League of Villains vs. Snatch is a battle fought between the Sand Hero: Snatch and the League of Villains members Tomura Shigaraki, Mr. Compress, and Dabi.


Following the downfall of the Shie Hassaikai, Kai Chisaki is transported toward the villain hospital in Takodana via Police escort. The League of Villains uses the highway to intercept the convoy in a truck confront to get their revenge on Overhaul. [1]


Snatch and Dabi's Quirks collide.

Dabi uses his Quirk to blast the most forward police vehicle. Acting as an aid to the Police Force, Snatch uses his Quirk to cover the car in sand and protect it. The Sand Hero transforms his arm into sand and strikes the truck. Tomura jumps off the truck and attacks the hero. He's quickly engulfed by Snatch's arm, who knows Tomura can't use his Quirk on a cloud of sand. 

Mr. Compress throws a marble underneath the car and decompresses it into a large boulder. The rock flips the car over, freeing Tomura from Snatch's grip. Tomura jumps onto a different vehicle and crashes it into the remaining trucks. Snatch is able to save the driver and lands safely in the road. 

Dabi appears behind Snatch and taunts him for going out of his way to save someone. The Sand Hero recognizes Dabi as the villain connected to a string of murders involving burnt corpses. Dabi is happy about his infamy, angering Snatch. 

The hero creates a sand tiger and sends it toward his opponent. Dabi counters with a large explosion of fire and Snatch protects himself with a stand shield. Mr. Compress sneaks up behind Snatch and compresses him along with the fire inside a marble. He's unsure if the sand will burn, but Dabi confirms Snatch will die since he can only transform his upper body into sand. [1]


Tomura finds Overhaul and kicks his bed out of the overturned truck. Overhaul asks if the villains plan to kill him and Tomura replies he plans to do something even worse. Mr. Compress destroys Overhaul's arm by compressing it. Tomura reveals he has the Quirk Destroying Drug and then cuts off Overhaul's other arm. This leaves Kai unable to use his Quirk and Tomura taunts him before the League flees from the scene. [1]


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