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The Meta Liberation Army Arc is the sixteenth story arc in My Hero Academia, as well as the seventh story arc in the Rise of Villains Saga. The League of Villains are the protagonists of this arc and the title of the series shifts to "My Villain Academia".

All For One's personal confidant has given Tomura a near-impossible challenge that, if he can beat it, will prove he is worthy of being his master's successor. Meanwhile, the Meta Liberation Army, a group that opposes Quirk restriction laws, has kidnapped Giran in an effort to lure the League of Villains into a trap, not wanting them to become more infamous than Destro, the leader of the original Meta Liberation Army.


Two Promising Heroes

The final day of the Provisional License Course begins!

In early December one Sunday morning U.A. High School's Heights Alliance, Class 1-A are celebrating (or complaining about) the arrival of the snowy weather. Hanta wonders aloud when Shoto and Katsuki will be getting back, and Izuku and Tenya mention that they left for the final lesson of the provisional license course, also saying that they would return by 6 o'clock.

At the training facility, Gang Orca and his sidekicks prepare to carry out the final lesson for those present, stating that if they succeed they will finally obtain their Provisional Hero Licenses.

A few hours later, on a Sunday afternoon, a group of villains know as the Cider House prepare to carry out a major robbery on the streets. Riding a wave of carbonated water, the thieves steal jewelry, purses, and other valuables from innocent patrons. They had planned to attack at that time taking advantage of the fact that on a weekend there are no heroes on patrol. Their plan goes smoothly until they cross paths with two fledgling heroes.

Cider House attacks!

On their way back from their final provisional license training, Shoto and Katsuki notice the commotion as they ride past in a car with All Might. Since there are no heroes around, the two students decide to take charge of the thieves. All Might tries to dissuade them since they've only just earned their provisional licenses, but they pay no heed and attack the villains nonetheless, making use of their new privileges.[1]

While the two heroes approach the villains, All Might directs the civilians away from the battle scene. Shoto tells the villains that they shouldn't steal people's belongings and forms a giant ice wall to block off any means of escape for the villains. However, the gang's leader easily breaks through Shoto's ice with his carbonation control Quirk. The leader proceeds to explain that his group had studied the area's patrol patterns in preparation for their robbery and that they are determined to not be stopped by high school students.

The Cider House is defeated.

The leader calls for his gang to run away. Katsuki is able to KO several of the gang members as they flee. The leader is shocked by Katsuki's capabilities. However, he is able to fend off Katsuki by using high powered jets of carbonated liquid from his gauntlets. The leader notes that his gauntlets are too strong. He slips and falls from the blowback sending a stream of carbonate crashing into a light pole. An astonished bystander tries to take a picture of the snowy scene as the light pole falls down causing All Might to save her. Katsuki blows up the light pole so that it doesn't hit the bystander and All Might. Katsuki reprimands the woman for her careless actions.

Shoto notes that the leader and his gauntlets are becoming too much and decides to unleash his full power. Shoto uses his Flashfreeze Heatwave technique, launching a powerful blast that effectively knocks the leader out. Katsuki angrily points out that the move Shoto performed was the same one he did during his fight with Izuku at the U.A. Sports Festival. Shoto responds by asking if all the suspects were gathered and if the bystander was hurt. Katsuki confirms that everyone was captured and no one was hurt.

All Might congratulates Katsuki and Shoto.

Following Katsuki and Shoto's first battle since getting their licenses, All Might brings the Pro Hero Slidin' Go to deal with the rest. Slidin' Go notices that the defeat of villains was thanks to Katsuki and Shoto. Katsuki even managed to take back the stolen goods before he exploded the villains. Amazed by their capabilities he praises and hugs the two, saying they will make top heroes one day. The gauntlet of the leader's mysteriously explodes and disintegrates causing Katsuki to be alarmed. Slidin' Go notes that it's to be expected from inferior black market products. All Might congratulates the duo for a doing a great job before departing.[2]

Katsuki and Shoto go back to their dorms and find out it's dark and quiet. Then they get a surprise from Class 1-A, congratulating them for earning the licenses.[3]

The Resurgence of the Meta Liberation Army

Rikiya appears in a Detnerat Commercial.

While all this is happening, the TV is broadcasting a commercial of the Detnerat Company. In said commercial, the President of the company, Rikiya Yotsubashi, appears, reminding his viewers that the rise of Quirks caused changes in the manufacturing industry as making mass items became obsolete since there would be people with very varying body types including multiple limbs, anthropomorphic animals, people made of different matter than just flesh, etc. From this chaotic situation the Detnerat Company emerged, specialized in by making individually tailored items for whoever needed them. And the Detnerat president announces that now the company will also be dedicated to manufacturing support items for heroes.

Once the commercial is over, the scene is set in the office of Rikiya, who is talking to his employee Miyashita about the commercial. Rikiya of bemoans about how large his forehead looks in it. Miyashita jokes about it, making the president laugh. Rikiya discuss the company's prospects in the hero support market, and Miyashita notes that the company has a lot to overcome due to their newness in the market.

Rikiya kills Miyashita for insulting Destro.

His boss points out Detnerat is at least the lead in 'Meta Ability-related' goods. Miyashita is confused about the term 'Meta Ability'. Rikiya corrects himself to say 'Quirks' and shows Miyashita his copy of the Meta Liberation War by Destro. Miyashita tells him that he had also read it, but he believes Destro was a terrorist whose unjustified actions caused the death of innocent people. He also criticizes the literary style as pretentious.

Without warning, Rikiya wraps his arms around Miyashita's body and begins to question him on his family. Miyashita answers that his mother is deceased as his boss starts to squeeze on his neck. As he squeezes, he tells Miyashita that he is disappointed with his view and had considered introducing him to the members of the Meta Liberation Army. Miyashita tries to plead with his boss, but the latter snaps his neck, causing Miyashita to fall dead on the floor. Rikiya is seen shedding tears at his act while remarking on the shame, stating that he won't forget Miyashita.[4]

The top brass of the Meta Liberation Army at a meeting.

Details regarding the emergence of Quirks and how a peaceful coexistence was planned and how others believed that freely using their abilities was a basic right and anything other than that was suppression are revealed. This belief gained traction and led to the formation of the Meta Liberation Army led by Destro. Destro's capture and eventual suicide are mentioned, but also, unbeknownst to the public, the fact that he produced a child who is Rikiya Yotsubashi is mentioned to. For years, Rikiya had been working to gather enough power, influence, and supporters for the new Meta Liberation Army.

Hours later, the CEO of Detnerat meets with his colleagues to discuss about several matters, being the most important being the issue of organizations threatening to overtake Destro's name, specifically the meddling of the League of Villains and its increasing prominence. Rikiya swears on Destro's name that they will wipe out the League of Villains.[5]

The meeting between the members of the Army continue. The President mentions that the products he is leaking to the black market are being monitored and are designed to self-destruct so they cannot to be traced back to the Detnerat Company and interrupt the company's research. Skeptic, A member of the Meta Liberation Army remarks that the guess the President wanted has arrived.

A beaten-up Giran defies the Detnerat's President.

As the guards walk in badly beaten-up Giran the member states that Giran has not talked nor revealed any of his clients though he is known to help the League of Villains with supplies and recruits and therefor surely has valuable information. Giran mocks the President's face while revealing his irritation at a big and legitimate company entering his market.

The President asks for his price. Giran replies that he doesn't do business with people he doesn't respect nor would he sell out his customers all while avoiding confirming his associations with the League. He laughs that the President should try approaching him again the right way. With a somewhat manic expression, the President responds that the two will be spending a plenty of time together.[6]

The Will of Tomura Shigaraki

The League of Villains slaughter the Creature Rejection Clan.

One month prior, during the time of the new Hero ranking announcements, the League of Villains have seen better days, forced to commit common acts of crime to survive against other villain organizations. They invade the Church of a cult of anti-abnormality bigots known as the Creature Rejection Clan, where they hope to steal and sell valuables. The Clan members are disgusted at the intrusion into their temple, especially with the presence of Spinner, but the villains ignore them and start rifling through their valuables.

The Creature Rejection Clan then attempts to force out the League, but Tomura retaliates by blocking a member's attack and killing him. Tomura tells the Clan that they will leave as soon as they finish collecting anything valuable. Seeing the league desecrating their sacred place angers the radical bigots and they charge at the villains. A short scuffle ensues between the two groups, which ends with the Creature Rejection Clan being completely wiped out by the League.

