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Mission: Humarise is a mission from the World Heroes Association calling Heroes from around the world to stop the Humarise Cult and their Trigger Bombs scattered around the world.[1]


The city is destroyed by the uncontrolled Quirks.

Flect Turn, the leader of the terrorist organization known as Humarise, begins the first act of terrorism by detonating a Trigger Bomb in an unnamed heavily populated city, releasing a gas that quickly engulfs the entire city. The gas is composed of Ideo Trigger, and was chemically engineered to make all Quirk-users lose control of their Quirks to the point of being very destructive and dangerous for both themselves and for the environment. The overpowered Quirks end up destroying the city, inflicting heavy casualties to the population and infrastructure. Those who remain are revealed to be Quirkless, people who are immune to the Trigger gas.

After the terrorist attack, Humarise claims to be responsible for the first bombing. In response, the All-Star World Heroes Association mobilizes the largest anti-terror joint task force made up of the top Heroes from all over the world, in attempt to locate the Trigger bombs and apprehend their core members including their leader.


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The Mission

America Task Force capture members of Humarise.

The main objective of the mission is to raid at once all the known branches that Humarise has in 25 cities across different countries of the world. After restraining their members, the heroes have to collect the Trigger Bombs held in those locations as soon as possible. Resistance from the members of Humarise is expected, and due to the possibility that they decide to use the Trigger Bombs, the World Heroes Association refrained from asking local law enforcement for help in order to prevent mass hysteria.

The heroes storm all of the Humarise branches, defeating and capturing all the cultists who tried to prevent their intrusion. In a few hours, the hero teams around the globe have successfully raided all the branches, but none were able to uncover any trace of the Trigger Bombs or their leader. Due to the possibility that Humarise may have hidden the bombs to a secret location, the WHA director orders them to stand in their assigned countries to search for any clues and request more heroes to locate Humarise's secret base.

Humarise agents attack Izuku and Rody to retrieve the briefcase.

While on standby in Otheon, Izuku gets caught up in Humarise's plans by chance. He was chasing a petty thief named Rody Soul who had mistakenly taken a briefcase belonging to a Humarise defector, and which the cult is trying to get back by all means. The mission was almost compromised when Izuku was accused of mass murder by the Otheon government, putting the Otheon team in jeopardy, unaware that Humarise have already infiltrated some of the law enforcement agency units in the country, preventing the heroes from being able to help Izuku before Flect Turn can activate the Trigger Bombs.

Once the weapons became active, Humarise publicly announces to the world that they have Trigger Bombs planted in major cities across the twenty-five different countries, and will blow up in two hours. They expose the exact coordinates of the bombs. In response, the World Heroes Association gives the green light for the Heroes deployed in the targeted countries to quell the civilian population while searching for the bombs. As the heroes have located their designated bombs, they engage in an all-out war against the Humarise sleeper agents.

The heroes confront Humarise to prevent the bombs from exploding.

Meanwhile, Izuku, Shoto, Katsuki, and Rody discover that the briefcase concealed a key that allows them to defuse all the Trigger Bombs. After locating Humarise's hidden headquarters, the four fly there to launch a direct assault at the base. Both the heroes and Humarise fight against each other as the three heroes deal with the core highest ranking members of Humarise, including Flect Turn himself. After defeating the villains, Rody manages to activate the disarming key into the computer that controls the Humarise Trigger bombs and disarm the countdown.


The tragedy has been prevented.

With the terrorist plot foiled and catastrophe averted, the heroes have earned a decisive victory against Humarise. All the surviving Humarise members have been arrested, the bombs are safely removed, and the injured Heroes are treated with medical care. Recovery Girl manages to help heal Izuku, Katsuki, Shoto, and Rody.

After the end of the mission, everyone returns to their respective countries, with Class 1-A reuniting back at U.A..[2]

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