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Moko Tamashi ( (たま) (あし) () () Tamāshi Moko?)[1] is a civilian, known for being the last person All Might saved before his retirement.


Moko is a young woman with brown eyes, and shoulder length hair of the same color. She has scars on both of her legs due to her injuries from the Kamino Incident.


Not much is known about Moko's personality, but she is shown to be grateful towards All Might for having saved her during the Kamino Incident. Unlike many other people, her belief in heroes hasn't been damaged by the events of the Paranormal Liberation War. As revealed by Stain, she has left every day in order to clean the vandalism from All Might's statue, despite putting herself in danger, showing that she still has faith in him and the other heroes.


Hideout Raid Arc

Moko was caught in the middle of All Might and All For One's rematch, being stuck in the rubble of a destroyed building. All For One prepares to strike her with an air blast, but All Might endures it to protect her. This action results in All Might reverting to his normal form, exposing it to the world. Despite this, she is one of the many people who call out to him to keep fighting.[2]

Shortly after this, the heroes come to assist All Might, and she is rescued and evacuated by Tiger.[3]

Tartarus Escapees Arc

Following the Paranormal Liberation War and the collapse of society, Moko is seen during Stain and All Might's meeting in Kamino, Yokohama, where the Hero Killer rushes them both to hide behind a chunk of ice. She complains that some people put up the "I am not here." sign on All Might's statue again, asking whether people have had enough of defacing it by now. She uses her Quirk to get up there and remove the sign, and then begins cleaning the statue.

Stain reveals that Moko has been coming every day in order to clean the vandalism from the statue, saying that she's likely staying at an evacuation shelter nearby and is cleaning the statue in order to keep the peace there. All Might is confused as to why she'd put herself in danger just for that and asks who she is. Stain reveals Moko to be the last person that All Might saved during the Kamino Incident, showing him that she along with many others still believe in him and the other heroes, and that All Might's legacy still continues despite his retirement. After Stain leaves All Might with the information he took from Tartarus, Moko notes that the rain has stopped.[4]



Unnamed Mass-Generation Quirk: Moko's Quirk seems to allow her to expand an unknown spherical mass from the bottoms of her feet. It appears she can create more spheres on top of the ones she's already made. She can use this power to help her reach high places.

Chapter Appearances

Hideout Raid Arc
84. From Ida to Midoriya Absent
85. Nothing but Fools Absent
86. Before the Storm Absent
87. Clash Absent
88. All For One Absent
89. All for a Certain One Absent
90. Reach Out Absent
91. Symbol of Peace Absent
92. One For All Debut
93. One For All's Ember Appears
94. From Teacher to Disciple Absent
95. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Absent
96. Home Visits Absent
97. Tell It Like It Is, Mom Absent
Tartarus Escapees Arc
307. Been a While!! Absent
308. Full Power!! Absent
309. Can't Be a Child Anymore Absent
310. Masters and Pupil Absent
311. Here We Go!! Absent
312. Hired Gun Absent
313. High-Speed Long-Range Mobile Cannon Absent
314. The Lovely Lady Nagant Absent
315. Platitudes Absent
316. Your Turn Absent
317. Scars, Blood, Filth Absent
318. Reckless Absent
319. Friend Absent
320. Deku vs. Class A Absent
321. From Class A to One For All Absent
322. Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight Absent
323. That Single Step Absent
324. A Young Woman's Declaration Absent
325. The Bonds of One For All Absent
326. Who Are You Really? Appears
327. Rest!! Absent
328. No Man Is an Island Absent

Anime Appearances

Season 3
39. Game Start Absent
40. Wild, Wild Pussycats Absent
41. Kota Absent
42. My Hero Absent
43. Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Absent
44. Roaring Upheaval Absent
45. What a Twist! Absent
46. From Ida to Midoriya Absent
47. All For One Absent
48. Symbol of Peace Absent
49. One For All Debut
50. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Absent
51. Moving into Dorms Absent
52. Create Those Ultimate Moves Absent
53. The Test Absent
54. Shiketsu High Lurking Absent
55. Class 1-A Absent
56. RUSH! Absent
57. Rescue Exercises Absent
58. Special Episode: Save the World with Love! Absent
59. What's the Big Idea? Absent
60. A Talk about Your Quirk Absent
61. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Absent
62. A Season for Encounters Absent
63. Unrivaled Absent


  • Moko's name contains the kanji for "pearl" ( tama?), "reed" ( shi?), "sprout, bud" ( mo?), and "foreign" ( ko?).


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