The Mazinger Brothers are a group of villains and the leaders of the Mazinger High Karate Club ( () (ジン) () 高等学校空手部 Majinga Kōtō Gakkō Karate-bu?) from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.[1]


The Mazinger Brothers have the appearance of the famous Mazinger robot along with a karate uniform.


They are very passionate about the dates of their Karate Club.


They enter another karate club demanding a date with their female classmates but are interrupted by The Crawler.



Rocket Thrust: The Mazinger Brothers' Quirk allows them to shoot their right fist at people at very high speeds.


  • The Mazinger Brothers are based on the famous robot of the Japanese Mazinger series.


  1. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Manga: Chapter 38.

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