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My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising (僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE ヒーローズ:ライジング Boku no Hīrō Akademia Za Mūbī Hīrōzu: Raijingu?) is a 2019 animated film and the second in the My Hero Academia series.

The movie was announced in the 17th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump for 2019 and first premiered in Japan on December 20, 2019. It premiered in North America and the United Kingdom on February 26, 2020.


Fight villains. Save people. Win together.

Class 1-A visits Nabu Island where they finally get to do real hero work. The place is so peaceful that it feels like a vacation - until they're attacked by a villain with an eerily familiar Quirk! Now, Deku and his friends are the island's only hope.



Spinner rams a hero car

Spinner rams a hero car.

Late at night sometime in the winter, in the outskirts of Japan, Rock Lock and a team of Pro Heroes are in hot pursuit of the League of Villains, who are escaping in an armored truck carrying cargo requested by Doctor Ujiko. The cargo in question is a large fluid-filled life support tank harboring a man.

Spinner drives the truck while carrying Dabi and Mr. Compress. With the combined efforts of Spinner's driving skills and Dabi and Mr. Compress' Quirks, the villains manage to hold off their pursuers. At the same time, Spinner wonders who alerted the authorities of their route, with Dabi and Mr. Compress suspecting of an information leak.

Nine in a life support tank

The League of Villains carries a dangerous weapon.

At the end of a turn is a roadblock guarded by another team of Heroes, and the No. 1 Hero: Endeavor. Dabi fires off a blast of his Blueflames, and Endeavor uses his Jet Burn, with both attacks colliding and canceling each other out. Shortly after, Dabi lets out a massive blast of his flames, with Endeavor countering with his Prominence Burn. The move easily overpowers Dabi's attack and engulfs the truck. The villains melt into piles of sludge, revealing to be just doubles made from Twice's Quirk. Without a driver, the truck reels off the cliff.

Endeavor descends to study the cargo the League was supposed to be carrying, finding that the No. 2 HeroHawks is already there, investigating the wreckage. Endeavor blames him for not helping them before, but Hawks replies that he had just arrived. He asks about the League members, which Hawks tells him that they were mere copies created by Twice's Quirk. When examining the contents of the truck, the life support tank is revealed to be empty. Hawks suspected the truck was carrying a new type of Nomu, but later believes it was something else.

Endeavor and Hawks investigate the truck

The mysterious cargo has disappeared.

Not far from that area, Nine stumbles into the forest and up a small hill, where he meets with his associates: Chimera, Mummy, and Slice. He was the one being transported and managed to escape before Endeavor's attack. Nine's crew are happy to see him, and he tells them that the experiment was a success. He then looks over the city and expresses how he's going to change the world for them.

Act One: Hero Work Recommendation Project

Every student from Class 1-A has been assigned to the Hero Work Recommendation Project. A month ago, Shota Aizawa informed 1-A Hero Course of U.A. High School that they will participate in the program sponsored by the Hero Public Safety Commission to help with their training after everyone obtained their provisional licenses. They were sent to Nabu Island to perform duties as heroes acting like their own "U.A. Agency" without the aid of any teacher. Their work would involve mostly minor deeds with the island's relatively low crime rate.

Class 1-A answering calls

Ochaco answers a call for help.

The Pro Hero who used to protect the Island retired and now the U.A. Agency takes requests and calls from all the civilians: Denki is called to charge up a farmer's tractor battery; Koji retrieves lost pets; Tenya goes to assist an old lady who had a broken back to the hospital; Fumikage patrols the skies above Nabu Island; Mashirao, Shoto, Minoru, Tsuyu, Rikido, Mezo, and Hanta monitor the popular tourist beach area; Yuga and Mina clear a highway road blocked by boulders; Eijiro helps a fisher and his family load up on a semi-truck; Momo fixes a scooter; etc… Katsuki is the only member of the class to not have taken a call all day. He claims it's because he's waiting in case a real villain shows up.

Ochaco gets a call from a little girl who lost her brother somewhere on the island, and calls across the room and asks if anyone can help her to find the lost kid. Izuku and Kyoka volunteer. The three search the island and find the little boy named Katsuma Shimano at a nearby park. His older sister, Mahoro Shimano suddenly appears and scolds Izuku for taking so long to find them, revealing that she was timing Izuku and the others on their arrival to their location.

Izuku is scolded by Mahoro

Mahoro scolds Izuku for taking an hour to find them.

She angrily scowls at Izuku because he took about an hour late to locate her brother. Izuku felt embarrassed and ashamed before Mahoro disapproves of him for being a hero, as she doesn't appear to be fond of heroes, and walks away with her brother. Ochaco and Kyoka are confused by the exchange, but Izuku doesn't mind being scolded by the child. He is just happy the little boy is with his sister.

Elsewhere, Mahoro gets Katsuma and herself some ice cream while making rude comments about U.A. High's students and their inability to respond to danger despite the island's low crime rate. Katsuma doesn't seem as bothered as his sister because Izuku was kind to him, so Mahoro formulates a plan to make her brother change his mind about the heroes.

