, and a slightly blushing Fumikage comments to himself that “the future is surely shrouded in darkness.”

Part 5: Heartwarming Trio

Ochaco Uraraka heads off to go shopping at the supermarket in preparation for her father visiting for Parents’ Day. She goes over her list of what to buy, all while allocating her budget in regards to what she can afford. Her plan is to pick up a special discounted Mochi Jumbo Pack, her favorite food, that is over half off the price, while being irritated at the “1 per customer” limit on them. Muttering to herself about how much she wants it, she bumps into Tsuyu Asui and Momo Yaoyorozu, both doing their own shopping. After Momo praises Ochaco remembering that she lives alone and how she can cook for herself, she mentions her mochi dilemma to the two, so they decide to help her out by buying a pack each so she can have three, which she ecstatically responds to. 

She proceeds to gush about her love for mochi and how many possibilities of flavor combinations it provides, surprising the two. Arriving at the supermarket, Momo looks around in awe, rarely ever getting to experience a place like this, with Tsuyu commenting that she is like a little girl. While looking around, they start discussing the concept of “shoplifting”, leading Ochaco to ponder whether taking advantage of her friends to get more mochi is morally right of her. Agonizing over the decision, they convince her to look around first, and if the mochi isn’t running low, she’ll take the three. They start to talk about their letters for Parents’ Day, and refer to which of their parents will be showing up for it; Momo’s mother and Tsuyu’s dad. 

Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Momo spy a shoplifter.

At this moment, Ochaco notices a thin, sweaty man pacing himself nervously in the women’s underwear section, so the three of them watch on in hiding, wondering what he plans to do with them. Thinking they might be overreacting, they spot the man stuffing a pair of panties into his pocket, and once he makes his way out the exit, the three chase after him in hot pursuit. They corner him, however, he quickly devours a couple nearby plants and shoots yellow mist toward the girls, allowing him to escape. The three start developing itchy eyes and noses, as well as constant sneezing, which they surmise to be hay fever, throwing their Quirks into disarray. Recovering from the allergy attack, the three prepare to track down the man again. They come across a woman on the street and ask if they’ve seen the man, which she says no, followed by warning her if she comes across anyone with a hay fever Quirk. The woman looks on in contemplation as the girls runoff.

Right as they’re about to take a rest in the washroom, the allergy man runs right into them, leading all four of them to shout. The man tries to apologize, saying there’s somewhere he has to be, but the girls don’t budge. He grabs another batch of flowers and begins devouring them, however this time Momo pulls out the gas masks she had made previously, hands it to the other two, and comes up with a plan. Ochaco and Tsuyu use their Quirks to knock the man off balance, and Momo uses a giant uchiwa fan to blow the pollen away. Cornered, and now all tied up, the man pleads with the girls to let him make one phone call first. They question him about why he wanted to steal panties, asking if he’s expressing any secret fetishes, however, he responds by saying he had no idea that they were panties and assumed they were just tighty-whities. The man finally confesses what happened, that he had finally asked a girl at his school, Miyuki, on a date, but he ended up soiling himself and tried to get a replacement, but since he had forgotten his wallet, was forced to try and take it. The girls are more understanding by the answer, though Tsuyu questions why he didn’t just go commando with his pants. He says it would have been too embarrassing, however, a familiar voice responds that she wouldn’t have minded. 

The woman the girls met before, who turns out to be Miyuki, shows up, leaving the girls stunned, and the man, Suzuki, crying in fear. He apologizes, and she cheers him up, saying that underwear or not, he’s still himself, someone she could never abandon. She agrees to go back to the supermarket with him to apologize, and they head off. Momo wonders why a woman like her would stick with a guy like him after how he reacted, but Ochaco responds that she can understand how she feels, being worried about him, recalling a familiar feeling when she had first met Izuku, causing her to slightly blush. Starting to get hungry, the three remember the shopping cart they left in the store, and head back there to pick up Ochaco’s mocha, now in the mood to try her chocolate mochi concoction.

Part 6: 1-A: Parents' Day

Izuku Midoriya arrives to the classroom on Parents’ Day, quickly chatting with Ochaco and Tsuyu, before noting the energy of the class feeling different than usual. He starts to be embarrassed thinking about the letter he’ll have to read, as Shoto shows up to ask how he’s doing, mentioning his sister is coming. Tenya also appears, letting the two know about their amusement park adventure, with Minoru chiming in to call Fumikage a “cradle robber.” Kyoka Jiro & Momo pop in to shut Minoru up, discussing Ochaco’s chocolate mochi amongst themselves; both these conversations confused and intrigued Izuku. As the day officially starts, Shota Aizawa doesn’t show up, leaving everyone to question where could he be. After their homeroom has concluded, they all suddenly receive a message on their phones from Shota telling them to ride the bus to the mock cityscape. They reluctantly follow suit, with Izuku commenting that wasting time like this does not seem like Shota. 

Arriving at the cityscape, with still no Shota in site, Tenya plans to take the rest of the class further in, until Mezo Shoji stops him, saying that he smells gasoline. Suddenly a herd of screams starts occurring, leaving the students to rush after it wondering what’s going on. They make their way to a cleared lot where they notice a massive pit, with a large cage on a small platform right in the center of it, discovering their parents crying for help in the cage. As they try to piece everything together, a mysterious masked man makes himself known, standing in the cage alongside all the parents, claiming to have put Shota down for a “dirt nap.” He tells them not to call or run for help or else he will throw the parent of whoever does into the pit, leading to more worried responses from the parents. The man starts to tell the students about how he was flunked out of the U.A. and his current goal, until Katsuki cuts him off, annoyed at his rambling and ready to blow him up. The man quickly reminds him of the hostage situation, pulling out his mother, Mitsuki, to threaten him, only to lead to the mother and son arguing with each other; Inko quietly reminds Mitsuki they’re supposed to be hostages, so she quiets up and backs away. 

