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Someday, the support items I make... will help a Hero like Uncle Might. Yes, someday... I'll be someone's Hero!
Melissa Shield in "Everyone Is Someone's Hero"

Melissa Shield (メリッサ・シールド Merissa Shīrudo?) is one of the main characters in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. She is a third-year student at I-Island Academy and the daughter of Professor David Shield.


Melissa as she appears in Two Heroes.

Melissa is a shapely and attractive pale-skinned young woman of slightly above average height with quite a round face. She has wavy blonde hair which reaches halfway down her back, two shorter pieces she leaves over her shoulders, side-swept bangs that frames her face, aqua-blue eyes with notable upper eyelashes, some slightly longer ones extending on each side and pronounced lower eyelashes.

She normally wears a white short-sleeved dress shirt with plaid cuffs, a large bow of the same design at her neck, and a dark raspberry pink waistcoat. Accompanying these are pale gray Capri pants, under which are a pair of plaid pink socks as well as a pair of heeled brown boots. She also wears a wristwatch and pink, oval-framed glasses.

Her formal look is her hair up in a high ponytail that is tied with a large black bow with bangs swept back underneath a red headband, while her face-framing is left loose. She has golden earrings which hang from her earlobes and she doesn’t wear her glasses. She wears a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. The upper half of the dress is a deep blue, while the skirt is a pale powder blue. Separating the two segments is a black cloth belt with a large white rose that sits slightly to her left, covering where the material is tied. The belt matches the black ruffles underneath her knee-length skirt. On her feet, she wears white heels with straps and an open toe. Her toenails have painted a shade of coral pink, the same as her fingernails and lips.



Melissa is a kindhearted girl with a positive attitude and vast intelligence. Despite being Quirkless, Melissa works hard and desires to become a hero. She looks up to heroes like All Might, but admires her father the most. Melissa wants to help support heroes as her father does. She believes that by studying hard to create new inventions that she and her father can indirectly fight for peace.

Being Quirkless never stops Melissa from being a hero.

Melissa is very outgoing and generous. She made quick friends with most of Class 1-A, especially Izuku Midoriya. U.A. students joined her for the I-Expo, where she showed them around its attractions and learned about Izuku's Quirk. Melissa generously gave Full Gauntlet to Izuku to help him reduce the strain on his body because the scars on his hand concerned her.

As a scientist, Melissa is naturally curious. She took Izuku out of his comfort zone when she got close to him to examine his hero costume. She is humble about all of her creations and wants them to go to good use. At the same time though, she expresses pride over her father, David, and surprised him by inviting All Might to the I-Island Expo. She was also clearly upset and devastated upon hearing that her father planned the villain attack in order to retrieve his Quirk Amplification Device, pointing out how Izuku and his friends were all harmed in trying to save everyone, although David genuinely believed that the villains he hired for the plan were fake.

Melissa embodies the will of a hero in the same way Izuku does. Despite being Quirkless, she remains calm and wants to help save people. During the villain attack on the expo, Melissa was a key player in releasing the island's citizens from Wolfram's grip. To save Izuku, Melissa even risked her life to tackle a dangerous villain.[1]


High Intellect: Being a student of the prestigious I-Island Academy, as well as being the daughter of the renowned David Shield, Melissa quickly proves herself to be a highly intelligent student. While admitting that her grades were beginning to dip, she has shown to possess a very keen eye, as she saw from the scars on Izuku's hand that his One For All Quirk caused himself bodily harm, which she later put together upon realizing that he was holding back his power during the Villain Attack attraction. Additionally, Melissa is also aware of I-Island's highly advanced security systems, as seen when she noted that a lockdown wasn't the right procedure for explosives being detected. She also knew of where and how to deactivate the security, which was at the top of the I-Island tower.

Skilled Inventor: From her own research study, Melissa has shown to be a very capable inventor. This is most prominently shown through her only named invention; Full Gauntlet, which she created after being inspired by All Might's brute power and to invent a support item that could withstand it. Melissa gifted this support item to Izuku, going as far as to state that it could take an attack from All Might up to three times. Melissa's invention had soon proven its capability, as Izuku was able utilize One For All: Full Cowl with a lessened risk of self-injury, and was capable of going 100% while using the gauntlet. Despite this, it was destroyed when both Izuku and All Might pushed past their limits to defeat the villain Wolfram, although the support item enduring what it went through alone had proven the skill of its creator.

Outside of her remarkable intelligence, Melissa has proven to be very brave and strong-willed, as she was willing to assist the U.A. students in stopping the villains despite being Quirkless and with the danger that was present at the time. She also tackled Swordkil, a villain with a blade Quirk, in order to save Izuku's life.


  • Melissa refers to All Might as "Uncle Might" (マイトおじさま Maito Oji-sama?), which is due to the closeness that he and her father share.
  • According to Melissa, she had given up on being a hero a while ago. Instead, she wants to be like her father who saves people’s lives but saves them indirectly.
  • She won first prize in the GSSA competition and received a trophy in the Australian Schools Science Competition (ASSC).[1]
  • Her last name, Shield, may be a reference to the secret organization S.H.I.E.L.D. of Marvel Comics.
  • Melissa shares her birthday with Ichimoku Samazu and Clair Voyance.
  • The Volume 25 bonus pages imply she helped to create Endeavor's latest costume coming from an American support company, referring to "a certain girl over in the States".
    • This possibility is further hinted towards with the meeting between her and Burnin.[2]


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