Meanwhile, at U.A. High School, the retired former No. 1 Hero, Toshinori Yagi, is wondering if the students at Nabu Island are alright despite having their provisional licenses, but Shota reassures Toshinori that there are no villains on the island and the students should be relatively safe from any significant threats.

The residents of Nabu bring food to U.A

The residents of Nabu bring food to U.A. students.

Back at Nabu Island, at the end of the day, the class is exhausted from all the hard work and deeds that they've done. Hanta wonders if the small acts are considered to be hero work, so Tenya assures that every deed that happens on the island count as hero work. Momo reminds everyone that they may have their provisional licenses, but they are still students, so they will have to put in the hard work to make sure that the island residents can count on them. Minoru points out to the class that the only one who hasn't done the work since they arrived on the island was Katsuki, who refuses to do small deeds unless there is a villain involved.

The residents of Nabu Island come to the Hero Office and greet the class with special accommodations of food for dinner as a token of gratitude for all of their hero work. After eating their dinner, Denki, Hanta, and several other students come and tell Eijiro to join them at the onsen bath and assign Katsuki to be on night patrol. He complains, but the guys remind him that he didn't do any hero work all day long. Katsuki can't argue that and goes out to patrol the grounds.

Katsuki demand Izuku to master his Quirk

Katsuki demands Izuku to hurry up in mastering One For All.

Later on the night, Izuku is practicing his kicks to keep training on the One For All. He thinks about his Quirk and how he can train himself to be able to use this power that All Might has given him. Coming back from his patrol, Katsuki finds Izuku training and tells him to hurry and master his Quirk. They have an exchange over who will be the No. 1 Hero before it's interrupted by Katsuma. The young boy tells them a villain has appeared. Izuku is surprised by the presence of a villain before Katsuki pushes him aside, demanding Katsuma to explain himself better.

Meanwhile, in the Hero Public Safety Commission headquarters, Hawks, is in a committee meeting. The Hero Committee reports that, in recent weeks, several heroes have been attacked and that they have lost their Quirks. They suspect that the League of Villains has managed to reproduce the Quirk-nullifying bullet.

Hawks and the Public Safety Commission President

Concern about the latest events.

They ask Hawks if he had heard anything about this, but Hawks said that he doesn't think that these incidents are from the Quirk bullet. He suggests the possibility that their Quirk may have been stolen, although Hawks acknowledges it is an unlikely assumption since All For One is in Tartarus. Still, he is certain that the League of Villains is involved in these incidents.

Meanwhile, the League themselves are chilling at a rundown shack in the middle of nowhere. They discuss the cargo they were supposed to be transporting. No one seems to know what was inside other than Tomura Shigaraki. He recalls the Life Support Unit from back when he was still directly under All For One. The Doctor told him specifically to never touch it because it was a personal project.

Nine - All For One

Nine steals Mr. Shimano's Quirk.

In another place, Katsuma and Mahoro's father, who is on a business trip in Kyushu, watches a video recording of his children before he was attacked by Chimera, who slammed the truck to knock him out. Nine uses his Scanning Quirk on him and proclaims that he has found what he was looking for. He then uses his All For One Quirk to steal and absorb Mr. Shimano's Cell Activation Quirk.

When Nine takes Mr. Shimano's power, he uses his original Quirk Weather Manipulation to call lightning down to destroy parts of the city. Nine and their groups are excited that they can finally put their plan into action to fulfill their dreams. Nine then freezes up in pain as his cells begin to degenerate, and he realizes that Mr. Shimano's Quirk isn't compatible with him because it only works on A-Type blood and he is B-Type.

Katsuki faces a giant praying mantis

A giant mantis villain appears.

Chimera laments over the team's struggle to cure Nine being worthless, but Slice shows them the video recording of Katsuma and Mahoro. Nine remembers that Quirks are hereditary, and decides to aim for the kids as one of them must have a Quirk that is similar to their father that might be compatible with his body.

At Nabu Island, Katsuki rushes over to where Katsuma said the villain is located, carrying the little kid and being followed by Izuku. Katsuma tells him he saw the villain at the ancient castle ruins located in Mount Shiroyama, on a smaller island next to Nabu. Katsuki arrives on scene first to confront the villain: a giant praying mantis wreaking havoc on the side of the hill. Katsuki uses Stun Grenade to blind it, but he notices something wrong and stops attacking.

Izuku holds Katsuki

Izuku prevents Katsuki from violently punishing the kids.

Izuku arrives shortly afterward and sees the praying mantis attacking Katsuki, but it phases through him. Katsuki generates a huge explosion that makes Mahoro fall from her hiding place. The giant mantis disappears, confirming Katsuki's suspicions that the monster was fake because there was no shadow beneath it. The creature was created by Mahoro's Quirk: Hologram.

Katsuki is furious as he shouts to the girl if she's trying to make fun of him. He tells her that he's aiming to be Number 1 and doesn't need stupid kids to play pranks on him. Katsuki scolds Mahoro and Katsuma with an increasingly angry face for having faked a villain attack, forcing Izuku to restrain him for fear that he will hurt the kids. Katsuma and Mahoro scurry off while Katsuki struggles to get Izuku off him.

