Mole (土竜 (モグラ) Mogura?) is one of the several Quirks utilized by Gigantomachia.[1]


The Quirk allows the user to grow long, sharp claws from their fingers, and help them dig through the Earth, just like a mole. It is unsure of how much into the Earth they could naturally dig, but its user, Gigantomachia, is able to tunnel himself completely under the ground and survive, as well as even potentially travel that way if he so desired.[2]

The claws can also be utilized to tear through many obstacles, like forestry, enemies, or even buildings, as seen through Gigantomachia, who, thanks to his enhanced strength and size, is able to use the claws to tear through and clear out all obstacles with ease.


Gigantomachia uses the Quirk's ability to dig into the Earth, as well as a combination of several of his other Quirks, as his way of burrowing into the ground, disguising himself as part of the mountains. This acts as his way of resting, for the few hours he does, as well as hiding on standby waiting for an order from one of his masters.[3]

He utilizes the transformative abilities of the Quirk during the Paranormal Liberation War. After the U.A. Students part of the Villa Raid Team successfully insert the sedative into his mouth, and the remaining Pro Heroes prepare to attack, he transforms his hands into the giant claws, which he uses to completely decimate all the incoming foes.[4]

The claws also prove to be incredibly useful at terraforming the buildings and everything in his path as he easily rampages through all the cities before eventually making it to Tomura Shigaraki's location.[4]


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