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Masaru Bakugo ( (ばく) (ごう) (まさる) Bakugō Masaru?) is Katsuki Bakugo's father and the husband of Mitsuki Bakugo.


Masaru is a middle-aged man of average height and build who has short brown hair similar in style to his wife and son, a short mustache and rectangular glasses.



Compared to his hotheaded wife and son, Masaru seems to be more of a calm person who is less prone to violence. He had shown to be unsettled by their bickering while Katsuki’s teachers were present in their home.

However, he clearly loves his family very much and gets along well with his wife as he, too, does not approve of his son's arrogant attitude.


At some point, he met Mitsuki at a job and she aggressively hit on him which led to a relationship that progressed to them getting married.

Sometime later, Masaru became the father to their son, Katsuki.


Hideout Raid Arc

Masaru tries to calm his arguing family down when Toshinori Yagi and Shota Aizawa arrive. After calming down, Mitsuki notes that Katsuki's rashness along with his gifted abilities, has resulted in him being pampered and getting shallow praise for what he has which has resulted in his arrogant nature. However, Mitsuki is happy that Shota sees her son for who he is instead of his gifted abilities. She once again agrees to leave Katsuki in U.A. High School's care since her son returned home safe and sound thanks to the Pro Heroes and asks Shota to make her son into a fine hero.



Acid Sweat ( (さん) () (かん) Sanka Kan?): Masaru's Quirk allows him to secrete acidic sweat with combustive properties from the palms of his hands. Unlike his son however, he cannot forcibly secrete it, and it comes out like normal sweat. If he rubs his hands together, then he can create explosions.[1]




  • He likes classical music.[1]
  • Masaru's own name means "victory."
  • Masaru shares the same kanji as his son, being "勝" (Katsu).


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