Katsuma and Mahoro Shimano

"Our father is greater than any hero."

The kids end up in a sugar cane field as they look at the stars. Mahoro complains about Katsuki, saying that even though he wants to be a hero he seems more like a villain, reinforcing her dislike for heroes because they're all talk. Katsuma tells him that despite that those two boys went to help them. Mahoro is aware that her little brother is fond of heroes and wants to be one, but she says their father is better than any hero.

The next day, in Kyushu, Hawks arrives on the scene of destruction caused by Nine last night. Among the victims, Mr. Shimano stands out because he has lost his Quirk. This baffles Hawks as Mr. Shimano is a civilian and not a hero like the previous victims. He wonders what exactly is going on. While Hawks investigates the scene, Tomura observes him from the ruins of a building.

Izuku Midoriya and Katsuma Shimano

Izuku talks to Katsuma about being a hero.

Back at Nabu Island, the class resumes to their daily schedule hero work. Izuku comes across Katsuma again, who apologizes for his sister's prank last night. Katsuki also listens to Katsuma's apology as he is outside standing on the veranda. He listens to Katsuma explaining that Mahoro was trying to prove that the heroes wouldn't come help but they did just like Katsuma believed.

Izuku notes that Katsuma has an Edgeshot pin on his bag, and asks him if he likes heroes. Katsuma says that he really admires Heroes and wants to be one even though his Quirk isn't suited for combat. However, his sister dislikes heroes and wants to discourage him from ever becoming one. Izuku realizes that Mahoro doesn't quite hate heroes, she just wants to stop Katsuma from thinking of becoming one because she was afraid that hero work is dangerous, which reminds him of how his mother, Inko, was worried about his well-being.

Izuku assures Katsuma that anyone can be a hero as long as they focus on putting in their effort. After Katsuma leaves, one of the residents tells Izuku that Katsuma and Mahoro live alone with their father on the island. Their mother passed away from a particular illness when they were very young, and the village watches after them while their father is away working. That's why Mahoro is very protective of her brother. Katsuki overhears everything from the balcony.

Act Two: Nine's Invasion

Slice (Quirk)

Slice destroys the harbor.

By sunset, Katsuma meets back with Mahoro at the same park where he met Izuku and is about to tell his sister about becoming a hero when Nine and his villains hijack a ferry and crash into the Nabu Island harbor. Residents flee as the villains arrived. Once the villains have landed on the island, the villains begin their assault.

Nine instructs his allies to do whatever they need to do in order to create distractions while he hunts down the two kids. Slice uses her Quirk to destroy all the ships at the harbor while Nine and the rest of the villains continue their attack. Terrified, Katsuma and Mahoro attempt to contact Class 1-A headquarters, but Katsuki answers the phone. He doesn't believe her at first but Izuku hears the exchange and takes the phone. Just before Izuku can answer back, the phone service is cut off after Chimera destroyed the communication towers, rendering all connections to the outside world severed.


Mummy creates more puppets to face the students.

Once the connection is cut off, the villains continue with their invasion. Mummy focuses his efforts on attacking the urban area near the shopping district, where Minoru, Toru, and Yuga are patrolling. Mummy quickly overpowers them with his Quirk: Mummification to reanimate non-living objects into massive puppets. While Yuga attacks with his Navel Laser and Minoru fights back with his Pop Off, Toru tries to contact headquarters, but she discovers that the communication service is dead.

Chimera is confronted by Mashirao and Fumikage while Tsuyu and Mezo evacuate the residents and the tourists that are on the beach. Mashirao attacks Chimera with Tornado Tail Dance, but the villain blocks his attacks so easily with one hand because his Quirk gives him animalistic speed and strengths of different kinds of animals. Fumikage attempts to attack with Dark Shadow, but the villain blocks the attack, much to the latter's shock. Outmatched, Mashirao orders Fumikage to head back to headquarters to request backup.

Fumikage reports his classmates the villains attack

Fumikage reports to his classmates the villains' attack.

Back at Class 1-A headquarters, the heroes are confused about why the phone service is dead until one of the residents notifies them of a villain attacking the shopping district as Fumikage returns to report a villain attack at the beach. Quickly, Tenya devises the plan for the class.

He splits the class into groups in order to deal with the separate threats: Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki will go to the shopping district and intercept the villain with Momo, Kyoka, and Mina assisting in medical evacuation while he, Shoto, Hanta, Sato, and Fumikage will intercept the villain at the beach as Ochaco and Koda will assist with the evacuation of the tourists and residents.

Mummy turns Katsuki into his puppet

Katsuki is wrapped and turned into a puppet.

At the downtown hospital clinic, Minoru, Yuga, and Toru fend off against Mummy and the endless army of mummified puppets. Yuya and Minoru reach their Quirk limits but luckily, Katsuki's team intervenes and provides assistance. While Katsuki, Denki, and Eijiro fight off against the mummified puppets, Momo, Kyoka, and Mina evacuate the local residents nearby.