After the Creature Rejection Clan's defeat, the League continues its search for valuables. As Twice comments on religion lacking profitability now, Himiko notes that one of her needles broke during the fight. Mr. Compress also reveals that his prosthetic arm is in need of a repair and asks if he should request a new one from Giran. Tomura reminds him of the lack of money the League currently has.

The League of Villains returns to their hideout.

The League returns to their worn-down hideout. Spinner questions Tomura on how long the League will be squatting. Mr. Compress comments that at least with the Yakuza they could be fine dining and that their current situation is bad for all those who idolize them. The acquired jewelry is proven to be fake by Twice and Himiko. Dabi arrives at the hideout and asks why he's the only one recruiting new members for the league. Twice retorts that Dabi never recruits anyone but just burns them. Dabi replies that they were trash recruits.

Tomura gloomily notes that it has been about a month since Kurogiri was captured by the Pro Heroes.[7] Tomura recalls Kurogiri informing him the power All For One left behind and wondering if he should retrieve it to advance the League.[8] Tomura laments on the loss of Kurogiri and his attempts to find All For One's doctor, Daruma Ujiko. Himiko asks what the doctor is like. Tomura explains that the doctor was All For One's personal physician, and is a really cautious man, only communicating via radio or computer, and is responsible for the creation of the Nomu.

Having lost patience, Spinner begins to shout at Tomura, questioning him what direction he's aiming for and what his plans are. He then reveals his early life was living among people who thought of him as a freak, and doing anything about it was futile and was filled with nothing but emptiness. Spinner points out the only reason he joined the League was due to Stain's ideology and his desire to change society.

Gigantomachia overpowers the League of Villains.

The argument is short lived and abruptly interrupted by a mysterious force, causing the ground to shake.[7] Tomura and his allies immediately evacuate the crumbling building and are immediately confronted by Gigantomachia, who emerges from underground. Fascinated, Tomura dons his mask and realizes this is the power Kurogiri went to retrieve. He believes this man is the secret weapon All For One left behind.

After setting down his radio and asking if Tomura is truly the successor of All For One, Gigantomachia challenges the League to see whether they are worthy of his loyalty. Gigantomachia effortlessly overpowers the League of Villains despite being outnumbered. He manages to injure Tomura, Himiko, Twice, and Compress, crushing the latter in his fist. The hulking villain is dismayed at their performance, tearfully crying out that Tomura is too weak to be a successor.[8]

In the middle of the confrontation between the League of Villains and Gigantomachia, a voice calls out from the radio. Spinner questions whether it is the doctor they have been looking for. Tomura confirms that it's All For One's doctor. The doctor asks Tomura if he and his friends are doing well. Tomura replies fine but they are about to become mincemeat. At that moment, an emotional and raging Gigantomachia interrupts, pounding his arms through the ground and creating a shock wave that destroys the League's hideout and sends its members flying. He bawls out that he cannot accept Tomura even though he wants to.

The doctor calms down Gigantomachia through his radio using All For Ones voice.

The doctor interjects to reveal that the hulking villain is a big supporter and confidant of All For One and once served as his bodyguard. He continues to say that Gigantomachia has endless stamina and needed no Quirk enhancements to complete duties assigned to him. The doctor notes that, after being weakened in his battle with All Might, All For One hid Gigantomachia as a means to ensure his dreams would be carried out.

Dabi comments that Gigantomachia isn't a great gift. The doctor agrees replying with Gigantomachia is loyal to a fault and that it hurts him that Tomura isn't All For One's equivalent. Dabi unleashes a torrent of flame against the beast but Gigantomachia simply brushes it off. Before the giant prepares to smash again, the doctor calls out Machia and plays a recording of All For One's voice to calm him down. Gigantomachia nuzzles and purrs at the radio while simultaneously quieting down.

The League arrive at the Doctor's secret lab.

An irritated Tomura says that they don't want Gigantomachia. The doctor replies that he can be useful in the future and that Kurogiri has been babying Tomura for too long. Suddenly, black ooze, similar to the black ooze back from the Kamino Incident, emerges from the League's mouths. They are transported to a secret laboratory with multiple testing chambers with Nomus inside, and the Doctor hiding in the shadows.

Dabi immediately notices that these Nomu are much different from previous ones. The excited doctor confirms that the Nomus are different from the low and mid-level Nomus. They are High-End Nomu and his finest. Tomura begins to ask the doctor if he can duplicate the Quirk-Destroying Drug.

Mr. Compress says that he can't see the doctor. The doctor, spooked by this, withdraws into a dark tunnel. The Doctor apologizes and explains that they are not to approach him unless they want to be transported back to Gigantomachia. The doctor continues, saying that he too is a close confidant of All For One and that he goes by the alias Daruma Ujiko. Daruma confesses that he summoned Tomura out of respect for All For One, saying his life, work and his Nomus, were all offered to him.

Daruma Ujiko questions Tomura's worthiness.

However, he states that Tomura has only been given the scraps believing him unworthy of handling more nor has he accomplished anything to prove otherwise. Then Daruma asks Tomura why he should help him.[9] Tomura begins to answer Daruma's question of what does he have to show him. He starts with that he doesn't remember much of his life before meeting All For One and Daruma.

Flashbacks are shown of Tomura using his Quirk on his family. In the flashbacks, All For One encounters a homeless young Tomura. All For One, calls out to Tomura, by his real name, Tenko, saying "it must have hurt that no came to save you despite that you ran hoping to be saved." All For One embraces a crying Tenko while giving the question, who decided to make the world this way.

He takes Tenko home declaring that from now on he will be his master. Daruma enters with the remains of Tenko's family (all hands) noting that Tenko's Quirk is rare and never before seen. The memories of his family and his frustrations at what happened compel Tenko to become violently sick, and go into shock. Daruma questions All For One if he should modify Tenko. All For One replies no and that he will teach him how to take his feelings and frustrations and give them purpose.

"Why not just destroy everything?"

Back at Daruma's laboratory in the present, Tomura confesses that he felt empty before meeting All For One. He also confesses that his hands make him feel both nauseous and at peace yet his heart feels heavy which causes his rage. He explains that it's this juxtaposition of feelings that makes him hate everything and want to destroy everything. Tomura says that he will show Daruma heaven and hell if he will help.

Laughing, Daruma responds that it's a childish dream but is impressed by how serious Tomura is in his dream. Daruma agrees nonetheless. Mr. Compress notes how easy it was to convince the doctor while Himiko Toga questions if destroying everything includes what she loves. Tomura replies that they should get what they want as well which gives the other members relief.

Tomura determined to subdue Gigantomachia.

Daruma admits that the plan was to always help but he wanted to see Tomura's development. He also admits that he cannot help until they get Gigantomachia to submit. Dabi interrupts saying he will not go back to fight Gigantomachia; plus he has a good potential ally waiting. Daruma interjects that Dabi can stay back to help him test out his High-End Nomus. Daruma sends the remaining League of Villain members back to Gigantomachia at Tomura's request using Johnny.

A resolved Tomura proclaims to Gigantomachia that the future king has returned.[10] Intrigued, Gigantomachia replies that a king should inspire dread, be admired, and be strong. The second confrontation starts.[11]

Declaration of War

The League ambushes Gigantomachia.

Over a month and a half of first making contact with Daruma Ujiko, Tomura and his subordinates have been fighting Gigantomachia all along. The members take turns assisting Tomura in battle. Tomura, being All For One's successor, is Gigantomachia's main target and doesn't care that other members wander off.

However, this proves to be futile as Gigantomachia is able to fight for 48 hours and 44 minutes straight without end and his body grows in size during battle. He sleeps for three hours before resuming. He reveals to the League of Villains that he has a heightened sense of hearing and smell. This makes it difficult to attack Gigantomachia even in his sleep. Keeping his word, Daruma refuses to fully help the League until Gigantomachia submits. He gives them a one-time meager allowance.

Tomura swears to make Gigantomachia kneel to him.

It's mid-December, Tomura, Twice, and Mr. Compress try to ambush Gigantomachia in the air, but Gigantomachia counters with a powerful shockwave that sends them reeling back. Tomura and the others survive the onslaught and Gigantomachia eventually falls asleep again.

On their way to meet with the other members, Spinner reflects on how the League no longer aligns with Stain's ideals. He questions Himiko on why she is still with the League. She responds that she still loves Stain, Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka too and that she wants to 'become' them. Spinner notes how carefree she is. They come across Tomura, Twice and Mr. Compress ragged but resting.

