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Metal Manipulation ( (きん) (ぞく) (そう) () Kinzoku Sōsa?) is the Quirk used by Wolfram.


Metal Manipulation grants the user the ability to control pre-existing metallic material.

Wolfram generating iron pillars from a helipad.

By just placing his hand on a wall or on the ground, Wolfram can manipulate any given object in the room to create different types of structures to attack and/or defend.

With the ability to bend any metal to their will, the user is capable of freely bending and changing the shape of any metal material they wish. This gives Wolfram a major advantage when fighting in areas filled with a lot of metal objects.

Inversely, Wolfram holds little fighting ability on settings where metal is rare or nonexistent. This Quirk is also inefficient for fighting at close range. 

When the user touches metal to activate their Quirk, their hand (or hands) glows with a bright blue electrical discharge of energy.[1]


During combat, Wolfram mainly uses his Quirk to overwhelm his opponents with sturdy iron pillars made from the iron minerals in the ground.

Wolfram's enhanced power using the Quirk Amplification Device.

When fighting in a plentiful source of metal, like the I-Island Central Tower, Wolfram can summon flexible iron pillars to crush his targets. He can also create tall, sturdy walls to defend himself and/or trap his opponents in. Wolfram's defense at this level was able to withstand one of Izuku Midoriya's smashes using Full Gauntlet

When magnified by the Quirk Amplification Device, Wolfram's Quirk's range extended well beyond its normal range. Wolfram used metal from all of the top stories in the tower to barricade himself inside a fortress of scrap metal, destroying parts of the tower in the process.

In this form, Wolfram uses his Quirk to overwhelm his opponents with dozens of iron pillars and cubes. Wolfram can amass the aforementioned metal cubes into one gigantic steel block that could the central tower. Wolfram's defense at this level was able to block a smash from All Might.[1]


  • Animations used for Wolfram's Quirk are similar to the ones used for Alchemy in the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise.
    • Coincidentally, both anime adaptations of Fullmetal Alchemist were produced by Bones, the studio that produces My Hero Academia's adaptation.
  • This Quirk appears to be inspired by the X-Men Villain Magneto's signature superpower.
  • This Quirk is also similar to the powers of Steel Ruler, from The Reflection (TV series). Both of them need to have physical contact with any pre-existing metal that they are controlling.


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