During the battle, the villain is able to wrap Katsuki up and turned him into a mummified puppet using his weapons, armor, and costume. He proves too much for Denki and Eijiro but Katsuki is able to free himself by detonating one of his Grenadier Bracers and defeats the villain using his Grenadier Bracer to release a highly concentrated explosion at point-blank range, knocking the villain unconscious before heading off to find more villains.

Tenya and Fumikage attack Chimera

U.A. students attack Chimera.

Back on the beach, Mashirao continues to fight Chimera before being defeated after taking a devastating punch. Mezo attempts to fight the villain, but Chimera caught him and starts to strangle him with raw strength before Tenya and his team arrive to intercept the villain. Despite Hanta, Shoto, Tenya, Fumikage, and Rikido's teamwork, the villain proves to outmatch everyone before he incapacitates Rikido out of commission.

Meanwhile, Katsuma and Mahoro run away from the scene of the fighting and attempt to get back home, but they run into Nine, who destroys their home. The villain uses his Quirk to scan the little kids and finds out that Katsuma has the exact Cell Activation Quirk he needed. Before Nine can steal Katsuma's Quirk, Izuku arrives and rescues the kids, using his Quirk to escape through a forest area and get the kids to safety.

Izuku attacks Nine with Delaware Smash Air Force

Izuku attacks Nine with Delaware Smash Air Force.

Izuku fights Nine using his Quirk at 8%, but Nine uses his Air Wall Quirk to create a barrier that is made of highly compressed air to shield himself. Izuku retreats after Nine uses his Bullet Laser Quirk to shoot purple laser beams over to Izuku. The hero realizes that Nine has the same Quirk as All For One, and attacks using Delaware Smash Air Force, but Nine uses the Air Wall Quirk to shield himself and retaliate by using it to push a gust of wind directly at Izuku. He then activates Full Cowl at 20% and uses St. Louis Smash, but despite increasing his power, Izuku is still outmatched by Nine.

Using his Scanning Quirk, Nine realizes that Izuku has an interesting Quirk and attempts to use his All For One Quirk to steal it. While Nine tries to steal Izuku's Quirk, the inherent willpower of all the predecessors of One For All refused to be stolen and stopped the process, leaving Izuku temporarily immobile. Nine is surprised that he can't steal Izuku's Quirk, and assumes, possibly due to him also possessing multiple Quirks, it is because he has no room for it. Disappointed for not being able to snatch his Quirk, Nine blasts a defenseless Izuku, slamming him hard against a nearby hill.

Nine - Wind Gust attack

Nine blows Katsuki away.

Mahoro and Katsuma try to help Izuku, but he orders them to flee. Nine proceeds to shoot a purple laser at Izuku's chest, wounding him. Frightened, Mahoro uses her Quirk to project a cartoony version of the wounded Izuku to notify everyone. Before Nine can dispose of Izuku, Katsuki arrives and engages in combat with Nine, but even he, alone, is no match for Nine and his multiple Quirks. Katsuki manages to outsmart the villain and is about to attack him up close when Nine activates his Hydra Quirk and crushes him down into the ground.

Izuku manages to recover and attacks Nine. As Izuku is close to landing a blow at Nine, the villain uses his original Weather Quirk to summon a massive lightning strike to zap Izuku and Katsuki, severely injuring them in the process, while at the same time, causing a major blackout throughout Nabu Island. With Izuku and Katsuki down, Nine goes after the children, but then, he suffers from his cell degeneration disease and is unable to continue fighting.

Izuku and Katsuki try their best to stop Nine

Izuku and Katsuki grab Nine's legs.

Slice arrives to help Nine and attempts to take Katsuma before Koda uses his Anivoice Quirk to summon a swarm of crows to blind the villains while Mezo, Tsuyu, and Ochaco rescue the wounded Izuku and Katsuki and the children. Nine orders Slice to chase them but she assures him that they cannot leave the island and what they must do now is withdraw so that he can recover. With the kids gone and Nine in pain from his illness, Slice fires a flare gun to call all their allies to retreat.

Act Three: Preparations for the Last Stand

Katsuma wants to help

Katsuma wants to use his Quirk to help Izuku and Katsuki.

Later at night, Class 1-A regroups and holds out in a factory with all the civilians they've managed to save and providing humanitarian aid to the inhabitants. Mummy was captured, locked up, and chained inside the machine room, but he refuses to talk to any of them after they questioned the villain. Momo and Denki are currently working on maintaining essential supplies.

Ochaco goes into the room where other civilians are being healed by medical staff from the hospital clinic with healing Quirks. Izuku and Katsuki are both unconscious and the doctors can only use their Quirks to close their wounds, but they cannot treat them any further because they've suffered so much damage that they need to be sent to a hospital in the mainland. Mahoro and Katsuma then come into the room and they say that he can help using his Cell Activation Quirk to heal both Izuku and Katsuki. The doctors appreciate his help, and invite him to heal both heroes.

Slice and Chimera take care of Nine

Chimera and Slice take care of Nine.