Himiko checks on Tomura's condition and her leader rests with a wicked smile on his face. He claims Gigantomachia has gotten much slower since when they first fought and truly believes he's closer to getting him to submit. Spinner notes how Tomura's eyes still possessed the look of a determined boy chasing after his dreams'.

The League apparently gets a call from Giran.

At that moment, Twice receives a call from Giran, who for unknown reasons hasn't answered the League calls for weeks. A frustrated Mr. Compress wants to know if his damaged prosthetic arm is insured. Split, Twice notes that Giran has been very good him since introducing him to the League, but the first thing he does when responding to the call is to reproach Giran for not picking up their calls for a long time. However, an unknown voice apologizes on behalf of the broker, because he is not responsible for that.

The voice on the other end speaks in a different voice and Compress wonders if Giran is using a voice changer, but Twice realizes that the speaker is someone else and asks what happened to Giran. The voice answers with 'check the news'. Compress uses his own phone to do that. The news talks about the mysterious appearance of five severed fingers of a hand and five pieces of clothing in five different location: Central Fukuoka, the Central High, the Shie Hassaikai Compound, Hosu City Terminal, and at Ground Zero in Kamino Ward. Mr. Compress notes that all the locations are where the League has been.

Re-Destro informs Tomura that they are holding Giran hostage.

The voice on the phone introduces itself as the Grand Commander of the Meta Liberation Army, Re-Destro. Tomura jokes if they are another retro freak organization that wants to make a comeback and ride the League's popularity and questions if it is because of the book. Re-Destro replies that it is the Army that initiated the League's popularity wave.

Twice interrupts to ask what Re-Destro has done with Giran and what does he want. Re-Destro answers that Giran is alive. He informs the League that Meta Liberation Army seeks to free all Meta-Humans by dismantling the current framework of society and rebuild it so that all Meta-Humans 'can be themselves and use their abilities as they see fit'. Mr. Compress comments that he doesn't see why the should oppose the Army. Himiko questions if they are going to help the Army like they helped the Yakuza. Tomura answers that Re-Destro should 'liberate the broker' and call back because he's busy.

Re-Destro talks to the League about the MLA.

Re-Destro continues with that he won't let the broker go because he's allowed them to gain valuable information of the League. Re-Destro commends Giran for his resistance, destroying his client list and refusing to talk or emit emotion even while they chopped off his fingers. However, the Army was able to recover the deleted list. Re-Destro explains that his Army has waited patiently for generations while spreading its roots far and wide and amassing over 100,000 ready-to-act liberation warriors. Some members of the Army include Tomoyasu Chikazoku, a board member of leading information technology company, Feel Good, Koku Hanabata, leader of the Hearts and Mind party, and Chitose Kizuki, Publishing Executive Director of Shoowaysha.

Spinner is shocked by Re-Destro's claims and thinks he is just bluffing, but Re-Destro immediately informs them that he knows they are deep in Niigata mountainside. Twice becomes alarmed and throws his phone, but Re-Destro proclaims that it's too late; his satellites have already locked on their location and will track them no matter where they go. He warns that all the heroes will be on them with a simple phone call. Tomura thanks Re-Destro for the warning and asks what he wants.

A declaration of war.

Re-Destro explains that he wants the revolution to be led by the Meta Liberation Army but the League's popularity is interfering. He proclaims that the League's destruction at the hands of the Meta Liberation Army will make the second coming of the Army official. That is why he challenges them to go to Deika City in Aichi Prefecture if he wants to get Giran back. He ends the conversation, giving Tomura two choices: stand against the Army and be destroyed or do nothing and be captured by the heroes when he gives their location.[12]

The Revival Celebration

Tomura removes Twice's mask to shut him up.

The members of the League begin to wonder if Re-Destro's threats and boasts are real or only bluff, but Twice emphatically demands they save Giran. He continues with saying that Giran gave him a place to belong and that they must go and save him. Himiko Toga interjects that the Meta Liberation Army could be lying and that Giran could already be dead. Mr. Compress urges Twice to calm down while pointing out that Twice wants the group to "plunge headlong into unknown danger". Tomura removes Twice's mask to shut him up and tells everyone he has a plan to solve his problems, and radios the doctor.

Daruma comments how the League is stirring up bygone groups like the Army. Mr. Compress asks if he can send a High-End Nomu, but the doctor responds that it's not possible because they are not ready yet. Shigaraki tells him that he had no intention of using them, and asks how long before Gigantomachia wakes up. Mr. Compress answers: two hours and thirty-five minutes. Tomura asks the location of Dabi from the doctor in which he responds that Dabi is on the border between Mie and Shiga prefectures. Tomura requests that the doctor warp them to Aichi.

Tomura knows a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Alarmed, Spinner questions if they are really going into the Army's trap. Tomura responds that after more than a month fighting he learned that Gigantomachia isn't invincible, just highly powered, and formulates his plan to kill two birds with one stone: they'll attack Deika City, the base of the MLA, to rescue Giran, and attract Gigantomachia to Tomura after he wakes up from one of his naps. This sets their two opponents against each other and lets the Army weaken Gigantomachia while the latter destroys the former.

The doctor yells how underhanded Tomura is being and wonders if Re-Destro was bluffing. Tomura replies he just doesn't care. Spinner is concerned that they're charging into a trap but Tomura plans on using the liberation army's numbers to wear down Gigantomachia's insane stamina. Tomura returns Twice's mask and says the liberation army will never know what hit them.[13]

The League of Villains arrives at Deika City.

A few minutes later, the entire League of Villains meet up atop a hill overlooking Deika City. Since there is still an hour and fourty minutes until Gigantomachia wake up, Mr. Compress notes they are going to have to fight and the task will not be easy. Dabi is annoyed they dragged him into their rescue mission and this angers Twice. Himiko notices someone approaching the group and everybody ready to attack. It turns out to be an escort, the Pro Hero Slidin' Go, to guide the League into town and meet with Re-Destro.

As they walk through the city, the League notes how empty the town is, except for an occasional pro Hero watching them. Tomura realizes what is happening. Before leaving, Slidin' Go states that the town isn't his usual location but today is a big exception. The group is greeted by Trumpet and Curious. Koku confirms the Deika City is a liberated district where the majority of residents, including heroes, align themselves with the Liberation Army. Then he announces the start of the Meta Liberation Army's Revival Celebration.

The Revival Celebration begins.

Suddenly, dozens of citizens acting as warriors for liberation ambush the six League of Villains members. Cameras are seen capturing the battle. Gesturing to a tower, Koku comments that Giran is with Grand Commander, Re-Destro. Twice is irked by the Army's lie of handing over Giran if the League showed while Tomura proclaims that Koku is the mini-boss and calls for his group to move onward towards the tower, while killing several army goons. Himiko starts to run but the ground beneath her explodes, causing her to fall. Uninterested with the other five villains, Curious confronts Himiko and demands an interview covering her descent into madness, but Himiko angrily rejects it.[14]

Meanwhile, in Deika's central tower, a bound Giran interjects that Re-Destro has made two mistakes: he won't be treated like a damsel in distress and that the tranquility of the city will be destroyed if the League of Villains releases Nomu. Re-Destro refutes Giran's last claim by concluding with great success that the League currently cannot use Nomus.

Bloody Love

Himiko shoots down Curious' headline.

Down below, the League splits apart while combating the Meta Liberation Army warriors. Spinner notes the warriors' skills. Curious comments that the warriors have been training their minds and bodies for the Army's cause. She continues that it's irritating that the League, with no great cause or ideology, has garnered such attention. Curious' attention turns to Himiko Toga and asks if Himiko is interested in being interviewed. Curious admits she's intrigued by Himiko's story--"a girl gone mad".

While boasting about satisfying her curiosity, one of Curious' men gets his neck cut open by a knife thrown by Himiko. Surprised, she looks around to find that Himiko has hidden her presence and disappeared. Himiko reappears above, diving at her armed with another knife but is countered by Curious' subordinates, sending her crashing through a bar and Curious warns her to watch her step. A small explosion occurs resulting from Curious' Landmine Quirk, which allows her to transform anything she touches into an explosive.

Chitose detonates the blood that Himiko ingested.

Her followers try to finish Himiko off while she's injured, but the live-wire villain counters with a four-pronged attack using the needles from her bloodsucking gear. Himiko attempts to suck in their blood and disguise herself to blend in, but the ingested blood explodes inside her, seriously injuring her, destroying her gear and leaving her body bloodied and battered. Curious states that she came prepared to avoid Himiko's tricks in order for their "interview" to go unhindered.