Izuku asks the man what he’s after, with him saying he wants to destroy the bright futures of the children by executing their parents right in front of them. As the villain prepares for his next move, Izuku goes into his muttering monologue to try and create a plan, but is unable to at the moment, so Tenya leads a team, including students like Eijiro Kirishima and Yuga Aoyama, to distract the villain for as long as possible. Shoto tells Izuku their only chance is a sneak attack from him, since smashing the unsmashable is what he’s good at, leading him to get slightly emotional and devising a plan. He comes up with an idea for Momo to create a stun gun, which Ochaco will float Toru Hagakure to sneak up on the villain and shoot up close. The plan fails as the villain kicks the gun out of the way, and in a fit of rage, opens up the cage door and throws a match into the pit of gasoline, lighting it all on fire. Izuku starts to feel despaired over his strategy failing, but Katsuki kicks him to regain his composure, saying it is the perfect time to attack now, with the villain outside the cage. Ochaco uses her Quirk to float Katsuki towards him, while Shoto uses his ice to freeze the villain’s feet in place. Izuku, Tenya, Fumikage, and Shoto soon follow suit, thanks to Ochaco, to help rescue the parents, while Katsuki keeps the villain pinned down; he secretly presses a button underneath his cape, causing explosions from below, rocking the platform everyone is on. 

Shoto uses his ice to create a pathway to keep the platform steady and to block off some of the fire in the way, but are still unable to safely get the parents across. Izuku figures out the best way to get everyone off is to use the ice bridge like a slide, similar to the evacuation chute from their rescue training. Momo manages to create a big enough tarp in time, which Ochaco and Hanta Sero launch across the pit. Getting everyone together, Tenya uses his engine to pull from the front, while Izuku, Katsuki, & Fumikage push from the back, throwing the villain alongside everyone else. Right as they seemingly make it, the tower collapses in the fire, and the ice bridge is destroyed, leaving Izuku and the other two left dangling on the edge of the tarp. Izuku hangs on, however, his letter falls out and is eaten by the flames in the pit. Tenya and the others in the class yank the rest of the tarp back up, however, the jolt loosens Inko’s grip causing her to fly airborne. Suddenly, the masked villain appears quickly grabbing ahold of Inko and getting her back to solid ground where she and Izuku wept and embrace. The man appears before everyone and tells them the exercise is over, with Shota emerging from the shadows, to everyone’s confusion.

Shota reveals the whole incident was a setup, in which all of the parents were in on, with the masked villain actually being an actor from a theatre troupe. He continues saying that while they weren't in complete danger, anything with lower stakes wouldn’t have tested the students well enough, that the exercise was meant to give them experience in how they would react when a loved one, or anyone, is in real danger, that a rescue needs strength, skill, knowledge, and decisiveness, and that emotion can easily cloud judgment. He also comments saying that they struggled too much against a single opponent, and that both the stun gun and distracting by talking were too unrefined of solutions, so they passed but just barely. After he assigns them a one-page report on the incident, Tenya asks about the true purpose of the letters, with Shota responding to it as their way of getting them to think more about their parents than usual. 

Izuku and Inko comfort each other.

The students each reunite with their parents, with Shota approaching Shoto and Fuyumi, saying that they recorded the incident and that he can give them a copy to give to their mother. Inko and Izuku have their own conversation, with her saying he was the spitting image of a real hero when he showed up to save her, as he goes ahead and tells her what he put on the letter, that he’s sorry for always making her worry and that he’ll keep trying harder and harder. As everyone else starts heading out, Inko quickly thanks to the man in black for also helping her; Izuku, after waiting for everyone else to leave, realizes it is All Might, in his true skeletal form. He thanks him for saving his mom, while also feeling bad that he wasn’t good enough to be able to save her himself, however, All Might reassures him that he would have saved her if he wasn't too hasty, and that he needs to be able to accept genuine praise and not look on the downside all the time. Izuku starts to tear up over All Might's encouraging comments, with him once again reminding him to try not to cry so much, with Izuku thinking about how someday he will be able to hold back his tears and stand tall with a smile.

Part 7: Epilogue

Endeavor is rushing to U.A. to see his son, but is quickly blocked off by the school's automatic gates due to not having a student ID or guest pass. He commands them to let him in because he is missing Parent's Day, holding the notice, which he had only just discovered. Even though Shoto keeps his distance from him, he wanted to come to see his "creation"'s progress. The first person he thinks of that could get him in is All Might, but he quickly dismisses the idea as he never wanted to ask the person he hated for help, but luckily he does not need to consider the idea any further, because Recovery Girl comes through the gates.

She asks why he has come today, and Endeavor is about to mention Parent's Day but quickly cuts himself off, changing his motive to wanting to drop by here as he was just in the area, hoping she does not notice how agitated he is. Recovery Girl asks if his son is in the Hero Course, and he says she is right, so she proceeds to go on about Parent's Day and how the parents were taken hostage as a trial, and they had to figure out how to save them. Endeavor sees it as an elaborate setup and imagines Shoto performing admirably, he says that he might as well see how they are doing.

But they are already done and the task seemed troublesome according to her, and that is enough for Endeavor to exclaim about wishing he had not found out so late, unintentionally revealing he was here for Parent's Day the whole time. Recovery Girl repeats his excuse and says there is no need to lie as she already spotted the notice in his hand. He destroys all evidence of it with his hand and asks if she is sure she does not need glasses at her age. He wishes that the fax had not ended up under his desk, but he thinks that maybe Shoto's dream came true.


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