Meanwhile, the villains hole up in a lighthouse. Nine is sleeping, trying to recover as Slice watches over him. Chimera comes into the room and asks where's Mummy, and they realize that Mummy was captured. Chimera then reminisces on when Nine saved him and asked him to join his group, explaining that he will bring order to the society where the strongest Quirks will rule over the weaker Quirks, and so he would not have to hide again from the society that treats him like a monster.

The flashback continues to when Nine told his teammates that he plans to undergo an experiment by Dr. Daruma Ujiko to gain more power, and in this way find a cure for his illness. Daruma managed to adapt the Quirk factor of the All For One Quirk into Nine, making him capable of stealing up to eight Quirks.

Sometime later, when Nine joined them on the night of the car chase, he explained that Ujiko's operation was a success, obtaining great power but also worsening the symptoms of his illness. Chimera considered that the operation was for nothing then, but Nine corrects him saying that it is not true, because with his new power, he only needs to steal a Quirk to help him to overcome his illness, and in this way, he will be able to build the utopia that they had always dreamed of.

Cell Activation

Katsuma uses his Cell Activation Quirk to heal Izuku and Katsuki.

Back to the present, in the factory, Katsuma continues trying his hardest to heal Izuku and Katsuki with his Quirk, to the point where he almost passes out. His sister asks him to get some rest but he refuses to give up and continues using his Cell Activation Quirk, until finally both Izuku and Katsuki start waking up

In another room, Class 1-A holds a meeting to discuss how to deal with the major threat from Nine and the rest of the villains. Momo created a drone to send an SOS out to the mainland for help, but reinforcements won't arrive soon. They are trying to figure out what the villains are after when Katsuma and Mahoro enter the room, and the little boy reveals that he is the target for the villains, since Nine wants to steal his Quirk.

Some students suggest helping the boy escape to thwart the villain's plans, but Shoto advises against it as they could kill the inhabitants of the island in retaliation. Katsuma then offers to surrender himself to Nine to save everyone, but Izuku appears, having fully recovered after Katsuma healed him, and dissuades the boy of his idea by telling him he has an amazing Quirk that he should never give up. Katsuki also enters the room fully healed and tells everyone that the only thing to do is to crush the villains.

Class 1-A is willing to fight and protect everyone

Class 1-A is willing to fight and protect everyone.

Inspired by Izuku and Katsuki's words, the class thinks back on all of the hard work they've done for the people and are now determined to do the same as Izuku and Katsuki. The whole class unanimously agrees to fight the villains and protect everyone on the island.

Izuku devises a plan of action for the class: by relocating all the civilians to Mount Shiroyama in the smaller island where the ancient castle is located, it can hold all of the residents in the large cave safely. This way, the villains only have one route to get to Katsuma and everyone has an escape route if needed. The heroes will engage the villains using the terrain to their advantage and spit the villains apart. Mashirao, Kyoka, and Mezo will personally guard Katsuma and Mahoro while the civilians hold out inside the cave protected by Koji, Rikido, and Toru.

Class 1-A stand together

Class 1-A ready for the final confrontation.

Shoto questions about how the class is going to deal with Nine and his multiple Quirks. Izuku noted that Nine can only use his Quirk for a limited time due to the illness he is suffering, so the plan is to have everyone attack in waves to make sure the villain uses his Quirk all the time until he has reached his limit and hold out until reinforcements from the mainland arrive.

The next morning, after recovering from his illness, Nine, Slice, and Chimera arrive at the entrance to the island after Slice scouted them on the ruins of the ancient castle. The villains make their way to Mount Shiroyama, determined to take Katsuma no matter the cost.

Act Four: Rising

Momo prepares to shoot with her cannons

Momo ready to shoot the enemy.

With the villains approaching the ruins, the heroes begin their assault on the villains with a pre-emptive strike. Yuga attacks first using his Ultimate Move: Supernova, to fire a massive laser bombardment at the villains. While Nine blocks the attack with his Air Wall Quirk, Slice, and Chimera break away from the blast, unaware that they are falling right into their trap. Momo reveals two massive cannons she created last night with the last sources of her Creation Quirk and shot at the villains, which cause Slice to collapse in an underground cavern and Chimera plunging into a nearby waterfall.

With the villains separated, Hanta and Ochaco commence their assault on Nine. Hanta uses his Tape Quirk to throw huge boulders at Nine supported by Ochaco's Quirk, Zero Gravity. Nine deflects all of their attacks using his Air Wall Quirk for defense and his Bullet Laser Quirk for an offense. Ochaco continues to use her Quirk to make more floating boulders for Hanta to throw at Nine, but the villain is still not stopping, so Hanta and Ochaco retreat to a trap they prepared with Minoru standing by and caused a massive rock slide. Nine was buried under the rock avalanche with Minoru using his Ultimate Move, Super Grape Rush, to make the rocks stick together even harder to trap the villain. However, Nine is able to break free easily, knocking Minoru out of the battle. Momo and Yuga intervene and engage Nine, but the villain defeats both of them.

Nine defeats Ochaco

Nine gets rid of Ochaco with his Quirk.

