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The My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Original Soundtrack is a 34-song album covering music from the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. Music for this OST was composed and arranged by Yuki Hayashi.

Song List

  1. Heroes vs. Villains
  2. Nine (ナイン?)
  3. A Hero Is... (ヒーローとは、、、?)
  4. The Hero Work Recommendation Project (ヒーロー活動推奨プロジェクト?)
  5. That's Super Hero-Like!! (ものすごくヒーローっぽいのキターっ!!?)
  6. Nabu Island (那歩島の人々?)
  7. Inherited Power (引き継がれた力?)
  8. Nine's Quirk (ナインの個性?)
  9. Nine's Blunder (ナインの失態?)
  10. The Villain Appears (ヴィラン出現?)
  11. You Picked the Wrong Person to Taunt! (おちょくる相手を間違えたな?)
  12. Deku and Katsuma (出久と活真?)
  13. Nine's Action (ナインの行動?)
  14. Surprise Attack of the Villain (ヴィランの奇襲?)
  15. Class 1-A, Heading Out! (A組、救助へ出動!?)
  16. Nine and His Team's Resistance (ナインたちの抵抗?)
  17. Numerical Inferiority (劣勢?)
  18. Nine's Tenacity of Purpose (ナインの執着心?)
  19. The Strength of the Man Who'll Become the Number One Hero (No.1ヒーローになる男の強さ?)
  20. Islanders' Anxiety (島民の不安?)
  21. Past with Nine (ナインとの過去?)
  22. Together as One (心を一つに?)
  23. Strategy Meeting (作戦会議?)
  24. Let's Start the Operation! (作戦開始!?)
  25. We'll Go All-Out to Stop You! (全力で止める!?)
  26. Joint Struggle (共闘?)
  27. Chimera (キメラ?)
  28. To the Limit (限界まで?)
  29. Nine's Craving (ナインの渇望?)
  30. Be Number One -Bakugo's Belief- (No.1ヒーローに -爆豪の信念-?)
  31. Nine's Power (ナインの力?)
  32. Might⁺U
  33. A Heart That Is Inherited (受け継がれる心?)
  34. There Is a Hero There (そこにはヒーローがいる?)


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