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Mashirao Ojiro & Toru Hagakure vs. Looter Villain battle fought between the U.A. students Tailman and Invisible Girl against a villain.


Mashirao and Toru go to the Terakoya school to give a presentation to the students. During the boat trip they meet a passenger who wishes them luck. Once they arrive at the elementary school, they meet Ikkaku, a mischievous and prankish boy who keeps getting into trouble by always trying to stand out above his schoolmates. During the presentation, Ikkaku is very disappointed with Mashirao because his Quirk is a just a tail, but he is amazed by Toru's Invisibility, to the point of telling her about the stories of a treasure that is hidden in the ruins of the island.

Toru hurries to warn of danger.

The presentation ends and the children return to their homes, but Ikkaku decides to enter the ruins to search for the treasure. When he does not return, his classmates go to notify the teacher of this, and Mashirao and Toru offer to go into the ruins to rescue him. After entering the place far enough and overcoming numerous traps, Mashirao suddenly decides to retrace his steps as he deduces that Ikkaku has not been able to get too far in with all the traps, leaving Toru behind.

As he had deduced, Mashirao meets Ikkaku, and while comforting him, he understands that the reason for his reckless attitude in trying to stand out is because he feels ashamed of having a very modest Quirk compared to his classmates'. Then, Toru appears running towards them as the ground begins to crumble, warning them that she is being attacked by a villain.[1]


Toru uses Warp Refraction.

Mashirao is surprised to discover that the person who is attacking them is none other than the passenger they met on the ship. The villain rants because he had gone to the ruins to seize the treasure, but the only thing that has been found so far are traps. Pissed off by this, he decides to destroy everything in his way while looking for the treasure.

He puts his hand on the ground, and the stone that makes up the hallway floor begins to erode in the direction of the students. Mashirao grabs Ikaku and along with Toru they jump aside to get out of the path of the attack. Mashirao is impressed by the destruction caused, and the looter boasts that his Quirk allows him to pulverize any rock he touches. Then he turns around and runs, determined to seize the treasure. He touches the walls as he runs, and the hallway begins to crumble.

Mashirao defeats the looter villain.

Due to the danger posed by the looter's Quirk in the place where they are, Mashirao tells Toru that they need to do something to stop him from using it so they can reach it. She replies that she will create that chance for him, and uses her Warp Refraction super move to blind the villain for a few minutes. As the villain rubs his eyes because of the unexpected flash, Mashirao takes the opportunity to jump towards him avoiding the ruined ground. The looter tries to touch the wall to make the ceiling collapse on the student, but Mashirao kicks him, forcing the villain to use his hand to block the attack.

Mashirao assures him that he's not going to let him to use his power again, to which the villain tries to respond by telling him that his Tail Quirk is inferior to his, but before he can finish the sentence, Mashirao uses a grip to prevent him to use his arms, and maneuvers to deliver a strong blow with his tail to the looter's head, defeating him.[1]


Seeing Mashirao's defeating the villain, Ikkaku is impressed by how strong he is despite the Quirk he has. Once they return to school after having turned the villain over to the authorities, Ikkaku promises Mashirao that he too will work hard to become a proper hero despite having a modest Quirk. Mashirao replies he will rooting for him.[1]


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