The injured Himiko manages to escape the bar, but Curious' subordinates keep attacking her. As she fights, Curious reveals that Himiko is the first daughter of the Toga family, born August 7. Once described as cheerful and well-mannered but disappeared after her middle school graduation and is currently 17. Curious demands to know why Himiko left a normal life behind to become a serial killer while stating Himiko's story will benefit the Army, and signals for her men to stop. Finally, answering Curious question about normal life, Himiko replies that for her it is normal.[15]

Curious fascinated by Himiko.

Himiko begins to remember her past. When she was a child she was fascinated by blood due to her Quirk, leading her to kill and suck the blood of birds and proudly display the bloody bodies to her parents. Disturbed and disgusted with her behavior, her parents brought her to a Quirk counselor which amounted to telling her to suppress her impulses for the sake of looking normal. Himiko grew up to become a young girl without ever showing her bloody instincts, and her classmates all thought of her as a bright and happy young woman.

However, she was really only wearing a mask until the day she snapped, unable to hold back the impulses any longer. She witnessed a boy attending her school named Saito, fighting at school and getting covered in bruises and blood. Awakening to her repressed "abnormal" feelings and tendencies, Himiko experienced what she believed to be a crush on him. One day, Himiko stabbed him using a box cutter, then drank his blood with a straw as she had a look of ecstasy. Soon after, she disappeared and hid from both the police and Pro Heroes, as she was now a wanted suspect due to the attack.

Curious blasts Himiko.

Back to the present, the confrontation between Curious and Himiko continues, the former remarking on how fascinating it is that Himiko thinks she lives a normal life. She tells Himiko that she's the embodiment of the dark side of the hero society. A beaten-up Himiko falls to the floor and Curious pityingly walks over to her and sits beside her, beginning to talk once again about how unfortunate Himiko has been because of her Quirk.

Curious kneels over Himiko and consoles her. She blames Quirk counseling for failing to understand Himiko's natural admiration for blood. She believes Himiko has worn a mask to suppress her true feelings and be everyone else's "normal". Irritated by her enemies prying, Himiko draws her knife and attacks. Curious counters using a bracelet she is wearing that transforms into a weapon, Curious Flattener, blasts Himiko's face with an explosion, sending her reeling back in agony.

Himiko reveals she can use Ochaco's Quirk.

The Meta Liberation Army leader continues her speech, saying that Himiko's “normal” and the ideals of the Army aren't much different. She says that that's why Himiko will become a martyr to show the world the cause of the Meta Liberation Army, and as the other members of the Army surround her and Chitose, the leader tells her to die so that she can become a tragedy. Chitose asks Himiko if any of her hypotheses are correct.

The injured villain tries to flee, but she's hammered away at by other warriors Quirks. Himiko refuses to believe she's miserable and only believes that she's happy sucking the blood of the people she loves. She takes out a small vial of blood and transforms into Ochaco Uraraka. An excited Curious notices the transformation, and exclaims that Himiko's going to make her cry. She starts listing the details of Transformation, and adds that Himiko must have transformed into Ochaco because she wants to die looking cute.

Curious dies at Himiko's hands.

Curious asks for a word from the villain, but Himiko screams her rejection, reaching out and touching the Army leader as she runs away. One of the warriors uses a rope to trip Himiko and Curious believes her transformation is useless. Himiko thinks back about the trust Izuku and Ochaco share, and the fact that she also wants to be like that.

Curious tries to finish Himiko off with the Curious Flattener, but suddenly, she starts rising upwards. A member of the Army calls out to her in confusion, and Himiko begins to dart around the members, touching them all with the pads on her fingers. She explains that the reason they are all floating is because Himiko has access to Ochaco's Zero Gravity.

Himiko collapses due her injuries.

Bewildered, Curious assumes that Himiko's fear of death has allowed her Quirk to spontaneously evolve in power. With half of Ochaco's face disintegrates, signaling Himiko reaching her limit, she replies to Curious that she's wrong and that Himiko only wants to "love" even more. Chitose begins saying that this would be her best headline ever before Himiko deactivates Zero Gravity, sending Chitose and her henchmen plummeting bloodily into the ground.[16]

As Himiko walks away, she laughs to herself about how beaten up she is, comparing herself to Izuku. She hides in a shed, collapsing from a lack of strength and blood loss. She falls into unconsciousness after telling herself she feels closer to the people she loves.

The Clash Continues

In the top of the tower, Re-Destro muses about Himiko's tragic background, commenting how odd it is that society insists on conforming despite humanity moving beyond the point of normal to the public by using Himiko. Skeptic walks in informing him of Curious' death. With tears coming from his eyes, Re- Destro reacts with on how life was precious to her and the other warriors death.

Skeptic continues that the footage cannot be used because Himiko does not fit with their 'tragic heroine' narrative. Giran questions the use of footage. Skeptic grabs his face and begins to mock him for not understanding the situation. Nonetheless, Skeptic explains that the cameras are to help show the need for everyday people to be able to use their Quirks especially in the absence of heroes. Giran responds by asking if anything will change and calls them insane. Re-Destro comments that it's everyone else that is mad and criticizes Giran for his lack of imagination.[17]

Dabi fighting off MLA Warriors.

Meanwhile, down below, the remaining League of Villains members are still battling the Meta Liberation Army warriors. Spinner asks how much longer it'll be until Gigantomachia wakes, and Mr. Compress tells him he'll take another hour and twenty minutes. Twice then realizes that Himiko is missing.[18]

Trumpet moves onto the battlefield in his campaign car and announces that Curious has died in battle, shocking the Army goons. Then, he communicates that the Supreme Commander pleas that Curious' sacrifice not be in vain. Inspired into fanatical fervor, a large group of soldiers charges at Tomura Shigaraki.[17]

Tomura's disintegration spreading through a crowd of individuals.

Tomura's vision beings to deform. He notes that when he gets sleepy, things that are normally stationary, come to life and he starts to hear things not there as if his whole body is 'glitching'. He gets a brief flashback to when his older sister Hana showing him a picture of his grandmother, who was a hero.

Back in the present, Tomura becomes irritated at not being able to see the entirety of the flashback. He comments that it makes him sick as he flips across a brick fence. Tomura touches an individual man in the attacking mass and he begins to disintegrate. The Decay continues through the mass of people until everyone is reduced to dust.

Seeing Tomura take out a crowd, Dabi decides to up his own kill count. However, Geten nearly slams him with two giant ice hands.[18] Dabi warns his opponent that he's gotten stronger recently, but also admits he knows his opponent is tough as well. Geten replies why the League's only wide-range fighter hasn't used his flames yet, and suggests that he might have issues with using his Meta abilities.

Dabi attacks Geten.

Annoyed, Dabi unleashes his blue flames on Geten and reminds him that ice melts. Geten's ice is destroyed and as he falls he calmly says that this could be a problem. As Geten continues to fall, he summons ice from a nearby convenience store using his Quirk. While riding on top of an ice dragon, Geten tells Dabi that he can manipulate all types of ice. The figure explains that he never needed to go to school, and instead spent all of his time training his Quirk.

The full power of their elements collide and split the battlefield for all the other nearby villains. Mr. Compress almost ends up burned by the flames, and complains to Dabi for not taking into account his surroundings. When trying to determine the position of each member of the League, he realizes that Twice is not with him.

All it Takes is One Bad Day

Twice freaks out when he sees Himiko Toga seriously injured.

Following Himiko Toga's brutal skirmish with Curious, Twice finds her bloodied and unconscious body inside a shed. Horrified, Twice's split personalities argue over whether or not the girl will survive with her grievous injuries. The "good" side prevails and he bursts out in tears because she won't wake up, telling how much he cares about her and the League of Villains as they gave him a place to belong, and showing he treasures the handkerchief she used to replace his ripped mask back during the Shie Hassakai Raid.

In the Central Tower, Skeptic is watching the entire scene of Twice and Toga and had sent a group to their location, eager to capture Twice and kill Toga to avenge Curious' death. Knowing Twice's trauma, Skeptic used his Anthropomorph Quirk to create human puppets with the same exact face as Jin. When Twice notices the presence of the puppets, his face adopts a grimace of horror, reawakening his trauma of the clones he created with his own Quirk killing each other. Twice screams in terror, while the puppets pounce on him.[19]

Twice suffers a mental breakdown while his "doubles" swarm him.