Izuku and Katsuki engages the villain, but they aren't strong enough to take down the villain as Nine uses his Air Wall and Bullet Laser Quirks to defend and attack at the same time. Hanta attempts to help out, but he is defeated after Nine uses his Bullet Laser Quirk to blast him. Ochaco tries to make Nine float but she gets knocked out by his Hydra Quirk. Izuku and Katsuki fire back against the Hydra Quirk with a combination of Delaware Air Force and AP Shot, but the Quirk is too much and takes them both down.

As the villain's about to defeat Izuku and Katsuki, Nine has reached his limit and starts to reel in pain from his illness. Izuku and Katsuki seize the opportunity, but Nine activates his life-support to take a heavy dose of empowering drug and goes beyond his limit, summoning a massive lightning strike that seemingly vaporized Izuku and Katsuki.

Dark Shadow goes Berserk

An enraged Fumikage unleashes Dark Shadow's full power on a weakened Slice.

Meanwhile, in the underground cavern, Fumikage engages close combat with Slice in his Black Abyss with Mina providing support using her Acid Quirk. Despite using the darkness to his advantage, Fumikage proves to be unmatched for Slice and her swift combat agility. Fumikage makes an opening for Mina to use her signature move, Acid Shot, to destroy much of Slice's hair. Fumikage attacks with Dark Shadow, but Slice retaliates by using her Quirk to fire multiple barrage of sharp needles at Dark Shadow and Mina. Mina attempts to dodge all of her attacks, but she gets wounded in the process.

Enraged, Fumikage goes berserk and his Dark Shadow Quirk intensifies to become massively monstrous and viciously attacks Slice. The villain attempts to shoot her hair needles at the ceiling, but she is defeated by Fumikage after Dark Shadow grabbed her. However, the cavern collapsed on top of them. The sunlight from the sky nullifies Dark Shadow as Fumikage uses his body to shield the wounded Mina while the cavern buries all of them under piles of boulders.

Chimera blocks Eijiro's punch

Chimera blocks Eijiro's punch.

At the waterfall, with Chimera alone, Tenya, Tsuyu, Eijiro, and Shoto attacks the villain. Tsuyu drags Chimera into the water before Shoto freezes it, but it isn't enough to stop the villain. Eijiro and Tenya attack him with a series of kicks and punches while Shoto fights back with fire and ice attacks using his Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk. At first, Chimera seems to be able to repel all three of them easily until he feels his body paralyzed.

It is revealed that Eijiro and Tenya were attacking the villain using the special toxin mucus from Tsuyu's Frog Quirk. Chimera uses his Quirk to transform and grow his body bigger, nullifying the toxin. The villain fires a massive burning blast at the four of them. Shoto attempts to make an ice wall to block it, but it's not enough, forcing the four heroes to flee to avoid the fire.

Chimera is defeated

Chimera is defeated.

Pinned by Chimera, Shoto devises a plan: Tenya uses his Quirk: Engine to distract Chimera using Recipro Turbo, while Eijiro and Shoto sneak from behind using the same method they had used to save Katsuki in Kamino. Chimera notices them and fires his burning breath to blast them. Eijiro uses his Hardening Quirk to activate his signature move, Unbreakable, to take the full-frontal hit from the laser before he loses consciousness, giving Shoto the opportunity to strike. After Chimera used up his fire beam, Shoto manages to get on top of the villain with Tsuyu restraining the hands using her long tongue and Tenya holding the tail to the ground.

Chimera manages to defeat Tsuyu and Tenya and knock both of them out before Shoto defeats the villain by activating his Quirk to reach sub-zero temperatures and freeze the villain inside out before passing out from the cold temperatures in his body.

Hawks reports that Class 1-A is in danger

Hawks reports that Class 1-A is in danger.

At the same time, in the mainland, Hawks questions Katsuma and Mahoro's father who regained consciousness and retells everything that happened to him, and how the villain, Nine, stole his Quirk. Hawks receives a call from the Public Safety Commission who informs him that a fisherman found a drone containing a SOS message saying that villains have attacked Nabu Island. Realizing that Class 1-A is at Nabu Island and engaging Nine and the villains alone, Hawks flies over to the island as fast as he can while contacting U.A. to send in reinforcements.

Meanwhile, the situation for Class 1-A is growing dire as Nine was proven to be too powerful for all of them. Mashirao, Mezo, and Kyoka flee with Katsuma and Mahoro to the escape route in the caves. Mezo takes the kids away while Mashirao and Kyoka ambush the villain first to hold him back but they are smashed by the Hydra Quirk. Nine later catches up to Mezo and attacks him using his Bullet Lasers Quirk as Mezo protects the kids. Mashirao and Kyoka catch up to attack Nine with Mezo tackling with his Dupli-Arms Quirk, but the villain blasts all three of them away, defeating them.

Izuku kicks Nine

Izuku saves Katsuma at the last possible instant.

Nine holds Mahoro hostage to demand Katsuma to surrender his Quirk or he will kill his sister. Before Nine can steal his Quirk, Izuku and Katsuki enter the fray to save Katsuma and Mahoro, revealing that they survived the lightning strike using Denki as a lightning rod to absorb the lightning.

