Moyuru Tochi ( (とう) () (もゆる) Tōchi Moyuru?)[2] is a former Instant Villain.


Moyuru is a large and obese young man with dark brown skin. His head is completely bald and doesn't have any kind of facial hair, and his rounded eyes have no iris or pupils. There is a small flame on the top of his head that acts as hair that goes off when he is left unconscious.

He wears a purple open button-down shirt, through which his great belly protrudes; shorts, and slippers.

Under the effects of Trigger, Moyuru grows bigger, his skin acquires a stony texture, and his fire spreads all around his upper body



The first time he appears, Moyuru beat up Koichi and assaulted Pop☆Step along with his friends Soga and Rapt, showing that he was nothing more than a bully who enjoyed mocking and humiliating those who were weaker than him.

Following his defeat at the hands of Knuckleduster and his arrest, Moyuru's behavior changed for the better. He no longer bully other anymore, showing a calmer and more respectful attitude towards other people, especially towards his friends. He also respects Koichi, calling him "Big Man", despite the fact that they attacked him. He is also attentive to those who are convalescing, preparing food for them and bringing stuff for them to entertain during recovery.


Vigilantes Beginnings Arc

After getting injected with Trigger, he goes on a rampage and fights Knuckleduster. The vigilante knocks him out.



Flame ( () (えん) Kaen?): Moyuru’s Quirk grants him the ability to generate small flames from the top of his head. Under the effects of Trigger, the flames appear all across his upper body.[3]


  • His name contains the kanji for "lamp" (?), "market" (?), and "burn, fuel" (?).
  • His favorite things are motorcycles and ramen.[1]


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