Mushroom (キノコ Kinoko?) is the Quirk used by Kinoko Komori.


Ground Gamma completely infested by mushrooms.

Mushroom allows the user to generate and spread fungus spores from their body.

Once these spores make contact with a solid surface, they will quickly grow into full-grown mushrooms. The spores can grow from any surface, be it the area, the user's own body, and even other people's bodies. The spores spread easier in an area with high humidity.


Since spores indiscriminately target people's bodies, Kinoko can be affected as well. To prevent mushrooms from growing inside her lungs, she must hold her breath as long as she spreads the spores.[1]

It's possible to combat the mushrooms with ethanol or some other fungicide. Fire is effective too, as it burns the spores in the air. The mushrooms will naturally die after two or three hours.[2]


Kinoko spraying the air to make it humid.

Kinoko has access to at least two spray bottles that she uses to increase an area's humidity levels, allowing her spores to scatter more easily. She is able to completely cover a terrain with mushrooms in a few minutes through this method, however, in order to prevent her teammates from being affected, they must be sterilized with an antifungal spray first. As a last resort, Kinoko is also capable of growing a mushroom within her opponent's throat, in order to put them in a state of asphyxiation. [3]

Kinoko's ability works well with Black and Comic, as the former can take advantage of black mushrooms to use as a hiding spot while the latter is able to amplify humidity through the right onomatopoeia, increasing the rate of the mushrooms' growth.

The mushrooms that she has shown to be capable of growing include:


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