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Love ( (あい) Ai?) is the Quirk used by Manami Aiba.[1]


Love allows the user to power up a target by confessing their feelings for them.

The more intense the user's love is, the stronger the power transmitted to the target is. This empowering makes the target physically stronger and faster than usual.[1]

Manami and Danjuro refer to this empowered state as "Lover Mode". Heart-shaped smoke appears around the body of the target when "Lover Mode" is active.[2]


Manami only has the ability to activate Love once every 24 hours, thus making it an ace in the hole that is best used strategically.[3]


Love activates whenever Manami declares her love to whoever she loves most. In her case, it is Gentle Criminal.

Because of the usage limit offered by Love, both Manami and Danjuro consider it a trump card that must be strategically used as a last resort.[3]

Named Super Moves

Lover Mode (anime).png Lover Mode (ラバーモード Rabā Mōdo?): When Manami declares her love for Danjuro, for a limited time, Danjuro is granted an increase in power. Since her love for him is extremely intense, the power-up granted is extremely strong. Manami and Danjuro used this ability several times as a last resort to escape.[2]


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