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Locust (バッタ Batta?)[1] is the Quirk used by Ichiro and Jiro Hotta.


Locust allows both Hotta brothers with the ability to transform into a large humanoid grasshoppers, increasing their physical capabilities. However, they have only been seen using this Quirk after injecting doses of unadulterated Trigger, so the Quirk's true capabilities are unknown.


The Hotta brothers use Locust primarily for combat, as the boost provided by Trigger increases their strength, agility, and jumping ability. Both brothers work well together, being able to perform synchronized combo attacks.

Super Moves

Hotta Brothers attack Octoid.png Double Hotta Kick (ダブル堀田キック Daburu Hotta Kikku?): The Hotta Brothers leap into the air, flip, and come down with a tandem kick.[2]
Hotta Jump.png Hotta Jump (堀田ジャンプ Hotta Janpu?): The Hotta Brothers jump over the enemy to distract him.[3]


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