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The Mid-Gauntlet (ミッドガントレット Middo Gantoretto?) is a support item distributed by an unknown supplier and given to Izuku Midoriya by Toshinori Yagi.


The Mid-Gauntlet is a support item developed in the United States. It is designed to reinforce the user's entire body and allow them to safely use their power.

For Izuku, the Mid-Gauntlets grants Izuku extra support and protection on his arms, filling the role of his former Arm Bracers. Unlike his bracers, however, they are strong enough to where Izuku can use his arms in combat safely at much higher percentages. In addition, they also provide extra reinforcement on his whole body. According to Toshinori, the gauntlets are prototypes, and will shatter if Izuku were to draw 100% out of One For All while using them.[1] Izuku also has two gauntlets strapped to his legs. There were also only four of these prototypes produced, with Izuku owning all of them.[2]

All Might purchased a pair of Mid-Gauntlets from the United States before the border trade shut down to be used by Izuku. He uses the Mid-Gauntlets during his fight with Muscular, to deal the finishing blow to the weakened villain.[3] After Izuku's battle with Lady Nagant, the left gauntlet is partially destroyed, leaving it practically useless.[4]

After returning to U.A., Izuku approaches Mei Hatsume to repair the Mid-Gauntlet, however it is too destroyed to be properly fixed, and due to not having the available resources, she's unable to create a new one for him. Despite this, she does create her own replica of the Mid-Gauntlets, in conjunction with new versions of his Air Force Gloves, and gives it to him to use.[5]



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