Izuku and Katsuki gains the upper hand after Nine is reaching his limits of using his multiple Quirks and overwhelms him with a combination of Detroit Smash and Explosion. On the verge of defeat, Nine uses the entire empowering drug in his life-support system which amplifies his Weather Manipulation Quirk to the maximum and summons a massive fire tornado and lightning storm and begins to destroy everything on the island.

Izuku and Katsuki with two One For All

Double One For All.

Izuku boosts his Quirk to reach 100% and uses Detroit Smash while Katsuki uses Howitzer Impact, but the two aren't strong enough to stop Nine and gets obliterated by the Weather Quirk. Mezo manages to regain consciousness and uses his body to shield Katsuma and Mahoro from falling debris as the firestorm causes a cave-in, trapping Koji, Rikido, and Toru along with the civilians in the cave. Izuku and Katsuki manage to survive, but they are severely wounded. Nine proceeds to decimate them with his Bullet Lasers and uses his Hydra to start crushing them to death.

With the entire class down and wounded, Izuku makes a desperate gamble; he transfers One For All to Katsuki, breaking the grip from Nine. Infuriated, Nine attempts to kill them by summoning another massive storm on the island, destroying much of the island's infrastructure. Izuku and Katsuki boosts up to reach Full Cowl - 100% and together, they use Detroit Smash to stop the tornado.

Izuku and Katsuki defeat Nine

Izuku and Katsuki defeat Nine.

Nine is just shocked by what he just witnessed, but he still refuses to give up on fulfilling his dreams, and engages Izuku and Katsuki in a intense combat, releasing all his Quirks at their maximum power. After a lengthy fight, Izuku and Katsuki finally manage to defeat Nine once and for all using the Explosion Quirk combined with St. Louis Smash at 100%, effectively ending the threat, but the ember left by One For All sparks out, leaving Izuku permanently Quirkless once again. Both heroes pass out from their injuries and exhaustion. As Izuku loses consciousness, he thanks One For All for everything as its last embers are extinguished inside him.


All Might is glad that Izuku and Katsuki are alright

All Might thanks the previous One For All users for helping Izuku and Katsuki.

After Class-1-A emerged victorious over the threat, a large number of heroes and a rescue team arrived on Nabu Island, rescuing the trapped civilians including Rikido, Koji, and Toru, medically treating Class 1-A, and providing humanitarian aid.

As Hawks rescues Fumikage and Mina, Toshinori recovers the barely conscious Izuku and the unconscious Katsuki. Izuku tearfully apologizes to Toshinori for giving One For All to Katsuki because he had no other choice if he wants to protect the people on the island before losing consciousness. Toshinori forgives Izuku, but is left surprised when he sees One For All still retained inside of Izuku. At first, he theorized that Katsuki must've lost consciousness before the transfer could be completed, but on second thought theorized that One For All must've kept itself inside of Izuku for his willingness to risk himself to protect the innocent even if it means losing the power. Tearfully, Toshinori thanks the previous users of One For All and his master, Nana Shimura.

Hawks watches as Mummy, Chimera, and Slice are put into custody. He then wonders what Tomura Shigaraki has planned. It turns out that Nine was blasted away to an island surrounded by flowers. Tomura appears in front of the wounded Nine using Warping. Nine reaches out saying that he hasn't perfected the society yet and needs more time, and there needs to be someone who can guide everyone. Tomura puts his hand on Nine's face, promising that he will take over the world that Nine so desperately planned to before he kills Nine using his Decay Quirk and leaves the island.

Katsuma Shimano smiling

Katsuma will be a great hero.

Class 1-A recovers and continues to stay on Nabu Island to help repair the damage done by Nine and his villains until the Public Safety Commission suspends the program and orders them to be sent home. With the island being repaired by the military and the heroes, Class 1-A boards a ferry to leave.

Izuku has a conversation with Katsuki, who suffered amnesia where he doesn't remember using One For All. Katsuma and Mahoro, who are reunited with their father, say their good-byes to Class 1-A for protecting them and saving the island. Katsuma promises to get stronger and Izuku tells him that he can become a hero and he will be waiting for him at U.A. High School.

Manga Adaptation

Volume Rising was released to coincide with the movie. Just like with Volume Origin for Two Heroes, this book was handed out to audiences who saw the premiere in Japan, and features concept designs, interviews, and a new chapter, all by Kohei Horikoshi. The chapter, titled League of Villains: Undercover, reveals Nine's backstory on how he came into contact with the League of Villains and gained the All For One Quirk.

Along with that, a two-part spin-off titled Deku & Bakugo: Rising Part 1 and Deku & Bakugo: Rising Part 2 was released in Weekly Shonen Jump to promote the film. Written by Yoco Akiyama, the same artist who also did the previous movie's tie-in chapter, this spin-off focused on Izuku and Katsuki's relationship during their middle school days, and their encounter with a villain.