Skeptic directs the puppets remotely. Giran begins to question what's happening to Twice, but Re-Destro interrupts, twisting Giran's head towards himself. He threatens Giran for his silence. He reveals that they're manipulating puppets with Jin's likeness, and reveals that with Detnerat's technology and Feel Good Inc.'s communications systems, Skeptic has absolute control over the puppets. Skeptic taunts Giran, explaining that they got the idea to use puppets with Jin's likeness after finding out Twice's psychological weaknesses from Giran himself. He explains that they are aiming to kill Toga and capture Twice for their own purposes. Giran silently worries for Twice, noting it will be twice as rough for him.

Twice is then held down by his lookalikes, who removed his mask and forced him to watch the puppets are trying to snap Himiko's neck. Twice's psyche begins to break and split apart without his mask, and he starts to believe he is the one trying to kill Himiko. He begins to suffer a severe identity crisis, questioning whether or not he's the one trying to kill her, or if it's someone else trying to kill her.

Giran gives Jin a place to belong.

He remembers growing up without any luck or anyone he could trust. He lost his parents to a villain attack when he was in middle school and had to support himself, only to lose his job because he got into an accident with an important client. It wasn't even his fault but he got a criminal record. He eventually started to use his Quirk to create clones of himself just to have someone to talk and then Jin and his clones began a life of crime. Eventually, though, Jin's clones rebelled and started killing each other, leaving Jin scarred and mentally broken.

Sometime after the incident, Jin, wearing a paper bag over his head, met with Giran, and explained his history to him. Giran asked what the bag was for, and Jin explained that it was to keep him from splitting apart. He explained that his clones would eventually disappear after sustaining damage, suggesting that a broken arm would be enough. Giran noted that Jin's Quirk was extremely powerful. Jin asked Giran what he could do, and Giran suggested he join a group that recently formed, while explaining that he may find they have a lot in common with him.

Jin ready to show how terrifying his Quirk can be.

In the present, Twice starts fighting back and rushes to help Toga, but Skeptic orders his puppets to beat him up and break his arms. Twice screams out, noting that the injuries hurt, but begins to laugh, screaming in triumph as he discovers that he hasn't disappeared. Twice admits he's been avoiding any serious damage to himself ever since his clones turned against him, fearing he was also a clone, but even after experiencing such great pain, he did not disappear, which made him realize he is, in fact, the original. This revelation helps him to overcomes his inner demons and retaliates against Skeptic's attacks by using his new Super Move: Sad Man's Parade, overwhelming the puppets.[20]

Twice recalls when he tried to duplicate the Quirk-Destroying bullets but failed, apologized to Tomura Shigaraki for not being to help mass-produce the drug as Tomura desired. He laments over not being helpful to his allies despite how much he wanted to repay them for accepting him but now has the chance to do it. His clones continue to duplicate until they flood the streets of Deika City, attacking Skeptic's puppets as well as Meta Liberation Army warriors. The real Twice is shown carrying the unconscious Himiko Toga. The clones spread out to help support all the other members of the League.

Skeptic insists he hasn't failed.

From above, in the tower, Re-Destro is surprised that Twice overcame his psychological trauma. He comments to Skeptic about his failure. A discontented Skeptic replies that he hasn't failed only once in his life and asks Re-Destro to amend his statement. Skeptic leaves the room saying he's moving on to the next phase.

Giran mocks at the Army's failed plan to capture Twice while commenting that the Meta Liberation Army has lost their numerical advantage. Re-Destro replies that the Army is still superior in quality, and wishes his comrade Geten luck in his endeavors.[21]

Unstoppable Force

An army of Twice's double arrives to help their allies.

While all this is happening, Dabi and Geten continue with their clash of elements. Dabi's hot blue flames ultimately win the clash by melting away the giant mass of ice. Holding his smoking arm, Dabi says Geten is outmatched. Struggling with other warriors nearby, Mr. Compress asks Dabi for assistance. Dabi declines, and when Mr. Compress asks him why he refuses to help him, he points Compress to the giant army of Twice clones headed their way.

The exuberant clones shout their excitement, question how Dabi and Mr. Compress are holding up and relay Himiko's status. Other clones bicker amongst themselves and continue to duplicate while overwhelming the Army's forces. One clone tells Mr. Compress how he overcame his trauma by stating he used with "love and courage". Another clone replies that a good villain would want to save his friends. A different clone suggests doubling the entire League of Villains. However, Mr. Compress warns him to keep fodder warriors around for when Gigantomachia arrives.

Geten annihilates many of Twice's clones.

Suddenly, Geten unleashes a fierce wave of ice that skewers many of Twice's doubles. He boasts he can control the ice's temperature, and with his Quirk he can freeze the city's water line, creating more weapons for him. Dabi calls Geten obnoxious for not opening the fight by doing so. Geten expounds that in the future the Army foresees rank will be related to the strength of one's Quirk.

To prove his point, Geten decimates more Twice's doubles with his ice, without caring that he is taking out his own soldiers as well, proclaiming life has no value beyond sheer strength. Geten also comments that he can smell Dabi's searing flesh. He deduces that Dabi cannot fight long battles less he wants to be consumed by his own flames.

The League's wild card awakens.

Mr. Compress, covered in the remains of Twice clones that protected him, begins to wish that Gigantomachia would wake up and notes how Geten so willingly dispatched his fellow warriors. Overhearing everything from his lab, Daruma Ujiko decides to help by waking Gigantomachia and ordering him to the League's location. Gigantomachia erupts from under a woody mound.[21] After waking up, Gigantomachia sniffs the air looking for the smell of Tomura Shigaraki. When he finds it, he runs to where he is.[22]

Meanwhile in Osaka, Hawks is on a rooftop, checking his cell phone and carrying a large bag, tries to contact Dabi to confirm their arranged meeting to no avail. Due to the lack of news regarding the League of Villains on the Hero Network, he suspects that something is wrong due to the League of Villains' unusual behavior. He flies off with a duffel bag and recalls to a previous phone call he had with Dabi. Dabi gave Hawks one last unspecified job to prove himself to the League.

Hawks concerned about not being able to contact Dabi.

Shortly afterwards, Hawks visited the Number 3 Hero, Best Jeanist, who welcomed him to his home and revealed that he had lost a lung during the Kamino Incident and that he is planning to tell the public about it soon. Hawks responded on how unfortunate things had turned out before unsheathing his feather sword. Back in the present, Best Jeanist is revealed to have gone missing as Hawks flies past a billboard. No one, including his sidekicks, has any knowledge of his whereabouts.[23]

Back in Deika City, Dabi continues on fighting against Geten, while Tomura and Spinner cross the streets, fighting their way to reach the tower, but more and more enemies come out to prevent them from getting to the tower. The members of the Meta Liberation Army launch a massive attack against them, but they are saved by copies of Twice. Both Spinner and Tomura are surprised by the fact that Twice can now use Double to multiply itself. Twice's clone tells Tomura that maybe now he can be useful to him.

Twice's clones save Tomura's life.

Tomura asks the clones to help him open a path to the tallest building in the city, which is where Giran and Re-Destro are, because the Army resistance becomes stronger and stronger as they get closer to the building. Tomura announces his plan to let Gigantomachia handle the grunts, but he reminds Twice that Re-Destro must die by their hands. Obeying their leader's request, Twice's clones tell him to rest up while they face Re-Destro, defeating every enemy that tries to face them while opening a path to the tower.

Impressed, Spinner suggests whether it would be better to let Twice take care of everything. Tomura replies Twice acts that way because he really likes Giran. Then, Tomura tells that he will not forgive the Liberation Army for toying with people's hearts. At that moment, Trumpet appears, making a speech that emboldens Deika citizens to fight the League of Villains with more effort and violence. Spinner decides to take care of him.

Twice reaches the top of the tower!

Meanwhile, one of the copies of Twice manages to reach the tower's observation deck, where Giran and Re-Destro are. He taunts and mocks Re-Destro on his balding head.[22] Re-Destro remarks that Twice's puns lack the comedy that Miyashita had, while a black spot spreads across his face.[24]

The Twice's double creates several clones of himself and clones of Tomura, Dabi and Mr. Compress. Re-Destro is impressed by the power and capabilities that his Meta ability has. One of Twice's Doubles runs to rescue the broker but is quickly destroyed by Re-Destro with a single reinforced finger. The president of Detnerat reveals that he has no reason to kill Giran, because he isn't an official member of the League of Villains, but promises to do so if they continue to create any more clones.

Re-Destro wipes Twice's Doubles out.

