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Maguma Iwata ( (いわ) () (まぐ) () Iwata Maguma?), also known as Volcano (ボルケーノ Borukēno?), is the leader of the Volcano Thieves, an original villain team from the My Hero Academia: Clash! Heroes Battle arcade game.


Maguma Iwata Concept Art.png

Volcano is a tall man with a very muscular physique, large brown eyes, and orange, flame-shaped hair. He wears a baggy, navy blue bodysuit, and very bulky, rock-like boots, gauntlets, and shoulder pads. These accessories are lined with pores that expel smoke. He also wears a gas mask strapped to his shoulder pads, and an orange belt.


Not much is known about his personality.



Eruption ( (ふん) () Funka?): Maguma's Quirk allows him to produce an incredibly hot lava-like substance from his body by burning his fat cells.

Super Moves

  • Volcannon (ヴォルカノン Vorukanon?): By hitting the ground with his right arm, Maguma concentrates a large amount of lava to shoot in multiple directions.[1]


Shoulder Pads and Gauntlets: The devices on his hands and shoulders allow him to launch his fire farther, and the shoulder pores seem to help him regulate body temperature.

Mask: Located in the middle of his mask is a mercury thermometer for an unknown purpose. (Most likely also for the purpose of regulating body temperature.)


  • His surname, Iwata, contains the kanji for “boulder/rock/cliff” ( iwa?) and “rice field” ( ta?). His given name, Maguma, means “mingle/association” ( ma?) and “horse” ( uma?).
    • His given name is homophonous to the Japanese pronunciation of "magma".
  • Maguma is similar to Endeavor in appearance, with both characters wearing a blue suit, large boots and gauntlets. Both characters also have a Quirk revolving around fiery substances.


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