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Monster Cat ( () (ねこ) Bake neko?) is a former Instant Villain from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Its regular appearance is identical to that of a normal cat.

After activating its Quirk whilst under the effects of Trigger, Monster Cat merged with a bus gaining two tails and the complete appearance of the vehicle with its face below the front window.


While this cat's personality remains largely unknown, it appeared as a simple and docile cat under normal circumstances. While it was under the effects of the Trigger drug however, it became violent and erratic due to the effects of the drug.


Vs. Queen Bee Arc


High Speed: Monster Cat is likely nimble, quick and agile like many of its species. It later becomes very fast thanks to having merged with a bus.


Monster Cat ( () (ねこ) Bake neko?): Monster Cat's Quirk allows it to freely fuse and defuse with an object of its choosing by jumping into it. The cat gains the characteristics and a morphed hybrid appearance of whatever it fused with.[1]


  • Its merged form might be based on Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro.
  • This is the second known case of an animal possessing a Quirk, the first being Nezu.


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