The copy of Tomura says that it does not matter because in those moments they are more than him. Dabi and Mr. Compress prepare to attack Re-Destro. The Twice's clones try to stop them but it's too late. Using his Quirk, Rikiya enlarges his left arm, and with a single swipe, destroys all the clones. One of the clones of Twice uses his last strengths to create a new copy of him before dissolving. The new copy gets to Giran, being horrified to see his right hand mutilated. Giran apologizes because, despite his efforts, the Meta Liberation Army managed to obtain information about them from him, but Twice assures him that he isn't guilty of anything.

Seeing this scene, Rikiya says that when an organization has an objective, unnecessary emotions are but shackles. That's why the League of Villains will be crushed by the Liberation Army. Re-Destro tries to destroy Twice' double, but Tomura's clone attacks him, saying that he has lofty ideals. The Grand Commander of the Liberation Army is surprised that one of the clones has managed to survive his previous attack, and strikes back.

Tomura's Double attacks Re-Destro.

Upon hearing how Tomura considered his ideals as lofty, he tells him the story of a woman, an ordinary woman gave birth to a superpowered child during the time those with powers were persecuted. She begged the world to show compassion for her child. The power didn't make the kid a monster, "This is just my child's Quirk!" She begged people to change, to make a world where her child and others with powers could live as freely as the rest of them, but her pleas were met with ridicule and buried, and in the end, she was killed by an anti-Quirk faction.

Tomura tells him that he already knows who “The Mother of Quirks” was, and Re-Destro apologizes for thinking he was an uneducated person. Rikiya continues narrating the story. With the rise of the Vigilantes, the successive governments revived the woman's words for their political campaigning, so the Quirks were accepted. However, they began to establish laws that restrain their use.

Re-Destro ready to face Tomura.

Re-Destro manages to grab Tomura's double and continues telling the story. Laws have only suppressed Meta Abilities since her death and Destro proclaimed that this was not the future for which his mother died, and started the revolution to achieve a world where Quirks can be used freely. Re-Destro plans to continue with Destro's legacy and asks the clone of Tomura if he really thinks that the ambitions of his ragtag group, whose only purpose is destruction, can possibly outweigh the Army's dreams.

Tomura's clone ignores his opponent's question and tells Twice to create a cushion for Giran because, after the first Re-Destro attack, he got stuck in the window frame and saw the real himself outside, approaching the skyscraper, and knows he is going to touch the tower. As soon as the real one puts his hand on the wall, Decay spreads and the building collapses completely.

Re-Destro survives the fall and finally comes face to face with Tomura who recognizes him from the Detnerat commercial. While a black substance of his Quirk spreads through his body, Re-Destro says he will no longer have the chance to hear Tomura's answer.[25]

Battle of Leaders

Trumpet boosts the morale of his people.

The real Jin Bubaigawara prepares to create a copy of Himiko to give her a blood transfusion because he doesn't know her blood group.[26] While preparing to do the transfusion, one of the Twice clones goes out to investigate the area, being attacked by Skeptic and his troop of puppets. Tomoyasu approaches where Twice and Toga are, creating more puppets with his Quirk, while ranting Jin's name and constantly denying that he has failed.[27]

In another area of Deika City, Spinner along with several Twice clones face the Liberation Army goons to get to Trumpet. Spinner realizes that his speeches have an exalting effect on his subordinates, so he asks the remaining clones to help him take on the politician. They fight their way through the crowd toward Trumpet's political party van.

Spinner taunts the politician, saying that someone like him shouldn't be hanging around the front lines, but Koku decides to ignore his bravado and activates Sevens Loud, a Detnerat device mask that amplifies the capabilities of his Incite Quirk, causing his followers to attack Spinner and Twice's clones with more fury and enthusiasm. Spinner evades the next wave of attack by creeping up the walls using his Quirk.

Spinner and Twice's clones fight Trumpet Squad.

Trumpet says that it's best he can do with his Quirk, Gecko, mocking Spinner for his previous life and saying he doesn't have the power to change anything. At that moment, while the soldiers continue attacking Spinner, Trumpet sees the tower collapsing in the distance, and fearing for Re-Destro life, orders his subordinates to go help the Grand Commander.

Spinner manages to get rid of the soldiers but he is injured. He begins to remember his life as a mere hikikomori. He is well aware of how pathetic it was. However, after seeing Stain on television, he was given a new purpose in life. He gives a speech both showcasing his new resolve to see Tomura's world come to fruition. He admits he might not be a worthwhile person who can't accomplish anything without standing on the shoulders of others, but there is nothing wrong with that, and calling Trumpet out as being no different than him, much to Trumpet's disdain.

Re-Destro outclasses Tomura in terms of strength.

In the place where the tower used to be, Giran emerges from the ruins unscathed thanks to the clones of Twice, who protected him. He sees Tomura is face to face with Re-Destro who has increased his size thanks to his Quirk Stress. Tomura taunts him on dwindling numbers and asks him where his bravado when he called the league went. He attacks Re-Destro by touching the ground and extending his Decay, while a clone of Twice takes Giran away to avoid being affected.

Re-Destro avoids his Decay and voices his anger before attacking Tomura, who can barely avoid him and loses a part of his left hand. Rikiya grabs Tomura, starting to snap his injured hand for killing many of his subordinates.[26] While holding him, he tells Tomura that he was raised to not judge people by their Quirks. However, he says that Quirks are also directly linked to the personality, and Tomura's Decay is a good example of this credo. Re-Destro reintroduces the question of what Tomura seeks to create since he appears to know nothing but destruction.

Tomura's Quirk evolves.

Despite his situation, at that moment Tomura only cares about the hand that grasped his left wrist, the one that belonged to his sister Hana, which was destroyed in Re-Destro's attack. Seeing this, his long-buried memories of his family start resurfacing. He remembers the moment when All For One gave him the preserved hands of his family, advising him to keep them close to him, so his memories of their deaths and the pain and anger he felt never fade away. Then he remembers his older sister Hana, who comforted him after he got scolded by their father.

When Re-Destro is about to proceed to crush Tomura's hand, the memories trigger Tomura's instincts, allowing him to be able to decay part of Re-Destro's finger by using only two fingers. This phenomenon surprises Re-Destro and causes him to throw Tomura away immediately. Tomura feels his head splitting, while remembering his mother taking care of him when he was sick. Re-Destro wonders he received wrong information about Decay since it is assumed that Tomura needs his five fingers to activate it. However, he realizes that Tomura is in the process of fully awakening his powers, just like his subordinate Geten from a previous event.

Re-Destro attempts to kill Tomura.

When Tomura dashes towards him, he realizes that he is far more nimble and quick then he was back at Kamino and as such far more dangerous. Resolving to end the situation, Re-Destro decides he's done playing around and proceeds to bulk up his body at 80% Liberation, causing his body to contort and bulge until he becomes demonic like in nature. He then releases his Super Move Stress Output Burden that tears through several city blocks in an attempt to kill Tomura.

Tomura is sent flying, and more hands of his relatives are shattered with the attack, this time the hands of his maternal grandparents. Tomura begins to remember them as loving and attentive people who comforted him while he was crying. However, his words of consolation were not what Tomura really wanted to hear at that time. Tomura gets up to face Re-Destro once more.

Gigantomachia finally arrives at Deika City.

At that moment, Re-Destro gets a panicked call from Skeptic to warn him about a League's monster that is heading towards his position. The monster is none other than Gigantomachia, sweeping everything and everyone in his path.[28] Despite Skeptic's warning, Re-Destro is focused on Tomura Shigaraki, surprised that he had been able to nullify his previous attack with his decay.

Tomura takes the preserved hand of his father out of his pocket, and tells Re-Destro that he is right about him, that he truly exists only to destroy. The commander of the Meta Liberation Army replies that he must die then, because it is impossible for there to be a future without creation, and bulks up even more all so he can destroy him.

Tomura only asks him who needs a future, as he begins to recall his past as Tenko Shimura.

Tomura Shigaraki: Origin

Tenko with his mother.

The flashback starts when Tenko was five years old and lived in the house that his father had built with all his family. His memory begins with a stranger who takes him to his house after having a small incident with him while playing to be a hero with his friends.

Upon learning this, his father Kotaro Shimura punishes him, expelling him to the backyard, despite Tenko's cries and his wife's pleas not to do so due to his allergies. Kotaro does not allow him to re-enter the house until he apologizes for disobeying his rule, which is to forget the heroes.

Tenko is happy to know that there is a hero in his family.