Heroes: Rising also received it's own visual manga adaptation, which was released on January 4th, 2021.[5]


On March 23, 2019, at AnimeJapan 2019, it was announced that the second animated film of My Hero Academia was scheduled for release in Winter later that year.[6]

On July 7, 2019, the title "Heroes: Rising" was announced at the "Hero Fes." event, with the film for release on December 20, 2019.[7] The same crew from the first movie returned for this one: Bones producing, Toho distributing, Kenji Nagasaki directing, Yosuke Kuroda writing, Yoshihiko Umakoshi as character designer, Yuki Hayashi composing, and Kohei Horikoshi supervising and assisting with character deisgns.

Ryosuke Yoritomi, then current editor for the manga, also helped supervising on the film. During the initial announcements, Horikoshi revealed that the movie would feature original unused elements from the finale of the manga. Development of the story originated on an idea that would involve all of Class 1-A teaming up to defeat a strong opponent together. During these discussions, Horikoshi proposed the idea of Izuku and Katsuki sharing One For All in the climax, which was a concept from his original ending for the series.[8]

Whereas the chronology of the first film lined up with the events of the anime, taking place between Seasons 2 and 3 while season 3 was still airing, Heroes: Rising diverges by having the film's events line up relatively to the then current events of the manga, right after the Meta Liberation Army Arc, while the anime was airing Season 4. This resulted in Horikoshi creating several references and allusions to the movie in the manga, with the movie containing features that had not been present in the anime yet (ie: Hawks appearing in the film before his reveal in the anime).


The movie's theme song is titled "Higher Ground", performed by Japanese rock band sumika. "Might⁺U" is an insert song that plays during the climax of the movie, and it is performed by Makayla Phillips.

The film's official soundtrack was released on December 18, 2019.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Izuku Midoriya Daiki Yamashita Justin Briner
Katsuki Bakugo Nobuhiko Okamoto Clifford Chapin
Katsuma Shimano Yuka Terasaki Maxey Whitehead
Mahoro Shimano Tomoyo Kurosawa Dani Chambers
Shoto Todoroki Yūki Kaji David Matranga
Tenya Ida Kaito Ishikawa J. Michael Tatum
Ochaco Uraraka Ayane Sakura Luci Christian
Eijiro Kirishima Toshiki Masuda Justin Cook
Fumikage Tokoyami Yoshimasa Hosoya Josh Grelle
Minoru Mineta Ryo Hirohashi Brina Palencia
Momo Yaoyorozu Marina Inoue Colleen Clinkenbeard
Denki Kaminari Tasuku Hatanaka Kyle Phillips
Kyoka Jiro Kei Shindō Trina Nishimura
Hanta Sero Kiyotaka Furushima Christopher Bevins
Mezo Shoji Masakazu Nishida Ian Sinclair
Mina Ashido Eri Kitamura Caitlin Glass
Rikido Sato Toru Nara Cris George
Tsuyu Asui Aoi Yūki Monica Rial
Toru Hagakure Kaori Nazuka Felecia Angelle
Yuga Aoyama Kosuke Kuwano Joel McDonald
Mashirao Ojiro Kosuke Miyoshi Mike McFarland
Koji Koda Takuma Nagatsuka Greg Ayres
Hawks Yuichi Nakamura Zeno Robinson
All Might Kenta Miyake Christopher R. Sabat
Eraser Head Junichi Suwabe Christopher Wehkamp
Nezu Yasuhiro Takato Jerry Jewell
Recovery Girl Etsuko Kozakura Luci Christian
Inko Midoriya Aya Kawakami Jessica Cavanagh
Endeavor Tetsu Inada Patrick Seitz
Yokumiru Mera Masami Iwasaki Kenny Green
Rock Lock Yasuhiro Fujiwara Gabe Kunda
Mr. Shimano Yasunori Matsumoto Josh Bangle
Tomura Shigaraki Kōki Uchiyama Eric Vale
Dabi Hiro Shimono Jason Liebrecht
Spinner Ryo Iwasaki Larry Brantley
Mr. Compress Tsuguo Mogami Kent Williams
Himiko Toga Misato Fukuen Leah Clark
Twice Daichi Endou Newton Pittman
Doctor Ujiko Minoru Inaba Mark Stoddard
Mummy Kōsuke Toriumi Brendan Blaber
Chimera Shunsuke Takeuchi Greg Dulcie
Slice Mio Imada Lydia Mackay
Nine Yoshio Inoue Johnny Yong Bosch

Characters In Order of Appearance

Box Office and Sales

The film grossed $15.1 million in Japan, as well as $13.5 million in the United States and Canada, for a total of $28.7 million worldwide.

During its opening weekend, Heroes Rising ranked third at the Japanese box office, earning ¥422 million ($3.86 million) in its first three days, ¥283 million ($2.59 million) of which during the weekend. The film remained 3rd for the second weekend, dropped to 4th in its third week, dropped to 7th in its fourth weekend, and left the top 10 in its fifth weekend, though briefly rising to 9th in its sixth weekend before leaving the top 10 again. The film surpassed Two Heroes during its ninth weekend.

In the United States, the film made $2.47 million from 1,275 theaters on its first day (topping the box office), and $815,000 on its second. It went on to debut to $5.1 million in its opening weekend (a five-day total of $8.5 million), finishing fourth.

Currently, Heroes: Rising is ranked as the tenth highest-selling anime movie in the United States.

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