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Mezo Shoji & Toru Hagakure vs. Snipe is a battle fought between Class 1-A students Mezo Shoji and Toru Hagakure against their teacher Snipe during the practical portion of the First Term Final Exam.


The details from the beginning of this battle are unknown.

In a large corridor filled with stone pillars, Mezo and Toru hide from a barrage of bullets. Toru worries they won't be able to move to the escape gate, but Mezo encourages her and says Snipe is just one man. Mezo admits escaping will be difficult because their only advantage is the weights Snipe is wearing.

Snipe throws a smoke bomb and fills the area with smoke. Snipe moves towards them and shoots down the pillar they're hiding behind. Mezo moves to another pillar and asks Toru if she's okay. Toru has disappeared, making Mezo realize she's taken off her clothes and gone into full stealth mode. Mezo decides to rush Snipe and the teacher stops him by shooting at his feet.

Mezo raises his hands and Snipe questions if he's giving up. Toru acts quickly and suddenly handcuffs Snipe, securing the win for her team.[1]


Toru flips out while Snipe has to frantically apologize.

Snipe accidentally brushes his elbow up against Toru's exposed breast. Toru gets mad and starts yelling at Snipe for touching her inappropriately, calling him a pervert, as the teacher begins to frantically apologize. Mezo just looks at this with bewilderment, but doesn't say anything.

Either way, Team Hagakure & Shoji officially pass the exam and are exempt from extra classes during the Quirk Training Camp.[1]

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga adaptation of this battle, Snipe explains the rules of the exam to them alone rather than Shota Aizawa doing it along with all the teachers.[2] Toru and Shoji took the test at the same time as everyone else instead of going seventh. The manga only depicted the end of the battle, with Toru and Mezo passing the exam after having escaped through the escape door, instead of capturing Snipe as in the anime.[3]


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