Tenko does not seem to have a Quirk but he suffered from unknown physical changes to his body. Despite his father, his mother and grandparents are always there for him and comfort him. Tenko asked his mother Nao Shimura if his father hates him for wanting to be a hero. She said no, but his attitude is because he knows how difficult it is to be a her

One day, her sister Hana takes him to his father's office and shows him an old photo of his father with his grandmother. Hana tells Tenko that their grandmother was a hero, and this revelation makes Tenko very happy. Hana tries to support his dream and even says that she wants to follow his dream herself. Later, Tenko is playing with Mon, the family dog, happy to know that there was a hero in his family. While playing, he feels an unpleasant discomfort in his hand

Kotaro punishes his son with the family watching.

Unfortunately, Kotaro discovers that his children broken into his office and peeped at the picture of his hero mother Nana. Tremendously angry, Kotaro demands to know who was responsible. Scared, Hana breaks down into sobs and squealed, saying it was all Tenko's idea. This results in Kotaro beating his son, while also shaming heroes for protecting others and abandoning their families. Tenko's suffering is watched by his other relatives, whom he begs for help but they can only witness it in horror.

Later that night, after this unpleasant event, Kotaro stares at the picture of himself with his mother and read the letter that she gave him. She apologizes for leaving him but she had to do it for his safety because she had to face a bad man, and reminds him that she will always love him no matter what. When he finishes, his wife confronts him about what he did to Tenko, telling Kotaro that if he was going to resort to violence, then she wouldn't abide by his rules. Kotaro admits he went too far beating his son.

Too late to save Tenko from himself, Tenko's family is slaughtered.

While outside, Tenko is clutching onto the family dog, saying how he hated everyone for leaving him to suffer.[29] Suddenly, his Decay Quirk activates for the first time, causing the dog to crumble in his hands.

Tenko is horrified to see this, as he hears his sister call out to him. A guilty Hana comes outside to apologize to Tenko for blaming him. Tenko tries to warn her of the danger but finds his voice has been damaged by this new phenomenon. Hana notices her brother is in pain and runs to help him but is horrified to find their dog dead next to him and runs off in terror. A frantic Tenko tries to reach for her sister, and he ends up disintegrating her by accident, as she calls for her mother. Tenko was horrified at her death and puked at the sight.

Tenko murders his father and destroys his house.

As his Quirk manifested, Tenko's grandparents and mother ran outside to see what was happening. Begging for help, Tenko tries to reach his mother, but he touches the ground and his decay spreads, accidentally killing them. His mother tries to reach out to him to hug and comfort him, but her body falls apart before she can do it, right in front of Tenko.

Kotaro is alerted by the noise and discovered his son's deed. Standing horrified, Kotaro can only stare at the scene while Tenko begged him for help and the area around them is destroyed. Tenko runs to him for help but his scared father grabs a garden tool to protect himself and order him to stop. This proves to be a mistake, as an enraged Tenko charges at his father with full intent to kill him and touches his face; ultimately the spreading decay ends up destroying the entire house. Tenko relishes in ending his father's abuse.[30]

All For One embraces a frightened Tenko.

Following the deaths of his family, an orphaned Tenko is left to fend for himself on the streets. Tomura recalls that people often passed by him but never offered to help him, because of his ominous appearance and assuming that a hero would take care of it, leaving him to be ignored. Tomura begins to think this was punishment for his actions, as the memories slowly fade into the recesses of his mind. Eventually, a man named All For One saves him, blaming society for the reason he was not saved sooner.

All For One used this incident as a means of stimulating Tenko's newfound hatred for heroes and began grooming him as his adoptive son. Tenko was given his own room by All For One, and Kyudai Garaki "gifted" the young boy with the disembodied hands of his deceased family members. All For One taught Tenko to embrace the urge he felt whenever he felt it. He assured him that the impulse didn't have to be controlled, nor was it necessarily a bad thing.

The symbol of fear is born.

One day, Tenko got into a fight with two thugs, but he refuses to attack them with his Quirk, much to his shame. Later, he threw a tantrum while All For One spoke with him about the incident. All For One tried to console the young Tenko, telling him that he should act as his heart commands, otherwise he would suffer for it. He asked Tenko one more time what he would like to do. Tenko replied that he wanted to kill the two street thugs, noting that he couldn't hold back his feelings anymore. All For One told him to try his best.

Later on, Tenko meets the thugs again, now wearing the hands of his family around his body. They called him creepy, and ask what he wanted with them, as he raised his hand towards them. He used his Quirk to kill the two men, leaving only a pool of blood and several disembodied limbs behind. He thought about how sick and disgusted he felt, but also noted, with some confusion, that he felt completely calm, and felt like he was allowed to do anything he wanted.

All For One gives Tenko his new name: Tomura Shigaraki.

On a rooftop nearby, All For One and Kyudai Garaki witnessed the bloody event. Kyudai expressed surprise at the events, believing that Tenko had lost his memories, only to be corrected by All For One saying that his memories were just shut away. He noted that his family's hands would serve to restrain him, keeping all but his negative emotions suppressed. He saw that Tenko is subconsciously keeping his Quirk in check. Smiling, All For One expressed pride in seeing Tenko's first step down the path to becoming the Symbol of Fear.

Later, All For One congratulated Tenko for his work, noting that he had been reborn, and gifted him with five new hands: two from the street thugs, and one other hand, which All For One calls "a little bonus". All For One also renames Tenko as Tomura Shigaraki. When Tenko asks for the name, All For One elaborated that "Tomura" came from the word "Tomura" which means "to mourn" while "Shigaraki" is All For One's real last name.


Tomura breaks away from his past for good as he crushes his father's hand.

Back to his fight with Re-Destro, Tomura thinks that if someone had reached out to him before All For One did, his hatred for others would have gone away forever. He expresses his surprise at remembering everything about his time after receiving the hands, thinking he'd forgotten those memories long ago. With Re-Destro looming above him, Tomura affirms that the future is unnecessary. As he thinks about how his family's death wasn't a tragedy, he grasps the hand of his father and uses his Quirk to destroy it, noting that it too is unnecessary.

As Gigantomachia crashes through the city, heading right for Tomura and Re-Destro, the clones of Twice carry an unconscious Himiko Toga, while watching Gigantomachia's destruction. Elsewhere, Dabi and Geten continue their fight, while Mr. Compress expresses dismay at being fooled by Gigantomachia for all these months, calling him unstoppable. He screams that Tomura is in grave danger, and implores Dabi to finish his battle so they can assist. Geten silently expresses concern for Re-Destro.[31] As Spinner fights against members of the Meta Liberation Army alongside clones of Twice, he screams out Tomura's name, expressing concern for his leader.[32]

Re-Destro attempts to boost up his Stress.

Re-Destro then attempts to finish off Tomura with 100% of his "Stress" Meta Ability activated. However, he is surprised when Tomura retaliates and disintegrates Re-Destro's energy tendrils with ease. This nearly destroys all of Deika City, crumbling most of the surrounding buildings entirely. Re-Destro receives mockery from Tomura by telling him that he understands the latter's motive for destroying whatever bugs him for fun. Re-Destro begins to panic as Tomura moves towards him with the intention to kill.

Re-Destro rebuffs Tomura's claim and proceeds to summon his support item to amplify his Stress. While doing so, Re-Destro realizes he's feeling fear towards Tomura and briefly recalls his past as a child. Now armored, Re-Destro prepares to use 150% of his power, in which Tomura doesn't seem fazed at all.

As this occurred, Twice and his clones move through the chaos, hoping to regroup with the other members of League of Villains after this conflict. Mr. Compress witnesses Gigantomachia's sheer power and heads towards Dabi's location. Dabi tells Compress that he nearly burnt Geten in the process, but the latter decides to call Daruma Ujiko to warp the League to safety. However, Daruma refuses since Johnny appears to have limits to his Warping Quirk. He also adds that he has no intention of associating himself with organizations targeted by other groups. Compress calls Daruma out for his selfish motives and points out that Tomura is nearly on the brink of death. Daruma admits that this was his intention to get Tomura in a tight situation.

The Angel of Death.

As Gigantomachia rampages through the MLA, Geten tries to stop the hulking beast. Geten apologizes for worrying Re-Destro and attacks Gigantomachia with his ice, only to get swatted away by Gigantomachia. At the same time, worried for Re-Destro's safety, Trumpet heads towards his location, unaware that Spinner holds on to his truck to stop the politician. Gigantomachia finally reaches where Tomura is located but stops once he sees Tomura embracing his true evil.[33]

By melding hatred with delight, Tomura finds true freedom while holding the world in the very palm of his hand. He chooses to destroy everything, creating a shockwave that decays everything around him. Re-Destro believes his Meta Ability has a limited range and tries to go airborne to avoid getting destroyed. However, Tomura's power spreads far beyond its normal limits and crumbles everything within Re-Destro's sight.

