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Larceny ( (せっ) (とう) Settō?) is the Quirk used by Toya Setsuno.


Toya ready to use his Quirk.

Larceny allows the user to take any object that their target possesses, instantly bringing it into their hands.

The objects that can be "stolen" include even manifestations of others' Quirks.[1] Because of Larceny, Toya has a natural advantage against weapon users, such as armed policemen.[1]


There's a size limit to what Toya can steal from one's person, with large enough objects being impossible to take away. He is also unable to use his Quirk on objects that are outside his line of sight, meaning that Toya is left completely defenseless if his eyes become blinded.


Toya utilizes Larceny primarily to disarm opponents, turning them into easier targets for Yu Hojo and Soramitsu Tabe, whom Toya tends to fight alongside.


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