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Might Tower (マイトタワー Maito Tawā?) is the Hero Office belonging to the former No. 1 Hero, All Might. It is located in the Roppongi district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan.[1]


Might Tower appears to be a luxurious, skyscraper-type building with a large planet that has dual rings on top. Inside, there is a statue of All Might at the top floor. The roof has a gate that opens to allow All Might to enter. The All Might department is guarded by another gate, the Might Gate, that doesn’t open for anyone but All Might himself.

Several floors down, the building has a cafeteria where All Might, in his “true form”, usually relaxed after a mission. All Might sat near the windows, because he easily could keep an eye on all the townspeople from there.[1] After Detective Naomasa discovered his secret and became his ally, it was in the cafeteria where All Might met with him to talk and exchange information about their respective activities.[2]

On one of the upper floors is a meeting room, where All Might staff discussed about his agenda. All Might participated in these meetings in his true self, Toshinori Yagi.[3]



Might Tower

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Battles & Events


  • Atop the Might Tower is a large planet, likely a reference to the Daily Planet, the newspaper where Clark Kent is employed, which also has a large planet atop the building.


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