Now forced to evacuate, Re-Destro deactivates his decaying armor and witnesses the total chaos Tomura has inflicted on his beloved city. A desperate Re-Destro attempts to escape flying using a single piece of the armor but he is hit by flying debris and plummets straight to the ground with nothing supporting him. As this happens, Tomura laughs triumphantly with a desire to destroy anything that stands in his path.

Tomura finds true freedom.

When the destruction ends, where there used to be a city, now there is a large hole. Tomura ascertains that Re-Destro barely survives but was forced to cut his legs off with a piece of his armor to prevent Decay's effect from spreading to the rest of his body. Now defeated, he witnesses a wounded Tomura approaching and tauntingly tells Re-Destro that he recalls the reason this battle happened was due to the latter challenging him to a fight.

Trumpet and the remaining MLA soldiers arrive on the scene. Trumpet commands his soldiers to attack Tomura and save the Supreme Commander. However, Tomura gives them glare of intimidation so strong that they immediately halt in fear, nullifying the effects of Koku's Meta Ability, to the latter's shock.

Re-Destro gives leadership to Tomura.

Surprisingly, Re-Destro holds off his subordinates not wanting to bring about more meaningless casualties. Re-Destro admits that his people weren't following his will but rather Destro's command. He then realizes that Tomura's leadership skills are better suited to lead his MLA army. With that being said, Re-Destro surrenders and lends the MLA's strength to the League of Villains. Everyone remaining on the battlefield watches with astonishment. As this, Spinner notes on how the warped horizon looked beautiful. Looking upon the victorious Tomura, Gigantomachia sheds a tear at finally seeing Tomura is All For One's successor.

Satisfied with Re-Destro's decision, Tomura asks him if has enough money to get the League some lunch.[34]

A New Villain Alliance is Forged

The League of Villains relaxing after the battle.

Afterwards, the news of the attack on the city is covered up by Meta Liberation Army. Skeptic and his puppets were editing and manipulating the footage of the battle and destruction of Deika City to make it look like a terrorist attack perpetrated by a group of twenty villains with a "grudge against heroes", with the inhabitants of the city fighting against them.

The reports detail that all of the terrorists and many civilians lost their lives including Shoowaysha executive, Chitose Kizuki, while Detnerat president and CEO, Rikiya Yotsubashi, lost both his legs. The public is divided over the actions of the civilians, some applauding them for taking action while others insisting that their actions led to more deaths. An investigation continues regarding the incident and the probable connection between Detnerat and Shoowaysha.

Re-Destro speaks to the joint forces of their new alliance.

Meanwhile, one week after the battle, the League of Villains recover from their injuries in the Army's headquarter, dining on sushi while awaiting for a meeting. Skeptic and Trumpet enter to lead to the League to the fourth level of the headquarters' basement. Skeptic is annoyed at the League's slow response and complains that it was the Meta Liberation Army's money that paid for the sushi, medical treatments, doctored videos. Trumpet tells Skeptic to stop because now they are their allies. They wait on stage before a crowd. Seeing a hand on his face, Himiko wonders how Tomura still has a hand. Spinner responds that one of them survived.

On stage, Re-Destro addresses the crowd of Liberation warriors and League affiliates. He states that the Army will be reborn and that he was mistaken about Tomura. Re-Destro enthusiastically persuades the crowd that in his attempt, in their attempt, to seek Destro's will they did not see that Tomura embodied the very freedom that Destro spoke of. He further tells the crowd that he will give his position of Grand Commander to Tomura Shigaraki and that the Army and the League will join forces to seek "a more profound path to liberation".

The Paranormal Liberation Front is formed.

Tomura introduces the joint venture as the Paranormal Liberation Front. He states the nine members (Re-Destro, Trumpet, Skeptic, Geten, Spinner, Twice, Himiko, Dabi, and Mr. Compress) on stage will be the Front's lieutenants and will be forming teams to achieve their needs. The crowd cheers.[35]

Meanwhile, in the depths of the crowd, Hawks considers the gravity of the situation. He realizes that he's too late and wishes the League had been dealt with sooner for the sake of the innocent civilians. He also realizes why Dabi allowed him in easily despite being suspicious of Best Jeanist's body. Hawks deduces that with a committed army following, Feel Good Inc's network, Detnerat's industry influence and possibly more High-End Nomu, Tomura has gain power equal or greater to the heroes.[36]

The Doctor agrees to lend Tomura more power.

The speech concludes, as Tomura and his lieutenants leave. Re-Destro applauds Tomura for his speech and tries to kiss up to him but Tomura tells him to get lost. After Re-Destro does so, an exhausted Tomura collapses from overexerting himself despite his wounds. Daruma Ujiko radios in commenting about the new name. Tomura inquires about the promise. Doctor Ujiko replies that with Tomura's memories and Quirk returned to their original state he will grant Tomura power.[35] However, Ujiko has one last request.

Dabi meets Hawks among the crowd. Hawks wonders about getting a few introductions noting that there is still an unknown backer that needs to be revealed before the Heroes can make a move.[36]

Story Impact

  • Destro, who was first mentioned by Gentle in the U.A. School Festival Arc, is revealed to have had a son, unbeknownst to the world.
    • Destro started his movement after his mother was murdered by those who rejected him for having a Quirk.
    • Destro's descendant, Re-Destro, has taken charge of the Meta Liberation Army and is seeking to destroy the League of Villains to make his father's legacy known.
  • Katsuki and Shoto gain their Provisional Hero Licenses and make their public debut by defeating a group of thieves.
  • Giran is captured by the Meta Liberation Army.
    • He is tortured for information and his fingers, along with articles of clothing, are left scattered around at locations that the League of Villains has been associated with.
  • It is revealed that the League of Villains made contact with Gigantomachia and Daruma Ujiko a month after Kurogiri's arrest.
  • It is revealed that Tomura Shigaraki accidentally killed his whole family with his Quirk when it first manifested.
    • It's also revealed that the hands that he wears on his body when in his villain attire belong to them.
    • Tomura is aware his grandmother, Nana Shimura, was a Pro Hero.
  • Tomura and the League of Villains, with the exception of Dabi, have been battling Gigantomachia for over a month in an attempt to make him submit to them.
  • The Meta Liberation Army reveal the extent of their forces and threaten the League of Villains directly with destruction.
  • It is revealed that Himiko Toga can use the Quirk of the person she transforms into with her Quirk.
  • It is revealed that Tomura's Decay is capable of spreading beyond the initial target, even without touching that said specific target in general.
  • After sustaining significant injuries, Twice finally realizes that he is in fact the original and is no longer afraid to use his Quirk on himself.
    • It is revealed that Twice's Double is capable of creating multiple clones of himself at once.
  • It is revealed that Dabi cannot handle the heat of his Quirk and the marks on his skin are burns from previous times.
  • Best Jeanist is revealed to have lost a lung after the events of the Hideout Raid Arc.
    • Best Jeanist is revealed to have gone missing for some time, due to Hawks.
  • The League of Villains defeat the Meta Liberation Army and earn their first major victory.
  • Re-Destro loses his legs to Tomura's Quirk and concedes his defeat to him.
  • The League of Villains assumes control of the Meta Liberation Army.
  • Gigantomachia acknowledges Tomura as All for One's successor.
  • Tomura asks Re-Destro for more to finance his forces.
  • The League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army join forces and form The Paranormal Liberation Front.

Characters Introduced

Quirks Introduced

  • Landmine: Chitose's Quirk allows her to bestow explosive properties on anything she touches and detonate them at will.[15]
  • Anthropomorph: Tomoyasu's Quirk allows him to take a human-sized object and turn it into an exact lookalike of any given person that he can puppeteer.[37]
  • Incite: Koku's Quirk allows him to boost the physical and mental capabilities of his allies through his voice.[38]
  • Gecko: Shuichi's Quirk gives him lizard-like attributes and allows him to cling on to walls like a gecko.[38]
  • Stress: Rikiya's Quirk allows him to accumulate stress and convert it into enhanced strength and size.[38]
  • Ice Manipulation: Geten's Quirk allows him to control any and all nearby ice.[19]

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


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